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The Void War
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:13:02 pm »
Murky objects greeted me when I awoke. Phantom feelings from a body I no longer had assailed me, the cool metal never quite getting the right sensation, maybe to always keep us on our toes, always vigilant. The familiar feeling of fear coiled within me, despite being a machine, in a sense, that always came at the thought of them. I pried my metal shell from its sarcophagus, energy coils still clinging to my frame, that of the Warrior model of bodies, meant to lead my smaller kin, the Drones. If I'm correct in my assumption, most of my squad won't survive the coming battle. I turned, my optic sensors piercing through the metal structure of the ship and submerged my mind into the calm sea of the Conclave. Hearing those analytical voices calms and soothes the still animal part of my mind. Once again, a ship of theirs is attempting to enter the Galaxy, to feed on the rich life within. Not again, not ever again. The Ark I was on was the only one defending the gap, seemly the only one needed. If all went to plan, their weaponry would never touch its shields and would be destroyed by the swarm of drones. Still, their was an undercurrent of fear in the Conclave. Understandable, no one liked fighting them, their weapons changed things and twisted them, like themselves. Perhaps that is why they are so monstrous, they used their own weapons on each other, only to go mad at the sight of their grotesque bodies.

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