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The Beginning of Legends

The Diyelirs left the Formic worlds, the home where they ate, slept and trained within the past half a year. It was full of bittersweet memories, and they for sure will cherish that forever. They, together with the Kriths have began traveling through the wormhole station they placed as a gift into the Nuzeikurgan realm which would connect them into the Diyelir territory. It took the contingent three whole days to come out of the wormhole, arriving directly into the center of the Hegemony, Frontreiweld Elyss, homeworld and origin planet of the Diyelians. "Welcome to the Originworld, our dear allies. This is Frontreiweld Elyss, where the fate of all Diyelirs began. We will be landing not-so-far from our Capital, Frontreia. Our leaders will personally meet you there. For the meantime, we have to make a rendezvous to our brethren who were successful as well in their mission to our ally, the Chrymerions." Zeifruge said as he greets the Nuzeikurgans upon arriving in their homeworld.

-Frontreiweld Elyss, the Originworld-

The planet was unlike anything they have seen before. The planet is surrounded by large planetary rings and massive orbital stations that constantly orbits the surface, leaving the planet with an armored appearance. The rings themselves look habitable, with presence of artificial vegetation coupled with structures and fortified garrisons, orbital and anti-space weapons which are viewable from space. The planets looks lush from orbit, making the Nuzeikurgans wonder where on the planet's surface are the Diyelir cities located, as it doesn't seem that there is one. Upon arriving at the surface, all they saw was an endless paradise- the whole planet being covered in lush, tropical vegetation- that parades seemingly infinite species of bioengineered fauna and flora. Large swaths of cities can be seen everywhere; sky-extending towers of blacks and iridescence completely covered in plant and animal life, making the extent of their environmental prowess clear to their visitors .

After an hour of touring into the never-ending forest and cities camouflaged into it, they arrive at their destination- the entrance to the great capital of Frontreia. The entrance is situated in a big plateau, dotted with important structures such as airfields and industrial structures as well as environmental control buildings like atmosphere control towers. A meticulous array of heavily-fortified lines composed of garrisons and fortresses can be seen from the cliffs of the plateau, lined with orbital cannons and anti-air weapons camouflaging with the greenery around it. Bunkers and trenches scatter along the edges, where the soldiers can be seen training and guarding it, all connecting to the network of massive encampments and barracks that connects the whole plateau.

The entrance to the underground capital, as what to the Nuzeikurgans are briefed into a while ago, is a large, enclosed valley which is encircled by a steep mountain range and surrounded by pockets of planetary defense; the entrance to it is a fortified narrow cliff that leads into an enclosed environmental dome, in which the island in the center of a gargantuan-sized lake leads to a network of tunnels that goes down directly into the underground roads, leading to the Capital itself. The dome is connected to the island via towers extending to the dome, with the dome serving as a giant solar panel. This, together with all of the previous scenery that have seen, could be seen to make the Formics looked astonished by the carefully planned architecture and engineering capabilities of the Diyelirs, which in turn makes the Diyelirs wonder about the Formic's excitement about what would happen when they get back to their planet after their training, seeing that it would change drastically by the feats of Diyelir engineering.

Below the ground, the real view of the Capital would be seen. Underground towers extending from the floor up to the ceiling of the subterranean cavern network are numerous, with artificial lighting all over that supplies that city below with simulated day and night cycles. The city are interconnected by a web of tunnels, and in an hour they are escorted directly into the center of the city, the Government Capitol. The leader of the Hegemony himself is present, clad in a leader's battle-armor specifically designed for the current leader of the Hegemony.

-Frontreia, the Underground City, 2 hours after-

"Greetings, my dear Nuzeikurgan allies!" greets Elzeke Blytheriz, the Scheifareux, or the Marshall Emperor of the Hegemony.

"Welcome to Frontreia, our humble abode's capital. I was told that our mission to your realm was absolutely successful, as well as with our other allies, Chrymerion." he said. The leader is a large Diyelir, standing at eight and a half feet tall, white mane turning black signifying his age, which is not so past his prime. He is accompanied by a troop of soldier escorts and delegates, ready to greet the ally visitors.

"With a big thanks in our heart, we will offer you in return the best training that you will have for a Diyelian soldier. Just so you will know, you will not train directly here, but right through the the heart of our military sector, Richens Tenscheig. For the meantime, while we are setting up your own base within our realm in a classified planet, you will make your stay here for the meantime. We will notify you once your training is ready, otherwise you will be with these gentlemen for the meantime as they teach the various ways of the Diyelir way of life. They will be your instructors and guides, and you will be having a tour as well in our oldest university here." Elzeke said, while pointing out to the envoys who will be with them until further notice, the envoys doing the Diyelir salute and bowing slightly to the Fomic royalties.

"I wish you will have a good time here. Besides your training, you will also go around the whole Hegemony to learn other aspects, so enjoy resting here while waiting. My men will now assist, and once again, welcome to the Strato-Technocratic Hegemony of Diyel Frontreia!"

Hours later, the Formics are assisted to their quarters. For the Formic's own good, the Diyelirs established a special base for them near a base just outside the entrance to the capital, situated beside the lake in the northwestern edge of the mountain range inside the valley, thinking that they may not like living in the underground city below. The Nuzeikurgans are given the leeway to travel around the valley and as well the plateau, but will need to present permission if they want to travel past beyond that for their own safety. The building made for them was simulated to look like a Nuzeikurgan building for them to feel more at home, and they are given escort-servants which can help them in any way possible, as well the the envoy-instructors who can teach them with their any curiosity about Diyelir way of life.

Meanwhile, the large training ground are being constructed in the large still classified planet in the reaches of Richens Tenscheig. The three fleets as well, from the first to the third Ascendancy Fleet was given honorary ceremony for their success, and was given the role of vanguard forces of the Hegemony. The Kriths are also present in the ceremony, and was briefed that the commanders of the mission- Dryfgaust, Zeifruge and Lidzrial will be their commanders aboard their military training, much to the Nuzeikurgan's excitement.

-Rith'Essa's Halls, a week later-

"My dear Queens, your kin has safely arrived in the reaches of the Hegemony, they are now getting full attention regarding their training there. We again, give thanks to all of you for the warm hospitality that your race has given to us. With these, we are now giving you permission to conduct a visiting party aboard the Urkun-iash's territory on the vast plateaus of Lanmirtiasch, a star orbiting Elschkalfel IV  of the star system Leirdar Balmeztrisch. They personally call the "moon" orbiting their "planet" Alk'nid-oela, which means "The Great Beyond." You can make a proposal to establish a forward base on the main planet so that you can make first contact in the most ideal way possible, and we'll be more than happy to approve it. The natives are friendly, and though tribal are surprising and consciously aware of worlds and species beyond as sentient as them. This might be due to the fact that they are born in a moon orbiting a large superterran planet, which they have longed to reach and see what awaits them there. When we first landed there, we didn't expect to meet them, much to our shock as we normally don't visit pre-space civilizations not until we deemed them worthy of visiting. But that was all worth it as we are met by them with peaceful and humble greetings, and now we know that they are worthy of being assimilated upon your hive. We will do all of the help that you need in letting them join you, for as long as you will promise that no force will be included and their personal freedom will not be compromised in joining your swarm. That's the only condition that we need from you, my Queen." said the Chief Scientist and Diyelian emissary of the Urkun-iash that as personally sent to the Rith'Essa to begin as well Zagara's personal mission. "It has been all relayed to our Scheifareux, Elzeke. He was so ecstatic about the success of the mission that he instantly approved of all of this. You may give the go signal whenever you want." he finally said before saluting and leaving the meeting hall.

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