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The Day of Ascendancy

After a few weeks of testing, the two commanders managed to finally get a working mainframe for the disabled soldiers. The trials are an ultimate successful, in which a new wave of soldiers are created. They are branded the "Endbringers", after their abilities which includes a transformable array of weaponry including a large,double-barreled Gauss Canon which can be mounted on their arms, a pair of Power Gauntlets that can transform into a variety of deadly melee weapons; A shoulder-mounted Harmonic Vibration Cannon are added as well and lastly, the massively long Gauss Howitzer Artillery Cannon. After final set of trials, the new legion of Diyelian War Machines has finally been unleashed. Bigger, better, stronger. Even Niadra could not believe that the hopeless soldiers getting mentally tortured turned into a deadlier constructs of war in a snap of an eye.

-3 weeks after, the final ceremony of the Ascendancy-

"Endbringers, a name appropriate for a legend worth remembering. After this once in a lifetime opportunity to persevere, and achieve greatness past of the limits no one thought you can break, your battlecries will be an echo that will shake the stillness of the void, a shockwave that will trample upon your enemies, and an unwavering voice that will bear the might of our people. On this day, rise into greatness! Zeihirge, leirge! Zeihirge Diyelir!" Zeifruge said in his speech to the legions of titanic Diyelian soldiers, now clad in their armor of shining black and iridescent mechsuits, their numbers enough to form an ocean of warriors.

"And to you, victorious achievers who passed the test with fanatical zeal and indomitable will, all of you will be rewarded greatly! Savor the fruits of your labor, my brothers! For you have reaped well what you have sown with your blood and sweat. However, do bear in your mind that this is just the first step among the countless adventures that all of you will dare to brave, in the name of the ever-glorious Hegemony. Rise and stand! For you will be the vanguard of war. The elites among the elites. Honored among the stars, equal to our Formic comrades. Zeihirge, leirge! Zeihirge Diyelir!" Lidzrial exclaimed to the soldiers who passed the arduous trial.

The hundreds of trials passers, bowed to Duramir for his guidance, and to the great Nuzeikurgan Queens for not giving up on them. Keeping their Delta units with them, they would forever remember and honor the day that they've met their irreplaceable ally.

Zeifruge as promised, sent a thousand-ship fleet of architects and engineers that will help the Nuzeikurgans in Terra-forming their planet. Lidzrial on the other hand, provided a small, yet cute bunch of gifts to Niadra, which was loved by the Formic Queen. "Just take care of them, and don't forget to deal with their tantrums! They're the animal version of the Diyelians I can tell you HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the two laughed together, Niadra cuddling tightly the cute, squishy, little monster and bid goodbye , hoping to see each other pretty soon.

The mission to them has been finished, and now another one starts. It's time for them to teach their Krith allies... the way of the Warforged Ascendants.

Spoiler: The Beginning of the Krith Training (hover to show)