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Enclavean-Hashut War (non-canon)// Invite-only//
« on: May 14, 2016, 07:33:40 pm »
(This RP is exclusive, any other unrelated RP material is forbidden. Standard regional roleplay and constitution rules are in effect. Good luck and have fun!)

The desert night was dark and cold. The ever lasting minor gusts of wind and sand performed their natural duties, only being interrupted by beams of light that seemed unnatural to scene. Suddenly, the streams of rushing air and sand were broken and distorted as objects of metal pass by at blinding speeds. Three VV3 Mongooses push against the wind and sand, their occupants racing back to a nearby military base. The acting sergeant of the recon team activates his radio to address the base's commander. "Attention Colonel Desu, this is Mongoose recon team X-ray Niner. Unknown bogeys have been spotted about a click(mile) from base Theta. Do you read, over?"
Enclavean military base and mining facility Theta
"We read you X-ray. Standby, a force will be dispatched to intercept and engage. In the mean time, report back to their location and scout out their numbers. Report any details that might help identify them. Don't worry, I sending you reinforcements for when things go south. Good luck X-ray."
2 minutes later
After stoping to refuel, the three Mongooses left the base's motorpool and headed back towards the unknown force's location. Joining them were two GT-100 Skirmishers and a XM1-AT Cougar. The small force quickly vanished into the desert wind and sands, with only their headlights being visible in the distance.

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The Chosen

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A few H-Pattern Battle Droids were exiting out of the mouth of a cave, armed and ready. One of them raised its hand and the others stopped moving. It tilted its head for a few moments and then straightened. It gestured to the others and began to set up defensive positions. More H-Pattern Battle Droids came out of the cave alongside some L-Patterns, whose numbers were beginning to swell. Finally, a Bulwark set itself upon a hill and entrenched itself alongside some H-Patterns.