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----Frontreiweld Elyss, The Fallen Hero's Grave----

Tarakith: “We have heard of this Reaper war but we have not seen any details of it.”

Sivtress: “ Its hard to imagine anyone invading Diyelians.”
Following the instructions of their escort Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr explore as much as they can & have no shortage of questions. There was much respect & admiration in their eyes as they travelled through Mortiscalla & various other sites in the Hegemony.

 In the Academy the krith absorb everything they learn like sponges, & start wearing Diyelian clothing, although all their clothes have to be special ordered due to their height & physical build. Getting used to clothes seems weird at first but it relieves them from having to constantly have their organic armour active.


The Krith leave temporarily to join in Rynza’s hatching celebration. During the Celebration on Shyr Sivtress confronts the man that is her first crush, seeking to make him her mate.

Just before leaving Shyr the Krith send the Diyelians a message letting them know they were returning. Arriving at Rischetensteig the Krith were excited to be training with the Ascendant Army.

After their operations base was setup the Krith each choose a Diyelian commander to study under.
Sivtress chooses to train under Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, being that she wishes to have an adaptable & well rounded hive.

Valgorr chooses to train under Lidzrial Nefrejzest, as all Brood Fathers support their queens he wanted to be the best he can for Tarakith.

Tarakith chooses to train under Zeifruge Diaschnigje, like her aunt Unar, Tarakith likes fighting with raw power, thus Shock Trooper units are her favourite.


Zagara’s fleet exited warp a safe distance outside of Lanmirtiasch’s orbit. Following protocols several Drone fighters went out scanning the area. Once the area was secure the fleet moved closer hailing the Diyelian embassy:

“Greetings, I am Swarm Queen Zagara of Nuzeikurga, I request to land & meet with you & with the Urkun-iash.”

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