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Name on Map: The Syndicate

Population of your Species: 17,799,028,725

Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:

Location on Map (Reference map link below to view the map to determine where you wanna be. Be detailed in desired location): East of Diyel Grandiose

Capital- Omega, a moon sized space station build into an asteroid, where the Syndicate Council, and most of the Syndicate forces reside. (In the centre of my territory)

Primus- First colonised planet, rich in exotic ores and materials.

Secundus- Second colonised planet, ionised atmosphere, making travel to and from the surface dangerous without the proper technology.

Thirdus- Third colonised planet, a class 16 world, classified as perfect on the galactic chart, agricultural planet.

Fourthus- Fourth Colonised planet, an immense trade hub for the Syndicate.

Fifthus- Last colonised planet, due to its low gravity and the immense ring surrounding the world, Fifthas is a major production Hub for the Syndicate.

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