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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Rysannox bows his head "Of course! You may rest. I will take care of everything from here. This discovery will be helpful in the bonding of our species  ..I think"
Xefr can feel a soothing aura around him, and a small vibe within him as if he really had the orb within his lungs...
In his dreams the aetherial dragon re-appears {"I did not manage to ask you child, so I have to before you leave you require guidance?"}

As the shard sleeps the image of the young black drake from earlier re-appears, only now she seems older and not in agony, but sleeping happily in a peculiar place with big Ants around her, the surroundings fade away and everything turns a bright white. She wakes up, tilting her head to the right and standing up she asks slightly annoyed and confused the shard, whom seems to be materialised in his dreams "Who is black lizard? Why disturb Re'Ni sleep? You are not memory!"