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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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(Urps, I mixed them up. I really shouldn't RP when I'm tired.)

Xefr almost began to speak, but was cut off by the Energy Dragon as stepped foward to gladly answer Erixen's question. "He's fine! I can assure of you of that! This has happened before, we know how to handle it. He will make a full recovery within a few hours, just needs some rest now that the Forbidden one has been thrown deeper into his cell!" Throughout the entirety of his little speech, the smug grin never falters. However, it does once Xefr coughs audibly. The Shard, taking the hint, shuts up and steps back.
The Black Dragon then continues in his normal tone, "Yes, the Guardian will be fine. He has endured far worse in his time. Anyways, this Arsaz sounds like a wonderful metal. But don't worry, Tyfrondor won't ask for too much, as he understands the value and importance of having the best for one's militaries, and he'll likely only request a small amount at first anyways. He isn't one for stressing trade partners."