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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Xefr just stood there, dumbfounded, for about a minute. It took awhile for it all to process in his head, but once it did, questions and ideas started to appear in his head. Eventually, the black drake was able to stammer out some words, "I.... I suppose I have only two questions of prominence. How do you expect me to stop what you couldn't? And how do I return to my reality?"

The Shard's eyes filled with sympathy, "Ah... Captain, I understand you perfectly." The Shards own eyes turn to the skies, "I've felt it a hundred times, and thousands more times forgotten. That feeling of helplessness, and the following guilt of it all... I know. Every part of me and every Shard knows. But we march on. For the only way to venerate those who have fallen is to live the lives that they couldn't, to stand up and pick up the pieces. Those lost to death must never be forgotten, but hope must never die. For we are not alone in our grief, and not all have the courage or strength to go on. Thus, we must give it to them, and work towards a universe where it will never happen again..."