Author Topic: The First Inter-System Kolymmpa  (Read 161 times)

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The First Inter-System Kolymmpa
« on: May 13, 2016, 11:03:22 pm »
A message is transmitted across the galaxy from the Sultanate of Biocrane. Those who dare open the message are greeted by a very pompous looking Vosuni man. "Ladies, Gentlebeings, systems across the galaxy! The Interplanetary Sultanate of Biocrane is proud to welcome you to participate in our traditional celebration of athletics and sportsmanship!" he says, clasping his hands behind his back. "For the first time in centuries, non-Biocranians will be permitted to take part in our celebration of unity and peace by displaying the best physical specimens that a nation can send to compete! While there are many events to participate in, we take pride in the traditional five sports that this celebration was founded upon: Wrestling, Weight-lifting, Running, Stone-Throwing, and, the favorite, Felidon Wrestling!" As he names the events, various images flash upon the screen depicting many well-built Vosuni people participating in the various events. When the final event is named, the image of a Vosuni man wrestling a large, green and brown striped cat with massive fangs scrolls across the screen. Due to the diversity of species throughout the galaxy, most of the events will be divided into size and weight categories to encourage fairness and assure that all participating can display the best they possibly can!

With that, the message closes and a HoloNet link would lead to an application form.

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Re: The First Inter-System Kolymmpa
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2016, 11:05:20 pm »
Aside from the events mentioned, other events include Swimming, High Jump, Long Jump, Discus Throwing, Bare-Knuckle fighting, Archery, Riflery, Boating, and Space-Racing.