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Elzeke was happy at the Queens' appreciation of their engineering capabilities. After the ceremony, he carefully briefed the three leaders on what will be the course of the training, and strictly advised them about the protocols in order to ensure the Queens' safety. The three commanders promised that they will do their their best, making Elzeke relieved and at peace. After giving them final instructions, he directly went to Lanmirtiasch to personally meet Queen Zagara.

-Frontreiweld Elyss, The Fallen Hero's Grave, 3 days after-

"This is Mortiscalla, or the Fallen Hero's Grave. This historical plain is a crucial part in the shaping of our nation's history and advancements, most especially in the establishment of our realm as a foothold in the galactic community, hundreds of years before the Great Reaper War. This is where our pre-space age ancestors fought to the death in a last stand against a far superior alien enemies. After the war, we established ourselves as one of the mightiest forces in the galaxy, being one those few who survived the onslaught of the Reapers." one of the envoy-instructors told the Queens who are walking at the plains, overlooking the vast sea on the horizon. The Queens are given permission to have a tour on the planet whenever they please, provided that they have escort to ensure their safety. They are given a trip to vast plains of Mortiscalla, where many historical battles including the infamous 'Last Stand' happened. They also went to a number of places, like the Tower of the Starless Sky, where the mythical device that saved the Diyelians during the Reaper Wars, the Frontreian Halls of Heroes where all historical artifacts are being kept including the first spaceship that the Diyelians acquired, and most of all the Great University of Diyel Frontreia. Academics from all over the Hegemony are specifically chosen to study here, and while exclusive to passers, are still numbering millions, proving the proficiency and intelligence of the Nuzeikurgan's allies.

After they receive the news about the current happenings on their homeworld, the Nuzeikurgan Queens are given the permission to get back first to join their celebration, and would just meet them into the coordinates provided. "This coordinate would point directly to the border towards Richens Tenscheig, the second sector of the Hegemony centered on military acquisition and development. After your celebration, gives us a message so we can wait for you there. The star system where you will be conducting your training in the hands of the newly-developed Ascendant Army. We will wait there and set up your base of operations. Each one of you will be given under the command of the three spearhead commanders of the Ascendant Army, depending on your chosen path. Here are as follows- We have Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, commander of 1st Fleet and is our Infantry Commander. He specialize in an all-around utilization of infantry, resulting in an all-powered tanking line of super-soldiers in a shield of fortress carriers. Lidzrial Nefrejzest will be the Fire Support Commander, specializing in artillery units, most notably the newly-developed Endbringer Corps and a wide array of infantry fighting vehicles. Lastly would be Zeifruge Diaschnigje, classified as the Shock Trooper Commander which would be mastering the use of Shock Trooper-level units, most especially the infamous Ascendants, now more powerful than ever. This will be coupled with an array with a range of quick and devastating tank destroyers. You can submit your preference anytime."

Meanwhile, several ships began warping to Lanmirtiasch, the Scheifareux himself was leading the mission.

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