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International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« Last post by Iammelon on January 31, 2018, 06:55:30 pm »
The Shards all landed without issue, and all seemed relieved to be in the familiar halls of their great vessel and home. Guardian watched the two younglings flail about, snickering when their attack failed so spectacularly. While he did soften a bit at the tantrums, for they reminded him of Scout, he still grinned at them getting their just dues for now. He nodded to Caprima, "Understood. I'll lock em up in one of Scout's playrooms. Those are well fortified, from both inside and outside threats, so should be able to keep them locked in. Plus, they have plenty of entertainment too. I think I'll send them to room seventeen. There's an ice-cream dispenser in there, alongside some toys and a TV to watch. That should work to keep them occupied..." With that, he wandered over next to the two dragonlings throwing their tantrum, raising up a paw and saying, "Hey, brats! In our infinite generosity, your grounding will be done in a playroom. Enjoy!" With that, the paw glowed, and a magical dome appeared around the two of them. Within moments, it disappeared, taking the 'lings along with it to playroom seventeen.
Myst blushed as he looked down at Cui, his voice being low as well, "I think, Cui... That I love you too. So, I promise not to tell..." The Shard was thinking he probably needed to lighten the mood a bit, and thought of something. He was a bit embarrassed to say it, but he mustered all of his confidence in the attempt. Throwing on his normal cool and calm facade, he spoke a little louder now, "However, since it appears what was said was indeed true... Well, my tail is at the ready to wrap up and warm if asked!" Pretty much as soon as he finished saying that however, he winced and looked away, completely regretting saying that and beating himself up over ruining the moment.

Xefr in the meanwhile was most focused on the skull, looking down at it with understanding. These were all quite familiar feelings to Xefr, he'd felt them many times before, and so he couldn't help but feel sympathy for whoever this person in the bones may be. He'd spoken to somebody through the bones before, the one who sent him on the quest in the first place, and so he had to wonder if this was indeed that person, or somebody else entirely. He eventually broke out of the stupor once Guardian banished the dragonlings to their grounding in the playroom, looking back to Caprima and saying, "Well, guess we need to figure out our next move, right?"


Tec quickly positioned himself beside Re'Ni, trying to comfort her with his presence and shielding her with his wing. He wanted to show her that he believed in her, and was there to protect her. He had to do this silently though, since he didn't want to speak and screw up whatever she was doing. The two Combat Drakes, Commander and Grunt, watched from the sidelines. Not interrupting, but being ready to act. The Commander had put his trust in this, but he wouldn't hestiate should the trust be in vain. The newly Black Dragon was still scared, looking at the ball of light with fear. Still, this would be helpful to Re'Ni in the end, since it meant he was anchored by that fear and wouldn't move. It was all up to whatever Re'Ni's fix was.
International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« Last post by Taur on January 28, 2018, 08:18:26 pm »
Cui swinged her claws and tail with fury while her energy begun charging to rather high levels for any ghost; Filled by a nearly uncontrollable rage, Myst's boost would not be needed for Cui to kick the annoying hatchlings' tails  ...obstructing their mission to save the universe was one thing, mocking her infront of Caprima and Myst was another. As all the little Qoatl dragon apparitions fought, Caprima winked at Guardian and spoke to him in an almost sinsister tone "No need for that my child ...once we get back I'll handle these rascals myself" she raised her hands and tried to focus, a task that was quite hard considering Cui was using half and more of her beloved Capricorn's own power and the orb's to fight some silly little sacrificed dragonlings! The tired capricorn sighed, took a deep breath and out of her hands formed a plethora of white shadows running around everyone in the room   ...all existence ceased for a moment and for a few split seconds everyone could witness images dating back to the creation of the world ..or one world of many, to be accurate. Then suddenly, they all appeared a little above the floor in a corridor of the Soul's Eclipse, falling down gracefully like sacks of potatoes.
Falling down as Cui was slapping their tails and they were munching her wings, the two dragon ghost brothers shook their heads in confusion, for a very long time ever since their deaths they haven't had felt so solid, something must've gone terribly wrong! As cui flew away from them with a snarky grin on her face ..Caprima walked up to them looking down on the two colourful dragons with a big angry frown while tapping her foot and having her arms crossed "Enough!You two are grounded. You're no longer in the sacrificial tomb, so the shiva bound to you no longer empowers you  ..understood?" The purple dragon hissed and tried breathing a large amount of fire upon Caprima, only for the attack to just pass through the Capricorn and dissolve, leading to both dragonlings to throw a majestic tantrum involving high-pitched whining and hitting the floor. Caprima rolled her eyes and turned around facing Guardian and Xefr, evidently tired from all of this "Lock them somewhere safe and give them something to play   ..they're not evil afterall, just victims."
Cui somewhat reluctantly approached Myst from his side and nudged him ..merely whispering "Ehm ..about what those two said  ..I  ..well, I'm a Qoatl warrior, so even if it is true what they said, if you mention what happened ever again I'll stuff your mouth with your own tail. ..and  ..ehm, I love you I guess."
Evertything seemed to be in order, everything but the skull; Xefr could feel something from it  ...familiar feelings; Anger, Sorrow, Guilt. That old bunch of bones felt as if it was actually a person on its own right, and a rather strong one at that.


Re'Ni shrieked after seeing her mate waving her to come down, her tail beggining to shake again. She really didn't want to come down, fearing that she would ruin everything just as she did earlier ...but she had to; for Tec's sake and her own. She reluctantly approached the small group of dragons with her head hanged down and trying to avoid looking at any other dragon than Tec  ..her behaviour was unnaturaly nervous and it showed. She tried saying something but as soon as she tried to form a sentence, the only think that came out was an incomprehensible whisper and her mind begun entering a circular motion  ...Who said these barbarians would actually consider forgiving her? These tomb spitters! But  ..but she was worse, she nearly killed them all and she caused one of them to suffer. She was a horrible valx, a bad mother and completely devoid of social norms. Yes, she was to blaim ..Re'Ni is awful ...and all because of them! "Burn them All and go home" said her voice..
Re'Ni munched her Snout looking nervously left and right, trembling so bad that the ground arround her felt as if a small earthquake was happening "Burn them all" the voice repeated. Re'Ni raised her head looking at the distant with a rather creepy smile on her face {"Nope!"} then upon looking at her victim, her eyes darkened, the voices within almost making her sob as she tried talking to the dragons present {"Re'Ni very sorry! Worst Valx   ...Fix this!"} She readied an orb of light on her paw and looked at it hesitantly, then spit at it, turning it into a luminescent pearl-coloured ball of light.
Citizenship Form / Kestvala Citizenship Form #2
« Last post by Kestvala on January 20, 2018, 11:18:28 pm »
Galactic Federation species name.: The Kestvalae.
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Do you have nations in other regions?: Yes.
If yes, where?: The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Balder, World Stage, The West Pacific, The Pacific.
Have you held positions in any regions government?: Yes.
If so, what and where?: (The Coalition of Democratic Nations) Deputy Minister of Culture, Provisional Minister of Culture, Minister of Defense, Co-author of the Constitution, Senator and Arbitrator General, Deputy Regional Chairman. (The Core Galaxy) President, Executive Council Member.
Would you ever consider being involved in one of the regions government positions?: Yes.
Is this nation a puppet.: No.

Edit Note: I'm from the very beginning of TGF actually. Hello again!
Map Location Request Form / Columbia Space Claim
« Last post by Columbia on November 23, 2017, 04:13:28 pm »
Regional Name: Columbian Patriots
Name on Map: Coalition of American Republics
Population of your Species: 127.55 billion
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Location on Map (Reference map link below to view the map to determine where you wanna be. Be detailed in desired location): The space in between the Biocrane Sultanate and The Blood Sultanate
Galactic Federation species name.:
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Do you have nations in other regions?: Yes
If yes, where?: Upper Secundus (main nation) in LKE, Field Marshal Haig in the Bar on the Corner of Every Region. Can't remember where I put the others, but they were backup nations anyway and I didn't use them.
Have you held positions in any regions government?: Yes
If so, what and where?: Deputy Historian and Head Science RP Advisor in the World Conference. Both held simultaneously.
Would you ever consider being involved in one of the regions government positions?: Perhaps in the future
Is this nation a puppet.: Yep.
General Discussion / Re: Word for Word Story: GAME
« Last post by The vania nation on November 08, 2017, 12:52:29 pm »
, yum
Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« Last post by Drodinger on November 07, 2017, 11:54:59 pm »
How would you like your rooms made up? Any special amenities or features you would like? We're redecorating our harem dungeon for your arrival.

- Suspicious Nondescript Plainclothes Drodginian
General Discussion / Re: Word for Word Story: GAME
« Last post by Hestia on November 07, 2017, 11:20:07 am »
Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« Last post by The vania nation on November 07, 2017, 12:09:48 am »
which one are you?: taco Tuesday, taco Friday or taco freedom?
Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« Last post by Iammelon on November 06, 2017, 11:58:57 pm »
As a question of pure curiosity, to whomever wishes to answer, how useful of a ghost would you be? To be more specific, if you were brutally killed in a manner that is both painful and amusing to onlookers, and had your unfortunate souls shackled, would the suffering make you into more powerful spirits? Or do you believe it's better to kill the one you intend to shackle painlessly, yet make sure they see their family, friends, and other assorted loved ones in agony first, so as to trigger that sort of vengeful spirit mode? It's a question I've been pondering for a while now. And my tests haven't given me clear results... My hypothetical tests, I mean. Mental gymnastics.

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