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International Events / Re: The Freedom War
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Chapter 1: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here



Wet Red…


Xander awoke suddenly, eyes flickering as piercing white light broke through the shadowy wall in front of him, scattered through new born crevasses. The musk, the smell of smoke and death filled his nostrils as he drew in a deep breath, forcing a labored cough from him. The escape rocked slightly, as if lightly brushed by smooth waves, jingling the bloody corpses still strapped into their harness around him, a rather awful puppet master. Muddy, murky water seeped in through the ruptured hatch, flowing around Xander, mixing with the wet blood of the corpses, mixing an awful velvet concoction that stained his trousers. Struggling, sharp pain burrowing deep into Xanders chest; he unhooked the woven harness, splashing into the deathly liquid before righting himself with the pods metallic walls. Struggling to pull each leg forward, water dragging and permeating his now heavy clothes, he made his way through the broken hatch, and into the bright, blinding light.

Squinting heavily, Xander attempted to clear his vison, the dreadful ringing in his ears doing little to forestall the coming migraine in his future.  Opening his eyes, he rotated from side to side, his eyes observing all around him. A wall of tall, leafy trees arose some ways off, and opposite of which lay some distance black mass. Around him, tall reeds of swampy grasses dotted the horizon, gleaming with fresh dew in the morning light. He reached down to pluck a handful from the murky waters. Rice. 

“Urgh… f*cking stupid arse pod..”

Xander’s head snapped quickly back to the entrance of the pod. The hefty lieutenant that had accompanied him lay resting in the shade of the pod, hand upon the wall to steady him. A deep gash ran across his face, dripping blood every few moments, as if someone had left a faucet almost, but not quite completely closed.

”Where the bloody f*ck are we?”, the man hoarsely utters. His eyes turn, resting on a distance mass.  ”Uh… is that Saruleah Bay City? And is it on fire?!”

Indeed, barely visible, smoke billowed over the distance mass, a funeral pyre set upon the living. Xander squinted, attempting to make out the various buildings, but was abruptly interrupted by a sound, a silencing call from somewhere around him. He turned, suddenly. 

”Shh- you lot, any other survivors? We need to get the f*ck out of here…”
 Seemingly out of nowhere, though perhaps the thrush had hidden and muffled his approach, a uniformed man, an officer of some sorts though more urban, had walked into in front of the crashed pod. At his hip, a service pistol lay holstered, however, his hands twitched over the clasp, as if ready to draw at any moment.

”Who the fracking ‘ell are you?!”, the lieutenant that had come down with Xander replied, rather loudly, leaning in to try and observe the newcome.

”Not so loud you fool! Look, we’ve just escaped the city, and we saw your escape pod come down into the fields. This area is going to be swarming with the,… well,… whatever the buggers are at any moment, you need to run to the tree line with me now if you want to--- OH SH*T RUN FOR IT”, the officer whispered, until his voice rose abruptly. The man had begun to point, decided against such an endeavor, had pulled his service weapon from its holster, and had begun to run for the tree line.

Xander turned to look for whatever had made the man run with such fear, as did the Lieutenant. Not a kilometer out, a metallic object glinting in the morning rays race towards them, hovering, the reeds below it being pushed downward as if some magical invisible beast  bore down upon them.

The Lieutenant turned to run, as did Xander. Whatever bore down upon them clearly wished them no good will. The Lieutenant’s voice became short once more, breathing heavily, running from the coming threat.

”Huff… huff… gotta… keep… runn- ARGPH-….”, the Lieutenant groaned, before a splash sounded somewhere behind Xander. He turned his head sharply to the side, still running for his life, searching for the man. A large lump lay in the water, facedown. Sh*t. The metallic flying object bore down upon them, closing the distance rapidly, its features, sharp, spindly looking guns attached to the front becoming more distinct to Xander.

”Kee.. keep.. huff… running… trees… friends…”, the officer mumbled amongst each galloping step, as Xander closed the distance between them.  A bright light shot past Xander, landing the officer in front of him. A moment past, the officer stopped, hanging there for a moment, as if time had stopped for him. His top half fell away, into the murky water, the gun in his hand flung somewhere in front of Xander. The arterial spurt of blood peppered Xander, staining his clothes further, as if red raindrops had flown outwards in a shower of glistening crystals.

Where had the weapon landed? The murk of the water clouded the location of the gun. Xander reached down, searching… where… something sharp brushed upon his hand. He grabbed, and pulled from the murk the officer’s gun.  Xander wasn’t prepared to go down without a fight. He turned to face the attacker.

The metallic war machine now loomed meters away from Xander, as if it had been carried along by the fantastical trade winds of the open oceans. Its gleaming weapons, pointed at Xander, began to gleam with energy. This was it. Xander pointed the weapon upwards, eyes clenched, before-

”Ratatatatatata”,… something pinged off the hull of the flying death contraption. Bullets? But from where? Out of the thick forest behind Xander, an armored vehicle flew out into the open, ripping up the rice plants as if an oversized lawnmower had forgotten to clean up its mess. Atop, a man rode, a large caliber gun pointed at the alien machine. ”Ratatatata” the gun went. The death machine pointed its weapons away from Xander, trying to shoot the moving vehicle. ”BOOM!” the machine fired, bright light lancing outwards, but the driver, the bloody excellent driver, swerved adeptly to avoid the oncoming fire. Twice more, the alien machine fired, but the armored vehicle remained too fast to hit. Cracks began to appear in the armor of the alien machine, sparks flying. As quickly as it had arrived, the machine flew away, back to the burning city, as if a scared bear being chased by a tiny cat.

The armored van stopped in front of Xander, shielding him and blocking his view from the fleeing machine. A light splash drenched Xander again,… his uniform was utterly ruined. Along the side of the armored van, printed in eggshell white, the name “SBCPD” were inscribed. The passenger side door opened abruptly, hanging out over the marsh. A dark skinned man rode in the driver’s seat, his hands gripping the wheel tightly, his perspiration evident in the morning sun.

”Where’s Captain Bruse??? Just get in, I don’t think the 50Cal is going to keep them away for long…”. The officer reached out a hand to help pull Xander into the vehicle, a warming gesture given the mornings experiences…
International Events / The Freedom War
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“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in broken places” – E. H.

The Freedom War: Introduction

The screeching of the alarm klaxon jolts Xander’s sleeping mind into overdrive, nearly toppling him out of his metallic, standard issue bunk. The dull, but bright red light burns into his eyes, forcing him to squint for several, long moments as his senses return to awareness from their slumber. ”All crewmembers to battle stations, this is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill”, a soft, woman’s voice screams over the vibrant roar of the alarm. Around him, hidden by the drapes of the withering light, the shouts, the calamity of others scrambling about in a disordered diaspora as they rush towards their various stations like a never-ending stream of silvery salmon splashing their way violently upstream, beat a roaring war drum, a rush of hot red blood and stimulating adrenaline that permeates his throbbing ears and his muddled mind. ”Come on, bloody hell we can’t be late!”, a fellow below him cries, already almost fully dressed in full uniform, a mixture of smooth greys and milky blues, as he tugs aggressively at his wrist, ”frack.. not my problem, get dressed and get going!”, he bellows once more before hiding once more in the opaque curtains of the consuming, shifting shadows.

The darkness of the corridor hampers Xander’s every movement, pulling a hand through a sleeve, attempting to straight out every groove, every wrinkle in his uniform, even placing one step ahead of another. Others race around him, forwards in back, their faces lost, and meaningless. Each step, each wringing step atop the sleek, icy steel floor brings him closer towards a light, towards a blinding light so intense all he can sense is the withering commotion around him, the commands shouted by others, the heavy steps echoing from wall to wall, but loudest of all, the pounding of his heart to that beat, that awful, brash, beat of readiness. Bum bum. Bum bum. Bum bum. Eventually, his awkward gait thrusts him headfirst into that white, fiery abyss ahead, only for the burning blindness to clear as he cross the threshold. Here, the din of activity, the ferocity of preparation for the coming moments screamed as if in fervor and lust, men and women hunched all which ways, roaring, crying. A lone, elderly women, her surplus of gleaming medals glinting in the sharp light, stands atop the crowd, elegant, but barking orders all the same. A bulky lieutenant, seemingly materializing out of nothingness, grabs him roughly by his arm, bunching his uniform, and drags him towards a row of monitors alongside the walls of the warship. ”FRACK IT ENSIGN, GET YOUR FRACKING ARSE  HERE QUICKER, WE GO COMBAT LIVE IN TWO FRACKING MINUTES YOU BLITHERING MORON!” he roared as if forced to expel every molecule of atmosphere from his gullet into Xander’s throbbing ear. ”SIT HERE, NOW!” the lieutenant screamed once more, forcing him roughly into a nearby padded seat. He points with a gloved hand toward a dark, but active monitor which lay in front of the seat in which Xander now occupied, ”Bloody idiots, every time we need to get something done- listen up dipsh*t, I’m only going to frackin tell you this once- your sector is Omega 3 Charlie 2, which is battle group,.. er.. Beta, led by commander,… er,.. Captain Ortega,… your job is to relay any actionable data to the fleet commander once the battle goes live, and/or answer any frackin questions she has, you got it you frackin scrub?”.

 The brute of a lieutenant evaporated into the muddle of a mob as quickly and as abruptly as he had consolidated out of oblivion to harass Xander, leaving him some limited time to familiarize himself with the flashing, chrome display console as it lay humming softly before him. Though the various nobs and switches, as varyingly important as they were, remained foreign in nature to Xander, several elements were simplistic enough for even the least astute individual to derive function from. A single, moderately sized black screen, laden with various bright red dots, and labels beneath each of the dots,  with faint numerical lines intersecting around the screen, as well as a single pair of lush, black padded headphones, in which faint, though unrecognizable, sounds spouted from time to time, lay on, and in front of the monitor to Xander, respectively. Tentatively, following in suit of the other crewmen who sat quietly to either side of him, Xander placed the headphones gently across his ears, awaiting orders.

Not several terse moments later, abruptly as to almost startle those not tense enough with dread, a shout rang throughout the bridge, “MULTIPLE CONTACTS, FRONT LINE, SECTORS 1-4!”, a young communication officer screamed from somewhere inside the bridge, his location obscured by the shifting crowds from Xander. Immediately, as if a sudden violent diaspora had lay waste to the bridge in a matter of moments, Xander’s view of the happenings around him abruptly expanded, leaving but no individual except that wiry old woman, her grey hair neatly tied in a uniform bun to the back of her head, standing alone atop a raised, metal platform, staring intently out into the void ahead of her. As she clasped her wrinkly hands firmly behind her back, turning her head ever so slightly to her right, grey, milky eyes now downcast, she intoned softly, “Communications, open a fleet wide broadcast…” Pausing for perhaps a second or more, she continued, this time more audibly, “This is Fleet Admiral Hopper to the fleet,… we are engaging multiple hostile targets in sectors 1 to 4, all military units are authorized for weapons free, repeat, all military ships are free to engage targets.” She gestured strikingly, as to have the communications officer to end the broadcast, before turning abruptly, and strolling to rest in her plush, padded chair, scrubbing her eyes lightly and blinking rapidly.

Operations began smoothly, as far as Xander could tell through the tunes echoing from his padded earphones, a few harsh barks from unknown captains, a few hoots and hollers from enthusiastic pilots and jockeys,

“Watch it, port side, multiple hostiles!-”

 “Smoked em’ Gardier, yeh owe me a shot when we back!-”

 “Target,.. er… painted unit 16G,.. all batteries, full spread!”

However, this relative peace, like a leaf upon a harsh, winter gale, was not to last but a few moments, giving way to more alarming rhetoric. The luminous flashes of far off discharges became brighter and brighter, drawing more defined, more deadly.


“This is R.S.S. Magadan, requesting immediate assistance, to any-”


 Xander’s headset rang with dying screams, each louder, each more blood-filled than the last. The cacophony of sounds distorted so much so that by each moment the noises sound less like the death rattles of men and women, but rather like a crashing typhoon, drown out all other noise around Xander, until all he could hear is the roaring beat of that awful drum in his ears.

“Bum-bum…. bum-bum.. bum-bum. bum-bum, bum-bum, bum –bum, bum-bum!”

Xander’s eyes tearing, he ripped the headphones from atop his head, slamming them into the console in front of himself, nearly shattering the desk with his repulsive force. As he watched in horror, that dark, encompassing monitor in front of him seemed to grow exponentially, the numerous red lights that once adorned it slowly disappearing as if one by one, an electrician unscrewed each bulb, leaving only the blackness to consume Xander.

Xander scrubbed his eyes vigorously, now is not the time to lose his mind, focus, breath. The screaming voices on the bridge once more breach his ears, a mess, but at least compressible. 

“Sector 2 has collapsed completely, I just have the Vanahiem and a few frigates left sir!”

“Admiral Chenya reports total shield collapse, on the battlestar Newport, and has transferred command of Sector 1 to Captain Diahaus on the Omaha.”

“Sir, we only have two functional caps left, the Arcadia and the Russi dreadnaught Kursk, we need to think about…”

This last statement, by a male flag officer towards the front of the bridge, seemed to dull the majority of the bridges voices, as if every crewman collectively held their breaths as they looked to the withered Admiral as she stood, gesturing to silence the officer. She brushed her nose lightly, stared into the void, the effervescent flashes of death fading with every passing moment, before clearing her throat to continue.

“All right, inform Captain Yumashev to spin up their nuclear missiles, and being spinning our as well. Open a broadband channel on all frequencies…”

She paused for a few moments rubbed her eyes as if to clear an invisible speck of dust from them, before continuing.

“This is Fleet Admiral Hopper on all frequencies; this is an emergency message to all parties. The combined fleet has failed to repel the enemy forces, and has sustained heavy losses, repeat, the fleet has failed its combat operations. I hereby command all remaining coalition forces to engage drives and calculate for Telemachi swing to rendezvous at the fallback coordinates. You are ordered to assist any civilians ships with the jump, until such is no longer reasonably possible. I now herby relinquish command of the fleet to Rear Admiral Nagumo, and promote Rear Admiral Nagumo to Fleet Admiral, authorization code AlphaZuluOne-DysonTwoNineZero. To the people of Hiroikku, we have failed you, and for this, we are sorry. Good Speed and Fair Winds, Admiral Hopper out.”

She turns to face the bridge, her eyes now wet, as if morning dew now sprung from her ducts. She rubs her chin, her eyes shift from left to right, before continuing, this time more softly.

Arcadia is now re-designated Palisade 1, and the Kursk is now Palisade 2, as designated under Naval Law J3, Section Two, Defender Clause. I thank you all for your service.”

She looks directly a comm officer, “Is Captain Yumashev ready?” The officer listens for a quick moment to inaudible distance voices, then nods, solemnly. 

“Target 5A seems to have sustained the most damage of their caps, Palisade 1 and 2, launch missiles full spread. Lets crack that mother*cker!”, Admiral Hopper roared.

Streaks of light blossom from both the battlestar and the nearby dreadnaught, as if seeds had been suddenly ripped up by a gust of wind and thrown into the air, towards a distance spec. The light rays lanced out, piercing the hull of the alien warship. As the onlookers watched, the distant ship faltered, then detonated in an array of vibrant deadly colors, scattering irradiated debris amongst the corpses of war.

“Target 5A is no longer on scans; sensor suite reports multiple citadel hits and total obliteration of target!”

A cheer rose in the throats of the bridge crew, a few muted hoots, as Admiral Hopper began to speak again “Eat that, you filthy scum, alright tell Captain Yum-“

A ray of light pierced the Kursk from bow to stern, as she seemed to hang in time for a still moment, before dissolving like so many before her into a storm of fire and metal. The Arcadia rocked violently, throwing several crewmen around Xander from their padded seats and to the metal floor.

“Palisade 2 is not responding, sensor suite reports multiple enemy hits onto her,…”

Admiral Hopper leaped quickly upward from her seat, roaring into the intercom system, “This is Hopper, general evacuation orders to port escape pods to any non-essential personnel, repeat, non-essential personal to port escape pods “. She turned to her helmsman, “Fire starboard bow realignment repulse, get our starboard broadside facing them. Pull main batteries to face starboard. We aren’t going down without a bloody good fight!”

Suddenly, that gruff, broad, angry lieutenant that had harassed Xander earlier materialized once more behind him, hand atop his weary shoulder. “Come on, you fool, get to the frackin escape pods, we don’t exactly have all frackin day!”

As Xander ran, stumbling with every lurch and jerk of the Arcadia as she bore the brunt of weapons fire, the carnage of war blurred around him. Splatters of blood adorned every wall, a corpse here and there, draped across and under fallen metal girders. Occasionally, a bloody crewman would run in front of Xander, before fading into the darkness of the emergency lighting. Several times, He was forced to backtrack, as locked blast doors, fallen debris, and fires delay his egress. Alongside Xander, or rather behind him, the lieutenant breathed heavily, turning pale by every passing moment.

“Stop,… here… escape… room…. 12B…. there..” he mumbled between each breath.

Entering the room, a hatch lay open to a pod beyond. Inside, several others sit waiting on a padded bench, each with various uniforms and in several states of health, though many seats open with their woven harness unoccupied. Upon entering, the heavyset lieutenant closed the hatch behind Xander, shouting, “There’s no one else coming, the past couple of hallways are probably engulfed in flames now, we’re pushing off!” He closed the hatch, then straps into the bench beside Xander, struggling to lock the harness around his large girth. An alarm sounded, the lights dimmed and turned red, a sudden, viscous jolt, then a sudden feeling of gravity tearing at Xanders innards ripped through him, as the pod fell away from the warship.

The viewport built into the hatch gave Xander an unrestricted view of the Arcadia as he fell away, several pods falling alongside theirs. As Xander watches, the Arcadia takes numerous, destructive hits, her guns still blazing away into the void,  before being lanced by a brilliant beam of light into her midsection, breaking into two oblong pieces, as if torn apart by the wrath of an almighty god of light and chaos.

Don’t worry” the lieutenant next to Xander utters softly, “everything is going to be alright

From his groin blooms a wet spot, staining his trousers.
International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
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Myst rubbed his face with a paw due to the slap, though he had a smile on his face, "Yeah, I think I deserved that for ruining the moment with such efficiency. But a little pain is worth what came after, I think. Will have to endeavor to make a more romantic moment in the future to truly back up for it." He looked down at her and nodded at Cui, "Agreed. It's quite optimistic, and it's a gut feeling more than anything, but I'm feeling unusual in the fact that I'm actually confident about it. I don't usually trust the gut, but it seems you bring out a more instinctual side of me, Cui... Erhm, take that as you will. Regardless, I took am sure we will win in the end, together."


Xefr smiled at the puns, having enjoyed them himself. He seemed satisfied by the chance to finally rest for a moment, since he felt that everything had been moving so fast he hadn't had the time to really process it all. This was the perfect time to do so, and sharpen his mind for the challenges he believed were ahead of them. But before he could respond, Caprima had revealed her true form, causing surprise to Xefr as well. He wasn't too shocked, since from the Shiva lessons he had learnt that Caprima was more than meets the eye, but he wasn't used to this red-form of hers. Still he recovered from the surprise soon enough, giving a nod, "You mean Re'Ni, correct? If so, then you will find that I am in agreement that it would be best to avoid such a thing, based on what I have heard about these Atzels and their powers. Though I personally just hope that Tec is alright. I'm sure he is right now, since I haven't felt anything, but I am still concerned." The Black Dragon did not fail to notice the skull's sudden change in expression, but he decided not to voice this to Caprima for now.
Guardian approached the two of them, stretching his wings. He spoke with a tired tone, though still happy, "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but a chance to rest sounds just simply wonderful! I'll have to make a call if we're taking the day off, to fully enjoy myself, but hot damn do I thi-" He suddenly just stopped speaking, the reason for which became clear as a creeping wave of dark energy passed through the room, along with muffled malicious laughter. Guardian's expression suddenly became incredibly serious, "Stay here. I'll handle this as I always do. This is my purpose, after all." And then, he teleported away, down to the ship's brig. Xefr simply solemnly nodded, speaking to Cui and Caprima, "I'll be following that order myself, and I'd recommend you two do as well. I know for a fact I'll just be getting in the way, but if you want to go I won't stop you. And before you ask, that is indeed the Corrupted Shard's presence you felt. Another Shade has gotten loose, Shades being small extensions of Forbidden's power that slip out of his prison and attempt to flee the ship. Guardian is the one who contains them."


The orb easily stunned all Dragons present, as well as a fair few on other areas of the planet. Even the grand Golden Fleet in orbit took note, as it was hard not to. The light was most especially taken note of by two other Black Dragons on the planet, one out in the forest and one teaching a class of Dragonlings. Both were quite aware of what had just taken place, from their great many years of knowledge.
The Blue Dragon was surprised by the slap, rubbing his face but quickly fleeing soon after due to sheer confusion on what was going on. Tec simply nodded, "No objections here. I've had enough excitement today for myself as well. Come on, let's fly." The Shard then took to the skies. One Combat Drake had left, his mission done with, and he had a lot of paperwork to handle due to this whole mess. The Captain yet lingered though. Strangely, he didn't actually seem to care much about Re'Ni right now, even despite her display of power. He almost seemed desensitized to such a display, like he had seen it before somewhere else. He was more focused on Tec as he flew into the sky, like he wanted to say something but was holding his tongue. This lasted for a few seconds before he finally sighed and walked off into the brush. 
International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
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The two ghosts would stop bickering and just glee at the sight of the playroom, "THANKS FATTY!" said both in unison and flied hastily to test all the games  ...caves can be pretty boring for two dragonlings after a few millenia!
Cui blinked looking a bit awkward as she stared at Myst with a dumb expression on her  ..she flew right infront of him and slapped him, only to grabb his face with her paws "That's for ruining the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me" and then proceeded to give him a big kiss with her eyes closed and hug him right afterwards "And that's because I love you as much sillyscales!". Thinking of what the future beholded, she snorted and huffed, looking up "You know Myst ..whatever happens, we'll always have this. We'll win in the end, I'm sure of it. I'm sure."[/i]


Caprima raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms looking at Xefr in a somewhat playful manner "I guess you could say we'll.. bone some Hyl tail! Or! Or! I know; We'll skull them!" then retorted to snickering. After overcoming her horrible puns, she sighed and gazed upon Xefr with a far more less jovial smile ...should she tell him there was no plan? Should she tell him everything depended on him? Should she tell him who the real enemy was and what Xefr would be actually fighting for? Mortals were so prone to make mistakes whenever they knew everything  ..especially dragons, she though as she looked at the skull with an angry frown. She closed her eyes a bit and concentrated at the Hyl's position, then smiled and turned to Xefr "You know what I think we should just rest. I've tracked the Hyl pack quite far from the center of the universe, we could reach them in a few days time and then sneak on them  ..they're probably recharging their powers by destroying old stars" Suddenly her fur got all stirred up, her fangs grew and her eyes widened, turning yellow with red like before, revealing her true form ...something had really startled her "...WELL SHOOT! I haven't felt such a strong aura in ages ..must be that black dragoness emitting Shiva waves ..let's just hope this sillypants won't pull an Atzel and attract every Hyl and Multiversal entity on her position with those emissions." The skull seemed to have an angry frown for a moment there, clearly not approving the expression "to pull an Atzel".


Tec's winghug really comforted her, it was nice to know that at least one person in this awful universe believed in her  ..trusted her and didn't think she was just a crazy menace  ...loved her even! Re'Ni gazed upon the combat drakes and the once blue drake; she would fix this   ..but should she really? For a moment it looked like a good punishment "Yes! Turn foolvalx into Gecko!" said her voice  ..if she could control her powers, no one could stop her. ...But would all this bring happiness to her? Was punishing others the way to freedom? No, she would fix this and become something she never tried before  ....a true Atzel! {{"Nope"}} she said again to herself. She closed her eyes and nodded, then gently left Tec's embrace to get calmly closer to the group of Drakes.
As she closed up to her victim she closed up to him and raised her claw up to the sky ...the orb grew bigger and stronger, while her eyes turned pure white, a storm begun forming above them. Amidst the thunders she grinned and finally released the orb upon the fool who had mocked her Tec   ...she would show these silly drakes what a real Atzel is, the time of hiding and holding back her true power was over. {{"Re'Ni hopes get color right..."}} A giant explosion of white light overwhelmed the entire planet of Heord for a few seconds, the magic it emitted would not leave the place for years the light cleared away, the poor drake had back his blue colour and more  ...he would not remember anything scarring that happened after Re'Ni's snap, just their exchange of insults in the fair. Re'Ni just smiled and slapped the blue dragon with her paw {{"There  ...even!"}} she turned to Tec {{"Re'Ni and Tec fly back home now  ..had enough of Heord"}}
Map Location Request Form / Cardassian Map Request
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Regional Name:The Dominion of Cardassian Prime
Name on Map:Cardassian Union
Population of your Species: 1.667 billion
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Location on Map (Reference map link below to view the map to determine where you wanna be. Be detailed in desired location):Alpha Quadrant, between Chymerion Empire and Finislandia
Citizenship Form / Cardassian Citizenship
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Galactic Federation species name.:Cardassians
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Do you have nations in other regions?:Yes
If yes, where?:Lazarus
Have you held positions in any regions government?:Yes
If so, what and where?:Treasurer, United Federation of Planets;WA Delegate, Starfleet Academy
Would you ever consider being involved in one of the regions government positions?:Yes
Is this nation a puppet.:No
International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
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The Shards all landed without issue, and all seemed relieved to be in the familiar halls of their great vessel and home. Guardian watched the two younglings flail about, snickering when their attack failed so spectacularly. While he did soften a bit at the tantrums, for they reminded him of Scout, he still grinned at them getting their just dues for now. He nodded to Caprima, "Understood. I'll lock em up in one of Scout's playrooms. Those are well fortified, from both inside and outside threats, so should be able to keep them locked in. Plus, they have plenty of entertainment too. I think I'll send them to room seventeen. There's an ice-cream dispenser in there, alongside some toys and a TV to watch. That should work to keep them occupied..." With that, he wandered over next to the two dragonlings throwing their tantrum, raising up a paw and saying, "Hey, brats! In our infinite generosity, your grounding will be done in a playroom. Enjoy!" With that, the paw glowed, and a magical dome appeared around the two of them. Within moments, it disappeared, taking the 'lings along with it to playroom seventeen.
Myst blushed as he looked down at Cui, his voice being low as well, "I think, Cui... That I love you too. So, I promise not to tell..." The Shard was thinking he probably needed to lighten the mood a bit, and thought of something. He was a bit embarrassed to say it, but he mustered all of his confidence in the attempt. Throwing on his normal cool and calm facade, he spoke a little louder now, "However, since it appears what was said was indeed true... Well, my tail is at the ready to wrap up and warm if asked!" Pretty much as soon as he finished saying that however, he winced and looked away, completely regretting saying that and beating himself up over ruining the moment.

Xefr in the meanwhile was most focused on the skull, looking down at it with understanding. These were all quite familiar feelings to Xefr, he'd felt them many times before, and so he couldn't help but feel sympathy for whoever this person in the bones may be. He'd spoken to somebody through the bones before, the one who sent him on the quest in the first place, and so he had to wonder if this was indeed that person, or somebody else entirely. He eventually broke out of the stupor once Guardian banished the dragonlings to their grounding in the playroom, looking back to Caprima and saying, "Well, guess we need to figure out our next move, right?"


Tec quickly positioned himself beside Re'Ni, trying to comfort her with his presence and shielding her with his wing. He wanted to show her that he believed in her, and was there to protect her. He had to do this silently though, since he didn't want to speak and screw up whatever she was doing. The two Combat Drakes, Commander and Grunt, watched from the sidelines. Not interrupting, but being ready to act. The Commander had put his trust in this, but he wouldn't hestiate should the trust be in vain. The newly Black Dragon was still scared, looking at the ball of light with fear. Still, this would be helpful to Re'Ni in the end, since it meant he was anchored by that fear and wouldn't move. It was all up to whatever Re'Ni's fix was.
International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
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Cui swinged her claws and tail with fury while her energy begun charging to rather high levels for any ghost; Filled by a nearly uncontrollable rage, Myst's boost would not be needed for Cui to kick the annoying hatchlings' tails  ...obstructing their mission to save the universe was one thing, mocking her infront of Caprima and Myst was another. As all the little Qoatl dragon apparitions fought, Caprima winked at Guardian and spoke to him in an almost sinsister tone "No need for that my child ...once we get back I'll handle these rascals myself" she raised her hands and tried to focus, a task that was quite hard considering Cui was using half and more of her beloved Capricorn's own power and the orb's to fight some silly little sacrificed dragonlings! The tired capricorn sighed, took a deep breath and out of her hands formed a plethora of white shadows running around everyone in the room   ...all existence ceased for a moment and for a few split seconds everyone could witness images dating back to the creation of the world ..or one world of many, to be accurate. Then suddenly, they all appeared a little above the floor in a corridor of the Soul's Eclipse, falling down gracefully like sacks of potatoes.
Falling down as Cui was slapping their tails and they were munching her wings, the two dragon ghost brothers shook their heads in confusion, for a very long time ever since their deaths they haven't had felt so solid, something must've gone terribly wrong! As cui flew away from them with a snarky grin on her face ..Caprima walked up to them looking down on the two colourful dragons with a big angry frown while tapping her foot and having her arms crossed "Enough!You two are grounded. You're no longer in the sacrificial tomb, so the shiva bound to you no longer empowers you  ..understood?" The purple dragon hissed and tried breathing a large amount of fire upon Caprima, only for the attack to just pass through the Capricorn and dissolve, leading to both dragonlings to throw a majestic tantrum involving high-pitched whining and hitting the floor. Caprima rolled her eyes and turned around facing Guardian and Xefr, evidently tired from all of this "Lock them somewhere safe and give them something to play   ..they're not evil afterall, just victims."
Cui somewhat reluctantly approached Myst from his side and nudged him ..merely whispering "Ehm ..about what those two said  ..I  ..well, I'm a Qoatl warrior, so even if it is true what they said, if you mention what happened ever again I'll stuff your mouth with your own tail. ..and  ..ehm, I love you I guess."
Evertything seemed to be in order, everything but the skull; Xefr could feel something from it  ...familiar feelings; Anger, Sorrow, Guilt. That old bunch of bones felt as if it was actually a person on its own right, and a rather strong one at that.


Re'Ni shrieked after seeing her mate waving her to come down, her tail beggining to shake again. She really didn't want to come down, fearing that she would ruin everything just as she did earlier ...but she had to; for Tec's sake and her own. She reluctantly approached the small group of dragons with her head hanged down and trying to avoid looking at any other dragon than Tec  ..her behaviour was unnaturaly nervous and it showed. She tried saying something but as soon as she tried to form a sentence, the only think that came out was an incomprehensible whisper and her mind begun entering a circular motion  ...Who said these barbarians would actually consider forgiving her? These tomb spitters! But  ..but she was worse, she nearly killed them all and she caused one of them to suffer. She was a horrible valx, a bad mother and completely devoid of social norms. Yes, she was to blaim ..Re'Ni is awful ...and all because of them! "Burn them All and go home" said her voice..
Re'Ni munched her Snout looking nervously left and right, trembling so bad that the ground arround her felt as if a small earthquake was happening "Burn them all" the voice repeated. Re'Ni raised her head looking at the distant with a rather creepy smile on her face {"Nope!"} then upon looking at her victim, her eyes darkened, the voices within almost making her sob as she tried talking to the dragons present {"Re'Ni very sorry! Worst Valx   ...Fix this!"} She readied an orb of light on her paw and looked at it hesitantly, then spit at it, turning it into a luminescent pearl-coloured ball of light.
Citizenship Form / Kestvala Citizenship Form #2
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Galactic Federation species name.: The Kestvalae.
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Do you have nations in other regions?: Yes.
If yes, where?: The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Balder, World Stage, The West Pacific, The Pacific.
Have you held positions in any regions government?: Yes.
If so, what and where?: (The Coalition of Democratic Nations) Deputy Minister of Culture, Provisional Minister of Culture, Minister of Defense, Co-author of the Constitution, Senator and Arbitrator General, Deputy Regional Chairman. (The Core Galaxy) President, Executive Council Member.
Would you ever consider being involved in one of the regions government positions?: Yes.
Is this nation a puppet.: No.

Edit Note: I'm from the very beginning of TGF actually. Hello again!
Map Location Request Form / Columbia Space Claim
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Regional Name: Columbian Patriots
Name on Map: Coalition of American Republics
Population of your Species: 127.55 billion
Link to the NS nation that is within the Galactic Federation.:
Location on Map (Reference map link below to view the map to determine where you wanna be. Be detailed in desired location): The space in between the Biocrane Sultanate and The Blood Sultanate
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