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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Rysannox bows his head satisfied by the drake's response.. "Ah, Good, for a moment there I thought you were carrying an unstable demonic monster along with you  ...and you couldn't be more right, I got carried away! Of course and we shall go inside the sanctuary  ..I think you'll find the frescos fascinating. Follow me - and no need to keep your head down either, it was made by a dragon after all!"

As they enter the massive dome, they view a large stone statue of a dragon sitting on a rock with his tail forming a small fountain. He holds a a big pitcher with his right claw that purs water into the fountain, and a palm branch on his left. His face bears an awfully happy smile and his eyes seem to be closed due to this expression.
Rysannox approaches and drinks some of the water, then turns to Xefr.. "This is Saint Mo'Tze'Khan the Kind, Saint of the Red Mountains of the old Saints. This was his cave.."
The walls of the sanctuary appear to be covered in ancient and somewhat mistreated frescos, mostly bearing a brown Dragon and Ghashyr, as well as forgotten clawmark writing.