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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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The aetherial dragon extends his wings that seem to be endless.. "And I shall answer. You will succeed by not repeating the same mistakes our selfish species did in the past. We fought for ourselves and ourselves only, this led us to make hasty decisions and not see the wider picture. We defended our lives with all of our strength, psionic and mundane alike, when we had to attack merely with our wit; when we understood this it was already too late, as the Sky Warriors of the Dark Ilai were even more persuaded to accomplish their cause due to our actions. order to defeat the harbringers you have to make them understand by attacking the one who influences all, their only weak spot of their being; their Wingless' Mind! To do so though, you will have to master your mental strength and make certain within you the will to accomplish this mission. However, rest assured that we will not let you defenceless in the oncoming battle, for this we trust on you our last great weapon that we never managed to use  ..the "pacifier of soul'"
the scion bring out of his body a white orb and places it with his paw within the black drake's lungs. "This is the greatest weapon of all, for it destroys the need for all other weapons  ..however to use it, you'll have to learn serenity and pacify your own troubled soul first. It may work against only the Wingless."
The scion lowers his head and talks in a less imposing voice "...I know we ask too much from a mere mortal, my child. But this cause and conflict must reach a conclusion, for even if we do not care yet for our own lives we must give the sentient peoples of the universe what was once taken away from them, and may be taken from many more  ..the ability to choose for their own lives' course without interference."
He suddenly changes tone "As for your second querry.. only have to close your eyes, realise where you truly are and return."


Erixen shows a small smile and looks at the shard while talking with a calm voice.. "You're right Shard... Memories make one forget the present  ..and the present is more alive and true than any memory; I have a loving wife, annoying relatives and a beautiful daughter. Perhaps, as I am lost in the past I forgot to cherish what I have now over what I've lost ...thanks Zhohax Valx." he closes up to the shard and places his hand-claw on the shard's chest.