Author Topic: Enclavean-Biocrane War (non-canon)// Invite-only//  (Read 15 times)

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Enclavean-Biocrane War (non-canon)// Invite-only//
« on: May 14, 2016, 09:15:41 pm »
(This RP is exclusive, any other unrelated RP material is forbidden. Standard regional roleplay and constitution rules are in effect. Good luck and have fun!)

Out on the grassy plains of an agricultural world, endless fields of crops bristle and sway in the wind. A group of cattle wander out onto the plains and graze at the ground, eating whatever grass encroached the edges of the fields. As the creatures continued to feed, one of them looked up to notice a large object approaching them. The creature disregarded it and continued to greedily feed. Then in a split of a second it noticed its compatriots scatter and flee, then a massive surge of pain over came its body before its nerves couldn't feel anymore. The creature watches helplessly as a tank tread lands on its head. Gore and sinew scatter as a Type-2 Lasher tank intrudes onto the crop fields. It was soon joined by four others, and all five vehicles fire their cannons towards a large cloud of dust and debris. "Roger Central, we have visual on the enemy. We are currently engaging, can't get an exact count, request reinforcements." The tank commander moved to peer out the driver's view port, clearing out whatever gore was trapped in it. A voice then came over the Commander's headset. "Lasher team Delta  Six, do not intercept. Hold the line until the rest of the brigade can arrive."

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The armored division of the Sultanate's land forces trundled towards the conflict as well, large armored troop transports along with a handful of walkers. As they flatten the crops ahead of them, the armored cavalry was prowling through the fields, attempting to flank the Enclavean infantry from behind.