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The envoy answered them that up until today the device was a mystery. And though interested about it, sadly, the device was destroyed when the shield has been taken down, as it is the only way for them to get out of the pocket dimension. The device hasn't been studied due to more important concerns like survival, civil unrest and rebuilding of their territory, aside from the fact that the device can only be studied if still not activated, in which they haven't had any time to do so.

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

They are sent to separate camps in the system, base of operation's planet by the classified name Hero's Cradle. The camps are hundreds of kilometers away from each other, and can support 20 million troops each. The planet is classified as a Bunkerworld, a planetary variant made by Diyelians primarily intended for basic military operations. The whole system is used as a special training ground for soldiers, most especially for members of the Assembly. There are 17 stages, all terra-formed according to the challenges and various combat environment that they need to survive into. The environment ranges from primordial volcanic worlds to scorching hot deserts and wastelands filled with the most brutal creatures of the burning sands, barren worlds to arid lands with unexpected terrors coming from the massive caverns under it, frigid worlds to arctic landscapes with savage beasts of frozen white; there are also paradise-looking tropical worlds that harbors exotic predators of the deep jungles, ocean worlds teeming with deadly marine lifeforms lurking beneath the waters, and continental grasslands and jungles where survival of the fittest seems like a regular walk in the park. This, couple with vast array of planetoids being used as urban warfare simulators, ships and space-based battlestations used for space-boarding assault and zero-g warfare exercises and as well virtual reality combat exposes Diyelians to every challenge possible, in all possible environments. Every training worlds is regarded as 'Hellworlds' and are categorized as follows:

Spoiler: Hellworlds (hover to show)

Everyone was called to a general assembly in the center of Hero's Cradle. They are shown these worlds and what to expect when taking a mission there. They are briefed that these training are comparable to real life military operations, some are much worse, and death would now be uncommon. The Diyelian soldiers were initially shocked, but became excited afterwards. They were given 5 days to rest and familiarize with all the worlds they will be training in for the next six months.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

"Here's the Urkun-Iash. They are a tribal confederacy of heavily armored insectoid species. Though not being a hivemind, in which we already confirmed, they are a highly communal and organized race. Their technological advancement is still crude, but they are showing progress in the science of forging weapons. They are able to create bladed and blunt weaponry out of the metals and other essential materials that can be founded in the mineral-rich moon, and their weapon aesthetics are quite sophisticated now, indication of their advancing intelligence. They are also highly curious and logical creatures, though still bounded by primitive traditions. When we crash-landed accidentally on this satellite, they helped us in the best way they could to let us survive in the wreckage and stay alive until our rescue fleet has arrived. They immediately acknowledge us as being not belonging on what they call as their 'domain', and began asking us about worlds far beyond theirs starting from Elschkalfel. Their curiosity only grew when we mentioned some details about you, saying they hope to meet one of your kin in person, so I know they'll be happy for sure. They also seem fond of using fire and is capable of doing advance things using it, like cooking and using it to be able to clear up areas for their homes. Other than that they are having this naturally brave attitude that we like in an instant. They're waiting now, and we can visit them as soon as you want. I assure you, you're gonna love them." Elzeke said, presenting document about each tribe.

Spoiler: The Kalpatridyan of Urkun-iash (The Tribal Confederacy of Streusteirfhei) (hover to show)


"So when will dis 'Pormics' arribe? Are dey sending men as numerous as yours?" said Irdihan, seemingly getting impatient about waiting as he is really excited to see their visitors. "Yeah, you said dey look similar to us as well, right?" agrees Migindo, his tribesmen scouting the skies for any arriving ships. The confederacy of tribes, calling themselves the Kalpatridyan or the "Brotherhood" has assembled to wait in anticipation for the visiting Formics in their system. The Emissary commander just chuckled at the curious race's excitement. "No worries, our 'chieftain' was just briefing them about you. They'll arrive sooner, so nothing to worry." he said to calm them down. While waiting for the Nuzeikurgans, as usual, the chieftains and their respective tribesmen are discussing political matters in a democratic-type forum guided by their Supreme Chieftain.

"The Diyelian star-people said dat dese 'Pormics' are inkluded in the same set op species as we do. If dat's da kase, should we ask for some adbancements coming prom dem?" said elder Layugno, holding a long scroll-like equipment and writing into it. "Well, ip dey indeed be priendly like our Diyelian priends, why not?" agrees bulky Mortaggon. "I hope dey habe awesome blades like our Diyelian priends!" muses Daypira, while cheerfully sharpening his blades. "Well, all I hope is dat dey can bring us more pood por our children." Kiryega said, while busy giving food to young Urkun-iash flocking around him. "Yeah! I'm excited to meet dem! I wonder what pantastic beasts can be pound on deir domain!" Argades shouted from behind, riding on his Tolkeor, hulking caterpillar-like beast of burden.

The Laon just laughed at his tribesmen's varying opinion and excitement.