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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Rysannox laughs a bit and walks near the frescos besides Xefr, gazing at them full of glee.. "Ah, a history lover like me, good; I'll translate to you the history of the Saint, it is already depicted in this room and I happen to have studied the Clawmark Writing! As for the water; it comes from a natural spring, it can't be cleaner than that."
Rysannox points at a Fresco depicting the Brown Dragon flying over the desert and talks in a narrative voice "Mo'Tze'Khan Dragon Was Sad and Great. Water Sold At Travellers in Expensive Rate" ..he moves to the next fresco depicting the Brown Dragon and a Ghashyr woman begging "One Day Poor Soul Water and Shelter Did Ask. Mo'Tze'Khan did Frown and Bask: No Water For Poor Soul - My Water awaits Gold!" ...Rysannox continues to another fresco depicting the dragon alone in his cave "Mo'Tze'Khan did Count his Gold. But Alone Dragon and Soul Cold." ..the next fresco depicts the Dragon smelting gold in his rage and searching his hoard "Mo'Tze'Khan did Burn his Wealth. Searched for Pincher to Amend Mistakes, But Pincher had melt." ..This fresco seems to have a fire figure above that enightens the Saint, it shows the Dragon sad above the Spring.. "Brave Decision Mo'Tze'Khan had to Make; For Water Not Long In Mouth Could Bear - For Fire of Lungs Turned It Into Thin Air"
..the next fresco is one of three giant ones, depicting the dragon putting his head inside the spring and half-drowning "Fire of Lungs good Mo'Tze'Khan did end - The Thirst of Other Soul to End" ..the second of the three depicts the dragon travelling at night and reaching the poor Ghashyr woman from later and bringing her water with his mouth as she was dying, and her standing up and hugging him "Mo'Tze'Khan Thirst of Poor Soul Erased. Though Fire of Langs lacked. Fire of Soul now Had." the final of all the frescos depicts the Ghashyr turning into a Flame "Kind Dragon Mo'Tze'Khan. Now Know That Gold Is Cold and Fiery is Only Soul. For Every Soul is Eternal but Matter is not." in the end the dragon is depicted smiling with his eyes closed and the flame figure transforming into a small pincher full of water.
Rysannox wipes the sweat off his head and turns to the Black Drake.. "Phew! And that, Xefr, is the story of how Saint Mo'Tze'Khan claimed his sainthood and became the savior of all travellers with his small pincher - always bringing water to lost souls."