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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Dream Xefr responded calmly, "What do you mean by guidance? But... I suppose any help would be nice." However, as he spoke, he rose one claw to his neck, unsure about the orb.


The Shard dozily lifted his head, "Whaa...?" As he stood up, he noticed his material body, causing him to be just as confused as Re'Ni. After taking note of his surroundings, he registered the other dragon's presence, "Who are you...?" But then, the Shard's expression changed to that of fear. Suddenly he shielded his eyes with his wings, and started yelling, "I remember you! From that damn... tomb! What do you want!? Why can't you ghosts leave me alone?! I haven't done anything to you, just let me sleep!"