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(Nah, it's fine bud!)

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

After five days, the training commences, starting from the welcoming ceremony of the Diyelir training commanders. The ceremony starts on orbit of the first Hellworld, the Beastfield Hell named the "Food Pit". After briefing everyone, they we're shot on orbit into various pods directly into the planet. Every soldier, including the Kriths are given only a communicator and a signaling device. They are sent towards the planet without any weapons or supplies and was sent separately a few hundred miles away from each other, and making sure that none of them would meet even a single company. They are given a week to survive in the planet, they were also given instructions that they need to make it on their way on the landing site on the last them for evacuation. Failure to do so would result in getting kicked out of the training grounds. The planet was unexpectedly harsh, sporting gargantuan predators in a never-ending cycle to be on top of the food chain. Strong winds blow across the planet, bringing constant exchange of thunderstorms and scorching heat in the almost mountain-less plains. Even making a small fire would ignite the rush of death, with hordes of marauding species clashing beneath the defenseless soldiers caught in the savage skirmishes. Having the mistake of falling asleep is an assurance that you will never wake up again, and the soldiers must constantly move and fight for the food that they are hunting together with a thousand ferocious creatures.

Spoiler: The Food Pit and its denizens (hover to show)

After a week, a couple thousand soldiers was sent back to the main base of operations for recuperation, most of them critically injured, and several hundreds dead. A day after, they are immediately sent the next Hellworld, the Wasteland Hell they called Glory's end. The Hellworld was Terra-formed and simulated to look like a Dystopian remnant, pockmarked with a few "remnants' of city ruins. Heat scorched the surface, with the only refuge being the small swaths of Oases guarded by vicious predators. Oil deposits constantly sprung up from the surface, and the burning heat turning it into a living hell on earth. The trainees are given two weeks to complete the challenge of getting enough oil to get some old transport ships working that can be used to get into the massive starships orbiting high in the sky. No food was given, although the dystopian remains offers limited supplies including food that can be scavenged. The survivors must get the ship working as well, and there are limited set of working transport ships in the area.

Spoiler: The Hell after the wars: The Wasteland Hell "Glory's End" (hover to show)

Within the next two weeks, a couple more thousand was incapacitated and the estimate deaths are ranging from a thousand and a few hundreds. After that, they are given three days to rest before going on to the next hell.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

"Oh yes they are. However I do apologize, but I cannot further assist you with your mission here. I would need to get back to the Capitol for such an interesting discovery that we had, and I'm badly needed to be there. But no worries, rest assure that my men will be with you all the time." Elzeke said, feeling excited with their own personal twist in their story.


"Greetings as well, Kween Zagara op da P'ormiks. I'm Irdihan, Laon op the Urkun-iash and chieptain op the Warwing tribe. Welcome to our humble little domain." he said, bowing to the Nuzeikurgan matriarch. All others bowed together with him.

Spoiler: The Insanitarium of the Brave (hover to show)


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--Hellworld-1: Food Pit--

The Kriths pods rattle & shake as they are hurled to the planet, the initial landing is alittle rough but not terrible.   

The Krith emerged cautiously from their pods.

As Tarakith comes out of her pod she sees 2 predators in the distance locked in a vicious battle to the death. As the victor was about to enjoy its kill she bounced on the exhausted creature killing it within a few minutes, She tore off 1 of its claws to use as a weapon. Just as she was tearing into & eating its ribs for meat, various other creatures were converging on the kill. Seeing that she was going to be flanked soon she grab her provisions & ran to some nearby brush, but more  predators jumped out & ran at her forcing her to throw her food at them to escape. The week seemed to go on like this, constantly fighting just for a bit of food & for cover from the storms. She used her physical strength & psionic power to fight tear through various predators for the first few days, but they proved too many to do that constantly, so she started just doing what she could to survive. With a few hours to spare she was the first of the Krith to make it to the evacuation point, but she was banged up, sleep deprived, & more exhausted then she had ever been. As the dropship picked her up she passed out even before it left the planet.

Sivtress’s goal from the start was just to survive, she was crafty & cunning, she took control of the first creature she came across & forced it to help her survive, after it died she moved on to another creature, & then she started collecting more more forming a pack. Her pack fought constantly & seemed to change control as most of its members died during each battle.  Being that a F’ormik day lasts almost 55 hours she able to keep this up successfully for the first few days, but as she became more sleep deprived in the week, her control over the creatures waned. Her pack quickly fell as she was forced to kill all its members. About a day after losing her pack she used what psionic energy she had & took control of a massive creature & rode it towards the evacuation point but they were cut off by 2 equally massive creatures, with the heat of battle burning in the creature Sivtress was too weak in her sleep deprivation to control it & ended up being thrown off the creature into some trees below. She did what she could to survive from then on making it to the evacuation point within 3 hours of the deadline.   
Tegedar & Valgorr made it to the evacuation point at the same time shortly after Sivtress. They looked at each other too tired to speak & then walked over to where Sivtress sat & laid down on either side of her.
Xerkhon was the least lucky of all the Krith, his pod landed in the middle of a huge free for all battle involving hundreds of creatures. Xerkhon’s pod was nearly sheared in half as soon as it landed. Jumping out he fought with everything he had, using his telekinetic powers & strength. All 4 of his arms thrashed out & telekinetic blasts rang out in the heat of battle. At the end every creature was dead or severely injured. Xerkhon had sustained heavy injury, he looked up & saw a thunderstorm quickly rushing towards his location. Desperate for cover the darted to a large creature that had been slain & tore up its belly & crawled inside of it. He managed to eat some of the meat inside before passing out. The thunderstorm & the fact the he was in the middle of the grave yard enabled him to get enough rest to allow his most severe wounds to heal enough not to be life threatening. He was abruptly woken up by scavenging creatures tearing at the body he was hiding in, bracing himself he jumped out at a prime moment attacking the first creature he spotted. He broke the creatures jaw & darted away. Checking he’s gear he found that his communicator was broken, & the signal device was damaged but seemed operational. Soon he found himself in another fight, & yet another, & so it went on. Xerkhon had lost track of time, he was almost certain he wouldn’t make it in time, he was just trying to survive. Xerkhon was barely made it to the evacuation site on time. He walked up slowly to the zone & then collapsed right after. 

After a week, a couple thousand soldiers was sent back to the main base of operations for recuperation, most of them critically injured, and several hundreds dead.

Xerkhon woke up with the other Krith & a few Diyel faces hovering over him. He was surprised that he made it but was glad. He went back to sleep to give his body time to heal for the next Hellworld.

--Hellworld 2: Glory’s End--

Xerkhon was thrust out of slumber by Tegedar about 2 hours before they were to go to Glorys End.

As before they were hurled toward the planet in pods but this time they landed close to each other. As they landed the grouped together with a few Diyel soldiers, they soon found themselves activating their full organic armour to prevent their skin from being scorched by the heat but inside their armour they were still feeling the heat bearing down on them.

After half an hour they came up on an old half ruined building, seeking refuge in what was left of the building they came up on a few centipede like creatures who were living there. They fought them ferociously gaining victory but caused part of the remaining building to collapse on its side leaving only 2 rooms that were mostly still intact for them to use.
The Krith disengaged their Organic armour to cool off & started planning out how they would collect the necessary parts to build transport. After a few minutes of resting & planning they darted back out dragging a few of the dead creatures back in the building, they gutted them for meat, they broke off pinchers & claws to use as weapons, & divided sections of the creatures shells to help block the suns rays during the day & to use as a sort of sleeping bag / hiding mechanism during the night.

Since the oil burned during the day they decided to collect it in the night, & any ship components they found they wound construct pieces inside whatever cover they could find & assemble them during the night so the metal would not burn them as they worked. But first they need to locate an Oasis & a better location to use as a base.

With their provisions & plan they set out bracing sections of insectoid shells over them to shield from the heat. Sometime later they came up on an Oasis stopping about 100 meters away but did not engage the creatures around it just yet. East of the Oasis were remnants of a city, so they went there first to setup camp. Arriving at the remnants they found 2 other teams that claimed the prime areas, so the Kriths team split into 2 claiming 2 sections of what used to be one large building that has been split in half by another building that fell on top. Tarakith, Valgorr & a few Diyel secured several rooms in the west half as Sivtress & her team secured several rooms in the east. The 2 Krith Queens linked everyones minds so they could communicate seamlessly.
After securing their area Tarakiths half of the team collected whatever ship parts they could find while Sivtress & her half of the team grabbed empty half broken barrels & containers & went to assault the creatures at the Oasis.
Tarakiths group over the next few days had 3 engines assembled but no hull to attach them to.
Sivtress’s group managed to fill containers of water to last a few days & some food but nearly everyone was injured from the battles, Sivtress used her healing powers to keep her group healthy but only to a limited extent since having limited provisions & the amount of energy her ability required.

At night the groups took turns going out fighting various nocturnal creatures while collecting oil in containers.     
The days dragged on, provisions & ship parts became more scarce, & one of their Diyel teammates fell honourably in battle, they would forever remember him & his sacrifice. It had been over a week & the Kriths team had various internal & external parts but no Hull. They awoke a few days before the deadline to the sound of one of the teams close to them taking off in the sky on a fully assembled transport.
Unwilling to accept defeat of any sort the Kriths team meets with the one other team in their area & proposed to help them build a transport, so both teams could make it in time. The other team had most of a hull but no engines, & half their team was injured.

 knowing that there was not enough space on the transports Tarakith & Sivtress came up with a plan to get everyone who wouldn’t fit on the transport up to the starship.

The joint team worked relentlessly to assemble a transport. Finishing the morning of the last day they put all their injured in the transport first. 2 Diyel soldiers piloted, Xerkhon placed himself inside using his size to cover an opening in the hull, several other Diyel soldier sat on either side of him, Tegedar & Valgorr hung on to the sides of the transport, & Tarakith & Sivtress activated their armour & wings & each picked up 2 Diyel soldiers as they flew. The transport slowly took off heading to the nearest starship with Tarakith & Sivtress flying underneath for cover from the sun. Finally landing in the starships bay the joint team was more than ready for rest.
The Krith almost slept the entire 3 days before being sent to the next Hellworld.

--Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0--

Zagara bid Elzeke farewell, she looked at him almost as a grandchild that was all grown up.


Zagara & Duramir bowed respectfully to Irdihan & the other Urkun-iash.

Zagara: “I am honoured to finally meet you, Ive brought several items from our worlds including a large array of food & various weapons for you to review & have. My reasons for visiting you are too learn of your ways & to make a proposal to you, but im certain you have many questions yourselves so ill start by answering anything that I can.”

As Zagara spoke drones came out carrying containers filled with every type of fruit & vegetable available in the swarm worlds, samples of nector & mead made by Niadra’s hive, & various handheld weapons used by the Hive Guardians.

(Hey what are some male Diyelian names?)
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An additional two days has passed for everyone to recuperate. Afterwards they went straight into the Winterbite Hell known just by the name "Bloodmoss". Here they will be tested about their wits in the midst of a harsh environment. Three weeks are given to them to find the location of the evacuation ships scattered aboard underground bases in the planet. But the challenge is that no communication signal will be handed to them, and the riddles about its whereabouts are hidden without any clue into the vast tundra world inhabited by ever-hungry snow predators. Here they are given more leeway to band together as long as they can effectively share information about the location of the ships. The tundra world is somehow hilly, though no indications of high mountains are seen and are more into moss covered plains, and as such, they are offered limited to directly no protection against attacking predators, most of them nocturnal beasts. Also, at night the temperature drops and occasional snow storms raged around the planet making it hard to produce fire.

After three weeks, less casualty has been recorded, confined only to a hundred injured and a dozen dead among the million trainees due to them effectively banding together, creating camaraderie among them. The Kriths are looked upon by the soldiers due to their strengths and abilities, most especially their psionics that hey heavily relied in times of critical situations. Millions of them are able to ascend to the next level of training. The heavily injured ones are being sent back to their families while the most willing are indoctrinated for the Endbringer Corps. They are given a week and a half to prepare themselves for the now battering worlds where they will descend into. By then, two months and a week has passed since the training commences, and the Ascendancy commanders asked their men if they would still want to continue the training, in which they proudly and adamantly replied with a yes. The Kriths are also asked about their personal thoughts regarding the not just strict, but highly deadly training.

A week has passed, and the trainees are being dropped into the first Level II Hellworld, the Entangled World known as "Insanity Woods". They are given one month to survive the planet getting the pass cards from dummies that they need to rescue, to able to enter and get to the designated evacuation zones. The soldiers are sent separately from one another, carefully landing them in equal coordinates from the nearest evacuation zone. For some reasons, they are also given their full armor and weapons. On the first three days of training everything seems normal, besides those overly large fauna that seems to be alive for some reasons. A week after the search, and the soldiers starts to get a feeling of bliss staying in the planet and lying on it's sweet-smelling grasses. Over the time, records of a growing number of soldiers missing out of action was announced in a broadcast to all remaining. Two days after a week, and still no signs of any dummies or any passes needed to get into the evacuation bases. The soldiers by then are starting to experience all kinds of weird hallucinations, and the forest is starting the block all previous paths that they have cleared.

Meanwhile, the large carnivorous fauna of the planet becomes active again at the presence of large food sources. The plant-predators started making aggressive moves towards the training travelling inside the forest, and because the planetary wide hallucinogenic chemicals, they are not able to fight into their best, a thousand soldier was killed just on the succeeding weeks. At the end of the second week, they managed to located the locations of the dummies, but by then the plants began wrecking havoc, unleashing pheromones that attracts predatory animals as well, the greatest threat about it other than the now nightmarish hallucinations encountered by the soldiers that are now having insane difficulties in distinguishing reality from imagination, are the camouflaging abilities of all fauna and flora, making them hard to spot and kill. All of this, together again with the growing paranoia and restlessness drives them into a state of insanity, even to the extent of turning against others for survivals. Most of them survives encounters with those beast and plants' continued hunts due to their sheer instincts and their fighting will, but after the third week when most of them had already arrived the evacuation bases, ninety percent was administered with intensive attention as all of them was so driven into an intense mental shock, with twenty percent succumbing to a partial catatonia or laying unconsciousness after withdrawing from the after effects of the hallucinogens. After the last week, a total of five percent of the trainees was killed in the training, most of them eaten if not died due to starvation because of the intense insanity experienced. Most of the trainees became traumatized, but in turn the after-effects effectively unleashed their bestial instincts. They were given a two weeks to effectively recuperate for the next training, but was given intensive combat simulation training while on board ships.

After the two weeks of medical reconditioning, they are dropped into the next Hellworld, the Desolate Hell named "Deathdust". Here they are tasked of venturing into the desert to retrieve important data from various underground facilities and hunt large monsters that were containing these swallowed technologies. Then they are given the task of activating the beacon to let them be evacuated. They are not given any timeframe to do this since this would be a really hard task to do, given that'll have monster hunt in a very deadly desert world. No food was given, but they are all informed that all food was concentrated around underground cavern systems where these desert beast are having their lairs with. At mid morning to late afternoon harsh desert storms with temperatures raging up to seventy five degrees ravages the desert dunes around the planet, making travel ridiculously impossible. At night the temperature drops into negative ten and accompanied by mass breakouts from the underground creatures finding food. It took the trainees a whole month to complete the training, as the attacks on lair proved to be catastrophic if not properly done and in small groups. After a coordinate mass attacks, they are able to get all of the necessary technologies and are connected back to the headquarters.

They are evacuated afterwards with another couple thousand dead, most of them died on the desert dust storms, a few from night attacks, a the remaining from the attacks into the lairs, both failed and successful. They are given a week to prepare for the next training Hell.

-Elschkalfel, Installation 0-

Elzeke politely bid goodbye, and proceed to went back to the Hegemony for important purposes.


"Oh, my, my. Dis are all good present prom you. Thanks, Kween Sagara." Irdihan said, humbled by the the massive creatures appearing in front of them. "Yes, we do habe inkwiries regarding your species. Where do you came prom? How par is it prom here? Is it on that planet up abobe us?" he said pointing towards the planet where their moon-world is orbiting.

Spoiler: The Dark Side of the Diyelirs (hover to show)


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3rd Hellworld: Bloodmoss

The Krith slept as much as possible before the hellworld, this was the most intense trial they hand ever faced, but the blood of their late parents burned in them all, they were determined to go as far as possible. Xerkhon seemed to have changed more than the others, he seemed a bit war hardened & slightly feral. Seems his first hellworld experience triggered something primal within.

The harsh cold of Bloodmoss was unlike, anything else the krith faced before. They had never been in cold weather before. Formics don’t train for full exposure to the coldness of space until they have reached a certain level in their physical & psionic ability. Usually several years after they have reached maturity.

As soon as they landed they all activated their organic armour under their uniforms to preserve as much heat as possible. Their first objective was finding or making shelter. After some time they came up on a cave some creatures had dug at the base of a hill. Xerkhon was the first to assault the cave swiftly killing the first 2 creatures before everyone else entered the cave, from there they engaged in a brief but intense battle. When it was finished they realized they killed a whole nest of creatures, father mother & babies. Most of the Krith seemed sad for a few moments when they realized what they had done but Xerkhon seemed un-phased. Using their psionic powers, strength, & help of several Diyel they dug even deeper into the hill & lined the cave with moss to help insulate heat.       

After setting up their temporary base, Tarakith & Sivtress linked their minds with every soldier they could locate helping them find any form of shelter possible. Some covered themselves moss & huddled together, others killed creatures they encountered & crawled inside their body to stay warm. The first few days consisted of finding shelter & warmth, scavenging food, & searching for clues.

In the days to come the Krith Queens link helped everyone operate quickly & efficiently together, to share information on the evacuation ships locations quickly, & also to learn from everyone’s mistakes, especially those who died as a result of their mistake. Some were raided by packs of nocturnal arctic predators, most fought them off successfully, some became food in the darkness of the tundra. As their survival instincts kicked in more & more, the link caused the Krith to act as if all the Diyel were there hive. At one point they tracked down several creatures that had killed & eaten their comrades.

After a few days several temporary bases had been established. The Krith & Diyel stayed in the bases in a rotation to prevent frostbite & to keep the team as healthy as posiible. As this occurred everyone else scouted the Tundra looking for clues to the evac ships & supplies. 2 teams of Diyel soldiers were the first to find 2 underground bases by following clues they found on the side of a hill & hidden under moss. The soldiers all quickly filled the evacuation ships & left, but the Krith noted the bases locations enabling themselves & others to migrate to the bases taking advantage of any supplies & warmth they found.

The entire second week passed before the next base was found. This time all the Krith convinced Xerkhon to go, they were worried about him because his feral state seemed constant. Sivtress went with him to make sure he left.   
Tarakith, Valgorr, & Tegedar led the rest of the Diyel through the Tundra. They seemed locked in a constant cycle of hunt, fight, find shelter, find clues, find supplies, eat moss. The day before the deadline they finally found the last base they needed. Aside from the pilots flying the evacuation ships, everyone was huddled together for warmth as they finally left the planet.

The Krith prepare & sleep as much as possible during the break. When asked if they wish to continue, they all look at each other & then respond with a resounding yes.
Tarakith: “The training is physically more rigorous then anything we have done previously, but we will continue so that our future hives will be powerful & we will be able to make the swarm stronger.”

---Hellworld: Insanity Woods---

The Insanity woods reminded the Krith of some of the forest areas in their own territory giving them a comfortable feeling initially, but the fact that they were given full armour & weapons worried the Krith. Each of them thought of all the organic defences of Nuzeikurga, making them somewhat paranoid of the pants. They moved through the woods very carefully & silently, staying high in the trees avoiding any plant that was unfamiliar, & covering themselves with mud & or dirt to hide their scent & heat signature. The Queen Kriths used their psionics to analyse each planet & animal, everything seemed somewhat dormant & calm for the time being but they kept silent searching for the dummies. The Male Krith stayed in the trees as well remembering their training before becoming Hive Guardians, they killed small animals & set bait for any flesh eating plants or predators in the area. A few plants seemed to move slowly towards the bait but it was always nabbed by some other creature. So they moved silently as well feeling somewhat confused that nothing was attacking them yet.   

The first week passed with no sign of danger or the dummies. The Krith listened carefully to each broadcast wondering what had killed the soldiers. Overtime the Krith noticed subtle but increasing pheromones filling the air, Sivtress was the first to notice it was affecting her, so she activated her organic armour to try & filter out the air she breathed. Tarakith caught on after she felt alittle faint. The males activated their armour as well after they saw the forest becoming more active. Do to the amount of energy the armour required to stay active, the Krith took breaks from its use so they could ready for what lurked in the forest.   

A few days into the second week the carnivorous fauna started waking up. The Krith managed to filter out most of the hallucinogenic pheromones, but they were still having hallucinations. Staying in the trees helped them from the initial onslaught of the carnivorous plants, but they noticed they the paths they had cleared for safe travel have changed & have been covered again. Being that the pheromones were not working as well on the Krith, the plants seemed to take it as a challenge. Though the Krith masked themselves the plants could still detect their presence when they moved, often reaching their vines up into trees looking for this peculiarly elusive prey. 

The Queens started flying to further elude predators, & flew over lakes to get water. The males however had to continue jumping from tree to tree. At times they got desperately thrusty, jumping down as close as possible to water sources fighting their way for a drink & then jumping back into the trees. Sometimes the Krith find themselves fighting things that weren’t real, so they tried to extended the activation time of their organic armour, helping them keep the hallucinations at bay but causing them to use up more energy.

The Kriths strategy was working well until the plants in the 3rd week released a separate set of pheromones attracting predatory animals causing the trees to no longer be as safe as they once were. Animals started crawling up the trees following the pheromones the plants were releasing in the Kriths direction. They fought in the trees killing & injuring every creature that assaulted them, the hungry plants below were greedily devouring all who fell from the tree tops.
During one of her battles Sivtress spots a dummy, she immediately takes off into the air & then dive bombs through the tree line grabbing the dummy & then taking off into the sky. Flying for some time she finally came upon the evacuation area tired, hungry, & covered in dirt & blood, some of the blood was her own, most was not.
Tarakith had gone somewhat feral, she was too tired to keep her armour active during battle so the hallucinations started getting to her somewhat, fighting real & imagined creatures she started unleashing the fury of her powers. She started by sending out a high frequency waves causing several of the animal predator’s brains to rupture, for the ones that survived that she fired out psionic bolts piercing through bodies, trees, plants & parts of the ground. At the end of her rampage she had levelled a large area of the forest. She activated her armour to filter out the pheromones & then disengaged her armour as she started walking towards a tree at the edge of destroyed forest. As she walked she found a dummy, whose body was torn in half but its pass card was still in working condition. Too tired to immediately fly she climbed a tree to rest awhile, afterwards she slowly flew in the air. Reaching the evac zone she landed on the ground almost falling on her face, she picked herself up, used the pass card, handed what was left of the dummy over, & went to the first corner she could get to & passed out. She made it 8 days before the deadline. 

The Krith males had a rough go of it, their Hive Guardian training had granted them more endurance & physical strength then the Krith Queens enabling them to have their armours active for longer periods, but since they couldn’t fly they had to fight for longer periods.
Valgorr had just finished a vicious battle when he jumped in a nearby lake with his armour still active, he let himself float for a few moments to rest. Afterwards he slowly started swimming to the otherside, suddenly he was dragged underwater by a crocodile like creature, Valgorr used all 4 of his arms & hands to break the creatures jaw & swim back to the surface. He was alive & some how uninjured, after he made it to the other side he jumped back into the trees, he wondered if that battle had been real or not. A few days later he found a dummy & eventually made his way to the evacuation zone.

Tegedar fought all manner of horrors, both real & imaginative. He kept his armour active as long as possible between intervals. At one point he was knocked out of the trees by one of the animal predators, & found himself fighting plant & animal predators who were also tearing each other apart. He survived but was injured kinda badly. He climbed the trees again & went back to jumping from tree to tree, eventually he found a place to rest falling asleep. He woke up to the sounds of screams near by, making his way over there as quickly as he could he found a large plant swallowing down a Diyel victim. Lounging out of the trees Tegedar came crashing down on the creature tearing chunks of its body off & then gribbing its base roots in all of his hands he tore it in 4 halfs. The Diyel soldier was alive but he was horribly mangled being partially digested & riddled with broken bones, the soldier pointed to a dummy he was trying to secure, Tegedar looked at it & then the soldier, the soldier begged for Tegedar to give him a clean death a warriors death. He picked up a battle sword the soldier had been using, he sat the soldier up so he could have some dignity & then bid the soldier farewell.

Tegedar: “My fellow warrior, & brother in arms, I honour you this day for your bravery & service to your nation, may your forever find your place in the great plains of your kin.”

Tegedar thrust the blade through the back of the soldiers neck & into his body swiftly killing him. He then burned the soldiers body so the creatures wouldn’t have the satisfaction to feast on his body. 3 days before the deadline Tegedar makes it to the evacuation zone, once there he asks one of the captions if he could have a custom sword made for him to fight with.

Xerkhons behaviour at times seemed like the very animals that were hunting him. He killed & feasted on all sorts of creatures. He found a dummy early in the second week but lost himself in the forest, he strapped the dummy to his back & focused on survival. He had become another predator of the forest at one point. A few days before the deadline he & a Diyelian who had gone crazy squared off nearly killing each other, but during the fight they snapped out of their primal trance, they looked at each other & then went their separate ways. Xerkhon made his way to the evac zone after regaining some of his sanity. The days seemed to run together, he didn’t even know what day it was when he finally made it to the evac zone, he made it 10 hours before deadline. 

The Krith slept for nearly the entire first week of recovery. Tarakith & Valgorr cuddled together as much as possible while they slept & studied for the next trial.

---Hellworld: Death Dust---

With the days existing his raging heat & nights in deep artic frostbite, the only time the Krith & their team found they could travel on the surface was during sunrise in the very birth of the light, & at sunset in the fading light. Initially the kriths huddled their pods together until they found underground shelter.  Their first temporary base was cleaved in half during the night by a massive creature, they fought with everything they had to bring the beast down. After the beast died they went down into the hole the beast dugout & huddled for warmth after blocking off the entrance to their small corner. As sunrise broke the horizon they retrieve their first piece of technology from the creature’s belly.
The team moved constantly from base to base, hunting the giant creatures whenever they could, sometimes retrieving tech, sometimes not.
Just over a month into the mission the Krith lost half their team on sunrise while raiding an underground base. They were attacking one monster but 2 others converged on the same area, the monsters fought each other of the Kriths crew. Using their psionics & weapons they eventually slew all 3 but at a terrible cost. The base was so unrooted & dismantled that the Team hid inside one of the creature’s bodies under the surface to survive the heat & dust storms of the day. As sunset hit they retrieved the other technologies from the other 2 creatures which enabled them to finish the mission. They activated their beckons for evacuation, when the ship came they found half a crew who were starved, sun burnt, & ready for rest.
The Krith slept for 4 days straight, & then started planning for the next mission.


"You are very welcome. We come from a group of planets outside of the Diyels territory, our home is a few days journey from here. No we do not come from that planet.”
Zagara answers all the Urkun-iash’s questions as clearly as she can. As she speaks to them she lightly reads their minds & brain waves to see if they have any psionic abilities or the potential for it.
“If you don’t mind I have some questions of my own. You see we Formic’s have mainly organic technology & devices so metal devices are still new to some of use, well mostly just me being the old lady I am, so I would like to know how you came to use metal tools & weapons?”
“I would like to know about your ways, history, & how you came to unite all your clans?”

(There you go! Can your men still move after all of this? And also what names do you need?)
(maybe…, like an eye lid or 2 lol, male names, Sivtress is going to name her first son after the fallen soldier. :-P )


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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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--Insanity Woods--

As the lone soldier walks among the thick shrubs, his vision clouded by a nighmarish realm that doesn't seem to end, he stumbled upon vines entangling his feet. He was raised mid air, and the large gaping mouth of the predatory flora chomped on him like a tender piece of cooked meat. He started grabbing his weapons and stab the creature, but after four days of starvation and the large effect of the hallucinogen on his mind, his efforts proved futile, and the best thing he can do is to take away all dignity in exchange for his dim survival. His anguish screams pierced into the forest, full of imaginary laughs and the screams of his fellow comrades meeting the same fate. Suddenly, out of nowhere came a soldier from the Nuzeikurgans who helped in killing the creature, releasing him from it's gluttonous hold. However, he was critically injured, his body broken beyond salvation and the only he can do is to meekly request to die with honor in a soldier's death. He ordered the F'ormik soldier he doesn't even know if was real or just a product of his dying mind to proceed with the ceremonial execution. With a heavy heart from the soldier, he began saying his last words, "Ervien... Geltrun... it's nice ... to die... in a... comrade's... presence." The sound of cold metal piercing into a dying body echoed for a second, followed by one last breath before the poor soldier's life comes to and end. On his hands, a locket-like thing was all that is left of him.

--Base of Operations--

After the previous two Hellworlds, the Diyelir commanders in charge of the mission an expected, but still worrying decline on the rank of the Kriths. After various Hive Guardians are being sent back to be observed and put under constant medical attention, they began asking the Kriths if they still want to continue with the training procedures. Everyone is given three weeks to prepare for the next Hellworld.

The next Hellworld where they have been sent is Flamebane Grave, a Type II Hellworld composing of a frozen planet ravaged by armor piercing hailstorms and endless wave of marauding ice-cold creatures of nightmares. Their task is simple, set up their camp for a week then survive the exchanging storms and hordes of beast swarming at them. Each of them are equally put into Diyelium strongholds filled with supplies including food. These strongholds are situated ten kilometers away from each other, with a space of four empty strongholds in between occupied one. There are separate fortified supply forts that offers large amounts of food but without any ammunition stocks. The evacuation fleets will arrive exactly at the end of the training, and will arrive in a location equal to the distance between the forts.

The first week seemed to be very challenging in the first place, as setting up the camp against a raging hailstorm proved catastrophic. Soldiers were forced to stay inside the forts, lest they perished in a barrage of cold ice piercing into their armor. Here, they learned that the fort is having a manual hatch that can be used to cover them during the storms. After a week, they managed to set up their respective camps, and the beacons sent planetary-wide broadcast to them that the "feast" will now commence. They will soon realized what horror will they face. From the mist-filled horizon, hordes of savage crustacean-like beasts swarmed at them with full speed, their numbers seemingly endless. For days and night over a week, non-stop wave after wave of these ferocious species attacked them with no relent, and once they think that it's safe to take shelter inside the fortress and close the hatch, it will soon became their demise, as the creatures destroyed the hatch open and slaughtered all the soldiers encamping inside. On the third week, supplies and ammunition was getting depleted, prompting everyone to travel to other forts. Fortunately there are abundance of vehicles and transport ships, but still that wouldn't save them from the never-ending attack from the creatures that they don't even where have come from and how they even managed to survive a single day on the planet. The travels are dangerous, accompanied by switching of the deadly hailstorms and the skirmishes between the denizens. Two days after the start of the third week, the casualty ended up in nine thousand soldier's lives. The attacks have been more vicious as well, spawning all kind of horrible, mutated species that destroyed various bases, prompting them to forcefully evacuate and seek another base to occupy. The last week is considered the "real hell", as by this time, mountains of corpses ravaged the planet, both from the attackers and defenders, getting buried in an endless sheet of hell-cold snow and ice. Without food, low ammunition and lack of sleep and rest, they defended their ragtag forts from the final waves of terrifying death, until the evac ships bombarded the area while evacuating the survivors from the planet. After the training, a total of thirteen-thousand soldiers are dead, thirty thousand are injured - twenty percent are on critical level- and another one and a half thousand reported missing.

They are given a month to recuperate before advancing on the last four Hellworlds, the Type III Hellworlds meant to destroy and change them from the inside. Once they passed this, they will never be the same, and they will now advance to the next level of training.

-Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-

"Oh! I see..." Irdihan said, marveling at the thought. "Well, to answer your kwestion, Kween Sagara..." he said, pauses for a bit to think, then continued. "We use metals mainly because it helps in our eberyday libing. We use it to help in cooking pood, using metal weapons to depend against our enemies and other sabage beasts of this planet. About the history ip you're asking as well... we pirst started using it when we begin porming out tribes and clans, the pirst one made prom krude stones and sticks, as we adbance, we learned to porge metals coming prom the ores in our planet, and pind that this will usepul to as. We don't habe anyway of physikal adbantage besides our dense scarapace, so this is purely born out op necessity." he carefull explained. "Well, just a kwik kwestion again, what's lipe out there?" he added pointing out at the stars.

Spoiler:  The Dark Side (hover to show)


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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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--Insanity Woods—

After Tegedar made it to the evac area & requested a sword he turned in the locket the fallen soldier hand so his family could have it.

--Base of Operations--

Indeed many Krith drones have fallen through each trial, there numbers were barely half of what they once were. When asked if they wish to continue they declared that whatever trial their Queens face they will face them as well.
Kriths all gather to prepare for the next trial. Each securing whatever weapons they think they need.
Tegedar’s new polearm sword is forged:

He practices relentlessly to be ready for the remaining trials.

--Hellword: Flamebane Grave--

Setting up camp proved to be extremely difficult, there was barely enough time between hail storms to setup camp. The Kriths team set traps & mines around the stronghold where possible but the hail storm slowed their progress to the point they were only able to lay 60% of the payload before the week was up, 40% was set on the ground surrounding the stronghold & the other 20% was set on the stronghold itself to act as explosive / reactive armour. Every heavy gun was positioned at turret openings in preparation for the coming onslaught. 

As soon as the first week ended the broadcast rang out. In less then half an hour small tremors started shaking the fort as a horde of crustacean horrors rushed out of the mist & at the forts. Several explosions illuminated the artic horizon as the crustaceans hit the first line of mines, as the creatures started eating their fallen the Kriths team open fired. Wave after wave came for them, they took turns firings guns from outside the fort as long as they could stand & firing from small openings in the fort.   

During the second week the waves of monsters come closer & closer igniting every row of mines, at times being right in front of the fort. The only thing that gave them a moments rest was the creatures feeding on their dead leaving a sea of broken exo-skeletons spread across the battle field.

The 3rd week started with the forts explosive armour erupting as yet another wave comes for the trainees. With food & ammo nearly dried up the Kriths team rushes out in escape vehicles as the last of their set mines go off. Krith warriors used half of their remaining mines to cover their initial escaped leaving a massive explosion behind them blowing their old fort in half & killing a whole line of creatures that were almost immediately replaced with another.

While being chased to the next fort siege guardians spewed volleys of corrosive napalm like steams at close by monsters, Havoc guardians unleashed their parasite drones on monsters that seemed too close, the parasite drones would only live long enough to kill 3 – 4 monsters before dying due to the extreme cold.

Finally making it to the second stronghold they rigged all the vehicles to explode as the monsters hit them to give them enough time to reload & start defending their new fort. Havoc drones started immediately eating so that their bodies could start germinating & producing more parasite drones.

Before the end of the 3rd week the team was forced to flee their second fort, as the waves proved too immense & violent. Several Krith drones gave their lives to let the others escape, they could be seen in the back ground fighting to their last breath. Fire, parasites, bullets, & swords thrashed out as each drone fell one by one. The rest of the group escaped out into the bitter cold desperate to find new shelter. They came up on a fort that was about to be torn apart, they fired on the monsters to help the Diyelian soldiers escape, the 2 teams joined forces & made a mad dash for the nearest stronghold.

Finally making it to another fort they found a very small group of soldiers that had already taken shelter, combined the 3 remnants barely made a full original team. At the end of the last week the Krith & their team wasn’t certain they would make, so they took several vehicles out to the evac spot & decided to fight until they were saved or until they died. Tegedar, Xerkhon, & Valgorr lead the rest of the Krith drones & Diyelian soldiers for one last battle. Tegedar gripped his blade as he & the other hive guardian’s unleashed large telekinetic bursts at the oncoming wave. Tegedar & the other fought with a strength they barely knew they had, Tarakith & Sivtress rained down as many psionic blasts as they could. Just as it seemed like they would die fighting the evac ships came down firing at the crustacean monsters. Everyone rushed the ship & jumped on nearly ready to pass out.     

The Krith spent the first half the month healing & sleeping. The second half they spend preparing for next Hellworld.

-Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-

Zagara: “Ah I see, we ourselves are new to metal, good question Irdihan, it is hard to explain so I will show you if you all do not mind.”

Zagara linked her mind with the Urkun-Iash leaders, using an illusion they seemed to float & then rapidly shot out into space stopping in the moons orbit.

“This is what your home looks like, & the large planet it orbits.”

After looking at their home a few moments a small replica of their star system appears between them & Zagara. She explains that each star is called a sun & each sun has several planets that spin around it, & many planets have moons like the one they live on.

After some time Zagara ends the illusion & gives the Urkun-Iash sometime to take in everything.


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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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-Base of Operations-

Tegedar's polearm sword was enhanced by using Frontreium metal that was crafted directly by the Diyelians. It gave Tegedar's sword a magneto-gravitational capability that makes it ten times denser and three times sharper, able to block kinetic damage even from railgun canons and slice through heavy steel like a piece of soft meat. To make it more efficient and deadlier, the Diyelians was able to  incorporate a bit of Tegedar's Delta unit to act like a nanotoxin symbiote that can be administered upon contact with the enemy.

-Type III Hellworld: Tempest Hell "Deathstorm's Tears"-

Two weeks after the month-long recuperation, they are sent into the first Type III Hellworld, a Tempest hell named "Deathstorm's Tears".

The planet was unlike any Hellworld they all expected. The planet is a Terra-formed ocean world perpetually enveloped by catastrophic raging storms. Groups of islands and islets far from each other surrounds the planet, giving it a semi-atlantean look from above. Here they were given a very simple task, to help each other reach the island where evac ships are being constructed, and to communicate and rescue each other who's stranded on separate islands. The protocol seems so easy, until they are sent on their respective islands.

Each of them are given random pieces of electronics and ship hull parts that will let prompt them to seek for other groups and reaching the islands where the evac ships are located. First task is to find all of these random items scattered all over their area. Surprisingly, their is no specific timeframe on when they can finish the task, all that is needed is to have at least eighty five percent passing rate for the trainees for them to advance to the next level Hellworld.

First week of the training was spent on gathering the resources and as well as to operate the transportation needed. Each island is equipped with advanced communication satellite, a frigate-sized combat ship and a few submarines armed with the missiles and cannons, their reasons still vague to the trainees.

After the second week, communication between the groups have began, planetary-wide maps showing now the the areas where the massive evac ships are located.

At the beginning of the third week, mobilization was starting to commence, ships braving the tempestuous sea amidst a backdrop of perpetually wrath-filled skies. Here, the trainees began to realize why there are being provided with heavily armed transportation. The sea is heavily infested with gargantuan underwater predators, lurking just below the chaotic atmosphere above it. Several of the subs were attacked by vicious, thirty-feet long serpentine creatures, while ships on the water surface are bombarded with skyscraper-high tidal waves. Travels between the islands became perilous, and after two, slow weeks of brave attempts to venture further into the strategic locations, the killer sea has claimed more than three thousand trainee's lives. As more days pass by, travels became even more difficult since most of the ships are destroyed by either the planet denizen's attacks or by the sheer force of the tidal waves.

Several engineering teams managed to repair surviving ships or at least create ships made from salvaged scraps. Little by little the soldiers are able to make a survival progress, however the weather on the planet becomes more dangerous as the Diyelirs managing it unleashed the full potential of the weather-controlling constructs scattered on the planet. Tidal wave surging towards island became more prevalent, and their progress was further halted, besides the fact that an increasing number of ships became damaged by the surprised natural intervention. By the end of five weeks, a total of five thousand soldiers are already dead.

At the end of seven weeks, the first evac ship became fully operational, however even the most experienced pilots among the rank find difficulty to eject from the planetary surface due to the intense lightning storms that almost look like a constant bombarded of energy from warships above the planet. As the ship escapes orbit, they watched with combined awe and horror, upon seeing the planetary atmosphere from orbit. The planet is engulfed with devastating storms, clouds of black glowing every now and then with hundred-kilometer spanning series of lightning flashes, against  a view of the rising star that they haven't seen for over a month, and the massive orbital stations encircling the planet and sending weird, energy emanations that simulates the flow of the storms below.

After arriving at the designated station, they are greeted by the commanders of the trainee legions, among the first trainees were the Nuzeikurgans in which Tarakith and Sivtress also belong.

One by one, giant ships came ejecting out of orbit, until a few who's been left behind are forcefully evacuated by the Diyelir ships who are able to manipulate the storm-dominated skies of the planet.

It took nine weeks for the training to finish, and by then a total of seven and a half thousand are dead, eleven thousand are injured and a total of another three thousand two hundred reported missing.

They are given three weeks to prepare for the next Hellworld.


-Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-

The Urkun-Iasch was left in shock and awe over all of the things they saw and how it was seemlessly done, it's like a vision from gods, coming down directly in front of their eyes.

"I kan't really komprehend what has happened, but one ting is por sure," Irdihan said. "All dis worlds and the space is such a madyestik place. We will be highly honored to walk among our distant relatibs. Lead us, and we will pollow you in da best way dat we kan." the Laon then bowed to his knees, followed by everyone. "Lipt us to ascendancy, and leabe us a role in your 'swarm' and we will be glad to embrace it. Show us da way. We will be pollowing."

Spoiler: The Last Three Hell and Hell's Advocates (hover to show)


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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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--Base of Operations—

As Tegedar practiced with his Diyelian forged blade he noticed that whenever he had his Delta Unit activated he felt as if he was connected to his polearm sword as if it was a part of his unit, he even found that he could wield it psionically with almost no effort.

--Hellworld: Deathstorm's Tears—

The Krith searched their island relentlessly finding all electronic components needed & resources for nourishment.   

Within 2 weeks the Kriths group had the Frigate, 4 submarines, & the communication satellite up & running. The Queens & Hive Guardians felt proud of their team but they kept thinking of what sort of horror lay waiting in the depths of the quaking sea ready to devour them.

Just before the 3rd week the Kriths group made contact with 2 other groups that were somewhat close to them, soon after they were in contact with several more groups. Coordinating data they marked their planetary maps seeing where each team was located & what islands the evac ships were most likely on. Based on their data the Evac ship is East from their location. They found they would have to make several island jumps to reach the evac ship. They would meet the 2 groups they came in contact with first at an island that was about a 4 day estimated journey away. The other jumps would have to be planned once they meet up with the 2 groups.   
The beginning of the 3rd week marked the start of their first jump. Tarakith & Sivtress were aboard the Frigate while Valgorr, Tegedar, & XerKhon were all on different submarines. All the Krith kept their Delta units activated while at sea. The first day they were battered with furious winds & rough waves. The second day the submarines were flanked by a massive white serpent leading 2 younger looking serpents, the dog fight lasted every bit of an hour, at the end they killed the 2 younger serpents & had lost 1 submarine though some of the occupants managed to escape & make it on the frigate. But the white serpent escaped, all the Hive Guardians agreed that if they got the chance they would take the beast down for good. The next few days were filled with sea battles below as the frigate had to take on massive waves none had ever seen before. Tarakith & Sivtress worked together firing out telekinetic blasts to help cut a rough path through the waves. When they made it to the island they were the second group to arrive. As they rested, recovered, gather resources, & planned the next trip, they tried communicating with the 3rd group who were being viciously attacked by a pack of serpents. What was left of the 3rd group arrived in the frigate & only 1 submarine. The 3rd group told everyone about a white serpent that lead a whole pack of sea serpents against them. Immediately they called out to other groups warning them of the White beast.

At the end of the 3rd week the group was ready for the 2nd jump, this trip would be alittle longer but everyone was more nervous now that they knew what they were up against. The second jump proved deadly, the waves grew larger & stronger reaching higher than most building structures. Several times in order to give the Krith Queens a break the frigates had to dive under the water riding the current & then come back for air before diving again. Under the water, while they didn’t come across the white serpent, there was no shortage of creatures charging the submarines looking to make them snacks. By the time they made it to the next island they lost another submarine & the other vessels & soldiers were battered & bruised, many of the ships needed various repairs, & even the ones with little damage needed maintenance before they could brave another onslaught. It took the joint team over a week to get prepared & ready for the next jump.   

The 3rd jump would be the longest by far but they would be meeting up with at least 3 other groups, or what was left of them. At first the trip didn’t seem any worse, but the longer they were at sea the more run in’s with serpents & giant waves they had. About 3 days out from the next island a wicked storm unlike the others started thrashing out, the rain started feeling like heavy hail, the waves seemed a bit more violent, but suddenly there was a brief calm but then they saw it, a fierce hurricane unlike anything they had seen. Various ship parts & serpents could be seen in intervals either in the vengeful vortex or being thrown from it several km away in random directions. The submarines were forced to dive deeper in the depths to avoid the hurricane but found themselves fighting the horrors that lurked there as they tried to get away from the hurricanes pull. On the Surface Tarakith & Sivtress’s frigate was sucked into the hurricanes pull. Both Queens flew into the air using their psionics to grab & lift as many soldiers as they could & fly to the other Frigates. As they did so their frigate was lifted out of the water by the winds so violently that parts of the vessel were torn off one by one. Making it to the island the group had 2 Frigates & 7 Submarines, but the vessels were in such a state that they wouldn’t sustain another trip.

Remnants of 4 other groups came sharing whatever they could to help the engineering teams build sea worthy vessels. 2 of the group’s spoke of encountering the white serpent, one of them managed to blow out one of its eyes. The Hive Guardians collected data on the sightings of the white serpent & placed them on their map getting an idea of its movements. After collecting all the data it seemed he was moving through an area northeast from them close to where the evac ship should be. It seemed that they would have to confront the beast before leaving the planet. While planning their final island jump 2 other groups contacted them sharing any data they had. While coordinating routes the 3 teams should rendezvous in about 2 -3 days & then it would be another 2 before making it to the evac ship.   

The engineering teams fixed & modified as many vessels as they could. When the modifications had been complete the joint team had 7 Frigates & 12 Submarines, all with a sort of hostile apocalyptic look to them. They set out just at the beginning of week 6 for their daring mission. The first day was mostly uneventful, aside from the heavy rain & waves the team ran into only 1 serpent which the manage to kill without any casualties. The 2nd day started in the same manner as the first, but several hours later they heard cannon & munitions firing out ahead of them where the were to meet one of the other 2 teams. Going full speed they went to help their brothers in arms. When they arrived the 2nd team was down to 2 Frigates & 8 Submarines facing off against 10 serpents, one of them being the White beast himself.

The Kriths team submarines dove deep beneath where the serpents were & started firing torpedos from underneath to drive the serpents closer to the surface allowing the Frigates to fire on them as well. The battle raged munitions & psionic blasts light up dark stormy horizon. The tide of battle had turned in the soldiers favour when the 3rd team came with 4 Frigates & 16 submarines. 1 by 1 the serpents fell to the depths slain. There were 4 beast left when the White Serpent bull rushed Tegedar’s submarine biting & gripping it in his mouth, half of the creatures body went up above the water & back down again. As the beast did this Tegedar gripped his polearm & slashed through the submarines hull & into the serpents mouth. As Tegedar was piercing & slashing everything he could in the serpents mouth, several Diyelian soldier follow suit firing their weapons at the roof of the creatures mouth.

The 4 Frigate’s from team 3 timed the white serpents movements just right allowing them to ram the beasts mid-section as they fired on it causing the serpents blood to cover most of the ship’s hull. As the Serpent lifted its head up out of the water in pain Tegedar let out a huge amount of telekinetic energy through his blade that sliced the top section of the creatures face off. Tegedar started to pass out as he was falling through the air but Sivtress caught him & flew him to her Frigate as Tarakith & the others rescued as many soldier as they could as the submarines finished off the last few serpents.

The teams were exhausted & seemed like their only reward was now to fight the waves & hellish rain but they felt accomplished as they had avenged many of their fallen comrades.

Finally they arrived at the island with the evac ship. The teams worked in shifts to get the ship operational, half would sleep as the other half made preparations. The Evac ship was prepped & ready just before week 8 of the mission started. Everyone crammed into the ship & several minutes later they took off into the air. The closer they got to the sky the more lightning strikes they encountered causing them to go off course & along the curvature of the planet rather then up. A few times powerful winds from nearby hurricanes threw them around around. They had no idea where they were at one point but they kept making their way up off the planet. The ship escaped after sometime of intense flying & maneuvering. Everyone looks back at the planet covered in thick volital clouds & intense lightning storms. 

Arriving at the orbital station, they are greeted by the commanders & soon after pass out thankful that it was all over.

--Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains--

Zagara: “Ah yes I was going to ask you all if you would like to join the swarm later on, oh please don’t kneel to me I am a fellow mortal, such is reserved for worshiping God, but rather do this.”

Zagara puts all 4 of her hands together & slightly bows for a moment. As she does so Duramir walks up next to her & does the same.

“Yes of course, we will share all we have with you, & train you. This is my mate Duramir, he is interested as well in the types of metals you use.”

“Also, I was thinking that after we have explored your home we could all explore that planet that we are orbiting if you like.”

{Hey no worries man, life gets busy. Ive been uber busy myself. Nice, ill have to create a new rank for male Formiks who surpass the Hive Guardian level. That would be awesome man thanks, ive been working on ship & drone upgrades, & I have 3 new ships ill be introducing in rps, Kilysa has one of them in my rp with taur, Plus im getting together a separate series of ships for the Krith Hives. Also I have a few things planned for the Urkun-iash, here is 1 hint:  }
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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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-Base of Operations-

As the Nuzeikurgans returned to their respective bases, Lidzrial, who's monitoring each Krith's progress saw how Tegedar uses his weapon with proficiency, and is interested on improving it to help the Krith wield it better.

"While monitoring your activities on the last planet Tegedar," she said as she evaluates the young soldier. "I noticed how you wield your weapon with high expertise. As an appreciation of your great warrior skills, I personally contacted our weapons support and  engineering team to further upgrade and personalized your polearm as you see it fit. We'll be able to tailor fit the weapon for you based on your needs and wants. You will get your weapon in the soonest time possible, no worries, environmental training will happen after two months so that everyone can recuperate and engage in simulation and real training grounds." she happily informed.

After two weeks, Tegedar received his heavily upgraded weapon. The weapon's length was extended, now spanning nine and a half feet with the lowest edge of the blade going a feet down the shaft of the weapon. Forged out of pure Frontreium, an opalescent, enigmatic metal that makes the wielder seem to hold the night sky in his on his own hands, he now wields a massive, cleaver-looking blade attached to a Frontreium-reinforced jet black Diyelium staff and was outfitted with the Diyelirs cutting edge weapon-morphing system.

Tegedar's polearm became more like an interesting mix of a cleaver-axe and halberd with the otherside of the weapon turned into a jousting lance armed with the his Delta unit, further spliced and turned into semi-techno-organic units like the Novashadow that the Diyelirs has. It provided him further access to the weapon systems, which can make him control the weapon psionically without any limits. It was also outfitted with plasma coating technology, and the the blades are able to channel superheated hyperplasma along the runic-designed edge lines, making the blade's sharpness -already raised ten fold-times its efficiency- turned even deadlier. The halberd's tri-edged spike is connected into an intricately designed pathways of pressure tubes that releases fatal burst of compressed, volatile gas that explodes and burns violently upon contact. The scythe-looking beak of the halberd split into three claw-like blades has been upgraded with hyper-resonant vibroedges and sonic feedback inducer, making the clawed horror pierce into dense metal like a chainsaw grinding into a tree trunk.
Lastly, the Delta Unit-armed lance on the opposite side has been twisted as well to have the tri-edged point similar to the weapon's spike, and the swelling and the hilt was decorated with precious metals and crystals that can be only found on the Diyelir's territory. From the hilt comes the control for Tegedar to control the weapon, whether psionically or mechanically.

As the weapon was about to be given to Tegedar, the weapon is shining like a moonless, star-bright night sky. The glowing weapon has been turned in a treasure of death and awe, a symbol of friendship between the Diyelirs and Nuzeikurgans. The blade was perpetually blazing with the hyperplasma imbued into it, like it will sear directly into the victim's soul with each slash.

"I hope you like your new toy." Lidzrial said, grinning.

-Simulation battle grounds-

The three division was put into a massive virtual war simulation arena where they can used their skills and abilities to its maximum potential, weapon stats are included as well, and they can practice the unique abilities of the weapons that was provided to them. Lidzrial was gleeful in particular, as she will see how Tegedar will fare using it. "Give your best shot, we'll see the extent of that halberd's power now."

Seeing that Lidzrial already created a weapon for the Nuzeikurgan Guardian, the two commanders instructed all of their subordinates, most especially the promising soldiers and the Krith royalities to create concept about weaponry and gadgets that will be deemed useful for their fighting style, based on the outcome of the simulation.

After three hours of warm up, practice and tactical planning, the battle simulation has commenced, twelve million trainees equally dispersed to the three commanders clashing over their gargantuan virtual arena.

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Re: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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--Base of Operations--

The Nuzeikurgans were glad to sleep.
Sivtress sent her future mate a Holo message & then went to pass out for awhile.
Tegedar to Lidzrial: “Thank you very much commander, I look forward to seeing it when its finished.”


2 weeks later

Tegedar looked at the weapon a moment in awe as it glowed with brilliant hyperplasma. He turned to Lidzrial thanking her & gave her a hug. He then proceeded to pick up the weapon. It seemed weird to be holding a weapon that was nearly the same height as he was. He felt as if it was somehow apart of him like his Delta unit felt. He careful studied the weapon & every feature it had, then he started practicing with it psionically & by hand.

--Simulation battle grounds--

Seeing that Lidzrial already created a weapon for the Nuzeikurgan Guardian, the two commanders instructed all of their subordinates, most especially the promising soldiers and the Krith royalities to create concept about weaponry and gadgets that will be deemed useful for their fighting style, based on the outcome of the simulation.


With Tarakith’s ability to absorb various types of energy she developed a concept for a bio-mechanical design for a multi-purpose rifle that she could transfer energy into even if she ran out of ammo.

This Multi-Fire Rifle would have various ammunition types both mechanical & organic. Wanting a single gun that could use any munitions she needed in a fight, Tarakith based the following munitions list on her training specialty with Zeifruge & the Hell worlds she has survived so far.

_Double Magazine Slots with the following ammo types:
Alloy Bullets
Armor Piercing Shells
Incendiary Shells: Contains a compound that sets the target on fire and can burn or melt anything it touches. 
Grenade Shells: Fires a shell that explodes into fragments.
High Explosive: Fires a shell that detonates, but has little fragmentation.
Heatseeker: rounds that lock on & seek targets by their body-heat. Can be used in combination with Incendiary rounds.

_1 Bladder for Bio-Plasma munitions:

_2 Crystal Slots for energy based projectiles

_Energy Conversion system for her to transfer energy into.


Sivtress considering Dryfgaust training & her abilities wanted to be able to heal organic & mechanical materials. So she started looking into nano-technology coming up with a design for armor made of nanomites that could be used to repair mechanical units & attack the enemy while in battle. This would allow her to heal herself & or a fellow soldier & whatever damaged weapons or armor they wield. The idea is that this armor would act as an extension of her Delta Unit.


Valgorr shared the same appreciation of hand held munitions as his mate. So he designed a very large double barrel mini blaster cannon with a mini rocket revolver. He wanted the weapon to be able to switch between firing energy munitions & mini rockets.


Xerkhon thinking of his first hellword & training decided to design 4 Gauntlets that would interact with his Delta unit.
Each gauntlet had a blaster cannon on the top for long range fire & retractable blades on their sides for close quarter battles.




After three hours of warm up, practice, & tactical planning, the battle simulation started.

Each squad found themselves in different areas of a massive city.

Zeifruge’s Division split into 2 groups, 1 group went into the sewers to find the other 2 divisions & sneak behind & around them. The other team stealthy moved through the city setting up snipers at key buildings for cover.

Dryfgaust Division proudly marched through the streets waiting to blast anything. The stayed together as a sort of phalanx unit, the levelled specific buildings around their path eliminating cover the other divisions may use to sneak up on them.

Lidzrial Division stayed on the outskirts of the city at first & then slowly made their way inward.

Lidzrial Division spotted Dryfgaust’s first. They immediately started laying down heavy fire. With Sivtress in the middle healing & giving power boosts to as many units as possible, her division charged at her cousins division knocking over buildings & firing back. As these divisions fought, Zeifruge’s Division flanked both forcing the other 2 to split their concentration. Using urban guerrilla tactics they would fire & they hide & drop back, but as they dropped back they set up explosive charges & traps.

As the battle went on about a quarter of the massive city was levelled. Each division was forced to fracture into several groups. Battles raged on inside massive buildings, on highways, & even in the sewers.

Several hours later each division only had about a dozen soldiers each.

Tarakith & Valgorr had a shot out with about 5 soldiers on each of their teams. Tarakith got a sweet head shot on Valgorr but not before he fired a rocket. As the lovers were eliminated from the simulation they stood together holding hands watching the remaining battles.

The moment Tegedar ran out of munitions he brought out his blade. With deadly skill he struck out many soldiers one at a time. A soldier from Sivtress’s team fired a blaster cannon at him, Tegedar deflected it with his blade. Tegedar was knocked several meters away, but when he stood up he looked at his blade & it seemed as if hadn’t even been touched. Tegedar was about to rush the soldier but the soldier got sniped by a soldier from Tarakiths group. The sniper turned their sites to Tegedar but found themselves out of ammo. Tegedar rushed over to the building where he suspected the sniper was. When he arrived at the building the sniper was standing in front of the doors with her helmet off. She dropped her rifle & pulled out 2 short swords. “Lets see what that blade can do.”

Whoever this sniper was she was fast, even with Tegedars skill & power she managed to barley dodge fatal strikes, but she did sustain a few wounds as did Tegedar. The 2 warriors seemed to be dancing with death as they fought. Tegedar caught her in a briefly mistake & eliminated her from the simulation but he had much respect for her.

Sivtress showed a display of power in tanking & mowing down foes that would make Dryfgaust proud. Sivtress had been watching Tegedar as he fought the sniper. As soon as the battle was over Sivtress ran at him surrounding herself in a telekinetic shield. Tackling Tegedar she sent him flying through the air several meters away & started teasing him. “You can sulk over your girlfriend later.”
Tegedar stood up with a grin on his face “Very well”.

Sivtress kept hitting him with psionic blasts trying to tire Tegedar out, & not wanting to get to close. Tegedar started controlling his blade psionically as he threw it at Sivtress. The Blade wiped back & forth slashing at sivtress. Sivtress used some of her nanomites to help her psionically grab the blade slowing it down but not stopping it. Tegedar recalled his blade activating the Hyperplasma to knock the nanomites off. He then generated psionic slashes with his blade at Sivtress. Sivtress dodged & blocked as she rushed Tegedar. As she rushed Tegedar the last soldier from Zeifruge’s division fired a bazooka eliminating Tegedar & knocking Sivtress back. Sivtress rolled away & took cover. The soldier was positioned behind Tegedars last spot in a building over 20 meters away.

Xerkhon was standing on top of a building looking for any signs of anyone else. As soon as he saw a shell from a bazooka coming from a lower building in the distance he immediately laid down blasts from his gauntlets until the building was nothing but rubble effectively eliminating whoever was there. Sivtress hide herself until she was finished healing, her powers were strained but she could fight. Being too tired to sneak around in a cat & mouse game the last two soldiers walked out in the open eventually finding each other. They both fired munitions at each other until they were both out of ammo, they were both hurt but still standing so they fought tooth & nail, when the dust settled Sivtress was victorious.

After the simulation Tegedar found the sniper he fought against. Walking up to her he politely bowed: “What is your name?”


--Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-- 
Zagara visited every village spending several days in each learning as much about the Urkun-iash as she could. She answered all their questions & taught them alittle about Formik technology. As she did this she was figuring out prime places to set up defences.


(The wait is finally over, sorry mate had alot of deadlines to meet, but those are all over, for now.)

Anyway, you can simulate the battle yourself, get some Diyelir soldiers in your POV as well (Yes you can, not just the Commanders) and make an outcome that will make you have unique weapons and technologies that would fit your Kriths based on the Commanders they are under. You can make this battle as long as you can, since this is virtual simulation similar to SAO.
Then I'll proceed to upgrade those ideas so we can make the best out of it.

Nice, lol.   Ok ill see what I can do :-P

P.S. So Sivtress and Tarakith are Krith Queens, and those three are all Hive Guardians, right? So that means...

So the thing that separates Formik & Krith Queens from Hive Guardians aside from gender, is that Queens have very powerful Telepathic & Telekenetic abilities. While the Guardians telepathic abilities are not nearly as strong but their Telekinetic power is just as strong if not stronger. Queens are actually alittle taller, the Hive Guardians are alot more muscular. Also every Queen develops a special psionic ability:

You'll have a muscle-buffed bombshell royalty.

Three guards doubling as long range bomb enthusiasts.

I don't know what to call Tarakith yet. When thinking of her I think of Judge Dredd + Bishop from X-Men, :-P