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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Xefr's gaze returned to the helmet, and then he snorted. "Knowledge with the chance of insanity? Well... I've been called mad before, and I doubt any would grieve over my passing. No more waiting, let's see how this Helm fares with a Golden Dragon!" The Dragon's eyes then flashed, picking up the helmet with his mind. In a swift movement, he placed it atop his head, and braced himself for the worst.

The Shard sighed, "To understand the Forbidden, you must understand why Xefr shattered. You see, Xefr, the true Xefr I mean, was quite old. Little more than a quarter of a million years. He traveled across Galaxies, and with his lifespan he saw much. But let me tell you, immortality may sound nice, but it causes nothing but trouble. For without the burden of age, eventually you see too much. In time, Xefr acquired knowledge of all kinds, memories of so many events and people, yet not all of it was good. Xefr went through tragedy after tragedy, slowly but surely becoming traumatized by what he saw happen to himself and others, to people he made met and befriended. Every miracle was overshadowed by a dozen displays of grief, every memory of joy had to compete with memories of fear and pain. That weighed heavily upon him, and eventually his mind simply couldn't bear it any longer. So, in an attempt to remain sane, it shattered. It broke into smaller, more manageable pieces, the Shards. Until it becomes possible to reunite and create a Xefr who could handle his past, the Shards shall remain separate. That is why Dragons are not gods, but our minds are as vulnerable and fragile as any other mortal." Then the Shard paused, hesitating to continue.
"...But I suppose that system still isn't perfect. For, there is the Forbidden Shard. Ever heard the phrase, 'We all have our inner demons'? Well, Xefr's demons have found a way to express themselves... In the form of a corrupted shard. That Shard may be similar to me, but he is not my brother. I do not wish to speak of him, but I will tell you this... He is deceptive. He is greedy. He is evil. He is a perfect example of how all creatures must control their dark-side, lest it transform them into something horrible."