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The Beginning of Legends

After the Queens bid the Krith & Diyelian soldiers farewell, all Formic eyes seemed to look towards Zagara. Zagara walked up to Kilysa & notified her that she had about 1 week to prepare for her trial on the matter concerning the Ghashyr, in the meantime the Formic & A’Klik queens went to the organic Forge world Rith’Zerlon in the Khamul’Dorr system to restructure the drones they use & to introduce new ones into the Swarm.

---Frontreiweld Elyss, the Originworld---

Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr looked in amazement as they came upon the planet. They had never seen such massive metal constructs as the planetary rings & stations. The planets seeming lush surface seemed familiar being use to organic technology but yet seemed strange as they were expecting massive metal cities.

As they landed it felt like they had arrived at a second home seeing lush vegetation. The camouflaged cities were fascinating indeed, integrating metal with vegetation was an idea that had not thought of yet, even though auntie Kilysa invented a biomechanical system for starships, they previously thought such a thing was exclusive to Shinju trees & constructs.

 As they arrive at the capital of Frontreia, Sivtress spots a few attractive super soldiers around the bunkers & trenches training. She involuntarily releases some pheromones meant to attract males, she stops after a few minutes when she realized what happened.   
The Krith looked in awe as they went through the Capitals entrance & the carefully planned architecture, the environmental dome almost made them think of some of the chambers in a Formic ship but with a view of the outside. The Kriths were soaking in everything they saw in Diyelian engineering, Tarakith & Sivtress were already discussing features they wanted to incorporate when they build their own Hive city.

---Frontreia, the Underground City, 2 hours after---

Upon meeting the leader of the Hegemony all Krith bow respectfully & the Queens introduce themselves.

Elzeke Blytheriz “Greetings, my dear Nuzeikurgan allies! Welcome to Frontreia, our humble abode's capital. I was told that our mission to your realm was successful, as well as with our other allies, Chrymerion. With a big thanks in our heart, we will offer you in return the best training that you will have for a Diyelian soldiers. Just so you will know, you will not train directly here, but to the the heart of our military sector, Richens Tenscheig. For the meantime, while we are setting up your own base within our realm in that classified planet, you will make your stay here for the meantime. We will notify you once your training will be ready, but otherwise you will be with these gentlemen for the meantime. They will teach the various ways of the Diyelian way of life. They will be your instructors and guides, and you will be having a tour as well in our oldest university here."

Both Krith Queens could barely contain their excitement as they both spoke:

 “Esteemed leader of the Hegemony, it is an honour to meet you & to visit your territory.”

Sivtress: “Yes your mission was a great success, we are honoured for this chance to train with your soldiers.”

Tarakith: “Your technology is very fascinating & inspiring, we are truly excited to learn your ways.”

Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr all bow toward their new teachers:

 “thank you for having us as your students.”

---Hours later---

As the their base was being setup just outside the capital, the Krith asked the envoys about everyday life in the Hegemony. They explore a bit deep inside the plateau.

The Krith felt proud during the ceremony that they were able to help the Diyel in their training, & were excited to learn that Zeifruge and Lidzrial would be training them.

---Rith'Essa's Halls, a week later---

In the days after the Krith left the conclusion of Kilysa’s trial had finally come & the Queens travelled to Ghashyr space to celebrate Rynza’s birth.
Zagara to the Chief Scientist & emissary:

“Good to hear my grandchildren are doing well. Your race has been nothing but gracious to use since we first meet, it was an honour to have your soldiers train here.”

“Tribal you say, it had not occurred to me that they were not a hive mind, a bit unexpected but no less exciting, you have my word that we shall not force anything upon them, & their personal freedoms shall not be compromised, in fact the new Swarm we have created is conducive to none hivemind beings since we are having more singular sentients living within the swarm.”

“Lanmirtiasch, very good I shall gather a portion of my personal hive & head for the Urkun-iash's territory.”

Zagara boarded her main Hive carrier & had 6 additional carriers fully loaded. Zagara’s fleet warped to Diyelian space where she should meet the Urkun-iash & check on the Krith & let them know how Rynza was doing. 

{Hey Nuz! I hope you got a good view of what my homeworld looks like. I will also describe the training grounds once we got there. Anyway, I'm amazed how you connected the timelines of our RPs with Taur. That was so neatly and canonically explained. I might one day bump into him. (Perhaps the Martaels or the Arganraxels, both due to their doctrines and their proximity to our territory.)}
{Yea mate its awesome, it really fits your tech score lol, im waiting until I hit 300 SA before adding several things I want, although I feel like slipping them in now :-P . Yea I thought connecting them would make rping more fun, plus you & Taur have an excuse to meet if you want.}
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