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Taknul was overseeing organic materials being exported & imported into Nuzeikurga having her drones organize everything based on the purpose they would serve. 

Niadra continues healing & monitoring the soldiers with Lidzrial.

Zagara reviews the documents provided by the Diyelian’s information, as she reviewed the architectural documents she thought of several improvements she could develop based on the technology the Diyelian’s use, she called Kilysa over to talk about her system for integrating Formic organics with mechanical technology, they seem to have made up from their earlier conversation but talk of a court trial was overheard every now & again.

--8 weeks later----

-----Fields of Rith'Essa-----

As Vyloth had some of her drones help restrain the feral Diyelian soldiers, she started wondering if some of the soldiers would ever progress. Kilysa walked up next to her calculating the current percentages of soldiers who were still feral, those who seemed close to progressing, & those who were training with the Hive Guardians.

Kilysa: “Do you think Formics were like this when our Ancestors first went through the awakening.”

Vyloth: “It is very likely many Queens were overwhelmed by the awakening, but the Warring Queens Era ensured that only the Queens who could master Psionic’s survived.”

Kilysa: “I think we have all the results the soldiers will exhibit, should we end the training?”

Vyloth: “We will give them a bit more time, Diyelians have proven to be surprisingly resilient, some of them may surprise us yet, but worse case they could place the soldiers in a permanent hive mind, but they would become like our drones & be completely feral if they end up disconnected from the hive mind, but the ones controlling them will have to have a strong will.”


As the last week of Duramirs training concluded he addressed every Diyelian & Formic in training. He was proud of their progress, all of them were working together & developing their own tactics & even psionic abilities he had never seen before.

“All of you have done well, you have proven yourselves to be resilient & adaptive in battle. In 2 weeks the graduation trials will begin, I will give you free reign for these 2 weeks to rest & prepare. Diyelian’s, you may participate if you wish, some of the trials you will not be able to finish, but if you complete enough of the trials I will have a gift for you, now go rest & prepare, you may use any part of the training grounds for your preparation, I will see you 2 weeks from now at sun rise.”

The Krith & other Male Formics worked with the soldiers to prepare for the graduation trials.

------ 2 weeks later-------

Duramir, the other Brood Fathers, & several other Hive Guardians were waiting on the main training field even before sun rise. As soon as Xelia Prime & Xelia Tron shined in the horizon Duramir stepped up to the eager contestants.

“Welcome brave warriors, through the weeks of training you have shown great progress, now it is time to truly test your abilities. It is tradition for those going through the trials to choose the order of their trials. In the first trial you will control 1 million drones demonstrating your proficiency in commanding them in several tasks & battle sequences. In the second trial you will demonstrate every Telekinetic ability you have developed. In the third you will wrestle a Siege Drone for over 3 minutes without using any telepathy. In the fourth trial you demonstrate your proficiency with weapons during battle sequences. In the fifth trial you will pilot a fighter & then command a battleship demonstrating your abilities in space battles. In the sixth trial you will choose one of the deadliest creatures in our territory & go hunt it, you can either kill it & bring its body back taking whatever trophies you want, or you can tame the creature. In the final trial you will battle 10 Hive Guardians one after another for at least 1 minute. Formics you will have to complete all of these, Diyelians may opt out of any of them, you have 2 hours until we start, choose your trial sequence carefully."

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The documents were handled out completely to their Nuzeikurgan allies for them to use it at their best. Several biological research of importance are included as well.

Niadra and Lidzrial found out that the effect of the awakening was just too much to bear for most of the soldiers. Day by day, the number of soldiers succumbing to it gets worse.

-Fields of Rith'Essa-

The Queens became more worried seeing the helpless soldiers, wondering if they would continue the process. The symptoms has reached it's peak, making its Diyelian victims fall into no more than homicidal ferals. As the idea of abandonment is almost chosen, the miracle for the soldiers was soon developed. The cure for the sickness, the Havenseeker, which is a viral fluid injected into the soldiers to stimulate their adrenal glands and neuro-muscular nerves and in turn calms them down and returns them to normal. The only problem that is faced is that, the Madness Syndrome is a permanent sickness as once the awakening has been started, there's no way for the Diyelians to turn it off, only to halt the process. It is proven that applying the cure to the marauding soldiers is a very critical and deadly situation, and several Diyelian scientist and medical personnel have been killed in the curing process.

Not until Lidzrial's very ingenious idea.

"Zeifruge, what if the cure will be administrated internally to the soldiers? Like the Havenseeker supply will be put directly into their armor and once the rage level has increased to critical levels, the cure will be injected automatically in the soldier's bodies." she said, while talking to Zeifurge and Niadra about her thoughts regarding the newly-found cure. "But that's a rather difficult one because the cure will need to placed in a large containment device so that it can be used for longer periods, and it will add to the bulk of the weight that our soldiers are carrying, besides that will be visible to the enemies and might be used against them," Zeifruge said in disagreement.

"That makes sense. But how about... we fused our soldiers permanently into the war machine where the cure can be included? It will make our soldiers as sane as they can be, while maximizing efficiency for them to still serve their purpose." Lidzrial explained. "Ah! What about we made them mobile artillery units? One that can survive behind enemy lines?" she proposed. Zeifruge nods, somehow seeing the great logic behind his fellow commander's proposal. Niadra can only wonder what this "war machine" would look like.


-Duramir's Training Grounds-

The Brood Father's announcement sparks a great excitement among the trainees. For the next two weeks, they trained more than ever, slowly becoming elite among the elites.

Two weeks has passed, and the time that they are waiting for is finally happening, the final trials of their training. One by one, the soldiers began each test with ferocious zeal and determination.

For the first test, which is by far they considered to one of the most difficult, they managed to complete the test though finished just sufficient enough for them to advance to the next test. The second test which would need them to demonstrate their telekinetic ability was done using a technique that they developed, technokinesis specializing in proficiently manipulating their techno-organic body and their weaponry being infused with it, and making themselves practically as a living weaponry. Though limited and not as powerful compared to other psionic species and their abilities, they were able to muster different forms, switching between melee and ranged forms with ease.

The third challenge was done like any other training that they've had prior to joining the mission. Though the Siege drone proved to be a formidable opponent, they nevertheless completed the challenge with impressive results. The fourth was done in good numbers, though they find using other types of weapons other than kinetic-based ones really peculiar, as they are already used to it and prefers this in combat. The fifth trial was done with difficulty like the first, with the Diyelian soldiers not really adept at space-based battles often relying to drone and AI for best results. This is one of the challenges that though all have passed, was seen with the most struggle. The sixth challenge was greeted with absolute enjoyment upon the soldiers as this is similar to the challenges that they have to faced as a recruit, which is to hunt their own in the various training grounds of the Hegemony, with only using their bare hands as a proof that they are capable warriors. The sixth test ended with almost a feast, with the ground full of large and grotesque monsters in which the Diyelians see as edible food. Several Diyelians, most notably environmentalist was successful in taming various wild creatures, using their telepathic empathy at its best.

The final trial, which is by far the most awaited among all the challenges, was faced with a great resolute among the soldiers. Eager to perform best and prove their worth, every battle for each and every soldier participants was finished in a very bloody fight, taking the fight by heart and not giving mercy to their competitors even though they are their own allies. At the end of the last challenge, all the soldiers passed the tests, though many heavily injured soldiers are seen being escorted by large teams of medics, some of which are injured themselves.

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Zagara briefly reviews the documents & saves them for later, She had a few things to straighten out before she begins her new project.

Niadra gently took psionic control of a few hostile soldiers to heal them as she spoke to Lidzrial:
“Well Lidzy they seem to be getting worse, do you think we should stop the training?”
----Fields of Rith'Essa----

Vyloth sends some her soldier drones to retrain the marauding soldiers infected with madness to prevent further fatalities in the curing process & continues monitoring the other soldiers.

After listening to Lidzrial's very ingenious idea she share an idea of her own.

“A biomechanical war machine should look very interesting. You know, we Formic’s use our Parasite drones to carry & deliver all sorts of fluids, what if you develop a sort of mini machine to do this as well for more covert cure injections.”

----Duramir's Training Grounds----

Xerkhon, Tegedar, Valgorr, & the 2 young Formic males had trained with the Diyelian soldiers inspired by their determination.

2 weeks later……….

The 5 young Krith & Formic males stood among their allies proud to be testing with them.


The Formic males had some difficulty in the first challenge but not too much, Formic males are born naturally to command drones.


In the second test each male demonstrated the following Telekinetic techniques with varying degrees of efficiency:

Telekinetic Binding, Levitation, Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Grip, Telekinetic Pull/Push, Telekinetic Bolt, Psionic Strength, Homing Effect, Motor-Skill Manipulation, Object Manipulation, Intuitive Aptitude, Spatial Sense, Telekinetic Aura, Telekinetic Combat, Telekinetic Compression, Telekinetic Destruction, Telekinetic Flight, & Telekinetic Blast.

All the males pass but some feel they need more training.


At 5 meters high & 12 meters long the Siege Drones proved to be formidable for all contestants. Xerkhon & Tegedar used their telekenetics to augment their durability & strength allowing them to physically go toe to toe with the siege drone, but they nearly passed out afterwards. Valgorr was not as powerful as Xerkhon & Tegedar so he was more cunning in his tactics getting the Siege drone to tire itself out. The other 2 Formic males managed to pass but were a bit bruised.


In the fourth trial all the Formic males were able to use the organic weapons with ease, but had alittle trouble with the mechanical weapons, they passed but felt they needed to go back & familiarize themselves more with other weaponry.


The Formic males did well in the fifth trial, controlling the fighter was the most fun for the Krith, Valgorr seemed to do the best in this trial, especially when it came to controlling the battleship & its compliments. All the formic males passed with great marks.


The Sixth challenge would prove to be the most difficult for the male formic because they were temporally cut off from the hivemind & had to prove they could survive & hold their own completely by themselves. The 2 formic males dragged formidable looking monster carcases back while the Krith males rode the following 3 creatures back having tamed them & made them a member of their future hives:

At the end of the sixth trial all were allowed to rest & feast on their kills, also anyone who tamed a beast was told to keep it as a pet & a reminder of their accomplishment.


The Final Trial was the most brutal, the Hive Guardians fought with unbound furiosity. Impressed with the Diyelians zeal & resilance Duramir himself jumped into a few matches to test the Soldiers & all the formics. He was not as quick in his old age but his strength & endurance made up for it.   

At the end of all the matches several Hive Guardians were bruised with dents & cracks in their armour. Duramir tells all to return in a week after everyone has had a chance to recover & heal.

----- 1 day later -----

At sunrise Duramir along with every Brood Father, Hive Guardian, & several soldier & heavy infantry drones meet with all the participants.

Duramir walks up to the formic males first: “You have all done well, you have all passed every trial & now you are Hive Guardians of Nuzeikurga, but don’t get too comfortable, as Hive Guardians you must constantly train, hone your skills, & improve in any area possible, remember when all else fails you are the last defence of the Queens. Now I present all of you with these Delta Units.”     

Duramir activates his own unit before handing all the formic males one.

Duramir turns to the Diyelian Soldiers:

“You have have all shown great zeal & resilience, you have earned my respect, now rise as Honorary Guardians Nuzeikurga, you will all be given a Delta Unit as proof of your Rank, all Formics & Diyelians shall know that you are the Elite among the Elite. Should you ever need our aid we will be there for you no matter where you maybe.”

As soldier & infantry drones hand each Diyel Guardian a Delta Unit, Duramir turns once again to Valgorr.

“Valgorr, you have been chosen to be Queen Tarakith’s mate, you have now become a Brood Father, stand by Queen Tarakith, protect her, & bring honour to your new hive.”

Duramir walks back to where the other Brood Fathers are standing & then faces everyone.

“You may activate your unit anytime you wish. Now go serve your Hives, your nations, & your people well.” 

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(P.S. I will be really glad to help you out with the A'Kliks. I will personally terraform their worlds as you find it fit.)

(Thnx mate, I’m still trying to figure out if I should have them all on 1 planet or give them each their own. I made Descriptions of each Formic System so far.)


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The Day of Ascendancy

After a few weeks of testing, the two commanders managed to finally get a working mainframe for the disabled soldiers. The trials are an ultimate successful, in which a new wave of soldiers are created. They are branded the "Endbringers", after their abilities which includes a transformable array of weaponry including a large,double-barreled Gauss Canon which can be mounted on their arms, a pair of Power Gauntlets that can transform into a variety of deadly melee weapons; A shoulder-mounted Harmonic Vibration Cannon are added as well and lastly, the massively long Gauss Howitzer Artillery Cannon. After final set of trials, the new legion of Diyelian War Machines has finally been unleashed. Bigger, better, stronger. Even Niadra could not believe that the hopeless soldiers getting mentally tortured turned into a deadlier constructs of war in a snap of an eye.

-3 weeks after, the final ceremony of the Ascendancy-

"Endbringers, a name appropriate for a legend worth remembering. After this once in a lifetime opportunity to persevere, and achieve greatness past of the limits no one thought you can break, your battlecries will be an echo that will shake the stillness of the void, a shockwave that will trample upon your enemies, and an unwavering voice that will bear the might of our people. On this day, rise into greatness! Zeihirge, leirge! Zeihirge Diyelir!" Zeifruge said in his speech to the legions of titanic Diyelian soldiers, now clad in their armor of shining black and iridescent mechsuits, their numbers enough to form an ocean of warriors.

"And to you, victorious achievers who passed the test with fanatical zeal and indomitable will, all of you will be rewarded greatly! Savor the fruits of your labor, my brothers! For you have reaped well what you have sown with your blood and sweat. However, do bear in your mind that this is just the first step among the countless adventures that all of you will dare to brave, in the name of the ever-glorious Hegemony. Rise and stand! For you will be the vanguard of war. The elites among the elites. Honored among the stars, equal to our Formic comrades. Zeihirge, leirge! Zeihirge Diyelir!" Lidzrial exclaimed to the soldiers who passed the arduous trial.

The hundreds of trials passers, bowed to Duramir for his guidance, and to the great Nuzeikurgan Queens for not giving up on them. Keeping their Delta units with them, they would forever remember and honor the day that they've met their irreplaceable ally.

Zeifruge as promised, sent a thousand-ship fleet of architects and engineers that will help the Nuzeikurgans in Terra-forming their planet. Lidzrial on the other hand, provided a small, yet cute bunch of gifts to Niadra, which was loved by the Formic Queen. "Just take care of them, and don't forget to deal with their tantrums! They're the animal version of the Diyelians I can tell you HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the two laughed together, Niadra cuddling tightly the cute, squishy, little monster and bid goodbye , hoping to see each other pretty soon.

The mission to them has been finished, and now another one starts. It's time for them to teach their Krith allies... the way of the Warforged Ascendants.

Spoiler: The Beginning of the Krith Training (hover to show)


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----------The Day of Ascendancy-------

Niadra was very impressed that the soldiers had become these weird organic mechanical creatures with stable minds. She walks up to a few of them inspecting the arm & poking at it.

Niadra: “They’ve become organic machines, not very fluffy at all but they are stable so that’s good.”

Kilysa: “ Very impressive, I wonder if I could apply my  RX-T8 system to some of our drones.” 

Taknul: “Perhaps, I do think we need to upgrade some of our drones, but well get to that after I finish my organic vehicle.”

-------3 weeks after, the final ceremony of the Ascendancy-------

After Zeifruge gave his speech to the legions of titanic Diyelian soldiers in their armoured mechsuits, Duramir & the other Brood Fathers gave proud salutes & bows to those who passed the Guardian trials.

The Queens all give slight bows the brave Diyelian warriors.

Zagara lets her daughters coordinate with the Diyelians to Terra-form each planet & large moon in their territory to prime conditions for Formics & A’Klik.

Niadra picked Lidzrial up hugging & thanking her for her gifts. She hugged & cuddled the little fuzz balls relentlessly.
“Yes I shall love them like my own, their tantrums won’t be a problem, besides how bad can such cute little babies be, oh yea I almost forgot your gift Lidzi.”

Several of Niadra’s drones walked up carrying large wood canisters of various curious items.
“These Lidzi are the finest wines, meads, herbs, spices, & recreational leafs, ill have my drones put them on your ship for you, take care my friend, I shall see you again soon.”

Tarakith & Sivtress were each given 1 battle ship as was custom for new Queens when starting out. The Krith drones were divided into 3 groups, 1 for each Krith Queen. The group that would be assigned to Rynza would stay with Zagara until she returns to Shyr.

Now the Krith Queens where on their way to start their own training.

( Yes I am too, I need to find a way to create an A’Klik Krith, :-P )
( & yes Niadra loves her gifts )


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The Beginning of Legends

The Diyelirs left the Formic worlds, the home where they ate, slept and trained within the past half a year. It was full of bittersweet memories, and they for sure will cherish that forever. They, together with the Kriths have began traveling through the wormhole station they placed as a gift into the Nuzeikurgan realm which would connect them into the Diyelir territory. It took the contingent three whole days to come out of the wormhole, arriving directly into the center of the Hegemony, Frontreiweld Elyss, homeworld and origin planet of the Diyelians. "Welcome to the Originworld, our dear allies. This is Frontreiweld Elyss, where the fate of all Diyelirs began. We will be landing not-so-far from our Capital, Frontreia. Our leaders will personally meet you there. For the meantime, we have to make a rendezvous to our brethren who were successful as well in their mission to our ally, the Chrymerions." Zeifruge said as he greets the Nuzeikurgans upon arriving in their homeworld.

-Frontreiweld Elyss, the Originworld-

The planet was unlike anything they have seen before. The planet is surrounded by large planetary rings and massive orbital stations that constantly orbits the surface, leaving the planet with an armored appearance. The rings themselves look habitable, with presence of artificial vegetation coupled with structures and fortified garrisons, orbital and anti-space weapons which are viewable from space. The planets looks lush from orbit, making the Nuzeikurgans wonder where on the planet's surface are the Diyelir cities located, as it doesn't seem that there is one. Upon arriving at the surface, all they saw was an endless paradise- the whole planet being covered in lush, tropical vegetation- that parades seemingly infinite species of bioengineered fauna and flora. Large swaths of cities can be seen everywhere; sky-extending towers of blacks and iridescence completely covered in plant and animal life, making the extent of their environmental prowess clear to their visitors .

After an hour of touring into the never-ending forest and cities camouflaged into it, they arrive at their destination- the entrance to the great capital of Frontreia. The entrance is situated in a big plateau, dotted with important structures such as airfields and industrial structures as well as environmental control buildings like atmosphere control towers. A meticulous array of heavily-fortified lines composed of garrisons and fortresses can be seen from the cliffs of the plateau, lined with orbital cannons and anti-air weapons camouflaging with the greenery around it. Bunkers and trenches scatter along the edges, where the soldiers can be seen training and guarding it, all connecting to the network of massive encampments and barracks that connects the whole plateau.

The entrance to the underground capital, as what to the Nuzeikurgans are briefed into a while ago, is a large, enclosed valley which is encircled by a steep mountain range and surrounded by pockets of planetary defense; the entrance to it is a fortified narrow cliff that leads into an enclosed environmental dome, in which the island in the center of a gargantuan-sized lake leads to a network of tunnels that goes down directly into the underground roads, leading to the Capital itself. The dome is connected to the island via towers extending to the dome, with the dome serving as a giant solar panel. This, together with all of the previous scenery that have seen, could be seen to make the Formics looked astonished by the carefully planned architecture and engineering capabilities of the Diyelirs, which in turn makes the Diyelirs wonder about the Formic's excitement about what would happen when they get back to their planet after their training, seeing that it would change drastically by the feats of Diyelir engineering.

Below the ground, the real view of the Capital would be seen. Underground towers extending from the floor up to the ceiling of the subterranean cavern network are numerous, with artificial lighting all over that supplies that city below with simulated day and night cycles. The city are interconnected by a web of tunnels, and in an hour they are escorted directly into the center of the city, the Government Capitol. The leader of the Hegemony himself is present, clad in a leader's battle-armor specifically designed for the current leader of the Hegemony.

-Frontreia, the Underground City, 2 hours after-

"Greetings, my dear Nuzeikurgan allies!" greets Elzeke Blytheriz, the Scheifareux, or the Marshall Emperor of the Hegemony.

"Welcome to Frontreia, our humble abode's capital. I was told that our mission to your realm was absolutely successful, as well as with our other allies, Chrymerion." he said. The leader is a large Diyelir, standing at eight and a half feet tall, white mane turning black signifying his age, which is not so past his prime. He is accompanied by a troop of soldier escorts and delegates, ready to greet the ally visitors.

"With a big thanks in our heart, we will offer you in return the best training that you will have for a Diyelian soldier. Just so you will know, you will not train directly here, but right through the the heart of our military sector, Richens Tenscheig. For the meantime, while we are setting up your own base within our realm in a classified planet, you will make your stay here for the meantime. We will notify you once your training is ready, otherwise you will be with these gentlemen for the meantime as they teach the various ways of the Diyelir way of life. They will be your instructors and guides, and you will be having a tour as well in our oldest university here." Elzeke said, while pointing out to the envoys who will be with them until further notice, the envoys doing the Diyelir salute and bowing slightly to the Fomic royalties.

"I wish you will have a good time here. Besides your training, you will also go around the whole Hegemony to learn other aspects, so enjoy resting here while waiting. My men will now assist, and once again, welcome to the Strato-Technocratic Hegemony of Diyel Frontreia!"

Hours later, the Formics are assisted to their quarters. For the Formic's own good, the Diyelirs established a special base for them near a base just outside the entrance to the capital, situated beside the lake in the northwestern edge of the mountain range inside the valley, thinking that they may not like living in the underground city below. The Nuzeikurgans are given the leeway to travel around the valley and as well the plateau, but will need to present permission if they want to travel past beyond that for their own safety. The building made for them was simulated to look like a Nuzeikurgan building for them to feel more at home, and they are given escort-servants which can help them in any way possible, as well the the envoy-instructors who can teach them with their any curiosity about Diyelir way of life.

Meanwhile, the large training ground are being constructed in the large still classified planet in the reaches of Richens Tenscheig. The three fleets as well, from the first to the third Ascendancy Fleet was given honorary ceremony for their success, and was given the role of vanguard forces of the Hegemony. The Kriths are also present in the ceremony, and was briefed that the commanders of the mission- Dryfgaust, Zeifruge and Lidzrial will be their commanders aboard their military training, much to the Nuzeikurgan's excitement.

-Rith'Essa's Halls, a week later-

"My dear Queens, your kin has safely arrived in the reaches of the Hegemony, they are now getting full attention regarding their training there. We again, give thanks to all of you for the warm hospitality that your race has given to us. With these, we are now giving you permission to conduct a visiting party aboard the Urkun-iash's territory on the vast plateaus of Lanmirtiasch, a star orbiting Elschkalfel IV  of the star system Leirdar Balmeztrisch. They personally call the "moon" orbiting their "planet" Alk'nid-oela, which means "The Great Beyond." You can make a proposal to establish a forward base on the main planet so that you can make first contact in the most ideal way possible, and we'll be more than happy to approve it. The natives are friendly, and though tribal are surprising and consciously aware of worlds and species beyond as sentient as them. This might be due to the fact that they are born in a moon orbiting a large superterran planet, which they have longed to reach and see what awaits them there. When we first landed there, we didn't expect to meet them, much to our shock as we normally don't visit pre-space civilizations not until we deemed them worthy of visiting. But that was all worth it as we are met by them with peaceful and humble greetings, and now we know that they are worthy of being assimilated upon your hive. We will do all of the help that you need in letting them join you, for as long as you will promise that no force will be included and their personal freedom will not be compromised in joining your swarm. That's the only condition that we need from you, my Queen." said the Chief Scientist and Diyelian emissary of the Urkun-iash that as personally sent to the Rith'Essa to begin as well Zagara's personal mission. "It has been all relayed to our Scheifareux, Elzeke. He was so ecstatic about the success of the mission that he instantly approved of all of this. You may give the go signal whenever you want." he finally said before saluting and leaving the meeting hall.

Spoiler: Welcome to Diyel Frontreia (hover to show)


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The Beginning of Legends

After the Queens bid the Krith & Diyelian soldiers farewell, all Formic eyes seemed to look towards Zagara. Zagara walked up to Kilysa & notified her that she had about 1 week to prepare for her trial on the matter concerning the Ghashyr, in the meantime the Formic & A’Klik queens went to the organic Forge world Rith’Zerlon in the Khamul’Dorr system to restructure the drones they use & to introduce new ones into the Swarm.

---Frontreiweld Elyss, the Originworld---

Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr looked in amazement as they came upon the planet. They had never seen such massive metal constructs as the planetary rings & stations. The planets seeming lush surface seemed familiar being use to organic technology but yet seemed strange as they were expecting massive metal cities.

As they landed it felt like they had arrived at a second home seeing lush vegetation. The camouflaged cities were fascinating indeed, integrating metal with vegetation was an idea that had not thought of yet, even though auntie Kilysa invented a biomechanical system for starships, they previously thought such a thing was exclusive to Shinju trees & constructs.

 As they arrive at the capital of Frontreia, Sivtress spots a few attractive super soldiers around the bunkers & trenches training. She involuntarily releases some pheromones meant to attract males, she stops after a few minutes when she realized what happened.   
The Krith looked in awe as they went through the Capitals entrance & the carefully planned architecture, the environmental dome almost made them think of some of the chambers in a Formic ship but with a view of the outside. The Kriths were soaking in everything they saw in Diyelian engineering, Tarakith & Sivtress were already discussing features they wanted to incorporate when they build their own Hive city.

---Frontreia, the Underground City, 2 hours after---

Upon meeting the leader of the Hegemony all Krith bow respectfully & the Queens introduce themselves.

Elzeke Blytheriz “Greetings, my dear Nuzeikurgan allies! Welcome to Frontreia, our humble abode's capital. I was told that our mission to your realm was successful, as well as with our other allies, Chrymerion. With a big thanks in our heart, we will offer you in return the best training that you will have for a Diyelian soldiers. Just so you will know, you will not train directly here, but to the the heart of our military sector, Richens Tenscheig. For the meantime, while we are setting up your own base within our realm in that classified planet, you will make your stay here for the meantime. We will notify you once your training will be ready, but otherwise you will be with these gentlemen for the meantime. They will teach the various ways of the Diyelian way of life. They will be your instructors and guides, and you will be having a tour as well in our oldest university here."

Both Krith Queens could barely contain their excitement as they both spoke:

 “Esteemed leader of the Hegemony, it is an honour to meet you & to visit your territory.”

Sivtress: “Yes your mission was a great success, we are honoured for this chance to train with your soldiers.”

Tarakith: “Your technology is very fascinating & inspiring, we are truly excited to learn your ways.”

Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr all bow toward their new teachers:

 “thank you for having us as your students.”

---Hours later---

As the their base was being setup just outside the capital, the Krith asked the envoys about everyday life in the Hegemony. They explore a bit deep inside the plateau.

The Krith felt proud during the ceremony that they were able to help the Diyel in their training, & were excited to learn that Zeifruge and Lidzrial would be training them.

---Rith'Essa's Halls, a week later---

In the days after the Krith left the conclusion of Kilysa’s trial had finally come & the Queens travelled to Ghashyr space to celebrate Rynza’s birth.
Zagara to the Chief Scientist & emissary:

“Good to hear my grandchildren are doing well. Your race has been nothing but gracious to use since we first meet, it was an honour to have your soldiers train here.”

“Tribal you say, it had not occurred to me that they were not a hive mind, a bit unexpected but no less exciting, you have my word that we shall not force anything upon them, & their personal freedoms shall not be compromised, in fact the new Swarm we have created is conducive to none hivemind beings since we are having more singular sentients living within the swarm.”

“Lanmirtiasch, very good I shall gather a portion of my personal hive & head for the Urkun-iash's territory.”

Zagara boarded her main Hive carrier & had 6 additional carriers fully loaded. Zagara’s fleet warped to Diyelian space where she should meet the Urkun-iash & check on the Krith & let them know how Rynza was doing. 

{Hey Nuz! I hope you got a good view of what my homeworld looks like. I will also describe the training grounds once we got there. Anyway, I'm amazed how you connected the timelines of our RPs with Taur. That was so neatly and canonically explained. I might one day bump into him. (Perhaps the Martaels or the Arganraxels, both due to their doctrines and their proximity to our territory.)}
{Yea mate its awesome, it really fits your tech score lol, im waiting until I hit 300 SA before adding several things I want, although I feel like slipping them in now :-P . Yea I thought connecting them would make rping more fun, plus you & Taur have an excuse to meet if you want.}
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Elzeke was happy at the Queens' appreciation of their engineering capabilities. After the ceremony, he carefully briefed the three leaders on what will be the course of the training, and strictly advised them about the protocols in order to ensure the Queens' safety. The three commanders promised that they will do their their best, making Elzeke relieved and at peace. After giving them final instructions, he directly went to Lanmirtiasch to personally meet Queen Zagara.

-Frontreiweld Elyss, The Fallen Hero's Grave, 3 days after-

"This is Mortiscalla, or the Fallen Hero's Grave. This historical plain is a crucial part in the shaping of our nation's history and advancements, most especially in the establishment of our realm as a foothold in the galactic community, hundreds of years before the Great Reaper War. This is where our pre-space age ancestors fought to the death in a last stand against a far superior alien enemies. After the war, we established ourselves as one of the mightiest forces in the galaxy, being one those few who survived the onslaught of the Reapers." one of the envoy-instructors told the Queens who are walking at the plains, overlooking the vast sea on the horizon. The Queens are given permission to have a tour on the planet whenever they please, provided that they have escort to ensure their safety. They are given a trip to vast plains of Mortiscalla, where many historical battles including the infamous 'Last Stand' happened. They also went to a number of places, like the Tower of the Starless Sky, where the mythical device that saved the Diyelians during the Reaper Wars, the Frontreian Halls of Heroes where all historical artifacts are being kept including the first spaceship that the Diyelians acquired, and most of all the Great University of Diyel Frontreia. Academics from all over the Hegemony are specifically chosen to study here, and while exclusive to passers, are still numbering millions, proving the proficiency and intelligence of the Nuzeikurgan's allies.

After they receive the news about the current happenings on their homeworld, the Nuzeikurgan Queens are given the permission to get back first to join their celebration, and would just meet them into the coordinates provided. "This coordinate would point directly to the border towards Richens Tenscheig, the second sector of the Hegemony centered on military acquisition and development. After your celebration, gives us a message so we can wait for you there. The star system where you will be conducting your training in the hands of the newly-developed Ascendant Army. We will wait there and set up your base of operations. Each one of you will be given under the command of the three spearhead commanders of the Ascendant Army, depending on your chosen path. Here are as follows- We have Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, commander of 1st Fleet and is our Infantry Commander. He specialize in an all-around utilization of infantry, resulting in an all-powered tanking line of super-soldiers in a shield of fortress carriers. Lidzrial Nefrejzest will be the Fire Support Commander, specializing in artillery units, most notably the newly-developed Endbringer Corps and a wide array of infantry fighting vehicles. Lastly would be Zeifruge Diaschnigje, classified as the Shock Trooper Commander which would be mastering the use of Shock Trooper-level units, most especially the infamous Ascendants, now more powerful than ever. This will be coupled with an array with a range of quick and devastating tank destroyers. You can submit your preference anytime."

Meanwhile, several ships began warping to Lanmirtiasch, the Scheifareux himself was leading the mission.

Spoiler: The Three Commanders of Ascendancy (hover to show)


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----Frontreiweld Elyss, The Fallen Hero's Grave----

Tarakith: “We have heard of this Reaper war but we have not seen any details of it.”

Sivtress: “ Its hard to imagine anyone invading Diyelians.”
Following the instructions of their escort Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr explore as much as they can & have no shortage of questions. There was much respect & admiration in their eyes as they travelled through Mortiscalla & various other sites in the Hegemony.

 In the Academy the krith absorb everything they learn like sponges, & start wearing Diyelian clothing, although all their clothes have to be special ordered due to their height & physical build. Getting used to clothes seems weird at first but it relieves them from having to constantly have their organic armour active.


The Krith leave temporarily to join in Rynza’s hatching celebration. During the Celebration on Shyr Sivtress confronts the man that is her first crush, seeking to make him her mate.

Just before leaving Shyr the Krith send the Diyelians a message letting them know they were returning. Arriving at Rischetensteig the Krith were excited to be training with the Ascendant Army.

After their operations base was setup the Krith each choose a Diyelian commander to study under.
Sivtress chooses to train under Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, being that she wishes to have an adaptable & well rounded hive.

Valgorr chooses to train under Lidzrial Nefrejzest, as all Brood Fathers support their queens he wanted to be the best he can for Tarakith.

Tarakith chooses to train under Zeifruge Diaschnigje, like her aunt Unar, Tarakith likes fighting with raw power, thus Shock Trooper units are her favourite.


Zagara’s fleet exited warp a safe distance outside of Lanmirtiasch’s orbit. Following protocols several Drone fighters went out scanning the area. Once the area was secure the fleet moved closer hailing the Diyelian embassy:

“Greetings, I am Swarm Queen Zagara of Nuzeikurga, I request to land & meet with you & with the Urkun-iash.”

{Here ya go! I wanna make my commander more RTS-RPG like, similar to CnC: Generals. Enjooooy!}

{lol nice, I was thinking of Advanced Wars Commanders, but CNC is probably more accurate}


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-Frontreiweld Elyss, Fallen Hero's Grave-

"Well, that was a traumatizing event that up until now left a large fear in our hearts. It was about a millennium ago when it happened. What started as a tiny spark of flame had grown into a wildfire that almost got everything killed. What we expected as a tiny, belligerent threat turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, after all our efforts has been exhausted, coming exactly at the moment of rejoicing at our false victory. We are taught in our history lessons that we are the one of the last bastions of this galaxy, fending off the Reaper invasion for a staggering one hundred years, before all of our colonies was lost to the marauding forces. For a fledgling nation, that was a quite impressive feat we will always be proud. But there will always be limits." the envoy said, his face looking towards the calm sea being kissed by the gentle Diyelian breeze. He then continued with a heavy, serious tone and opened a holographic projector out of his carried small baggage. "To save our race from being assimilated further, we initiated Project: Purity. It was a desperate attempt to further preserve our species in case our main plan has failed. We froze our species into a deep cryo-sleep hundreds of feet down below massive underground temples, while bombarding the planetary surfaces of our colonies to smithereens to eradicate any known signs of life. We haven't heard anything about it since." he looks down, but then remembers the main information that should be given. He proceeded to select holoprojections and stopped at the information regarding Operation: Void Fortress.

"Meanwhile, this... is Operation: Void Fortress." he pointed at the current projection. "Shortly before the Reaper Wars, we uncovered a very powerful relic coming from an unknown source. It had the power of planetary invincibility, but comes with the price of imprisoning the entire population within it. It works by absurdly bending the space-time continuum until the whole planet - and any nearby satellites- to be trapped inside a pocket dimension. The entire planet will be erased from existence while it's active, and there's no way in. Nor there's no way out. For five centuries we are trapped in that pocket dimension, watching every bit of gathered broadcast coming from our brothers out there who are mercilessly slaughtered by the Reapers, the others desperately fighting back and initiating our desperate survival attempt. For straight five hundred years we lost contact of the outside reality, and we are making our very best to gather our force. Countless civil wars raged inside the planet, as fear turns to anxiety, anxiety to paranoia, and ultimately paranoia to insanity. We are almost driven to extinction by our own hands, if not for faith-breaking efforts to re-conciliate peace. By the end of those five centuries, we are already battered by our helpless struggle for survival. After the impenetrable shield has been torn down, the once peace-loving adventurers would never be the same." the envoy looked at them with dead eyes, as if the souls of all their dead heroes became the legion of damned speaking for themselves. He then looked again at the sea, his mood getting calm again like ripples in the water.

"Well... many things worked well after that," his mood enlightened giving out good points about what happened. "We've met you, and Chrymerion as well after a couple hundred years of starting to build from the ashes. After the shield has fallen, the anomaly of the pocket dimension still exist, causing our system to seemingly disappear in the galactic map, and is only accessible by special hyperlanes and warp gates purposely built for the sake of travelling in and out of the Originworld." he looks back at the Kriths, their face shining with the light of the now setting star. "It's getting late, we should go back now. You would want to see the valley by night, it's a pleasant sight to take a rest and contemplate about life and existence. We'll have more time there talking about our stories, I'm equally excited to hear about yours." he gave a slight chuckle, before escorting the Kriths back to the safe reaches of the Capitol. "And yeah, it's hard now to imagine anyone attacking us, Diyelians. We've already spent a thousand years screwing ourselves, the word savage nor even hard core is not enough to describe our ferocity now in the battlefield." he added before happily walking back.

On the next day the Formic royalties became an official guest, the Diyelian scholars welcoming their allies with warm curiosity. They began asking the Kriths lots of question, mostly describing what their world looks like and how are they managing their government, education and most of all their military affairs. The Diyelians gifted this specialized suit for the Kriths as sign of goodwill and cooperation between the two species in the field of academia.

-Krith's departure-

After the Krith's departure, the classified battle system on Rischetensteig has been fully established. Lined with the most dangerous traps, the wildest of beast and the most perilous obstacles. The three fleets of soldiers was already sorted out, base on the best of their commander's specialty and the Krith hives has been placed under their respective mentors. Elzeke himself visited the site for a few hours, just to make sure that though it's a piece of hell, the soldier's - most especially the Formic's - safety will not be put into compromise.

-After the Nuzeikurgan celebration on one of their ally's territory-

The Diyelians welcomes the Nuzeikurgans to their territory. "Welcome to Richens Tenscheig. This will not just be your battleground, but your warzone in your stay here. Don't expect that this environment will be a paradise, though as we Diyelians train under living hell, under the harshest conditions questionable with your logic. Today, your kin will not counted as a Nuzeikurgan, as our dear ally. Starting from today, you are now a warrior in training, living to either feed or become the food. Today you will now be placed on the bottom of the food chain, and you must delve first into the deepest of hell to rise on top of it. Get into your respective commanders, my children. Your training will start soon after the ceremony." said a hulking Diyelian commander with a slash mark in one eye. He seems to be the overseer of the training, and he quickly put the Kriths to their respective commanders.

Dryfgaust was seen with his army of genetically enhanced warrior legion, with hulking armors that seems to erase the border between biological and artificial bodies, the soldiers themselves are indistinguishable from being organics or synthetics. They are assisted by titan-hulled troop carriers and assault dropships.

Lidzrial's army is mostly composed of the newly-created Endbringers. Their units are tailored to fit specifically in bombardment and fire support roles most especially their rather heavily-equipped Fanatic units . They are assisted by squads of infantry support carriers and heavy strafing gunships.

Last would be Zeifruge which is now spending his time with his horde of elite shock troopers. His units can be seen to have a preference for a heavy-hitting infantry-tank hybrid units, with a rapid deployment of tank destroyers and mobile battlestation designed to withstand prolonged periods behind enemy lines.

The Kriths were greeted with utmost respect and cheerfulness from the soldiers, and they were personally escorted to their quarters.

-Elschkalfel IV, Base of Operations-

The Diyelians are able to receive the signal from the Swarm Queen, and responded quickly. "Welcome esteemed Queen Zagara! Your base of operations has been made ready. I am Elzeke, Scheifareux of the Hegemony. I will personally assist you in your journey to Lanmirtiasch. For the meantime, I want to brief you about everything regarding the Urkun-Iash. It's been a long time since forever when we as leaders had the chance to talk, the last time I remember is when I was still a snotty toddler back in the humble reaches of my little home." Elzeke chuckled, cheerfully providing the good old Queen with the exact coordinates of her headquarters on the grassland super-Terran planet.

Spoiler: Journey to the heroes' hell grounds (hover to show)


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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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[Crap, I forgot about Tegedar & Xerkhon, ill just have them train with Lidzrial as well, lol]

-Frontreiweld Elyss, Fallen Hero's Grave-

The Krith listened intently  to the envoy as he spoke of the Reaper War.

Tarakith: “Very impressive indeed to be able to hold off such creatures.”

Xerkhon: “Void Fortress, sounds dangerous.”

Sivtress: “We’ve always thought of assimilation as a good thing, but ours is clearly different.”

Tegedar: “I wonder who made such a relic.”

Sivtress: “Im glad you all survived that.”

The Krith showed the Envoy memories of the 3rd Formic-Human War that took place before the Formics came to this galaxy.
The next day the Formic royalties answered many questions by the scholars & asked many of their own. The Krith still felt alittle odd in clothing but thought it would help others feel more comfortable around them.
----After Rynza’s celebration----

Arriving at Richens Tenscheig they speak briefly with a hulking Diyelian commander with a slash mark in one eye before reporting to their commanders.
Sivtress reports to Dryfgaust, she looks at the enhanced warrior legions carefully watching how they move & function.

Valgorr, Xerkhon, & Tegedar report to Lidzrial, all 3 bow slightly:

Valgorr: “Commander Lidzrial, we are ready for training.”

Tegedar: “We are Honoured to be training under your teachings.”

Tarakith runs over to Zeifruge’s unit:

“I am ready to proceed with training.”

-Elschkalfel IV, Base of Operations-

“Good to see again Scheifareux Elzeke, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to entertain an old lady. Ah yes I remember the last time we meet, you’ve grown up quite a bit.”

Zagara’s fleet stopped just inside Lanmirtiasch’s orbit. Zagara took a single battle ship to the hq she would be staying at. Once she arrived she quickly went through all data concerning the Urkun-Iash.

{Alright! There you go, the training of the Kriths will officially commence! And most importantly, you'll get to see the Urkun-Iash!}
{Yay, :-P, This will effect the Krith & their Hives in many ways}
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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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The envoy answered them that up until today the device was a mystery. And though interested about it, sadly, the device was destroyed when the shield has been taken down, as it is the only way for them to get out of the pocket dimension. The device hasn't been studied due to more important concerns like survival, civil unrest and rebuilding of their territory, aside from the fact that the device can only be studied if still not activated, in which they haven't had any time to do so.

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

They are sent to separate camps in the system, base of operation's planet by the classified name Hero's Cradle. The camps are hundreds of kilometers away from each other, and can support 20 million troops each. The planet is classified as a Bunkerworld, a planetary variant made by Diyelians primarily intended for basic military operations. The whole system is used as a special training ground for soldiers, most especially for members of the Assembly. There are 17 stages, all terra-formed according to the challenges and various combat environment that they need to survive into. The environment ranges from primordial volcanic worlds to scorching hot deserts and wastelands filled with the most brutal creatures of the burning sands, barren worlds to arid lands with unexpected terrors coming from the massive caverns under it, frigid worlds to arctic landscapes with savage beasts of frozen white; there are also paradise-looking tropical worlds that harbors exotic predators of the deep jungles, ocean worlds teeming with deadly marine lifeforms lurking beneath the waters, and continental grasslands and jungles where survival of the fittest seems like a regular walk in the park. This, couple with vast array of planetoids being used as urban warfare simulators, ships and space-based battlestations used for space-boarding assault and zero-g warfare exercises and as well virtual reality combat exposes Diyelians to every challenge possible, in all possible environments. Every training worlds is regarded as 'Hellworlds' and are categorized as follows:

Spoiler: Hellworlds (hover to show)

Everyone was called to a general assembly in the center of Hero's Cradle. They are shown these worlds and what to expect when taking a mission there. They are briefed that these training are comparable to real life military operations, some are much worse, and death would now be uncommon. The Diyelian soldiers were initially shocked, but became excited afterwards. They were given 5 days to rest and familiarize with all the worlds they will be training in for the next six months.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

"Here's the Urkun-Iash. They are a tribal confederacy of heavily armored insectoid species. Though not being a hivemind, in which we already confirmed, they are a highly communal and organized race. Their technological advancement is still crude, but they are showing progress in the science of forging weapons. They are able to create bladed and blunt weaponry out of the metals and other essential materials that can be founded in the mineral-rich moon, and their weapon aesthetics are quite sophisticated now, indication of their advancing intelligence. They are also highly curious and logical creatures, though still bounded by primitive traditions. When we crash-landed accidentally on this satellite, they helped us in the best way they could to let us survive in the wreckage and stay alive until our rescue fleet has arrived. They immediately acknowledge us as being not belonging on what they call as their 'domain', and began asking us about worlds far beyond theirs starting from Elschkalfel. Their curiosity only grew when we mentioned some details about you, saying they hope to meet one of your kin in person, so I know they'll be happy for sure. They also seem fond of using fire and is capable of doing advance things using it, like cooking and using it to be able to clear up areas for their homes. Other than that they are having this naturally brave attitude that we like in an instant. They're waiting now, and we can visit them as soon as you want. I assure you, you're gonna love them." Elzeke said, presenting document about each tribe.

Spoiler: The Kalpatridyan of Urkun-iash (The Tribal Confederacy of Streusteirfhei) (hover to show)


"So when will dis 'Pormics' arribe? Are dey sending men as numerous as yours?" said Irdihan, seemingly getting impatient about waiting as he is really excited to see their visitors. "Yeah, you said dey look similar to us as well, right?" agrees Migindo, his tribesmen scouting the skies for any arriving ships. The confederacy of tribes, calling themselves the Kalpatridyan or the "Brotherhood" has assembled to wait in anticipation for the visiting Formics in their system. The Emissary commander just chuckled at the curious race's excitement. "No worries, our 'chieftain' was just briefing them about you. They'll arrive sooner, so nothing to worry." he said to calm them down. While waiting for the Nuzeikurgans, as usual, the chieftains and their respective tribesmen are discussing political matters in a democratic-type forum guided by their Supreme Chieftain.

"The Diyelian star-people said dat dese 'Pormics' are inkluded in the same set op species as we do. If dat's da kase, should we ask for some adbancements coming prom dem?" said elder Layugno, holding a long scroll-like equipment and writing into it. "Well, ip dey indeed be priendly like our Diyelian priends, why not?" agrees bulky Mortaggon. "I hope dey habe awesome blades like our Diyelian priends!" muses Daypira, while cheerfully sharpening his blades. "Well, all I hope is dat dey can bring us more pood por our children." Kiryega said, while busy giving food to young Urkun-iash flocking around him. "Yeah! I'm excited to meet dem! I wonder what pantastic beasts can be pound on deir domain!" Argades shouted from behind, riding on his Tolkeor, hulking caterpillar-like beast of burden.

The Laon just laughed at his tribesmen's varying opinion and excitement.


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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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{ Hey mate, didn’t mean to keep you waiting so long}

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

The Krith were shocked at first at several of these Hell worlds, many were unlike any world they had ever seen. They had never encountered a tundra like environment as F’ormiks do not like artic climates. The tropical, grasslands, & Desert Hell worlds seemed like extreme versions on their own home worlds. After the initial shock they felt honoured to train with their Diyelian allies.

Tarakith & Valgorr were inseparable during the 5 days of studying each Hell world to prepare themselves for training. Sivtress, Xerkhon, & Tegedar studied the Hell worlds with a few Diyelian soldiers.

After the 5 days ended they each reported to their designated camp as ready as they would ever be for the training ahead.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

Zagara motions her mate Duramir to stand with her as she speaks with Elzeke:

“I never thought I’d meet a singular sentient insectoid. Weapon forging, I think they will get along well with our Hive Guardians in that respect. Duramir has been working on methods to add metal weapons in our arsenal, perhaps we will be learning from the Urkun-Iash in this regard. I see, we ourselves have a few ancient traditions we follow, we seem to have a few things in common, im starting to like them already.”

Zagara memorizes the data on each tribe while following  Elzeke to Lanmirtiasch to meet the clan leaders.


Leaving the rest of her fleet in orbit Zagara’s battleship landed next to Elzeke’s vessel. Zagara walked out with Duramir next to her & several drones behind them. 2 Energy Harvester crawled out of the ship & started stretching their limbs & looking around.

Bursting with excitement Zagara walks up swiftly to meet the Urkun-Iash clan leaders:

“Greetings I am Zagara, Swarm Queen Nuzeikurga, It is truly an honour to meet fellow cousins, Warcheif Laon Irdihan of the Warwing, Migindo of Flutterfeet,  Layugno of Wisetongue, Mortaggon of Mallethand, Daypira of Bladeclaw, Kiryega of Trunkarm, & Argades of Wildhorn.”
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