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Get to know Diyel more
« on: September 25, 2016, 03:49:16 pm »
Real name: Jel Emery
Location: Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Age bracket: 20-25 years old
Occupation: BS Psychology student
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, acting, communicating with other people, online games,!
Likes: Cute girls, deep and intellectual conversation, lots and lots of food, anything that's creative and interesting
Dislikes: Lack of freedom of choice and expression, too much routine, putting so much stress in work
Personality Type (in my own full result+deeper understanding of myself): An ambiverted ENFP who can act as an ENTP depending on how chaotic the situation is, besides the need for a logical, and straightforward authority; to oversimplify, I'm an Ambiverted Debating Campaigner, (or Ambiverted Visionary Champion in some other descriptions) or ENFP with ENTP as secondary personality with Introversion as an extended personality dimension (to make me ambiverted) but not enough to classify me as an INFP as a sub-personality.
Political Alignment: Centrist
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Other Affiliations: ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps, the reserve forces of the Philippine Army) Reservist, with a rank of Private

Bio Overview:

People describe me as energetic and sociable (E) though personally I can be introspective and quiet (I), which makes me, ironically, as a talkative but surprisingly quiet person. I'm also imaginative and forward thinking (N) most of the time altruistic and compassionate (F) though there are tough times when I have to be brash and critical for the sake of fairness and order, and lastly flexible and freedom-loving (P).

If you want to know more about me, just go to for more info

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