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Zagara briefly reviews the documents & saves them for later, She had a few things to straighten out before she begins her new project.

Niadra gently took psionic control of a few hostile soldiers to heal them as she spoke to Lidzrial:
“Well Lidzy they seem to be getting worse, do you think we should stop the training?”
----Fields of Rith'Essa----

Vyloth sends some her soldier drones to retrain the marauding soldiers infected with madness to prevent further fatalities in the curing process & continues monitoring the other soldiers.

After listening to Lidzrial's very ingenious idea she share an idea of her own.

“A biomechanical war machine should look very interesting. You know, we Formic’s use our Parasite drones to carry & deliver all sorts of fluids, what if you develop a sort of mini machine to do this as well for more covert cure injections.”

----Duramir's Training Grounds----

Xerkhon, Tegedar, Valgorr, & the 2 young Formic males had trained with the Diyelian soldiers inspired by their determination.

2 weeks later……….

The 5 young Krith & Formic males stood among their allies proud to be testing with them.


The Formic males had some difficulty in the first challenge but not too much, Formic males are born naturally to command drones.


In the second test each male demonstrated the following Telekinetic techniques with varying degrees of efficiency:

Telekinetic Binding, Levitation, Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Grip, Telekinetic Pull/Push, Telekinetic Bolt, Psionic Strength, Homing Effect, Motor-Skill Manipulation, Object Manipulation, Intuitive Aptitude, Spatial Sense, Telekinetic Aura, Telekinetic Combat, Telekinetic Compression, Telekinetic Destruction, Telekinetic Flight, & Telekinetic Blast.

All the males pass but some feel they need more training.


At 5 meters high & 12 meters long the Siege Drones proved to be formidable for all contestants. Xerkhon & Tegedar used their telekenetics to augment their durability & strength allowing them to physically go toe to toe with the siege drone, but they nearly passed out afterwards. Valgorr was not as powerful as Xerkhon & Tegedar so he was more cunning in his tactics getting the Siege drone to tire itself out. The other 2 Formic males managed to pass but were a bit bruised.


In the fourth trial all the Formic males were able to use the organic weapons with ease, but had alittle trouble with the mechanical weapons, they passed but felt they needed to go back & familiarize themselves more with other weaponry.


The Formic males did well in the fifth trial, controlling the fighter was the most fun for the Krith, Valgorr seemed to do the best in this trial, especially when it came to controlling the battleship & its compliments. All the formic males passed with great marks.


The Sixth challenge would prove to be the most difficult for the male formic because they were temporally cut off from the hivemind & had to prove they could survive & hold their own completely by themselves. The 2 formic males dragged formidable looking monster carcases back while the Krith males rode the following 3 creatures back having tamed them & made them a member of their future hives:

At the end of the sixth trial all were allowed to rest & feast on their kills, also anyone who tamed a beast was told to keep it as a pet & a reminder of their accomplishment.


The Final Trial was the most brutal, the Hive Guardians fought with unbound furiosity. Impressed with the Diyelians zeal & resilance Duramir himself jumped into a few matches to test the Soldiers & all the formics. He was not as quick in his old age but his strength & endurance made up for it.   

At the end of all the matches several Hive Guardians were bruised with dents & cracks in their armour. Duramir tells all to return in a week after everyone has had a chance to recover & heal.

----- 1 day later -----

At sunrise Duramir along with every Brood Father, Hive Guardian, & several soldier & heavy infantry drones meet with all the participants.

Duramir walks up to the formic males first: “You have all done well, you have all passed every trial & now you are Hive Guardians of Nuzeikurga, but don’t get too comfortable, as Hive Guardians you must constantly train, hone your skills, & improve in any area possible, remember when all else fails you are the last defence of the Queens. Now I present all of you with these Delta Units.”     

Duramir activates his own unit before handing all the formic males one.

Duramir turns to the Diyelian Soldiers:

“You have have all shown great zeal & resilience, you have earned my respect, now rise as Honorary Guardians Nuzeikurga, you will all be given a Delta Unit as proof of your Rank, all Formics & Diyelians shall know that you are the Elite among the Elite. Should you ever need our aid we will be there for you no matter where you maybe.”

As soldier & infantry drones hand each Diyel Guardian a Delta Unit, Duramir turns once again to Valgorr.

“Valgorr, you have been chosen to be Queen Tarakith’s mate, you have now become a Brood Father, stand by Queen Tarakith, protect her, & bring honour to your new hive.”

Duramir walks back to where the other Brood Fathers are standing & then faces everyone.

“You may activate your unit anytime you wish. Now go serve your Hives, your nations, & your people well.” 

(Nice, I feel sorry for any poor block to goes head to head with you on the battle field.)

(P.S. I will be really glad to help you out with the A'Kliks. I will personally terraform their worlds as you find it fit.)

(Thnx mate, I’m still trying to figure out if I should have them all on 1 planet or give them each their own. I made Descriptions of each Formic System so far.)