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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Xefr calmly placed the Helmet back on the ground, and turned back towards Rysannox, "It works, and there certainly was something. Saw a bit of a vision, but I couldn't really make it out. Nothing too important in itself, but I believe we should certainly take a look at sites similar to this one, and perhaps all will become clear. And then... I will have to investigate those 5 stars, I suspect they have a much greater meaning. But, I think I'm quite exhausted for now, it's been a long day and the work of investigating this room should be left to the archaeologists. If it isn't too much trouble, I wish to take a rest. I can do it right here, so you could wake me up if I'm needed."


The Shard yawned again, and laid down, "Yeah... I do deserve a bit of sle..." The Shard cut off as his eyes closed, and his spectral wings curled up. He became notably more transparent as he slept.