Author Topic: EISA (Exploration Industries Space Agency) Alien Contact Missions  (Read 19 times)

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Designation: FTL Exploration Ship Spark:
Mission: Exploration & Documentation of other solar systems: Hopeful contact with peaceful, intelligent life:

Day 12 Log Start:
Lieutenant: Captain we have arrived at the first star system.
Captain: Is the COMMsat ready?
Lieutenant: Yes sir. Shall we launch it?
Captain: Yes, & start broadcasting the messages as soon as it is clear.
Lieutenant: Yes sir.
Scientist: Sir, the COMMsat is clear & the message is being beamed in all directions.
Captain: Buckle up & prepare the FTL drive, we need to survey as many systems as possible before returning home.

FTL Drive Powered Up:
Beginning Jump Sequence:

Day 12 Log End:

(OOC: PM me if you want the system Spark surveyed to be yours.)

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