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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Rysannox remained stunned, looking at the gigantic -for a Ghashyr- painting of the space dragons. He soon turned back and responded to Xefr in an uncertain tone "I sencerely do not know ...this is beyond anything I've studied. The only legends mentioning the Helm of Memory, describe it as a relic of dragons that was part of a mysticist Draconic ritual  ..long before Dragons met and lived among Ghashyr. It was hinted in the Tablet of Shyncor that the knoweledge it contains turned many weak-minded dragons mad, and only chosen ones could grasp its power."
The helm produces a strong vibing noise that increases as Xefr comes closer to it.. the voice returns, again speaking in the ancient Draconic language that translates itself.. "CHILD, WHY DO YOU HESITATE?"
Two young dragons' ghostly voices can suddenly be heard talking to each other around Xefr.. "Perhaps he's less of a lizard and more of a chicken!" - "And he talks to his food too!", "Perhaps he prefers to play with us!" - "Ooooh! A Black Royal playing with a lowly red and green drake? Hah!" - "The last Black one played!" - "Yes! The last one was a cheater!" - "YESSS, she got what she deserved. HATE CHEATERSSS! *HISS*"

Erixen smiles and nods "I understand why you don't want to leave the other shards ..we don't choose our family and they aren't always the best, but we cannot do without them. I know I couldn't.  ...Anyhow this thing you said, 'Corrupted', what do you mean? ..and why was Xefr shattered in the first place?" he smokes his cigar intensely, being intrigued to listen to the shard's answer.