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-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

The Krith were shocked at first at several of these Hell worlds, many were unlike any world they had ever seen. They had never encountered a tundra like environment as F’ormiks do not like artic climates. The tropical, grasslands, & Desert Hell worlds seemed like extreme versions on their own home worlds. After the initial shock they felt honoured to train with their Diyelian allies.

Tarakith & Valgorr were inseparable during the 5 days of studying each Hell world to prepare themselves for training. Sivtress, Xerkhon, & Tegedar studied the Hell worlds with a few Diyelian soldiers.

After the 5 days ended they each reported to their designated camp as ready as they would ever be for the training ahead.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

Zagara motions her mate Duramir to stand with her as she speaks with Elzeke:

“I never thought I’d meet a singular sentient insectoid. Weapon forging, I think they will get along well with our Hive Guardians in that respect. Duramir has been working on methods to add metal weapons in our arsenal, perhaps we will be learning from the Urkun-Iash in this regard. I see, we ourselves have a few ancient traditions we follow, we seem to have a few things in common, im starting to like them already.”

Zagara memorizes the data on each tribe while following  Elzeke to Lanmirtiasch to meet the clan leaders.


Leaving the rest of her fleet in orbit Zagara’s battleship landed next to Elzeke’s vessel. Zagara walked out with Duramir next to her & several drones behind them. 2 Energy Harvester crawled out of the ship & started stretching their limbs & looking around.

Bursting with excitement Zagara walks up swiftly to meet the Urkun-Iash clan leaders:

“Greetings I am Zagara, Swarm Queen Nuzeikurga, It is truly an honour to meet fellow cousins, Warcheif Laon Irdihan of the Warwing, Migindo of Flutterfeet,  Layugno of Wisetongue, Mortaggon of Mallethand, Daypira of Bladeclaw, Kiryega of Trunkarm, & Argades of Wildhorn.”
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