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Re: Xefr's Adventures: The grey meatbags
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The Black Dragon, with Rysannox in tow, follows the Psionic trail back to where the Shard found the illuminated paw. And remembering what was said, Xefr pressed his own paw against it, attempting to activate the elevator and bring it down to the chamber below.

The Shard chuckled, "Well, there's another logical reason for that. That living-and-breathing dragon you see... he's also a shard, like me. The real Xefr doesn't exist anymore, all the pieces of his mind and soul scattered in a great event, culminating in the creation of seven shards. That Shard, named Essentials, was merely chosen as the one to inhabit the body, for he possesses the knowledge to eat and breathe. For the body was not affected and is still in full order, so it's quite important that he is in control of it for it to stay that way. We just call him Xefr for simplicity's sake, and to avoid early confusion."
The Energy Dragon then paused for a moment, and looked upon his incorporeal claw. With a sigh, he continued. "Though sometimes, I wish I could be part of that body again, even if the results were disastrous... Anyways, it makes sense that all of us Shards are quite different, as we are all made up of different memories. Each of our conceived experiences made us different in personality, but we are all still Xefr, albeit pieces of him. That's why the Guardian Shard introduced himself as such, back aboard our ship. Well, my ship, since I was the one who built it... Or at least I remember doing that...