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Rise of the Formic's
« on: August 25, 2015, 11:53:42 pm »
----- Several Centuries Earlier --------

Andrew Wiggin was horrified at the realization he had been tricked into wiping out the Formic race, the first Xenocide committed by the human race. Later Andrew found a lone Queen on a colony world who revealed to him the Formic's history & the mistake that was made in their first contact with humans. After learning the truth Andrew took what he believed to be the last Formic Queen egg & search for a new world for her race to start over.

Unknown to Mr. Wiggins, the Formic's had back up plan. Another Queen & her brood were sent to a near by star system to hide. As Andrew went on his voyage with the egg, Queen Zagara returned to the ashes that was once her home world.

Zagara's ship landed on the planets surface as the others hovered in orbit. Zagara stepped on the planets surface & picked up a handful of black ash. As the ash crumbled & fell from her hand back to the ground she became filled with grief & rage.

"The singular sentients will pay dearly for this, yes we made a mistake in attacking them but we stopped as soon as we realized they were intellgent, could they not see that."

Queen Zagara went back into her ship. After joining the fleet in orbit they set out to find a planet or moon her brood could start rebuilding on.

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Re: Rise of the Formic's
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2015, 11:21:32 pm »
Zagara's brood found a star system nearly at the edge of the galaxy. There they located a gas giant with 12 moons each at varying degrees of being habitable, at least by Formic standards. Here they forged an Empire, & restructured their hierarchy. They evolved, New Drones were developed, larger bio-crafts were grown. & then the day came when Swarm Queen Zagara signaled the Hive Wardens to prepare their broods for war.

12 Massive living structures rose from their respective moons & set out into space, not a single Formic was left on those moons. The fleet stopped in the orbit of their home world, every Queen descended upon the planet reviewing the memories Zagara had shared with them of the planet decades past. To their surprise early stages of vegetation were making appearances all over the planet. It seems the humans weapon did not entirely destroy all of the planets minerals below the planets crust.

Zagara: "Our home is recovering, but it may never be what it once was, let us take the singular sentient's home as they did to us"     

The Formic's set out once again to hunt down human colonies. The battles were grueling, the humans assumed that taking out a Queen would work, but genetic strides enabled Formic drones to keep living even after their Mother Queen dead. Drones would carry out their last command if able & then wait on stand by until another Queen or male Formic linked up to them with new commands.

The Humans were afraid & confused. Why were these new Formic's attacking, were did they come from. Several Colonies fell, Military Generals went to Planet Lusitania to speak with their Formic allies to find out why this was happening. But the ally Hive Queen had no answers, her first encounter with humans was with Andrew Wiggins long ago, but she vowed to help them against this threat.

The Crusading Formics had 2 more targets on their hit list. Lusitania & Earth. They had sustained many casualties, not as many as the humans, 3 entire hives had been lost at this point. Though their numbers were still massive, their fellow Queens would be surely missed.

The Formic Fleet arrived several clics away from Lusitania when they stopped. A large Fleet lay between them & the planet. Though it wasnt the humans that caused the pause. Formic ships were among the human vessals. Zagara could sense a vaguely familiar presence. A lone Formic ship from the mainly human fleet went out to meet the crusaders. Zagara allowed the ship to board her vessal. Zagara & the Hive Queen meet face to face, Zagara realized that this Queen was her niece that had been sent in hopes of creating an alliance with humans. Zagara had assumed the plan had failed.

The Queens shared each others memories. The Hive Queen saw Zagara's pain but shared the beautiful memories she had in interacting with humans since her birth. The Hive Queen finally saw the history of her race from memories passed down through the ages, also she finally saw her own mother, a face she had never known until now. Zagara saw traits of humans she did not know even existed, love & compassion. 


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Re: Rise of the Formic's
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2015, 11:44:08 pm »
The memories Zagara saw from her niece showed her that Formics & humans could truly co-exist peacefully. But she knew the humans would not forgive her for what was done.

The Hive Queen continued to plead for the humans. Zagara finally assured the Hive Queen that she would cease the campaign against the humans, but she would not be living among them, in fact she decided to leave the galaxy altogether so her niece could continue the peaceful existence she had found with the humans. So Zagara gave her niece majority of her hive to help expand her own hive & for protection.

Zagara took 2 hive carriers packed with resources for the long journey, she stopped by her home planet one last time. She didnt land on the planets surface, she simple watched the planet from her hive carrier in orbit as it collect energy from the sun.

When she was ready both hive carriers set out into deep space searching for a new home, a new start in a galaxy far far away.