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« on: August 02, 2016, 09:53:54 pm »
what are your actual claims to being superior?

But if you're asking what makes us superior, is that we don't need a working economy to sustain ourselves. Everything is free, and the only thing that the "money" can buy are all of your wants because all needs is a universal right for us. Also, every citizen is but a single cog in the interstellar-sized machinery of the Hegemony, and every citizen is a proud bringer of their purpose in life, living and dying to fulfill their manifested destinies. Not wasting time crying in the backstreet due to being homeless, hungry or being held slaves of their own kin. Everyone is equal, no discrimination among our species, and every men, women, and children live to fight and die for the glory of the one and only Hegemony.
If that's superior somehow, then Cyboar are divinity by that logic. Would you agree with that? Cyboar's idea of a perfect society are just the same as yours, and some could argue they could do it better if they put their minds to it, but do you consider them equal or superior to you? There is more to true superiority than unity, for that is only a piece in the puzzle.
-Random Joe #59450


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