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"You were Qoatl as I was. You were V'oss as I was."

The luminescent dragon breathes millions of tiny stars and suddenly the galaxy transforms into another one, similar to the known galaxy but different.
"You may wonder why your kind is so powerful in mind and body, blessed by powers and longevity that many would crave. It is no mere chance, but our collective legacy that we entrusted on you, so you, our sons and daughters, may succeed were we failed. You are the scion of an ancient civilisation and species, older than the dimension we created and you were born in."

Ancient dragons flying in the galaxy and bearing various relics can be seen. Then a gigantic planet, with cities and many dragons on it.
"The species you in your native tongue may call Dragons, were once called the Qoatl, a species old as the stars fron a Galaxy and dimension that no longer exists. You may not understand it now, but you contain within your very soul and mind the evolutionary process of billions of years."

Suddenly blurry winged humanoid figures can be seen in the distance flying in millions and approaching for battle. Soon a tremendous epic battle between these figures and dragons takes place in the background. Dragons breathing fire, as the vile creatures breathe a black wind.
"The last 100 thousand years of our existence our species came upon evil. An evil greater and stronger than all we had encountered before, for it wanted to erase existence itself. All of V'oss fought this evil together in lasting battles for millenia and failed to defeat it."

Images are shown of the dragon-planet being covered in flames, forming a black hole and then exploding in a gigantic beam of light, forming the core of the known Galaxy. Then five eggs appear in the center, each one being placed in five places in the new galaxy being Heord and one being Shyr.
"V'oss was to be no more, so we created a new V'oss and burried the last five eggs in it. Hoping that our species could survive, if not in memory, then in flesh.
Thousand other species had not that chance and we regret our treason to not stand besides them and die along with them and our universe, but we were only mortals; a curse and a blessing. So we distorted the mortal realm in hope that we could evade death; this distortion is your new home, the species you have encountered and even yourself. However, being a distortion, it had side-effects -one of them being your own species- and it only prolonged the waiting until the forces of the dark angels reemerge and destroy life, once and for all."

Spoiler: The image of a giant harpy sleeping in the distance appears (hover to show) seems more real than the rest of the images, as if it is a window to reality.
"It is up to you and others you may gather to defend this new home, so it may gain a natural death in contrast to its unnatural birth, as V'oss had a natural birth, yet an unnatural death  ...thus completing the circle and bringing balance to the cosmos, so that we may rest and you may live and die as a mortal.
I am certain that you may have answers child, and I will be pleased to help you understand."


Back in reality...
Erixen seems reluctant to answer, he grabs the cigar that had fallen from his mouth and dries to smoke, but decides against it and throws it away.. "I saw a lot of death  ..I saw my friends maimed as I was lying down ready to die. I saw my first love being crushed by enemy boots.   ...I failed to die and I'm cursed with living bearing their images forever." The ambitious and proud explorer now seems to look in the distant, his eyes seemingly soulless.
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