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Fate of the Kritenese
« on: October 16, 2015, 05:30:51 pm »
Deep in the vastness of space there are two galaxies sitting almost edge to edge next to each other. Under the Heifong Republic, peace & Democracy ruled the twin regions.

 After the Heifong Republic crumbled, a dark space era came that swept both galaxies into a maelstrom of turmoil, chaos, & Fear. Corruption & Lawlessness ruled for ages. Once civilized creatures began feeding on others, scavenging. Those brutal enough to pillage took power, ready to wage war for any resource they could get. Civilized creatures were battered & smashed. Decency became a mere shell of itself, burnt-out, desolate.

This region became split between several major powers: The Einhorn Empire, the Pitor Imperium, the Tempa Empire, the Syndicate, & the Pirate Guild.Others simply survived, becoming farmers, nomads, smugglers, assassins, Bounty Hunters whatever they needed to be.

It was here in this blighted era, that the Kritenese learned they were not alone in the cosmos. There first contact was with the Hutt Cartel, the ruling force within the Syndicate. The once peaceful gentle creatures were enslaved & made to fight to the death in infamous blood sports for Hutt profit. Some become savage & brutal in order to survive, the rest dead in the arena or wasted away.

At the time there was a low level Hutt named Fath Ro'nem looking to make a name for himself. Watching the small krites fight he noticed a few things other Hutts seemed to ignore. They were intelligent & ferocious, with the right genetic mods & a inhibitor they could be his own personal army. 

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Re: Fate of the Kritenese
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2015, 06:57:17 pm »
Before this and other RP's are valid you need to make your map request. Once you have done that then everything from that moment on will be valid.


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Re: Fate of the Kritenese
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2015, 10:52:45 pm »
Fath Ro'nem's clan wasnt particularly wealthy but they had a few connections, between cash, favors, & some old family contacts he was able to buy the Kritenese. Is first order of business was to implant inhibitors in the back of their heads just before the quills started. This enabled Fath to give them commands to carry out & to keep them from attacking & killing him.

Next Fath went to the Pitor Imperium to hide his plan from the Hutt bosses. In the Imperium he finally found a scientist who could genetically modify the Krites to the specifications he wanted. While keeping them close to the same size, the scientist gave them greater bone, muscle, & tissue density. A standard
Krite can now weigh 36 - 58 kg while Alpha Krites are 68 - 90 kg.

Now that Fath had his army he went back to Syndicate space to show his clan the fruits of his labor. The Ro'nem clan taught the Kritenese how to use every weapon & ship in the Ro'nem clans arsenal. After training Fath dressed his army in suits & glasses to give them a more organized look.