Author Topic: The Kaiser- A bar in the Rheinlander frontier.  (Read 17 times)

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The Kaiser- A bar in the Rheinlander frontier.
« on: June 12, 2017, 02:59:02 am »
On a sleepy Rheinlader space station far away from the Home System laid WKM Station 15. Station 15 was a freeport for all trade, militaries, etc. It was crewed by a small amount of WKM Spacemen who did not really care to be there. On Station 15 was a bar that was conspicuously well-stocked and ran by a Heer feldwebel, Feldwebel Braun. Generally this would be illegal and Braun would be dishonorably discharged, but nobody cared and actually quite enjoyed his bar, which was named The Kaiser. Frequented by frontiersmen looking for friends and bored Rheinlander troops on leave and/or waiting for orders. The Kaiser was one of few ways that news and current events was spread around, and the bar's Tip Jar money is all put in a fund to commission a massive neon welcome sign for Station 15.

At first, the assignment to Station 15 was one that would bring the men assigned dishonor, but they realized how lucky they were- little threat, the OKWKM and OKW weren't bothering inspecting them and they rarely had visitors over the rank of captain. The men never wore their uniforms 100% correctly and only saluted when others were around, and nobody could figure out just how to get rid of the smell of cigarettes from the place.

((This thread is for a relaxed In-Character RP. Here you will see how the typical Rheinlander reacts to current galactic events. Feel free to stop by and listen in, you won't leave un-entertained. I may end up using Chatzy instead of the forum. I will keep y'all posted.))

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