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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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As Xefr presses the pawmark he can feel a strongpsionic aura surrounding him, an aura stronger than any other he had felt in recent years. The elevator descents and the two reach the dark chamber covered in the peculiar and macabre artwork ..Rysannox gasps at the sight and nearly loses his balance "It can't be  ...all censors indicated that there was nothing but solid ground beneath the sanctuary! This is the archeological discovery of the millenium!" The psionic aura is now stronger than ever, Xefr can hear a dragon ghost laughing and cheering at his presence, though the sounds turn quickly into threatening roars and hisses; mixed with the cheering they produce a rather scary outcome  ..even for an ancient black dragon like Xefr.
For a few seconds he can see past occurences that happened in this room, a young black female dragon in agony wearing the helm and being held down by Ghashyr, then shortly a group of dragons in different colours in a circle and lastly five white balls.
A more clear voice seems to come from the giant dragonbone helmet in an an ancient incomprehensible draconic language that however translates within the drake's mind.. "APPROACH CHILD!"

Back in the surface Erixen seems to be drooling and looking at the shard clueless, not really understanding what the shard just said.. "Are you sure you didn't drink my achjaal while I wasn't looking? Anyway  ..all this seems too stretched, but I've seen a lot of things that beat imagination  ..I guess this is one of them." he sits down on the floor and places his back on the fresco "You said you're all parts of the same drake, yet you're different dragon-person-shards. Say, what if you wanted to live alone, on your own as the person you are? ...could that happen? And what would happen if you were given the chance to unite into a single body alltogether again?"