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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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As Rysannox read out the writing, the two Dragons listened intently. As he finished, Xefr smiled. "What a lovely story. From greed to kindness, and if I heard right he also sacrificed his fire breath. He certainly earned his title, if that story is true. And I suppose that's also why this place was built, to both honor him and provide shelter or water to travelers. Thank you for telling me that tale, I hope I can use it to inspire the others of my race to perform such acts of good more often. For his sake, I hope Mo'Tze'Khan died of natural causes. Now then, is there anything else of interest here? Or shall we continue our previous discussion?"
The Energy Dragon's attention was lost once the story was over, and he decided to explore the Sanctuary, looking for anything that stuck out.