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International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: April 17, 2018, 08:02:04 pm »
Xefr seemed surprised at the news, but that faded quickly. There was a little glimpse of sadness if one was watching very carefully, but it was shoved aside quickly as happiness took its place in genuine fashion, "That is wonderful! Guess I really was right then when I said you two have completely changed from your first interactions. From cold glares to private bedroom nights." Myst was already blushing from the kiss, but Xefr's words just made it worse, "Ess! My mate can handle that part of the arrangement well enough, you need not help her... Anyways, I guess we should inform Guardian next. Then perhaps we can get to planning the wedding while we have the time." His tail was moving about a bit frantically, though it eventually stopped ontop of Cui's, where it calmed.


Forbidden didn't seem impressed or amused, just slightly irritated. He gazed at the hand and said, "I'm afraid I don't have half a soul to give, vile goat. Maybe you can get a tenth of a soul, since that's about half of what I have. This damnable cage stopped me from growing even close to my true power. But what can I do about it? It'll regenerate quick enough, just as it always has. Wouldn't be the first time neither I or even the True Xefr gave up a piece of his soul to somebody. We always grow it back, it's a family tradition. Go on then, let's get it over with." He put a paw on her hand, rolling his eyes as he knew exactly what was coming next.


The Golden Dragon slowly emerged, going not too quick as to startle Re'Ni. He seemed experienced with handling twitchy Dragons, and he spoke calmly, "Hold. I'm not a threat to you, or you child for that matter. My name is Dervis Goldon. I'm the Combat Drake Commander that vouched for you in that whole incident. The reason you aren't being arrested. I've just come to talk to your mate, Tec. There's something I need to talk to him with." Tec, in his own defensive action, swiftly picked up Silvia and put her on his back, so he could protect her more easily if need be. This of course also had the look of Silvi riding on her dad's back like he was a mount, which was cute.

International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:22:44 pm »
Myst stood proud, even as his cheek was pinched, and as Cui leaned in he hugged her with one of his wings, "Ah, so that's your motive, is it? You like me so much, you want to have some insurance that you'll get to keep me no matter what happens. I do like that contingency plan myself, so I'll do what is needed to ensure that happens. Anyways, let me call Essentials." His eyes flashed blue, with a little psionic ping going out. Soon enough, Xefr teleported in front of them, smiling at them, "I see you two are getting along well. Quite different to how it was when you first met, isn't it? Anyhow, why have you called, Myst?" Myst's tail gave Cui's a little tap, signalling that he wanted her to tell him.


Forbidden, strangely enough by his expression, seemed to be feeling the same pity, but for Caprima, "Ah, so that's where you made your mistake in thought. You want to give the troublemakers more power, instead of doing anything to actually stop the problem. Hmph." With a sigh of what appeared to be disappointment, "Fear hasn't consumed me, Caprima. You simply misinterpreted my point. You see, I want to spread it. I want to make everyone afraid. I want to make everything too afraid to ever hurt another person ever again. That's what I want. Peace in the only way it can be sustained! That's what I'll work towards." He grunted, going silent for a moment, and then chuckled, "Fine. I'll help you kill your little Weaver. And I'll consume whatever is left of her by the end of it. I don't care for any chains, because there are none holding me back. Just a cage, which you also happen to be in."


Tec smiled, and complied with her request by reaching out with his own paws to pick Silvia up, and started doing some nuzzling of his own. All too happy to dote on his child. Meanwhile, Re'Ni was correct. In the brush of the garden, a Golden Dragon was watching from the distance. If Re'Ni looked carefully, she could tell it was that Combat Drake Commander from before, but he wasn't wearing any armor. He was just watching Tec and Silvia, clearly in awe.

International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: April 16, 2018, 01:44:48 pm »
Myst didn't resist, happily going along with Cui and smiling at her clear excitement, "I shall prepare myself to be impressed then, since I doubt anybody but yourself and Caprima have attended a Qoatl wedding before. I suppose we should inform Essentials first, as Caprima still appears busy with whatever is going on down in the brig." The Shard went red again as he realized the meaning behind the suggestive tones and those words, "Oh goodness... Well, erhm... I guess it'll be like finishing what was interrupted by that Hyl back down at the beach. Something I wouldn't mind at all, even if I am not nearly as experienced in the trade as you, Cui."


The swirling red mist emitted the sound of laughter once more, with Forbidden either not taking this seriously or something else. But the mist did culminate into a real Dragon form now, no longer gaseous. The end product was a Black Dragon, similar to all the other shards, but with dark red eyes that had no pupils. Just pure dark red spheres. His wings were cut up, a stark contrast to the rest of the body which was pristine in its quality. He sighed and spoke, "You really don't understand, you know. You never will. It matters little if you were once mortal and became such again, because you've already given it up. Mortality doesn't just come back. The imitation means little, but your condescension means a lot. So please stop acting like you understand anything, Caprima." He stretched his wings out, sighing in relief, "Still, it does feel good to take such a form once again, so I'll thank you for the recommendation. Now, what do I want? Well, first off, I want to be immutable. A fact of life. Entwine myself with existence so I never need to leave the mortal plane, and so I can never be removed from it. But that's something I'll accomplish eventually. As for what I really want... A never-ending state of peace. No more death, pain, loss. But you see, that's so naive to think it can be done without making one or more sacrifices, particularly in the means of how I will achieve it. Let me ask you one thing Caprima... Do you think fear has a certain element of paralysis to it?"


Tec was just more happy than he had ever been. Not only because he was a father, but because of Re'Ni right now too. He could see that lack of conflict within her, that ability to concentrate and feel unhindered by the pain inside her. That made everything worth it. It was just an incredibly good addition that he had a beautiful hatchling to love and care for too! Regardless, he leaned his head down close to the baby, "Yup, we're parents now, love. With our adorable silver baby. Let's see, I got a few ideas for names. How about Illumi or Silvi?" He picked his head up, thinking harder, "Hm, no, I can do better than those! How about Estrella? That's this country's word for chain of stars. Or maybe Zelethre? It was the name of an ancient Queen of Heord's Vudsi Islands, the first to rule over all of them! Or..." Tec was now caught in a mental loop of trying to think of more names, and clearly wouldn't be settled until he was stopped or found something perfect.

International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: April 06, 2018, 09:46:53 pm »
Myst enjoyed the hug, remaining silent himself as well. Partially out of shock from the rush, and partially out of just wanting to enjoy that peaceful moment in time. His eyes remained open though, so he could just smile back as Cui opened hers, "I love you as well, Cui. My friend... And I guess now, my mate. It's rather overwhelming for me."


Forbidden through the whole thing was observant, yet never seemed surprised. The red mist had form into a form of a Dragon, though it maintained that texture of a mist, and no outstanding features besides the eyes of pure darkness. He looked at her when she finally finished and said, "...Oh, done now? Right then, my turn. You see, goat, you're also wrong about me. Don't worry though, that's usual for all people, even ones like you. I'm not exactly within the realm of understanding. Here's the thing, I don't care much for that seeing beyond the veil thing. I've done it, and it's just not for me. I've got bigger interests in mind, y'see. I like to instead entwine myself with that veil. Xefr is my name, but yet, it isn't. I had another, but I forgot it, because Xefr changed me. So much so that Xefr is me now. I am so much greater. But I am no slave, Caprima, I'm something something special. There is no life for me, yet there is no death either." The confidence in his voice was complete, but physically the small red Dragon of gas glanced around a bit, showing there was more than that to him, "But, I'm not exactly free, as the cage shows. So, let's see your offer. If it doesn't suit me, I'll be rid of it, as I have done so many times before. Besides, it'll be interesting to make a deal with a fellow Devil... Don't disappoint me, because I'm one of the few who can make you truly regret that." With a dark grin, a phantasmal hand appeared and shook Caprima's, with the dark Shard merely watching on to see what happened next.

Tec remained close by the whole time, watching with anticipation and a level of excitement he had never experienced before. He simply hugged Re'Ni upon seeing the egg itself, not able to express his joy with words. Yet despite the fact that he believed he could never be happier, he was proven wrong within moments as he noticed the Egg hatching. Tec had to join his mate in sobbing, moving close to inspect the hatchling. He licked her as well, taking extreme pride in her lovely silver color and seeing her as the cutest thing he had ever seen, even more so than Scout! But he did manage to get ahold of himself, and speak, "This is amazing. She hatched so quickly, and she looks perfectly healthy, too! We're parents of a lovely child... But, not to take away from the joy, there is one thing... What are we going to name her?"

International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: April 02, 2018, 11:18:40 pm »
Myst was silent for a few moments as his mind carefully processed the request, and Cui could tell that his mind had completed its task when his scales started turning as red as Ezron's, even though Cui had no idea who that particular Dragon was. The Shard tried to speak, and failed. So he tried again, this time succeeding, "I... I will! I'll marry you, Cui!" He looked away for a moment, and then looked back. Suddenly he seemed a lot more calm, as he had managed to slip that mask back on now, "Ahem... So yes, I accept! I will gladly marry you, Cui. That's the natural thing to do when you love somebody, and want to spend time with them, right? And so let's not waste any of our limited time, and go about making that marriage official. Now, if Qoatl are anything like Golden Dragons, then we both know that marriages are finally sealed by... Oh my..." His voice trailed off, and one could almost visualize the mask slipping off as Myst remembered how the Dragons of Heord sanctified marriage, and he once more got incredibly nervous. His tail began to swish about rapidly like it had done before.


Xefr sighed as Caprima disappeared. He didn't share her conviction in this regard. He may have seen Caprima's true form, or at least what he was pretty sure was her real form, and knew the truth about what she was, or at least believed he did. But none of that made him see Forbidden in any less of a terrifying light. He simply had to hope this went well.
Caprima, arriving in the cage, could see that there was no Forbidden to simply be in front of, for he was all around. There was no eyes that leaked, for the entire cage was filled with the leakage. This red mist swirled around in the cage, now directing itself to enclose itself around Caprima's form. It did not touch her, but formed itself into a sphere around her. In the brief moments before there was nothing but the mist in sight, she could see outside the Cage, where Guardian was doing battle with another Dragon made of this mist, and Guardian appeared to be winning. Regardless, when Forbidden did speak back to Caprima, two black eyes appeared in front of her, and his dark voice was lined with poison in every word, "So very confident, so self assured... How very different from my brothers. Well, not really. You are quite a bit like Myst, who lives a lie,  you merely project that lie onto others as well. A masterful forgery. But let us not mince words, and let us lift the veil. I have been watching you carefully, ever since you came aboard this cursed ship. I know so much more than you may ever expect. In fact, why speak in this tongue, when I know your true language? Allow me to speak to you in the way of your kind..."
The mist broke, and started culminating into a shape. Taking new colors and form. The end product was a black sheep, yet it was slightly disformed, like there was another animal underneath. This was cemented by the fact that when it opened its mouth, it let out a menacing howl, like that of a wolf who had lost its pack. And then, it just grinned, revealing its menacing predatoral teeth. Forbidden felt that this last touch would ensure Caprima got the message of what he meant.


Tec smiled and chuckled, visualizing himself as the "sexy concubine" standing at Queen Re'Ni's side. Hardly the worst existence one could have. However, before he could join Re'Ni or give a response, he too was overcome with shock once he realized what Re'Ni had actually said. He put his paws on her shoulders and said, "First step, calm down! Relaxing will allow the egg to come out more easily. Second step, lie down in a safe area! And third step, stay calm! I'll do all the panicking for you! But I can also do other things to help!"

International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: March 03, 2018, 02:05:02 pm »
Myst rubbed his face with a paw due to the slap, though he had a smile on his face, "Yeah, I think I deserved that for ruining the moment with such efficiency. But a little pain is worth what came after, I think. Will have to endeavor to make a more romantic moment in the future to truly back up for it." He looked down at her and nodded at Cui, "Agreed. It's quite optimistic, and it's a gut feeling more than anything, but I'm feeling unusual in the fact that I'm actually confident about it. I don't usually trust the gut, but it seems you bring out a more instinctual side of me, Cui... Erhm, take that as you will. Regardless, I took am sure we will win in the end, together."


Xefr smiled at the puns, having enjoyed them himself. He seemed satisfied by the chance to finally rest for a moment, since he felt that everything had been moving so fast he hadn't had the time to really process it all. This was the perfect time to do so, and sharpen his mind for the challenges he believed were ahead of them. But before he could respond, Caprima had revealed her true form, causing surprise to Xefr as well. He wasn't too shocked, since from the Shiva lessons he had learnt that Caprima was more than meets the eye, but he wasn't used to this red-form of hers. Still he recovered from the surprise soon enough, giving a nod, "You mean Re'Ni, correct? If so, then you will find that I am in agreement that it would be best to avoid such a thing, based on what I have heard about these Atzels and their powers. Though I personally just hope that Tec is alright. I'm sure he is right now, since I haven't felt anything, but I am still concerned." The Black Dragon did not fail to notice the skull's sudden change in expression, but he decided not to voice this to Caprima for now.
Guardian approached the two of them, stretching his wings. He spoke with a tired tone, though still happy, "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but a chance to rest sounds just simply wonderful! I'll have to make a call if we're taking the day off, to fully enjoy myself, but hot damn do I thi-" He suddenly just stopped speaking, the reason for which became clear as a creeping wave of dark energy passed through the room, along with muffled malicious laughter. Guardian's expression suddenly became incredibly serious, "Stay here. I'll handle this as I always do. This is my purpose, after all." And then, he teleported away, down to the ship's brig. Xefr simply solemnly nodded, speaking to Cui and Caprima, "I'll be following that order myself, and I'd recommend you two do as well. I know for a fact I'll just be getting in the way, but if you want to go I won't stop you. And before you ask, that is indeed the Corrupted Shard's presence you felt. Another Shade has gotten loose, Shades being small extensions of Forbidden's power that slip out of his prison and attempt to flee the ship. Guardian is the one who contains them."


The orb easily stunned all Dragons present, as well as a fair few on other areas of the planet. Even the grand Golden Fleet in orbit took note, as it was hard not to. The light was most especially taken note of by two other Black Dragons on the planet, one out in the forest and one teaching a class of Dragonlings. Both were quite aware of what had just taken place, from their great many years of knowledge.
The Blue Dragon was surprised by the slap, rubbing his face but quickly fleeing soon after due to sheer confusion on what was going on. Tec simply nodded, "No objections here. I've had enough excitement today for myself as well. Come on, let's fly." The Shard then took to the skies. One Combat Drake had left, his mission done with, and he had a lot of paperwork to handle due to this whole mess. The Captain yet lingered though. Strangely, he didn't actually seem to care much about Re'Ni right now, even despite her display of power. He almost seemed desensitized to such a display, like he had seen it before somewhere else. He was more focused on Tec as he flew into the sky, like he wanted to say something but was holding his tongue. This lasted for a few seconds before he finally sighed and walked off into the brush. 

International Events / Re: Xefr's Adventures: Existential Crisis
« on: January 31, 2018, 06:55:30 pm »
The Shards all landed without issue, and all seemed relieved to be in the familiar halls of their great vessel and home. Guardian watched the two younglings flail about, snickering when their attack failed so spectacularly. While he did soften a bit at the tantrums, for they reminded him of Scout, he still grinned at them getting their just dues for now. He nodded to Caprima, "Understood. I'll lock em up in one of Scout's playrooms. Those are well fortified, from both inside and outside threats, so should be able to keep them locked in. Plus, they have plenty of entertainment too. I think I'll send them to room seventeen. There's an ice-cream dispenser in there, alongside some toys and a TV to watch. That should work to keep them occupied..." With that, he wandered over next to the two dragonlings throwing their tantrum, raising up a paw and saying, "Hey, brats! In our infinite generosity, your grounding will be done in a playroom. Enjoy!" With that, the paw glowed, and a magical dome appeared around the two of them. Within moments, it disappeared, taking the 'lings along with it to playroom seventeen.
Myst blushed as he looked down at Cui, his voice being low as well, "I think, Cui... That I love you too. So, I promise not to tell..." The Shard was thinking he probably needed to lighten the mood a bit, and thought of something. He was a bit embarrassed to say it, but he mustered all of his confidence in the attempt. Throwing on his normal cool and calm facade, he spoke a little louder now, "However, since it appears what was said was indeed true... Well, my tail is at the ready to wrap up and warm if asked!" Pretty much as soon as he finished saying that however, he winced and looked away, completely regretting saying that and beating himself up over ruining the moment.

Xefr in the meanwhile was most focused on the skull, looking down at it with understanding. These were all quite familiar feelings to Xefr, he'd felt them many times before, and so he couldn't help but feel sympathy for whoever this person in the bones may be. He'd spoken to somebody through the bones before, the one who sent him on the quest in the first place, and so he had to wonder if this was indeed that person, or somebody else entirely. He eventually broke out of the stupor once Guardian banished the dragonlings to their grounding in the playroom, looking back to Caprima and saying, "Well, guess we need to figure out our next move, right?"


Tec quickly positioned himself beside Re'Ni, trying to comfort her with his presence and shielding her with his wing. He wanted to show her that he believed in her, and was there to protect her. He had to do this silently though, since he didn't want to speak and screw up whatever she was doing. The two Combat Drakes, Commander and Grunt, watched from the sidelines. Not interrupting, but being ready to act. The Commander had put his trust in this, but he wouldn't hestiate should the trust be in vain. The newly Black Dragon was still scared, looking at the ball of light with fear. Still, this would be helpful to Re'Ni in the end, since it meant he was anchored by that fear and wouldn't move. It was all up to whatever Re'Ni's fix was.

Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: November 06, 2017, 11:58:57 pm »
As a question of pure curiosity, to whomever wishes to answer, how useful of a ghost would you be? To be more specific, if you were brutally killed in a manner that is both painful and amusing to onlookers, and had your unfortunate souls shackled, would the suffering make you into more powerful spirits? Or do you believe it's better to kill the one you intend to shackle painlessly, yet make sure they see their family, friends, and other assorted loved ones in agony first, so as to trigger that sort of vengeful spirit mode? It's a question I've been pondering for a while now. And my tests haven't given me clear results... My hypothetical tests, I mean. Mental gymnastics.


Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: October 29, 2017, 11:02:52 pm »
Are you naturally red? Or was that only caused by the foul magic of socialism? If it's the latter, I'm sure we can help cure you of that!

-An Iammelonian Scarletneck

Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: October 02, 2017, 01:16:25 am »
We are people watching you through a camera that seems to have been placed in your current vicinity. You are now the character running an AMA, to answer the questions of us, the curious askers. Welcome to your new role. This will be amusing.

Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: October 02, 2017, 12:43:49 am »
...The Unit does not believe the second part was intentional, for it seems that was unconnected to the proper AMA section. An unfortunate error.

It would like to apologize in case its experiments were the cause. Cross-Universal communication technology is quite unpredictable, so it hopes for understanding in that regard. It will endeavor to avoid such inconveniences.
-CSDO 0020, "Tirodon"

Oi, Scharlagel! You the one asking questions now?

Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: August 04, 2017, 11:57:46 pm »
The TV show was great. The hot Blue Watrike won in the end so I'm satisfied... It fits my fan fiction.

Just don't tell the Watrike in question I said that, or I'm probably dead.
-Iammelonian Citzen Nuilo Fiwyh

Hello there Princess. I don't know much about your family, so what is it like living with them?

Species Meetings / Re: Princess Arya's AMA 2nd Edition
« on: July 31, 2017, 12:10:36 am »
How do you spend your free time?


Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: July 30, 2017, 12:13:00 am »
So, theoretically speaking here, how would you feel if a race track was set up in your space? Purely hypothetical situation of course, but there wouldn't be any problems with that, right?
- Apex_Racer_666

Species Meetings / Re: Hestia's Ask Me Anything Session
« on: July 29, 2017, 05:01:13 pm »
You seem to have gotten younger! What's your secret?

Are axes or spears the superior weapon? Also, do you agree that 300 Gladiators is the approrpirate number for a Grand Tourament Battle? Or are you of the filthy, heretical 450 crowd?
-Random Valorian Citizen

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