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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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Unlike the Shard, Xefr felt no fear. The aura brought him no sense of dismay, only anticipation.  He made a quick glance around the room, and while the artwork interested him, his attention quickly became focused on the helmet of bones. He saw it simply sitting there on the floor, the source of the Shard's fear, the source of the voice, and possibly the final piece to the puzzle. He snorted, and then stepped forward towards the helm.
But then, only a few feet from the ghastly helmet, he hesitated, and his head turned back to Rysannox, "You called this object a Helm of Memory... Do your stories mention what kind of memories it holds? And do you know what would happen... if I were to don it?" But while the Black Dragon awaited a response, he knew whatever Rysannox said didn't matter in the end; as his mind was already made up.

The Shard was all too happy to talk more about himself and things he understood, beginning to forget what had recently transpired. "That's an interesting idea, and the answer is yes. Not the stealing of your achjaal I mean, but what comes next. Yes, I could live alone, go off and make a new life, become somebody other than Xefr. But, I do not wish that. Not only would it be awkward, as there is much of normal life which I simply do not have knowledge of, but I couldn't abandon the rest of Xefr. The Shards are practically my family, I need them as much as they need me. They understand me, for good reason of course, and I would simply feel incomplete without their presence. But in regards to your second question..." He sighed, and then joined Erixen on the floor.
"In truth, the Shards could unite into a single body once more. All we would need is to gather in the same place at the same time, and slowly the pieces of the puzzle would naturally come together. But the real problem, is in staying together. The Xefr that would be created wouldn't be in any better condition than the one which shattered in the first place, and it would simply happen again. We got lucky last time, with this generation of Shards coming together quite neatly. After-all, I was made made this time around!" The Shard's voice then breaks into a mumble, "And this time only one corrupted was forged..."