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--Shyr, Datha, Merchants' Way—

Rynza smiled back at Nevihdor & walked happily down the street with him.

“Im happy that you are contending, how is your hand to hand combat?”


As Balmox & the princess’s were hatching their plan, Vyloth felt a burst of energy come from Zagara’s science chamber. As she entered the chamber she witness 2 peculiar larvae crawl out of the spawning pool. Picking both of the hatchlings up she inspected them, they seemed similar to Krith larvae but they were different. Looking into the pool she could see that some sort of organic material was absorbed by it but she couldn’t tell what it was. She immediately contact her mom, who was very excited. The first A’Klik Krith had been born.


Orthula: “Rith’Tarfett it is.”

The Brood maidens lead Balmox out of his quarters & along the edge of the city. As they travelled they collect as many Brood & Heavy Infantry drones as they could. They were not yet experienced enough to control any of the more powerful drones. After rounding up 500 drones they slipped into a transport vessel & covertly exited orbit & made their way to the Rohin’Dorr Star System.
As the entered the Rohin’Dorr system a single battle ship from the Military moon bases Tur’Gos & Tur’El of the Gas Giant Rohin 6 came up behind the transport vessel. The Brood Maidens notified one of the Overseers on the moon bases that they were taking the new Ghashyr visitor on a tour of the Empire. As the battle ship escorted them they assured Balmox that they would be fine, just standard protocol. Arriving at Rith’Tarfett they notified the overseer at Tur’Loth, the moon base orbiting the planet. 

Over half of Rith’Tarfett is a lush world with forests with lakes, the half had an almost vicious look to it with almost seemingly infected forests & large dark swamps that have consumed several lakes.

The planet was virtually untouched by the F’ormiks for now, it was on reserve for any of the new Hive Wardens to claim in the next planetary bid.


Kilysa: “Lyr sounds exciting, I think your daughter & my sister Niadra would be good friends, oh yes a spawning pool is a pool of almost primordial liquid & potent nutrients. We use them to develop drone strains, modify some of our genetic features, heal critical injuries, disengage delta units, & several other uses.”


Zagara: “Galaniel looks magnificent. It always amazes me how Ghashyr can build such structures. There was a time I thought such material such as stone were only good for creating lava burst projectiles but you use it & metal to create all of this, thank you very much Talmyr Myrsa, we are very grateful for all the preparations you have made.”

Sivtress was ecstatic, she quickly picked Rosdax up with surprising strength & hugged him snuggling her face on his neck & chest for a few moments.
Sivtress: “You are the best man I have ever known.”

The couple walked holding hands & joined the group following the 2 Talmyr’s to Galaniel forums.

Sivtress was so excited she started speaking outloud as they approached the group. The newest form of the F’ormik language had never been spoken out loud before which slightly took everyone by surprise, but it had a very smooth & pleasant sound as Sivtress spoke. All the Krith came up to Rosdax congratulating him.
Zagara to Myrsa: “Excuse me for a moment I must address this man Sivtress wishes to have as her mate.”

Zagara quickly walks up to Rosdax inspecting him for a moment. “Ah yes I remember you, you are of Miranda’s crew, did Sivtress explain everything to you.”

Sivtress had a look on her face like she was about to be embarrassed: “No…. not everything……, not yet….”

Zagara: “Ah well allow me, Rosdax a union with an F’ormik Queen is unlike anything you have encountered before. Usually you would have to have gone through several trials along with other contenders to prove yourself, but since Sivtress turned down all her other suitors you only have 1, the contenders battle. Should you pass, you & Sivtress will form a permanent psionic link, both of you will know what each other is thinking & feeling most of the time, you will share nearly all of your memories with each other, you will have brood of considerable size, & when Sivtress becomes a Hive Warden she will rule her own planet with you at her side. Are you alright with all of this?” 
( You know I rolled a D20 for every guy that I thought Sivtress would like, & Rosdax rolled a 20, no one else got above a 12, he is a lucky guy :-P )


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Re: Of Taurghans & Formics
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--Shyr, Datha, Merchants' Way—

Nevihdor adopted a smug smile and with a swift move of his hands brought out his dagger and cut off a feather from a passerby's hat without him noticing and after placing the feather in Rynza's bust, he moved the dagger between his finger's claws and placed it back at its handle "I think I can handle it  ..It does worth the chance." a bipping sound interrupted him "Oh, ehm.. they're waiting for us in the Galaniel stadium. Don't worry though's right there. We only have to walk up the Stares of Princes." he pointed at the majestic stadium standing above and behind the many towers and old houses of Datha; a long path of many marble steps, covered by arches and busts leading to it.


Upon reaching the creepy dark swamp world, Balmox was really excited and approached a mean looking flower "Wow, this place is like nothing I've seen before  ..short of looks like Lamya, but scarier! Come on girls, let's explore!" he walked a bit, but then he looked back to see if they followed him  ...despite wanting to appear fearless, he was quite scared of this place.


The newest admiral of the Frontiers patted her friend and smiled "Oh, I bet they would should call her here sometime!" she then rubbed her hands together and adopted a rather playful and interested tone "Oh well, I tend to not take care of myself much  ..I guess some Formic rejuvenation cure wouldn't be bad; off to the spawning pool we go! Just don't make me look younger than my daughter  ..she would tease me for the rest of my life. Let's say; make me just like I was in my seventies  ..I mean, I look pretty good for my age, but it's only a decade before my face starts looking like the geographic map of Arys after the bombardments."


The nobles' march of Formics and Ghashyr had by now reached the central building of the forums; the great stadium and its gigantic entrance, that one could imagine was build for giants, or the gods themselves. Inside there were flags and people and a general sense of jubilation, while at the terrain's center was the 40-feet marble statue of winged Ayra with her bow and arrow made of pure gold.
Myrsa nodded happily at her fellow Talmyr and friend "Well, you only need to ask and I'll sent my finest architects to build anything you want in Nuzeikurga  ..perhaps they could even mix your cultural style and our Gardaxian architecture and make something new!"


Upon Sivtress hugging him and raising him up, Rosdax couldn't really do anything, but find her move really cute and heartwarming he just accepted it and hugged her back.
As Zagara explained however, his face seemed a bit worried  ...On one hand he really liked Sivtress, but on the other have his mind linked always? And ALL of his thoughts? He was about to panic but just closed his eyes and raised his hands to the height of his head "Ehm, thank your your greatness!" he quickly turned back to Sivtress "Well  ..hmm  ..then I guess, Sivtress dear, you will have to accept a few things about me  ..first, we don't always mean what we think, secondly, I am divorced; so I have plenty memories of my ex up in here  ..and lastly, I hope you won't mind my more, ehm mature thoughts about you."

(For an amputated Ghashyr engineer who's into xenos, that's something more than luck! ;P)


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Re: Of Taurghans & Formics
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As the group of nobles entered the stadium various Formic drones immediately went around  the stadium making a few preparations. Many exotic foods were set in several area’s, exotic flowers placed in aisles & along the border of the floor, & several animals were brought in & secured in a corner of the stadium for now. A Jalaor flew in the stadium & landed next to Rokarr who find him some fruit.

Zagara nodded back to Myrsa: “Yes that would be very nice, I think I will indeed at the conclusion of the up coming Agnortet.”

Rokarr walks up followed by her mate & the Jalaor. “Thank you again Talmyr Myrsa, the Jalaor have been thriving in Nuzeikurga, with only 1 rival & 1 predator they are doing quite well.”


Sivtress felt worried when she saw the look on Rosdax face as Zagara explained. She was hopeful that he wouldn’t change his mind, but she wasn’t certain.

Duramir walked up next to Zagara as she studied Rosdax carefully. The other F’ormik Queens looked over at Rosdax & start talking psionically to each other.

Rokarr: “Seems at least one Ghashyr will be a Brood father.”

Unar: “bet she breaks his back in the first month.”

Lafash: “That’s nonsense, her healing abilities will keep him stay healthy, plus his experience will help him survive.”

The sister Queens laugh for a few moments.

Sivtress thinks about what Rosdax said for a moment.

“We will both have to learn about & get used to each other, but I will keep that in mind & may even tease you about it. I don’t mind you being divorced, besides I like a man with experience (Sivtress winks at Rosdax), well only if you don’t mind the thoughts I’ve had about you, I think we will have quite the brood together.”

Sivtress connects with Rosdax mind a few moments sharing a few of her own mature thoughts. Rosdax would feel some very intense feelings from Sivtress….

Zagara: “Sivtress please remember where you are, if you can’t contain yourself take Rosdax to the ship after the ceremony starts, as for you Rosdax I would like you to meet my mate Duramir, he will be training you while Sivtress is training with the Diyelians, & if you like we can regrow your leg or add a biomechanical system to it.”


Rynza held Nevihdor’s hand tighter as he placed the feather in her bust, she started slowly blushing as they walked to the stadium. Rynza gaved at the majestic stadium as they walked in.

“I can’t believe this day has come already.”

As the couple walks into the stadium they are greeted by the Krith first. They hug each other & inspect each other. Tarakith & Sivtress show off their eye candy mates. 

Sivtress: “Looks like im not the only one who has a taste for Ghashyr aye.”

Rynza: “Well I am a representative after, hehe.”

Tarakith: “Those clothes are beautiful, but you may want to change before battle.”

Rynza: “I know, I just want to keep it on until then.”

Zagara & the F’ormik Queens walk up hugging Rynza.

Zagara: “All my grandchildren are all grown up, now I just need to make sure you all find mates before my cycle ends.”

Tegedar & Xerkhon look at each other a moment then at Rynza, then Nevihdor, then back at their grandmother.

Xerkhon: “Not to worry grandmother, we shall do our best.”


Vyloth held the 2 new Krith hatchlings in her hands & walked over to Balmox’s temporary house to show everyone. Standing next to the Overseer she could tell immediately something was wrong. Placing the hatchlings in her 2 left hands she used her 2 right hands to send out a small telekinetic push knocking over the hologram device.

She rushed out psionically scanning the whole city, she soon realized they had left the planet, so she started sending out psionic messages to Overseers across all 4 systems to pinpoint Balmox & the brood maidens loation.


Duvana: “what is Lamya?”

Unknown to Balmax this was their first time successfully sneaking away, also they have never been to this planet as it is one of many waiting to be assigned to a Hive Warden. The girls were scared as well but wanted to seem brave. They followed Balmox but keep several Heavy infantry drones close by.
The group did not enter the forest unnoticed. Several large Kroc-Crawlers eyed the new meat with curious hunger. Some took to the tree’s following above, other carefully crawled along the ground following the group, keeping their distance for now.



Kilysa: “Yes ill certainly call on her in the next few days.”
As Kilysa & Miranda walked to the battleship she teased Miranda alittle: “Well I wont be able to control it to that extent, but when the spawning pool heals you it will be like you never were infected in the first place, so im guessing you will look like your in your 50’s hehehe. You don’t look like a bombardment strike to me. Guess its good I have an shell that doesn’t crack lol.”

Walking into the battle & through several chambers they arrive at the spawning pool. Kliysa walks around the pool adjusting various crystals & organic objects. Afterwards the liquid in the pool starts to vibrate. Kilysa goes & gets a large air sac to place over Mirandas head like a helmet.

“Ok your clothes will get very saturated as the pools liquid is quite thick. You will feel drained & fatigued at first afterwards but your body will absorb the nutrients in the pool so you will get a huge energy boost right after. Ok when you are ready place this air sac over your head, get in, & we will start.”


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Re: Of Taurghans & Formics
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Seeing Zagara glad and approving of the atmosphere filled the Ghashyr Empress with pride and happiness "So, where shall we sit? Perhaps close to the action would be nice; I'm anxious to see your customs!"
Myrsa then smiled at Rokarr and her Jalaor "Well, these are great news Princess! they're my favourite birds as well, nothing like those vicious mophthes!" Sarxaxa who was nearby smiled coldly, not really throwing the witty comeback she had thought to deal with Myrsa's jab.

Rosdax was really overwhelmed by the psionic connection and he was about to make out with Sivtress, pulling her close to him  ..but seeing his future mother-in-law being quite disapproving of the entire concept he just nodded and stopped his advance, though he still had a really seductive look in his eyes "Let's keep that thought for when we're alone Siv, I'm sure I won't forget..." He then turned to Zagara slightly embarassed "Ehm, thank you for your offer and pardon my manners  ...with the times this artificial leg has become a part of me, but I guess we could try using your technology. I've heard it is quite wondrous in these areas." he gave a small salute to Duramir "And nice to meet you too!"

As Rynza and Nevihdor walked right in and met with the rest of the Formics, the young Ghashyr prince bowed and smiled at Zagara "It is an honour to meet your greatness! And I'm certain you have much to be proud of  ..including having such a beatiful descendant like Princess Rynza."
Nevihdor's father Rysannox approached close to the group  ..he was feeling somewhat uncertain about his son taking part in this 'contest'. He approached a random Krith and tried appearing calm "Greetings fellow ally  ..I was wondering, this  battle everyone's talking about isn't the deadly kind, is it?"


Balmox tried withholding his own fear even more "Well, Lamya is a really scary and peculiar place ...with large sharp stalagmites coming out of the ground and gravitational fields   ..some say the souls of the restless dead wander there." he trembled a bit at the thought  ..but soon he would tremble for something else; feeling some presence nearby he grabbed the nearest krith by his hand and muttered in a very worried tone "Girls, I think I saw something move there..."


Miranda crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, though still in a very friendly way "Ha!ha!ha! It may not break but it sure needs polishing! And laugh all you want, but this easy to crack skin is driving all males crazy, as my officer Alina would say! Anyway, let's try this..." She put the airsack on her head and while hesitant she entered inside. "Ok, ready!"