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Taknul was overseeing organic materials being exported & imported into Nuzeikurga having her drones organize everything based on the purpose they would serve. 

Niadra continues healing & monitoring the soldiers with Lidzrial.

Zagara reviews the documents provided by the Diyelian’s information, as she reviewed the architectural documents she thought of several improvements she could develop based on the technology the Diyelian’s use, she called Kilysa over to talk about her system for integrating Formic organics with mechanical technology, they seem to have made up from their earlier conversation but talk of a court trial was overheard every now & again.

--8 weeks later----

-----Fields of Rith'Essa-----

As Vyloth had some of her drones help restrain the feral Diyelian soldiers, she started wondering if some of the soldiers would ever progress. Kilysa walked up next to her calculating the current percentages of soldiers who were still feral, those who seemed close to progressing, & those who were training with the Hive Guardians.

Kilysa: “Do you think Formics were like this when our Ancestors first went through the awakening.”

Vyloth: “It is very likely many Queens were overwhelmed by the awakening, but the Warring Queens Era ensured that only the Queens who could master Psionic’s survived.”

Kilysa: “I think we have all the results the soldiers will exhibit, should we end the training?”

Vyloth: “We will give them a bit more time, Diyelians have proven to be surprisingly resilient, some of them may surprise us yet, but worse case they could place the soldiers in a permanent hive mind, but they would become like our drones & be completely feral if they end up disconnected from the hive mind, but the ones controlling them will have to have a strong will.”


As the last week of Duramirs training concluded he addressed every Diyelian & Formic in training. He was proud of their progress, all of them were working together & developing their own tactics & even psionic abilities he had never seen before.

“All of you have done well, you have proven yourselves to be resilient & adaptive in battle. In 2 weeks the graduation trials will begin, I will give you free reign for these 2 weeks to rest & prepare. Diyelian’s, you may participate if you wish, some of the trials you will not be able to finish, but if you complete enough of the trials I will have a gift for you, now go rest & prepare, you may use any part of the training grounds for your preparation, I will see you 2 weeks from now at sun rise.”

The Krith & other Male Formics worked with the soldiers to prepare for the graduation trials.

------ 2 weeks later-------

Duramir, the other Brood Fathers, & several other Hive Guardians were waiting on the main training field even before sun rise. As soon as Xelia Prime & Xelia Tron shined in the horizon Duramir stepped up to the eager contestants.

“Welcome brave warriors, through the weeks of training you have shown great progress, now it is time to truly test your abilities. It is tradition for those going through the trials to choose the order of their trials. In the first trial you will control 1 million drones demonstrating your proficiency in commanding them in several tasks & battle sequences. In the second trial you will demonstrate every Telekinetic ability you have developed. In the third you will wrestle a Siege Drone for over 3 minutes without using any telepathy. In the fourth trial you demonstrate your proficiency with weapons during battle sequences. In the fifth trial you will pilot a fighter & then command a battleship demonstrating your abilities in space battles. In the sixth trial you will choose one of the deadliest creatures in our territory & go hunt it, you can either kill it & bring its body back taking whatever trophies you want, or you can tame the creature. In the final trial you will battle 10 Hive Guardians one after another for at least 1 minute. Formics you will have to complete all of these, Diyelians may opt out of any of them, you have 2 hours until we start, choose your trial sequence carefully."

(Alright! I'm almost done in introducing the Endbringers. Oh yeah I already searched for the Ctarl-Ctarl HAHAHAHA... they seem a lot like me  :D :D :D)

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