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Title: The Chronicles of the Assembly
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-Chrymerion Imperius Space-

Out in the void, in the vastness of space within the Chrymerion Imperius' reach, warps out an unusually large fleet of ships, ranging from drones to motherships the size of a city. They all have a similar objective: reach the Chrymerion space to extract an important information. A couple of similar contingents with a size doubling the first one was sent as well to the Nuzeikurgan's realm with another mission in hand.

"My leader! We have exited the warp. We are now in Chrymerion Imperius' reaches." said one of the communications crew aboard the flagship. "Great! Thank you for the information." the commander said. "Alright everyone, this is Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, commander of the 1st Ascendancy Fleet, we have now reached the Chrymerion Space. Under my leadership, I command everyone to go your respective stations and prepare for our landing. All scientists aboard the fleet, you will go to your designated research stations on-board the first planet in the Chrymerion Home System. A large contingent of soldiers and medical personnel will be sent along you to provide additional security and assistance." he continued while being broadcast to the entire fleet, his hands pointing out at a map showing a planet of importance to the Diyelians. "To the majority of the soldiers, a blockade and defense fleet will be provided to you in guarding the planet, the rest of the fleet will come along to our ally's home planet and proceed in communicating to the highest Chrymerion officials. Understood?" he said, before finally giving the command. "Yes, my leader!" everyone in the fleet said in unison.

The broadcast ended, with the fleet population being seen rushing and going to their respective stations and ships. Hours later, the ships began moving inside the Chryerion's Home System, Delta Trianguli.

-Nuzeikurga Space-


The second set of fleets arrived out of warp as well, and camped along the borders of the Nuzeikurgan Home System. Fleets crew awoke from their static slumber and proceed directly to their stations, following the same guidelines being set-up by the respective commanders of the 2nd and 3rd Ascendancy Fleet. A small emissary contingent was sent first to explain the situation, while all others get ready. The scientists have been carefully sorted and mobilized to their leaders and was given the  protocols of the mission. Soldiers began receiving their weapons and armor and proceed to guard their designated research teams. The commanders can be seen standing and walking back and forth on their stations, vainly waiting for the emissaries to arrive with the message.

And so began the Diyelian people's path to ascendance.

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-Nuzeikurga Space-

As an automatic response to any ship entering Nuzeikurgan borders, a small formic fleet meet the Diyelian Fleet & then escorted the small emissary contingent to the capital Rith’Essa.

As they Escort & Diyelian just outside the main Hive Queen Vyloth, Zagara's Eldest daughter greets the Diyelians.

The commander of the 3rd Fleet speaks on behalf of the contingent. "Thank you Queen Vyloth, what a wonderful thing to hear from our dear allies. I am Zeifruge Diaschnigje, commander of our 3rd Ascendant Fleet, speaking on behalf of my species," he said while doing the Diyelian salute. "Beside me is Commander Lidzrial Nefrejzest, leader of the 2nd Fleet. Though it would be really nice to have access to your prized technology, we're here for a more important mission."

Vyloth: “It is good to meet you commanders, what mission brings you to Nuzeikurga.”

Zeifruge : "We are here for a knowledge and technology, that only your kin can provide. As our ally, it will be an honor to personally acquire this knowledge from you. What we seek is the wisdom in the mastery of Psionics, a critical pre-requisite to this powerful technology we are developing right now. Diyelians, in general, are not a psionically-gifted beings, but with your wisdom, we might unlock as well the secrets of our mind. Let us know, your decision Queen Vyloth, and Diyelians will reward your kindness." the commander said, bowing his head and gestures to go and get back to their quarters.

Before going back, the 2nd Fleet Commander hands out the documents regarding the proposed plan. The document title says Warforged Ascendacy.

Vyloth reads & watchs the holo-video. Immediately after she contacts Taknul, Niadra, & Kilysa & shares with them what the Diyelians are proposing.

Vyloth: “Sisters what say you in helping our dear allies.”

Niadra: “I say yes, besides Diyelians are so cute & squishy”

Taknul: “How is being Cute & squishy a reason to help, anyway Didn’t the Diyelians split into separate factions? I would like to know more of this before I decide, psionics can be devastating if a species is not ready for it, it will cause a major shift in their species, they will need to understand it, & use it for other things & not just as a tool for war.”

Kilysa giggles at what Niadra said for a moment but then looks serious after what Taknul said: “The Diyelians are 1 of our close allies & while I say yes I want to make sure they are careful, I realize that while I awakened the latent ability in some of the Chyrmerions by mistake, I still caused many of them to die since not all could handle such a change, so I would want them to know the possible dangers beforehand.” 

Vyloth noted how Kilysa has changed, shes really grown up, no longer the little brood maiden following Zagara everywhere:  “Well stated Taknul, Very well, I will speak with their commander on these things & make my final decision.”

Vyloth sends a psionic message to commander Zeifruge Diaschnigje: “Do not be alarmed Commander Zeifruge this is Vyloth, a few of my sisters & I have discussed your proposal & would like to discuss a few items with you before we agree to help. First we would like to know alittle about why your nation has split, we have not heard much about it & prefer to ignore whatever rumors other creatures have stated. Second we just want you to be aware of potential dangers, we want to avoid another incident like the one Kilysa accidentally caused with the Chyrmerions. Finally we want you to know that psionics once awakened becomes apart of your conscience, sub-conscience, & every aspect of life. So you must use it in a balanced way to fully control or understand it.”
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Zeifruge exciting responded that they will be glad to have a meeting with the Nuzeikurgans. "Lidzrial! Here's what we're waiting for. Zeihirge Diyelir!" he said as he shared the news to 2nd Fleet Commander. "Zeihirge Diyelir!" exclaimed the female commander as well, spreading the news into her whole fleet, in which was received with a massive optimism.

After a few hours the meeting starts into one of Nuzeikurgan's sort of a great hall. The Diyelians can't help but to marvel at the technologically advanced structure, carefully analyzing how they managed to create such great wonders out of purely organic materials.

A few minutes more and Zeifruge started his explanation. "Thank you for letting us explain the whole scenario, Queen Vyloth. First about the 'faction split'... actually we are just three whole teams consisting of fleets that we're separately sent to our allies in the Triumvirate Assembly to complete faster the mission that we are sent for. The 'faction' that was sent to the Chrymerions, the 1st Ascendancy Fleet, will be responsible for the genetic and technological aspects of our mission. They will handle all genetic enhancement codes and as well as the techno-organic creation of the Novashadow Virus strain that our military is using now to create our bio-mechanical soldier units, which can originally be found on their system and thus have more expertise in dealing with the symbiote." he pauses for a moment, looking at Lidzrial who's speaking with Queen Niadra. Niadra is obsessively patting the commander on the head, for some peculiar reason. He then gets back to Queen Vyloth.

"Anyway... me and Lidzrial, respective commanders of the 3rd and 2nd Ascendancy Fleet, will handle the psionic and bio-mechanical matters here. I will be in charge of the Psionic Advancement Training Program while she will handle the bio-mechanical control of the symbiote once we've made practical application of psionics. We don't need to master the use of it, your highness, but we aim to have a limited or specialized use it. Simply put, this will all revolve into controlling the symbiote in our body to be used as a companion in everyday activities and operations, which could save tens of millions of Diyelian soldier lives. It will be a great honor to be your students, and it will be a great leap in our species' achievements if we learned different wonders your psionic mastery can provide other than this basic knowledge that will be imparted to us, given the fact that we are not as gifted as your kin when it comes to the power of the mind." he fully explained while providing different hologram scenarios and presentations about the proposal.

"We are fully aware of the consequences, and would be happy to embrace that for the survival of our species." Lidzrial continued, politely musing the other commander and the Nuzeikurgan Queen beside her that it's her turn. "We know that unlocking these secrets offer a great strain into our minds and body, like the disaster that happened to the Chrymerions before. But we will be strictly disciplining ourselves in anticipation for that. We are mentally, physically and psychologically ready. We can start any time, and you can separate our legions into battalions that you can handle in the most efficient way. We will fully submit our force to you, and we will just be here to monitor the progress as well as the conditions of our soldiers. Our soldiers has been debriefed about this whole matter and wholeheartedly volunteered for this mission. They will do everything and push their selves to their limits. Thank you." she then let Zeifruge speak again, getting back to Niadra and continuing her chit-chat with her.

"As what Lidzrial has said, we are ready for everything. Just tell us when to start." Zeifruge said with an eager and decisive tone. "If this will go as planned, the Diyelians will never forget your kin's kindness, and rest assured that this will be rewarded in the most grateful way. Once this will be finished, we promise on behalf of the Diyelian race that we will always be at your side, in times of peace... and war." he finishes speaking, placing a deep emphasis on the last word. He then lets the four sister Queens decide on the proposal and eagerly wait in vain for their answer.

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Niadra, Taknul, & Kilysa arrived immediately on Rith’Essa for the meeting.

Rith’Essa’s moons Tur'Wyk & Tur'Gad are prepared so the larger ships in the Diyelians Fleet can dock at both moons & smaller vessels can land in various areas outside the Formic city.

The meeting takes place in a vast underground hall that would remind the Diyelians of a huge underground park. Various areas were filled with luminescent plants on the ground while the ceiling was lined with minerals & Gems to project more light. There were 2 small lakes at either end of the hall that were feed from water that trickled down from the wall.   
As the Diyelians analyze the structure Taknul explains to one of the Scientist that Formics initially grow Dwarf Shinju Tree’s inside a cast forcing it into a certain shape which it will keep as it grows bigger, but the most notable trait of any Shinju tree is its ability to fuse with other organic materials forming a massive symbiotic network. The entire city is a living organism. Different strains of the Shinju tree are used for different structure types & ships. 

Niadra started hugging random Diyelians as she greeted them & offered all sorts of saps, nectars, & food to the guests. At first Niadra may seem like just a flower child or air head, but once she started explaining Formic farming, herbalism, & new plants shes been developing her true intelligence started showing, which combined with her personality made for a very interesting conversation.

Kilysa was somewhat quiet being deep in thought.

Vyloth listened carefully to Zeifruge as he explained everything. When Zeifruge paused they both looked at Niadra, Vyloth sent her a psionic message:

“Niadra don’t treat Lidzrial as if she is a youngling, show proper respect.”

Niadra: “Sorry Vy I got carried away teehee.”

Vyloth turns back to Zeifruge: “Forgive my sister, please proceed.”

Vyloth listened & studied the hologram scenarios & presentations as well as what Lidzrial stated.

“Yes the Chyrmerions were not aware at first & were unprepared, since you are prepared for this training fatal incidences should be greatly reduced plus we may have a way to eliminate or further reduce fatalities but the method is untested. Let us briefly discuss everything & we will get back to you in a few moments.” 
The 4 Queens gathered together for about five minutes discussing everything concerning the Diyelians & Kilysa’s situation with the Ghashyr.
After the discussion all the Queens walk up to Zeifruge.

Vyloth: “We have all agreed to help you train in psionics & we understand there will be compensation for our help, but we would like to ask for 1 additional thing. You see while we are able to teach the Krith Formics many things we are unable to teach about their humanoid side, so we would like to ask if you would allow the Krith Queens & Paladins to travel & live in your nation for a time?"
(Thnx mate, a few more massages & I should be good to go lol)

(Lol you make it sound so OP, I think you’re the first to discover all of that, our at least the first to point it out :-P. Thanks man, im glad to be your ally as well, Diyelians _The Forgers of worlds_The Devourers of Suns.
Yea Ive been slowly adding more Zerg & Vong capabilities as my SA goes up. Originally I was going to use variants of Game of Thrones characters like khaleesi = Kilysa, but then while researching Organic based creatures including the Undine from star trek & precursors from Pacific Rim, I found the brood mothers & decided to use those & add some others. Originally I was just going to use them as characters in Old Queen Kilysa’s flashback memory stories of when formics first came to the Galaxy that she was telling the younger generation of Formic Queens on her death bed, but ended up developing the characters so much I wanted to Rp with them so I changed my mind. But my original Queen list is showing up slowly but surely through the Krith Formics & other species & hybrids that seem to be soon to come)   
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The elite Diyelian scientist contingent marveled at the Nuzeikurgan structure, and the Diyelians humbly submit a proposal to exchange information and culture about their Terra-forming and biosphere technologies to the young and cheerful yet surprisingly genius Nuzeikurgan Queen.

Meanwhile, the two Diyelian commanders agreed with the Queens' offer.

"Of course! Actually that was the exact thing that we will propose, besides Terra-forming and a Dyson system project that we will do once it has been successful. No worries with that, the Kriths and your Paladins will always be welcome to our territory, as well as every Nuzeikurgans who wants to pay a visit. We will glad to place them under our tutelage when it comes to knowing foreign cultures, especially the Diyelian way of life. Please be advised though, that since Diyelians has a knightly culture, their whole stay and study about us will revolve mainly on patriotic duties, chivalry and war strategies. We will teach them all about warfare that they need to learn, and we'll make sure that they will be an invaluable asset with regards to protecting the Nuzeikurgan sovereignty once they got back home. Just let us know which Nuzeikurgan Krith royalty would be coming with them so that we can specially train her with our greatest war tactics as well as providing an exchange in important war technologies." Zeifruge said, speaking with utmost optimism. He looked at Lidzrial who's getting excited as well with the agreement between their species.

"We are very pleased with this fruitful cooperation between our species, Queen Vyloth!" Lidzrial said as well, the cheerfulness showing in her tone of voice. "We will be glad to fully submit our force under your care, and we will just be monitoring them for any additional assistance. Just let us know when you're ready. You can even separate them into different legions or battalions if you wished so, so that you can teach in the most efficient way." she added, smiling at Niadra who seems to very fond of her.

After a few days, the Diyelian contingent camping on the twin moons, help in upgrading the Nuzeikurgan bases and shipyards. First is due their  utmost gratitude, second is they don't want to be a hassle in the Nuzeikurgan daily operations. The whole army of Diyelian contingent on the planet, on the other hand, set up a large barracks on one of the large plains outside the Formic city, sending their entire engineer and builder brigade first to set up a fortification and provide upgrades to the Nuzeikurgan base defense structures as gifts for their generosity. The Diyelian scientist contingent personally asked assistance to Queen Niadra to teach them more about local Nuzeikurgan flora and fauna that they can use in addition to their Terra-forming projects. A sea of soldiers few kilometers thick was seen in formation outside of the city, like a whole country waging a war campaign. Different legion and battalion leaders are seen forming their ranks and as well meeting with various Nuzeikurgan commanders for any assistance.

The 1st Ascendancy Fleet in Chymerion Imperius territory was contacted as well regarding the success of their mission in Nuzeikurga.

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Taknul looked over the proposal from the elite Diyelian scientist & called Kilysa over to discuss the exchange since Kilysa helped with some of the recent advancements. They decide to exchange information on the Shinju Tree, Ish’Tovin coral, & a new network of organic structures that can grow various drone / soldier strains enabling drone production to be independent from a Queen.

Vyoth to Zeifruge: “Very good, It is a part of every Formic Queens duty to protect her hive & the swarm. Once the Krith all hatch from there cocoons we will decide which ones will be visiting you. Taknul & Kilysa will handle the technology exchanges.

Vyloth to Lidzrial: “We are very pleased with our species meeting as well. Training will start in 3 days after we awake from sleep. We will split your forces into 3 main units, each unit will spend time with either myself, Taknul, & Kilysa. At a certain point, then we will rotate units. During this Niadra will help you monitor their health & heal those who maybe suffering from the strain of psionic energies, also she will prepare an optimal diet for all of you. Once every group has spent time with every Queen we will do a final test to make sure each soldier has control. Who ever passes will be ready for duty, those that do not will go through the rotation again but it will be modified so they will not know what to expect.”

Niadra spoke of some of her recent advancements she had made with Lidzrial & a scientist who happened to be listening. Niadra had become an entrepreneur of sorts, Her skills in farming & herbalism were becoming unparalleled. The food Niadra grew has become highly popular on the organic food markets of Nuzeikurgas allies. The herbs, saps, & nectars she had developed were among the best in both fermented & non-fermented markets. But so far her most significant development was her creation of the Ukhanzen Trees.


Ukhanzen Trees bloom in spring & summer seasons. It blooms for a period of 2 weeks & then closes for 8 weeks. When it blooms its pollen & nectar can be collected to produce a very rich honey & very potent Mead. Also the smaller leaves that grow along its stem have potent properties that can be used for medicinal & or recreational purposes. A few free spirited aliens that have visited Rith’Gard & bought these leaves have come to call it Honey Leaf.


----- Several Days later-------

The Queens were very grateful for the upgrades the Diyelians provided.

As Niadra spoke with the Diyelian scientist contingent while her 3 sisters & their Hive Guardians started training the Diyelian soldiers. Each Queen link their mind with every soldier in the unit they where to start awakening any latent psionic abilities. As the soldiers were trying to tap into psionics the queens had them do various tasks to help them utilize more of their mind while performing various physical actions.

The unit that was under Kilysa went through various parts of the city as if it was a huge obstacle course.
Taknul gave every 5th soldier a formic larvae to look after while performing seemingly random tasks with various Formic drones. Periodically the larvae would be handed off to a soldier who had not spent time with one. The larvae were unruly & a bit mischievous but gave off psionic energy. Though the tasks seemed random they were exposing the soldiers to the psionic communication between various formic drones. 


Vyloth’s training was the most extraneous, if any soldier was going to have trouble it would be here more so then with Kilysa or Taknul. She activated her Delta bio-suit to amplify the psionic energy shared from her to the soldiers she was connected to. First each soldier spent time learning their physical limits, how much they could lift, how far run they could run before having to stop, esc. Next they practiced trying to use psionics to enhance their physical abilities & go beyond their limits.   

( Yes, there is a distinct difference between the Krith & original Queens. The Original Queens look like any other Formic Queen, & the Krith Queens look like a grey skinned Kerrigan from starcraft with foldable formic wings. Sweet man, lol yep a new title is in order.) 
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-Chrymerion Imperius Space-

Out in the void, in the vastness of space within the Chrymerion Imperius' reach, warps out an unusually large fleet of ships, ranging from drones to motherships the size of a city. They all have a similar objective: reach the Chrymerion space to extract an important information. A couple of similar contingents with a size doubling the first one was sent as well to the Nuzeikurgan's realm with another mission in hand.

"My leader! We have exited the warp. We are now in Chrymerion Imperius' reaches." said one of the communications crew aboard the flagship. "Great! Thank you for the information." the commander said. "Alright everyone, this is Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, commander of the 1st Ascendancy Fleet, we have now reached the Chrymerion Space. Under my leadership, I command everyone to go your respective stations and prepare for our landing. All scientists aboard the fleet, you will go to your designated research stations on-board the first planet in the Chrymerion Home System. A large contingent of soldiers and medical personnel will be sent along you to provide additional security and assistance." he continued while being broadcast to the entire fleet, his hands pointing out at a map showing a planet of importance to the Diyelians. "To the majority of the soldiers, a blockade and defense fleet will be provided to you in guarding the planet, the rest of the fleet will come along to our ally's home planet and proceed in communicating to the highest Chrymerion officials. Understood?" he said, before finally giving the command. "Yes, my leader!" everyone in the fleet said in unison.

The broadcast ended, with the fleet population being seen rushing and going to their respective stations and ships. Hours later, the ships began moving inside the Chryerion's Home System, Delta Trianguli.

The Chrymerions detect an unusually large amount of ships coming in and mobilize the 2nd and 3rd tactical defense fleets and move them into position over the 1st planet and the home system (Including the 25 city sized mother ships). The Diyelians would detect the massive ship movement and the ships are both of the original Chrymerions and those who recently appeared and joined up with their lost comrades. A message is sent to the incoming fleet.

"Attention Diyelian fleet. This is King Xyyrk'Thyysix of the Mala'Kak. State your reason and intent for sending such a large number of ships. This is highly irregular."
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After the deal has been sealed, Lizrial and Niadra began exchanging various scientific advancements that each race has while they are both monitoring the health conditions of the Diyelian soldiers. The trees and other organic units that the Nuzeikurgan Queen is growing and researching caught the attention of all the Diyelian scientific delegates. "What an interesting creation, this tree alone can provide a whole food supply to a community for a week. Imagine if we cultured this type of tree on our Planetary Spheres, then our citizens being stationed there wouldn't have the need to import food from the planets below. It will save time and other resources, as the extra amount of food that can be harvested can be exported back to the planet as well." one of the Diyelian lead scientist said, with the other scientist agreeing with the idea. Lidzrial began asking if they can take samples so they can culture it and adapt to Diyelian climate and ecosystem. Other scientist began researching and observing the unique of fauna and flora that can only be found on the planet. Several teams have requested as well to be able to research on the Nuzeikurgan's underwater and underground ecosystems, most especially the deep sea and it's caverns if there's any.

Emissaries as well begin traveling to different Nuzeikurgan cities and interact with the natives. They were given orders to put more emphasis on interacting with the Kriths, especially Queens.

On the fields of Nuzeikurga...

The three large groups of soldiers began their training under the three Queens, each was sorted out depending on their capabilities and strength. Kilysa's group contained soldiers who are expert in tactical situations and leadership, most of them belonging to the top soldiers of their batches. Taknul's group consists of scientist soldiers specializing in animal training and environmental aspects. Vyloth's group on the other hand, which is also the largest, contains all of the other soldier units especially the strongest and bravest ones.

As Kilysa's group performed an obstacle course around the city while trying to use together their recently opened psionic capabilities, they learned how to evade various obstacles in the most efficient way by using their enhanced senses and their extrasensory perceptions to quickly analyze the surroundings and how to use it on their benefit, most of the time coordinating with each other to perform multiple tasks. Day after day, they managed to finish the obstacle more faster, going into a more difficult one after successfully completing the previous in the most desirable way. The Nuzeikurgan Queen is being seen carefully analyzing each and every member's profile and each soldier is given a different task and role depending on her observations.

Taknul's group learned to find ways to connect to the larva's mind and to emphatically bond with it. Afterwards they take turns in connecting into each others mind and then connecting to the larva's mind all at once and see if they can communicate or get in touch with the species better. They also made experiments, being scientists themselves on how to use the larva in connection to their environment. They made several tests and each was recorded personally besides the Queens own observation. They managed to use the larvae at its best, fully bonding with the group designated to it and acting as their own sentry and support unit. They requested the Queen for them to be exposed to various surroundings and different species as well.

Meanwhile, Vyloth's group focused more on their physical capabilities and connecting that to their psionic powers. They were pushed to the limits of their bodies, and many soldiers are dropping unconscious after strenuous activities, emerging stronger day after day. They were thought how to control their techno-symbiotic armor and how to effectively activate that in fastest way possible. They were tasked on doing several rigid activities, which most of them being already done on their training on their planet, only harder and connects with their psionic abilities. So far no indications of anything serious has happened besides the occasional fainting of various soldiers. The project has been successful so far, and after a week of training, once the Kriths has fully awakened from their cocoons Zeifruge gladly announced to the Queens that the ships that will transport them to various planets of the Hegemony will arrive after three more days.

"Alright, everything seems to going good, my Queens!" Zeifruge said, doing the Diyelian salute after meeting with Vyloth and Kilysa while Taknul and Niadra, together with Lidzrial are busy with their personal businesses at that time. "The Diyelian trasports will arrive after a few days, all Kriths are advised to take in our vessels so that they can personally bond with our personnel on board while the Krith Queens has the leeway to board their own Nuzeikurgan ships together with their own escorts. I just need to have the names of the Krith Queens on board so that we can provide the best assistance to them in advance." he added showing the documents via a holo generator. They were seen walking down the large meeting hall and discussing several matters, most notably about something related to "Warforge".

Meanwhile, back on the 1st Ascendancy Fleet...

-Chrymerion Imperius Space-

The Diyelians received the message coming from the 2nd and 3rd Fleets that their mission to Nuzeikurga was accepted. The 1st Fleet afterwards receives the hail from the King himself after waiting in vain for a few more days beyond the Chrymerion system borders. They quickly responded to the hail.

"Greetings King Xyyrk'Thyysix! This is Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, commander of the 1st Ascendancy Fleet of the Diyelian Hegemony. We are here for an important mission, your highness on behalf of our race. The large contingency that I have is the whole representatives of our race that was sent for this very great opportunity. A large contingent with a size twice our own was sent as well to the Nuzeikurgans for a connected mission, into which was currently approved by our Formic allies and is currently ongoing now. If you want, we can still wait outside of your borders while we are discussing the matters." Dryfgaust said. After a few hours, a lone cruiser was sent to the Chrymerion's territory with their weapon systems and shields fully down. The lone ship is having all the important people of the mission- The lead scientists, a platoon of chief Emissaries and their commander, various military leaders and military researchers and Dryfgaust himself. They saw a whole flotilla of ship towards them. "My leader! Ships coming from the Mala'Kaks. We are ready to hail at anytime." the communication officer said, scanning the plethora of ships not too far from them. "Go ahead. Open the broadcast relay and we are going to hail them." Dryfgaust ordered. The broadcast relay was opened, and the Diyelian ship begins sending frequencies to the Chrymerions. "This is Dryfgaust, your highness. On this ship are the whole leaders of the contingent. We are ready to board your ships if need." he said, and the broadcast ended.

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King Xyyrk'Thyysix- "Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, your ship is cleared for docking bay 12." Just then, a section of hull opens up revealing a bright white light of a hangar bay and the channel goes quiet.

When the ship docks in the hangar, they notice that they're in a hangar with dreadnoughts inside. The hangar is immense, unlike any other deign of other species. As they're landing, the delegation can see King Xyyrk'Thyysix and a platoon of Mala'Kak commandos in bio-mechanical armor and weapons systems. The King himself is in the Royal armor of his station but the helmet isn't formed and shows his pale white skin, black eyes and ridges that look almost like chitin from a bug. As the delegation disembarks their craft, the King says...

King Xyyrk'Thyysix- "Greetings Dryfgaust Gaulbleid. You and your people are welcome to my home. Please, walk with me and explain your mission in detail. It has been some time since our species have worked on something other than constructing the spheres and rings."

The towering King is a good two feet taller than the average Chrymerion. And his chitin is also unusual.
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(Oh yea I forgot to mention that since Formic’s like keeping a large percent of their planets natural, they build 1 massive mega city on each continent of theirs planets, when my SA gets over 350 ill turn all their cities into mobile space stations so they can quckily move their cities off planet when needed :-P )

( Right now there are only 3 Krith Queens Tarakith, Sivtress, & Rynza , But Rynza is currently living with the Ghashyr.)

The very next day after the deal had been sealed Zagara, Rokarr, Unar, Lafash, & a new insectoid species arrived on Rith’Essa. After landing Zagara had her drones place 5 Krith cocoons from her ship to rest with the Krith drone cocoons. Zagara with an intense look in her eyes, then immediately walked up to Kilysa without speaking our looking at anyone else. Zagara & Kilysa spoke psionically in a seemingly intense conversation, the other Queens seemed to know what they were saying but no one else did.

After their conversation they both seemed somewhat emotional but didn’t let their feeling get in the way of there work,  Zagara walks up to Zeifruge:
“Forgive my brief rudeness there was a situation that needed to be addressed & it will be sorted in the judgement hall at the conclusion of your soldiers training. The other species I have brought with me call themselves the A’Klik, we brought them from the Ghashyr’s territory to join our Swarm, their level of understanding & knowledge is like that of our ancient era when Formics were fighting each other. So I will be taking them East to the 2nd city to teach them & bring them up to our current era of understanding & technology, I will be back when the Krith hatch from their cocoons.”

After Zagara spoke with the commanders she took the A’Klik to the 2nd continent of Rith’Essa.

After Unar & Lafash greeted several people they headed out to the Khamul’Dorr System to complete a project Taknul had been helping them with.


A’Klik Queen:

A’Klik drones look like 2-3 meter tall wasp insectoids.


Along with the Ukhanzen Tree Niadra happily shares & gives samples of the following tree & plant units used for food with Lizrial & the scientific delegates to be added to their Planetary Spheres.


Kes'Nok Tree (aka Kes'Nok Vine Tree):  Max height: 5 m
Gets its name because while it seems to grow alone like a usual tree, its roots extend out & start sprouting other Kes'Nok, & has been known to grow on other vegetation & objects close to water.
They can grow into a large network of vines. Roots from separate tree networks will even fuse together if they make contact. (similar to the tree's of the Wookie Planet). Kes'Nok vine Trees typically grow in everglades, swamps, & near large lakes. Its Fruit is similar to grapes but with a much larger range of colors & flavors. The fruit is around the size of a watermelon when its ripe.

2_) (

Zeit'Geist Tree: Height varies from 10 - 19 meters
Special plant tree engineered by the Formic's to produce fruits that use to be grown on their home planet. This flower like tree periodically release's a liquid or mist that acts like pollen, into the air pollinating a large range of vegetation. Its a very resilient tree whose roots dig deep. The bushes growing at its base produce 9 different fruits similar to mango's, dragon fruit, & raspberries.

3_) (

Udugeri: Grow between 0.5 to 1.3 meters
An large exotic fungus similar to mushrooms. Comes in 3 varieties:
1) Light brown skin, Meaty with rich flavor
2) Grayish Blue skin, Smoky taste & full-bodied whether fresh or dried
3)  Whitish Tan skin, almost crunchy texture even when fresh, medium flavor


Brath’Kassir Plant: Grow to 0.3 to 0.5 meters tall
This plant grows leaves that are similar to spinach but have a strong pungency like Wasabi.

5_) (

Ginburra Plant:  Grows between 3 to 4 meters tall.
The fruit that it produces are similar to egg plants but with a peach like taste.


Vyloth granted the research teams to explore the various planets in Nuzeikurga but warned them of some of the flesh eating plants & potentially deadly creatures that live in each eco-system the Formics now of, Formics have not yet explored much of the oceans beyond the surface so they have little knowledge of any creatures in the deep.
Vyloth psionically transfers knowledge of the following creatures & what planets they can be found on.

Vyloth Prepares Teams of Hive Guardians & Soldier drones to be sent with each team to help them navigate & stay away from danger if needed.

3 days after Zagara left for the 2nd continent on Rith’Essa, the Krith eggs hatched. The Queen Kith gave off large amounts of psionic energy that could be felt by anyone on with psionic capabilities on the planet. Immediately there was a celebration, mainly for the birth of the Queens but it was for the Krith in general. At 4 meters tall Tarakith was a head taller than Sivtress, & her psionic energy levels were a bit stronger. With the Queens hormones raging they enacted Onikohei, a ritual performed by Formic Queens to determine who her mate will be. It seemed to be a somewhat complex process, potential mates are chosen first by desirable physical traits such as strength, natural pheromones, & abilities. Next each potential candidate is tested by the Queens by a temporary mental link to test psionic ability, brain wave patterns, & other items. If candidates pass these 2 phases then they go on to the 3rd step which is determined by the Queen performing the test. Some Queens fight their potential mates, some have candidates fight each other, and some may even send candidates to perform a task or go through a trail of sorts. The only rule is that the candidates cannot be killed or maimed, but can be tested severely otherwise. The male that is chosen will be granted the honored rank of Brood Father, & the Queen will create a permanent psionic link with him which will enable him to gain stronger psionic levels & some of the psionic powers that the Queen may have.

While both Formic & Diyelian males were considered during Tarakiths & Sivtress’s trials, Tarakith chose Valgorr as her mate, & Sivtress decided to wait after the 2nd trial, apparently there was a male from another nation she wanted to see first before she chose a mate.

After the celebrations & trials ended the Krith interacted with the emissaries.

----On the fields of Nuzeikurga----

The Queens were impressed the soldiers under their tutelage, the showed resilience, determination, & Organization. During the Soldiers training Niadra used her psionic healing abilities on those that passed out or manage to strain themselves passed their limits. 

Kilysa's tasks with her group were fairly mild at first, but picked up intensity according to her profile analysis of each soldier & their assigned task. She wanted to optimize each ones senses, abilities, & efficiency. She also analyzed how each one worked together & separately.

The soldiers in Taknuls group quickly realized that Formic larvae are most stubborn & hardly ever listen as first. Some larvae were easy to bond with others were difficult, sometimes biting soldiers to see if they could be a food source, or even trying to escape from the soldiers. Eventually the soldiers were able to bond with even the most stubborn of larvae developing a sort of friendship. Taknul gives her group permission to exposed the larvae to various surroundings & different species but tells them to be careful as each new thing the larvae encounters is tested to see if its potentially food.

Vyloth was stern & strict in her training yet passionate toward each soldier as if they were her own, after finding each soldiers limits she modified their tasks to bring their capabilities to higher & more efficient level. Including training with the techno-symbiotic armor, they also trained with organic Formic weapons used by soldier drones & learned how to adapt different weapons to their armor during battle field exercises making the soldiers more versatile being able to use new & unfamiliar weapons more quickly during battles. 


Once the Kriths has fully awakened from their cocoons Zeifruge gladly announced to the Queens that the ships that will transport them to various planets of the Hegemony will arrive after three more days.

Vyloth to Zeifruge: “Ah very good, im sure the Krith will enjoy travels & their training.”

Kilysa to Zeifruge: “The Krith Queens that will be on board are Tarakith & Sivtress, Rynza is currently staying with the Ghashyr. Tarakith will be bringing her mate along, both will have 1 battleship of Krith Drones accompanying them, every Queen is only given that much to start her hive, & of course their hives will grow after words.”

Vyloth & Kilysa asked what the Warforge was?
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-Chrymerion Imperius Space-

The Diyelian lone ship, upon docking in the Chrymerion installation immediately saluted right after realizing that they are meeting the Mala'Kak King himself. Dryfgaust has spoken on behalf of the Diyelians.

"Greetings, my lord," he said, after moving forward to take a walk with the King. The other members are being escorted to meet other important Chrymerion officials. The fleet resting on the edge of the system was granted permission to enter the territory, and is now moving to dock. "Once again I am Dryfgaust, commander of the 1st Ascedancy Fleet of the Hegemony. All in all my lord," he pauses for a moment, then continued. "...we are a total of three different fleets, having three different missions being sent to the Triumvirate, in which the remaining two was sent to Nuzeikurga and are currently successful in convincing the Formics to take part in the mission. We, as the 1st fleet is in charged of completing the task of researching and developing the Novashadow into a fully functioning techo-symbiote that can be mass produced for us as a war weapon. We will use this symbiote to create an environmental battle armor that can withstand damage and be a weapon in its own right. By fully unlocking the secrets of the virus that is abundant and originally endemic to your first planet, the Hegemony can create its new generation of soldiers that will be more effective, lessening the casualties that we will be taking. Once the virus has been fully mechanized and weaponized, we will use this together with the research and training done on Nuzeikurga to complete our mission. Other than that, we aim in acquiring other genetic and other bio-mechanical inventions that you can provide to us in exchange for our technologies as well. Most of the personnel being sent here are War Scientists and Warsmiths. The soldiers that were sent are all the best soldiers of the Hegemony who's health and physical attributes are best suited for our mission, as we need to test the effects of the symbiote on live hosts." he pauses again after the long explanation.

"If you will agree with this proposal, your highness, we will be very grateful to you and we would share some of the most exotic inventions that we have created so far. And we will fully reinforce this system that you have, even turning your home system into a whole bastion system capable of waging a last stand in the most ravaging interstellar wars. We will also provide access to one of the most intriguing technology that we have that we use to boost our military strength." he added. "We will continue this talk my lord, once you have decided what could be the best thing that you can do. For the meantime I will provide the general plan of the mission. We will rest for now, see you at a later time, King  Xyyrk'Thyysix." he finally bid a polite goodbye after handling the highly classified military documents. The Mala'Kak leader was seen at the end reading the documents as he walks along the corridors of the Chrymerion structure.


-Nuzeikurga Space-

The skies darkened as the great Queen of the Formics has arrived. Zeifruge and Lidzrial are there to personally meet Queen Zagara, supreme ruler of the Nuzeikurgans. They watched as she and Kilysa, spoke with each other's mind, curious yet professional enough to pay respect for the two Queen's conversation. After a while the Queen gets to speak with Zeifruge and politely apologized for the sudden return. "No need to humble yourself, my Queen. We are here to serve. If you want, my lord we can also include some of the A'Klik on the representatives that will be sent o our territories to be enlightened more about the galactic community. They can be included anytime as long as you wish, my Queen. Most especially if they are educated and cultured enough on what to do and what to act regarding communicating with other species. And curious enough my Queen, we also have something like them living in one of our heavily protected Havenworlds. So far the species are cooperatives, being identified as natural ecologists. As far as I can see, they are quite more advanced than this creatures you brought with you," he said as he stops for a moment to take a glimpse at the naive-looking species who instinctively take a look back at him. They seem to be a bit hostile as far as he can see, as he senses some urge in creatures to attack if there's a possible opportunity. He particularly took a heavy glance at the two big creatures which seems to serve as the leaders of that species. "...though still on the primitive and tribal era. But all in all they are a good and cooperative species, showing and helping us to scan faster the lush caverns deep within the dense jungles in which they thrive. They have been numerous as well, and was deemed formidable by our standards. They can be a good addition to your army if possible. If you want, as a gratitude for your race's kindness to us, we will let you claim the creatures and uplift them yourselves. I will provide unrestricted access to you if you plan on visiting that Havenworld together with the coordinates and geographic maps where we can finds large tribes of this species." he explained, looking optimistic as he thought this would make the Formic supreme leader happy. He immediately handed out the documents about the species before the Queen left to train those "A'klik" creatures so that she can further study and decide what to do.

After the event, the whole group separated to continue each other's assigned tasks. Lidzrial worked together again with Niadra to fully acquire some endemic specimens that they can use on their Terra-formed planets. The Diyelian scientist contingent work together with the two in handling the current bio-mechanical mainframe of the techno-symbiote and how to effectively use that. Time by time, they forwarded the information to the 1st Fleet so that they can compare results. Lidzrial herself started to use the experiment on her own body so that she can see personally document the progress. They also studied the different fauna and flora and got a live specimen for each data being sent, with the fauna coming in a couple of pairs for them to breed. The food plants are more eyed upon  by the scientists, since they are more interested in efficient food production. During breaks from the techno-symbiote testing, they try to investigate with different samples and try to determine how it can be used for Diyelian consumption. So far the results are overly productive, and loads of data and specimens are now being sent back together with the supply ships going back to the Hegemony.

After 3 days, the Diyelians rested for the meantime and joined the planetary-wide festivity for the incoming Krith Queens. The delegate asigned personal guards to those crowned Krith Queens, especially those who will be sent into their territory for the educational mission. The emissaries mingled with the native population especially the Kriths as they were seemingly increasing in numbers and was utterly curious as well with the Krith's biological structure.

After three days...

-Nuzeikurgan Fields, Rith’Essa-

The training resumed, and by this time the soldiers are getting more advanced in using their psionics. The Queens are providing harder challenges now that are usually attainable only by certain Formic species. Their training become real harsh now, with the aftershock from the psionic awakening becoming more prevalent. After a few weeks of training, though they were able to control more their minds and emotions, if left unchecked, shows signs of increased agitation, aggressiveness and violence among affected soldiers. Uncontrollable fervor was also seen at the height of extremely mind straining challenges, with symptoms now includes increased blood pressure, increased appetite, insomnia and restlessness with a growing number of soldiers. Results are carefully documented, and while no casualty or damage to properties are not yet recorded so far, affected soldiers are being closely monitored to see how far as well can the symptoms worsen. This incidents doesn't affect the soldiers' morale however, and became more willing to train harder under the three Queen's tutelage.

"Oh, yes they will do. Diyelians are more comfortable hanging around with anyone they trusted, so it will never be a problem as we deeply sees you as a species that we an utterly trust." Zeifruge said in agreement . He carefully forwarded all information provided by Kilysa so that they can prepare for the Queen's journey. After the two Queens asked him about the information about Warforge, he fully explained what it was. "That my Queens are a new war weapon being created by us. That is a new virus we discovered that can extremely boost our military capabilities. The virus in general is an invasive, though regenerative and body enhancing. It acts like a command node that will reprogram the body's framework into a stronger and formidable one. By connecting to the host's brain and telling it that the genetic structure of a species is flawed and broken, it will signal the body to fix the 'flaw', seeing that the body is 'heavily injured' and must be treated strongly. After genetic reconstruction to make it more desirable, the individual will be enveloped by a cocoon that needs intense medical attention and nourishment for the process to be fully successful. Once completed, the new individual will emerge, granted with the ability of hyper-regeneration, an ability highly prized by our race. Other than that, other abilities include superior temperature regulation and internal heat control, superconductivity and denser muscles that will make the creature withstand more impact, even deadly ones like falling from a very high place. Normally we would make the successful strain into a symbiotic organism that will harmonically bond with the Diyelian, causing it to just affects our species while either ignoring or killing others. But since it was not fully implemented yet, we can fully request for that to be used on you as well, especially the Kriths that will be sent. Together with our war education and combat training, they come back to you as an indispensable asset." he said smiling at the thought of superpowered Krith Queens fighting side by side with Diyelian Ascendants.

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--------Nuzeikurga Space---------

Zagara to Zeifruge after here arrival from Ghashyr territory:

 "I think we should hold off for now, the A’Klik come from a hotile planet & have a more ancient & warlike mentality similar to our own ancestors. They were not united until we helped them do so, & they do not quite understand that there are other planets besides theirs. Also do to misunderstandings certain Ghashyr faction seemed to be in the process of destroying the A’Klik’s environment & wiping them out so they still think of other non-insectoid species as devils of sorts, so I want to make sure they have a clear understanding of our ways & the galaxy before I let them travel the verse. But in time they shall visit your territories.”

 Zagara was very excited hearing about this new species, she seemed like an excited scientist with an ambitious look in her eyes & a mind that’s racing with new & exciting ideas.

“Yes we would very much like to make contact with them & add them to the swarm, we can set them up with a planet in our territory so you can have that planet, or help them forge their home world into an outpost & embassy planet, seems I’ve waited over 1500 years to achieve my ultimate goal of finding a cousin to Formics, now is happenings twice already, im really blessed in my old age. We will have to restructure & rename the Swarm, also we will have to initiate the first Agnortet of this new structure to establish who will be the Swarm Queen & who will hold whatever other ranks. I will need to think on these things, thank you for the documents commander we will speak more on these matters when I return for the Kriths hatching.”

Taknul, Niadra, & Kilysa were more excited than their other sisters, learning about advanced terraforming & Dyson spheres & everything else their allies were sharing with them. Even though each had their special areas of expertise they all shared a love of science just like their mom. 

The scientist while learning about the Krith will find that the Krith drones have more physical Formic traits, while the ruling class of Krith have more physical Chrymerion traits.

------Nuzeikurgan Fields: Rith’Essa---------

As the training became more advanced the Queens had the soldiers perform team tasks & feats that the worker & soldier drones usually perform to further test them & push them to new levels.

 As the training became more difficult & psionic aftershock of the awakening was in its highest stages some of the soldiers primal side started becoming more prevalent & coming out. This level of training lasted a few weeks with more rest days added. The Queens were looking to see who would adapt & learn to control this portion of their mind. Suddenly there is a 4 day break in which the Queens rested & discussed which soldiers were ready to move on to the final stage of training & who needed more time. After the break the soldiers were placed into 2 groups.

The 1st group over seen by Vyloth, consisted of those who needed more time. These soldiers would be doing a sort of cross training, performing the previous 3 trials at a less harsh manner over 2 – 3 days with a 1 day break. During this time each soldier was assigned a worker that they were to learn how to communicate with psionically. Also random team tasks were mixed in during the trials that would help the soldiers learn how to efficiently link & coordinate with their assigned worker drone.

The 2nd group consisted of those who adapted adequately to the previous training. This group was joined by XerKhon, Tegedar, Valgorr, & 5 young male Formics. These trials lead up to the rites of passage that every male Formic & Krith must pass to reach the rank of Hive Guardian, or Paladin for the Krith, while the Diyelian soldiers are not required to perform the final trials at the end of training, they are to adequately perform during training. The Brood Fathers would be overseeing this group, they were the mates of every Formic Queen of Nuzeikurga from Zagara to Kilysa, and once Valgorr passes the trials he will join their rank. The oldest among the Brood fathers walked up to personally address the group. His dark brown shell that once had red markings now had silver markings. He is the only Formic who is older than Zagara.

“I’am Duramir, mate to Swarm Queen Zagara, & head Brood Father. You will be training alongside our young Formic males, while you are not permitted to perform the trials at the trainings conclusion, you will be judged on your physical performance & control of your primal rage during training. Part of our goal is for you to be able to make your body go physically berserk but mentally be in control. Should you pass this training you will be the most feared & honored warriors of your nation, & you will forever have our respect.”

Other than Queens, male formics are the rarest strain of Formics, for every Queen there are 3-5 Males. Hive Guardians are the fiercest warriors in Nuzeikurga. They have powerful telekinetic energy & abilities, there telepathy isn’t nearly as powerful as the Queens but they are able to control up to 1 million drones, they are able to lift nearly 20 times their own weight, & their armor is almost as robust as a siege drones.
Vyloth: “The Warforge sounds promising, you could use something similar to our spawning pools to give the cocoons the nourishment they require.”

Kilysa: “They sound like an much more advanced version of our Delta Units developed from the virsus found on the Chrymerions planet when we first meet you, minus the framework reprograming & genetic reconstruction, yes we would like to get samples of the virus if possible.”

Vyloth: “Im sure Tarakith & Sivtress will make excellent students, but do keep an eye on Sivtress, her hormones will be a bit ferocious without a mate to keep her balanced.” 

 (OOC: Yea the posts are getting exciting indeed. Nice, I’m sure the Krith will like to add them to their forces. I always had this thought of the Diyel being a highly advanced version of the Ctarl-Ctarl from outlawstar lol. I think Lizdrial is becoming one of Niadra’s best friends. Hey quick question, how tall are Diyelians?) 
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"We understand, my Queen. If there's anything that we can do to expose them to different cultures and such, we will always be right here. You are welcome in our territory anytime you want, I will personally sent a message to our planetary base in that Havenworld so you can enter with full authority." Zeifruge said, agreeing with the Zagara's statement. He was glad to know that Queen was pleased with the news about the insectoid natives on the planet. "No worries, compared to that species you said was barbaric, this is nice bunch of folks. Their enthusiasm and scientific curiosity, though at a tribal stage is quite impressive, which made us appear and interact with them even though commonly we don't deal with species under this tech level to let them grow and prosper on their own. They are worthy of uplifting and assimilation, and we would be really glad to see them having a semi-autonomous control over their species, making them vassals if possible. Regarding their reintegration, well that's a very good question. Well, personally speaking, it doesn't matter whether they need to be relocated from their current location or would stay there. As long as they are not hostile towards us, and be of help instead of a hassle, we will be glad let them have autonomy over their area. To be specific, we're only setting up a single forward base on one of the planets so that they won't get disturbed as much as we can, since we have verified they are indeed of tribal sentience. No worries, under our own territory, lest assure that they'll have their own right and freedom in their land and we would still be happy to set them under our guidance. We already consider them to be a protectorate species, so them staying on our territory is not an issue here. We can have their planet as your personal embassy if you wish together with their consent. They are quite an adventurous and intelligent race, the second in both terms to our leading protectorate." Zeifruge said as he assured the Formic monarch of their distant kin's safety within the Hegemony's reaches.

Lidzrial appreciated the sisters' enthusiasm about their technology and handled blueprints to them to let them build prototypes or basic structures under their own architectural designs. Scientists observing and studying the Kriths took note of the important information and aspects about the peculiar species.

-Fields of Rith'Essa-

The soldiers are reached the height of their training. As the training advances and their challenges get more gruesome, evidences of psionic strain begin to build up on the Diyelian soldiers. The symptoms become more prevalent as each training days pass by, and extensive notes and observations are meticulously recorded in full detail. Their primal urges and territorial instincts were unleashed at quick and almost uncontrollable pace, and a growing number of Diyelian soldiers are succumbing to it faster than those who are able to handle it properly. As the Nuzeikurgans now separated them in groups between those who can advance and those who still needs to control it and especially the soldiers who needs constant and strict monitoring due to the overwhelming and destructive effect of the psionic awakening on their primal hormones. Based on the latest findings, the psionic force stimulates a strong effect on their hormonal glands, especially the glands that secrete their "fight or flight" hormones, causing their agitation and aggressiveness in response to territorial disturbances. It is observe that the more they feel strong emotions, the more that the symptoms are triggered. As the Diyelians are naturally expressive and has a culture of intense nationalism, patriotic fervor and freedom of expression, which often prompts them to subdue to their emotions, this is a rather surprising and frustrating downside. Managing and controlling their emotions is almost an alien thing to begin with, so further suppressing that would be tantamount to suppressing their right and freedom of expression. Some Diyelians, most notably those who are fanatically devoted are being documented to fully subjugating to their urges while trying to resist the psionic shock to the best of their ability, often ending with them passing out and remain unconscious for a minimum of a few hours to a maximum of two days. There are also emerging scenarios of soldiers not able to control their psionics who are already going on a bloodrage and feral rampage, with the need to be pacified with hormone suppresant. The effect of the psionic awakening is just too much to bear for most them, and it's just their sheer will and nationalistic fervor that keeps them standing in the midst of unbearable pain of the training.

Those soldiers who are able to successfully pass the first trial ascended to the next set of tests under the tutelage of the prime Brood Father himself. They carefully followed the guidelines set up by Duramir, and the soldiers under him were deeply impressed at the natural feats of the Brood Fathers and male formics, envying their all-organic superiority. However, they became excited about the thought of highest honor that they can have once they pass the test. Respect and honor are valuable to the Diyelian people and are treasured that much, so getting that from the highest Nuzeikurgan leader would really boost their pride. The challenge was returned with utmost enthusiasm from the group.

"That will be very helpful as we can get the maximum nutrition while the whole metamorphic process is ongoing. That's a clever idea, I highly approve of that!" Zeifruge said, agreeing with Vyloth. "Oh, that's interesting. We'll be happy to provide samples of the virus. Just try to be careful because that virus is highly virulent and would try to destroy any organism that it came contact with. And no worries, we can perfectly handle that. But anyway thanks for the information." he added.

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"Interesting, in that case ill grant their leader the rank of Hive Warden after assimilation, & they shall rule their planet. Very good, im excited to meet them already.”

With the blueprints Lidzrial provided they started thinking of terraforming planets & moons in order to utilize & optimize every available land mass possible, & a few other ideas came to them.

Some of the Krith were studying the scientist, some even tried gently touching their fur asking what it felt like. Before now only the Krith Queens & Paladins had ever seen a Diyelian.


----Fields of Rith'Essa----

The Diyelians quickly discovered that psionic energy effects the user not just physically but mentally & emotionally.

 Vyloth gives the soldiers an extended break to let them relax, heal, release stress, & ease their frustration. She addresses her group more personally during this time to encourage them.

Vyloth: “I realize it is frustrating for you to control your emotions as you are an expressive people. Psionics have become a part of you amplifying everything, so initially you must learn some level of control so your primal side doesn’t take over. But do not think of it as control so much, more of creating harmony between self & primal so they function together instead of separate. While it is unwise to let your emotions go unbound anymore, you will still be able to express yourself. Take my little sister Niadra for example, she has no problem expressing herself yet is in harmony.”
Vyloth brought in soldier drones to connect with & help the soldiers & sent the larvae away for now as they started feeding off of the soldiers primal surges making them more feral. She modified the training so it focused more on emotion & psionic energy management, while previous exercises were re-implemented based on the results each soldier was showing.


Duramir trained the soldiers as he would any other potential Hive Guardian. The training rotated between various areas that Hive Guardians have to master.

The first portion of their training was battle tactics: close quarter, under water, & open field battle exercises. The Soldiers practiced with every weapon available from the Formic’s & Diyelians during these exercises.

The second portion focused on consciously using ones primal instincts during battle & while performing feats of strength & endurance. Included in this exercise was wrestling soldier & heavy infantry Drones.

The third portion consisted of connecting with & commanding every type of Formic drone: Workers, Soldier, Heavy Infantry, Siege, Havoc, Parasite, Tremor, Torpedo, Artillery, & Energy Harvesters.

The fourth portion focused on honing their telekinetic abilities, & using them for various tasks outside of combat for now. A male formics telekinesis can rival a Queens, but their Telepathy is nowhere near the level of a Queens.


Vyloth: “Very well, we will teach you how spawning pools function, it takes a fairly advanced level of psionic energy to operate however, perhaps theres a mechanical process that can be developed to achieve the same result.”

Kilysa: “Yes we will be very careful, we have an extensive process for dealing with & adapting to new viruses & bacteria, you are welcome.”

( You don’t know about the ctarl-ctarl? Ah man we gotta remedy this ,  , This is the best way I can explain them. )
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"As you wish, my Queen." Zeifruge said, taking a note down from every word of Zagara.

The Diyelian scientist contingents began shipping various organic specimens in and out of the Nuzeikurgan space. Lidzrial has finished all of her research initiatives and is now concentrating on the medication and monitoring of the soldiers. All of the scientific documents regarding her research was sent successfully to the Scientific council on the Hegemony for approval regarding her proposals. Similar documents was sent in exchange to the Nuzeikurgans so that they can provide important Diyelian information, most especially in regards to architectural documents.

After 8 weeks...

-Fields of Rith'Essa, Nuzeikurga-

"My, leader, three members of the second platoon is running feral again!" shouts one of the soldiers in the fourth platoon, in an exchange of brawls and carefully aimed shots being fired at the rabid soldiers. It has been a gruesome days for the contingency. While those who successfully passed the first trial were finishing the commando-like training with brutal efficiency and success, the large legion of regular soldiers who's still overwhelmed by the psionic strain has their symptoms beginning to get more serious. They became more deadly and uncontrollable the more they use their power, and the training is getting out of hand. Even with extensive stress management and mental conditioning, the 'forced' awakening of their psionic abilities was paid with a high price. Their primal instincts, upon being triggered presented a problem that was plaguing the entire contingency- the problem on how to contain the sudden surge of their hormones. Several serums has been manufactured that so far, has been successful. However the effects are temporary as they would need a constant supply for them to contain their urges. Once their primal instincts have been uncontrollably triggered, it has been found that nothing can stop it anymore. Within weeks of succumbing to it, they become the victim of the "Madness", and are thrown on the borderline between ferocious ferals and a homicidal adrenaline-junkies. The serums provided effective, yet temporary effects to counter the hormonal poison that's afflicting their soldiers.

On the other hand, those who are able to pass the trials are getting indulged more into the rigid commando-based training. In the first test, the Diyelians are ablt to get a quick grasp of the various Nuzeikurgan weaponry, although they always find other weapons peculiar due to them being used to kinetic-based weaponry. The battle tactics in different environments became just a common drill to them as they were used to environment or landscape based warfare. The second challenge is a bit tougher for them, due to same reasons. It is being noted that while they're getting expertise, their instincts still override the powerful psionic abilities that they were trying to control. Nevertheless, they succeeded in finishing the second test. The third challenge became a quite interesting one that surprised even the Nuzeikurgan Hive Guardians. Instead of simply commanding the soldiers, the Diyelians who are practicing telepathy is actively communicating with their subordinates, exchanging opinions in the middle of a battle simulation and opting out for the best solution agreeable to everyone in the squad. They also seem to able to make a rather interesting feat. While still premature, they are able to provide specialized telepathy that can be focused only on a specific individual or group, and not even Duramir himself was getting difficulties seeing at their projected thoughts. Lastly, on the practictal application of their powers, the soldiers focused on an another interesting ability: a specialized technokinesis in which they are able to control any weaponry, machinery or technology where their Novashadow symbiote was successful in bonding. Able to wield large and commonly heavy weapons with ease. They weren't able to do normal telekinetic feats, as they quite became focused on that discovered ability, besides using it excessively obviously put strain on all aspects.

"Oh thank you, that'll be a great help to us. And if there's anything that we can further do for your delegates just tell us." Zeifurge said as he went on to check his soldiers.

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Taknul was overseeing organic materials being exported & imported into Nuzeikurga having her drones organize everything based on the purpose they would serve. 

Niadra continues healing & monitoring the soldiers with Lidzrial.

Zagara reviews the documents provided by the Diyelian’s information, as she reviewed the architectural documents she thought of several improvements she could develop based on the technology the Diyelian’s use, she called Kilysa over to talk about her system for integrating Formic organics with mechanical technology, they seem to have made up from their earlier conversation but talk of a court trial was overheard every now & again.

--8 weeks later----

-----Fields of Rith'Essa-----

As Vyloth had some of her drones help restrain the feral Diyelian soldiers, she started wondering if some of the soldiers would ever progress. Kilysa walked up next to her calculating the current percentages of soldiers who were still feral, those who seemed close to progressing, & those who were training with the Hive Guardians.

Kilysa: “Do you think Formics were like this when our Ancestors first went through the awakening.”

Vyloth: “It is very likely many Queens were overwhelmed by the awakening, but the Warring Queens Era ensured that only the Queens who could master Psionic’s survived.”

Kilysa: “I think we have all the results the soldiers will exhibit, should we end the training?”

Vyloth: “We will give them a bit more time, Diyelians have proven to be surprisingly resilient, some of them may surprise us yet, but worse case they could place the soldiers in a permanent hive mind, but they would become like our drones & be completely feral if they end up disconnected from the hive mind, but the ones controlling them will have to have a strong will.”


As the last week of Duramirs training concluded he addressed every Diyelian & Formic in training. He was proud of their progress, all of them were working together & developing their own tactics & even psionic abilities he had never seen before.

“All of you have done well, you have proven yourselves to be resilient & adaptive in battle. In 2 weeks the graduation trials will begin, I will give you free reign for these 2 weeks to rest & prepare. Diyelian’s, you may participate if you wish, some of the trials you will not be able to finish, but if you complete enough of the trials I will have a gift for you, now go rest & prepare, you may use any part of the training grounds for your preparation, I will see you 2 weeks from now at sun rise.”

The Krith & other Male Formics worked with the soldiers to prepare for the graduation trials.

------ 2 weeks later-------

Duramir, the other Brood Fathers, & several other Hive Guardians were waiting on the main training field even before sun rise. As soon as Xelia Prime & Xelia Tron shined in the horizon Duramir stepped up to the eager contestants.

“Welcome brave warriors, through the weeks of training you have shown great progress, now it is time to truly test your abilities. It is tradition for those going through the trials to choose the order of their trials. In the first trial you will control 1 million drones demonstrating your proficiency in commanding them in several tasks & battle sequences. In the second trial you will demonstrate every Telekinetic ability you have developed. In the third you will wrestle a Siege Drone for over 3 minutes without using any telepathy. In the fourth trial you demonstrate your proficiency with weapons during battle sequences. In the fifth trial you will pilot a fighter & then command a battleship demonstrating your abilities in space battles. In the sixth trial you will choose one of the deadliest creatures in our territory & go hunt it, you can either kill it & bring its body back taking whatever trophies you want, or you can tame the creature. In the final trial you will battle 10 Hive Guardians one after another for at least 1 minute. Formics you will have to complete all of these, Diyelians may opt out of any of them, you have 2 hours until we start, choose your trial sequence carefully."

(Alright! I'm almost done in introducing the Endbringers. Oh yeah I already searched for the Ctarl-Ctarl HAHAHAHA... they seem a lot like me  :D :D :D)

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The documents were handled out completely to their Nuzeikurgan allies for them to use it at their best. Several biological research of importance are included as well.

Niadra and Lidzrial found out that the effect of the awakening was just too much to bear for most of the soldiers. Day by day, the number of soldiers succumbing to it gets worse.

-Fields of Rith'Essa-

The Queens became more worried seeing the helpless soldiers, wondering if they would continue the process. The symptoms has reached it's peak, making its Diyelian victims fall into no more than homicidal ferals. As the idea of abandonment is almost chosen, the miracle for the soldiers was soon developed. The cure for the sickness, the Havenseeker, which is a viral fluid injected into the soldiers to stimulate their adrenal glands and neuro-muscular nerves and in turn calms them down and returns them to normal. The only problem that is faced is that, the Madness Syndrome is a permanent sickness as once the awakening has been started, there's no way for the Diyelians to turn it off, only to halt the process. It is proven that applying the cure to the marauding soldiers is a very critical and deadly situation, and several Diyelian scientist and medical personnel have been killed in the curing process.

Not until Lidzrial's very ingenious idea.

"Zeifruge, what if the cure will be administrated internally to the soldiers? Like the Havenseeker supply will be put directly into their armor and once the rage level has increased to critical levels, the cure will be injected automatically in the soldier's bodies." she said, while talking to Zeifurge and Niadra about her thoughts regarding the newly-found cure. "But that's a rather difficult one because the cure will need to placed in a large containment device so that it can be used for longer periods, and it will add to the bulk of the weight that our soldiers are carrying, besides that will be visible to the enemies and might be used against them," Zeifruge said in disagreement.

"That makes sense. But how about... we fused our soldiers permanently into the war machine where the cure can be included? It will make our soldiers as sane as they can be, while maximizing efficiency for them to still serve their purpose." Lidzrial explained. "Ah! What about we made them mobile artillery units? One that can survive behind enemy lines?" she proposed. Zeifruge nods, somehow seeing the great logic behind his fellow commander's proposal. Niadra can only wonder what this "war machine" would look like.


-Duramir's Training Grounds-

The Brood Father's announcement sparks a great excitement among the trainees. For the next two weeks, they trained more than ever, slowly becoming elite among the elites.

Two weeks has passed, and the time that they are waiting for is finally happening, the final trials of their training. One by one, the soldiers began each test with ferocious zeal and determination.

For the first test, which is by far they considered to one of the most difficult, they managed to complete the test though finished just sufficient enough for them to advance to the next test. The second test which would need them to demonstrate their telekinetic ability was done using a technique that they developed, technokinesis specializing in proficiently manipulating their techno-organic body and their weaponry being infused with it, and making themselves practically as a living weaponry. Though limited and not as powerful compared to other psionic species and their abilities, they were able to muster different forms, switching between melee and ranged forms with ease.

The third challenge was done like any other training that they've had prior to joining the mission. Though the Siege drone proved to be a formidable opponent, they nevertheless completed the challenge with impressive results. The fourth was done in good numbers, though they find using other types of weapons other than kinetic-based ones really peculiar, as they are already used to it and prefers this in combat. The fifth trial was done with difficulty like the first, with the Diyelian soldiers not really adept at space-based battles often relying to drone and AI for best results. This is one of the challenges that though all have passed, was seen with the most struggle. The sixth challenge was greeted with absolute enjoyment upon the soldiers as this is similar to the challenges that they have to faced as a recruit, which is to hunt their own in the various training grounds of the Hegemony, with only using their bare hands as a proof that they are capable warriors. The sixth test ended with almost a feast, with the ground full of large and grotesque monsters in which the Diyelians see as edible food. Several Diyelians, most notably environmentalist was successful in taming various wild creatures, using their telepathic empathy at its best.

The final trial, which is by far the most awaited among all the challenges, was faced with a great resolute among the soldiers. Eager to perform best and prove their worth, every battle for each and every soldier participants was finished in a very bloody fight, taking the fight by heart and not giving mercy to their competitors even though they are their own allies. At the end of the last challenge, all the soldiers passed the tests, though many heavily injured soldiers are seen being escorted by large teams of medics, some of which are injured themselves.

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Zagara briefly reviews the documents & saves them for later, She had a few things to straighten out before she begins her new project.

Niadra gently took psionic control of a few hostile soldiers to heal them as she spoke to Lidzrial:
“Well Lidzy they seem to be getting worse, do you think we should stop the training?”
----Fields of Rith'Essa----

Vyloth sends some her soldier drones to retrain the marauding soldiers infected with madness to prevent further fatalities in the curing process & continues monitoring the other soldiers.

After listening to Lidzrial's very ingenious idea she share an idea of her own.

“A biomechanical war machine should look very interesting. You know, we Formic’s use our Parasite drones to carry & deliver all sorts of fluids, what if you develop a sort of mini machine to do this as well for more covert cure injections.”

----Duramir's Training Grounds----

Xerkhon, Tegedar, Valgorr, & the 2 young Formic males had trained with the Diyelian soldiers inspired by their determination.

2 weeks later……….

The 5 young Krith & Formic males stood among their allies proud to be testing with them.


The Formic males had some difficulty in the first challenge but not too much, Formic males are born naturally to command drones.


In the second test each male demonstrated the following Telekinetic techniques with varying degrees of efficiency:

Telekinetic Binding, Levitation, Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Grip, Telekinetic Pull/Push, Telekinetic Bolt, Psionic Strength, Homing Effect, Motor-Skill Manipulation, Object Manipulation, Intuitive Aptitude, Spatial Sense, Telekinetic Aura, Telekinetic Combat, Telekinetic Compression, Telekinetic Destruction, Telekinetic Flight, & Telekinetic Blast.

All the males pass but some feel they need more training.


At 5 meters high & 12 meters long the Siege Drones proved to be formidable for all contestants. Xerkhon & Tegedar used their telekenetics to augment their durability & strength allowing them to physically go toe to toe with the siege drone, but they nearly passed out afterwards. Valgorr was not as powerful as Xerkhon & Tegedar so he was more cunning in his tactics getting the Siege drone to tire itself out. The other 2 Formic males managed to pass but were a bit bruised.


In the fourth trial all the Formic males were able to use the organic weapons with ease, but had alittle trouble with the mechanical weapons, they passed but felt they needed to go back & familiarize themselves more with other weaponry.


The Formic males did well in the fifth trial, controlling the fighter was the most fun for the Krith, Valgorr seemed to do the best in this trial, especially when it came to controlling the battleship & its compliments. All the formic males passed with great marks.


The Sixth challenge would prove to be the most difficult for the male formic because they were temporally cut off from the hivemind & had to prove they could survive & hold their own completely by themselves. The 2 formic males dragged formidable looking monster carcases back while the Krith males rode the following 3 creatures back having tamed them & made them a member of their future hives:

At the end of the sixth trial all were allowed to rest & feast on their kills, also anyone who tamed a beast was told to keep it as a pet & a reminder of their accomplishment.


The Final Trial was the most brutal, the Hive Guardians fought with unbound furiosity. Impressed with the Diyelians zeal & resilance Duramir himself jumped into a few matches to test the Soldiers & all the formics. He was not as quick in his old age but his strength & endurance made up for it.   

At the end of all the matches several Hive Guardians were bruised with dents & cracks in their armour. Duramir tells all to return in a week after everyone has had a chance to recover & heal.

----- 1 day later -----

At sunrise Duramir along with every Brood Father, Hive Guardian, & several soldier & heavy infantry drones meet with all the participants.

Duramir walks up to the formic males first: “You have all done well, you have all passed every trial & now you are Hive Guardians of Nuzeikurga, but don’t get too comfortable, as Hive Guardians you must constantly train, hone your skills, & improve in any area possible, remember when all else fails you are the last defence of the Queens. Now I present all of you with these Delta Units.”     

Duramir activates his own unit before handing all the formic males one.


Duramir turns to the Diyelian Soldiers:

“You have have all shown great zeal & resilience, you have earned my respect, now rise as Honorary Guardians Nuzeikurga, you will all be given a Delta Unit as proof of your Rank, all Formics & Diyelians shall know that you are the Elite among the Elite. Should you ever need our aid we will be there for you no matter where you maybe.”

As soldier & infantry drones hand each Diyel Guardian a Delta Unit, Duramir turns once again to Valgorr.

“Valgorr, you have been chosen to be Queen Tarakith’s mate, you have now become a Brood Father, stand by Queen Tarakith, protect her, & bring honour to your new hive.”

Duramir walks back to where the other Brood Fathers are standing & then faces everyone.

“You may activate your unit anytime you wish. Now go serve your Hives, your nations, & your people well.” 

(Nice, I feel sorry for any poor block to goes head to head with you on the battle field.)

(P.S. I will be really glad to help you out with the A'Kliks. I will personally terraform their worlds as you find it fit.)

(Thnx mate, I’m still trying to figure out if I should have them all on 1 planet or give them each their own. I made Descriptions of each Formic System so far.)
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{ No worries mate I definitely understand, yea thats true thnx ill keep those in mind.}
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The Day of Ascendancy

After a few weeks of testing, the two commanders managed to finally get a working mainframe for the disabled soldiers. The trials are an ultimate successful, in which a new wave of soldiers are created. They are branded the "Endbringers", after their abilities which includes a transformable array of weaponry including a large,double-barreled Gauss Canon which can be mounted on their arms, a pair of Power Gauntlets that can transform into a variety of deadly melee weapons; A shoulder-mounted Harmonic Vibration Cannon are added as well and lastly, the massively long Gauss Howitzer Artillery Cannon. After final set of trials, the new legion of Diyelian War Machines has finally been unleashed. Bigger, better, stronger. Even Niadra could not believe that the hopeless soldiers getting mentally tortured turned into a deadlier constructs of war in a snap of an eye.

-3 weeks after, the final ceremony of the Ascendancy-

"Endbringers, a name appropriate for a legend worth remembering. After this once in a lifetime opportunity to persevere, and achieve greatness past of the limits no one thought you can break, your battlecries will be an echo that will shake the stillness of the void, a shockwave that will trample upon your enemies, and an unwavering voice that will bear the might of our people. On this day, rise into greatness! Zeihirge, leirge! Zeihirge Diyelir!" Zeifruge said in his speech to the legions of titanic Diyelian soldiers, now clad in their armor of shining black and iridescent mechsuits, their numbers enough to form an ocean of warriors.

"And to you, victorious achievers who passed the test with fanatical zeal and indomitable will, all of you will be rewarded greatly! Savor the fruits of your labor, my brothers! For you have reaped well what you have sown with your blood and sweat. However, do bear in your mind that this is just the first step among the countless adventures that all of you will dare to brave, in the name of the ever-glorious Hegemony. Rise and stand! For you will be the vanguard of war. The elites among the elites. Honored among the stars, equal to our Formic comrades. Zeihirge, leirge! Zeihirge Diyelir!" Lidzrial exclaimed to the soldiers who passed the arduous trial.

The hundreds of trials passers, bowed to Duramir for his guidance, and to the great Nuzeikurgan Queens for not giving up on them. Keeping their Delta units with them, they would forever remember and honor the day that they've met their irreplaceable ally.

Zeifruge as promised, sent a thousand-ship fleet of architects and engineers that will help the Nuzeikurgans in Terra-forming their planet. Lidzrial on the other hand, provided a small, yet cute bunch of gifts to Niadra, which was loved by the Formic Queen. "Just take care of them, and don't forget to deal with their tantrums! They're the animal version of the Diyelians I can tell you HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the two laughed together, Niadra cuddling tightly the cute, squishy, little monster and bid goodbye , hoping to see each other pretty soon.

The mission to them has been finished, and now another one starts. It's time for them to teach their Krith allies... the way of the Warforged Ascendants.

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----------The Day of Ascendancy-------

Niadra was very impressed that the soldiers had become these weird organic mechanical creatures with stable minds. She walks up to a few of them inspecting the arm & poking at it.

Niadra: “They’ve become organic machines, not very fluffy at all but they are stable so that’s good.”

Kilysa: “ Very impressive, I wonder if I could apply my  RX-T8 system to some of our drones.” 

Taknul: “Perhaps, I do think we need to upgrade some of our drones, but well get to that after I finish my organic vehicle.”

-------3 weeks after, the final ceremony of the Ascendancy-------

After Zeifruge gave his speech to the legions of titanic Diyelian soldiers in their armoured mechsuits, Duramir & the other Brood Fathers gave proud salutes & bows to those who passed the Guardian trials.

The Queens all give slight bows the brave Diyelian warriors.

Zagara lets her daughters coordinate with the Diyelians to Terra-form each planet & large moon in their territory to prime conditions for Formics & A’Klik.

Niadra picked Lidzrial up hugging & thanking her for her gifts. She hugged & cuddled the little fuzz balls relentlessly.
“Yes I shall love them like my own, their tantrums won’t be a problem, besides how bad can such cute little babies be, oh yea I almost forgot your gift Lidzi.”

Several of Niadra’s drones walked up carrying large wood canisters of various curious items.
“These Lidzi are the finest wines, meads, herbs, spices, & recreational leafs, ill have my drones put them on your ship for you, take care my friend, I shall see you again soon.”

Tarakith & Sivtress were each given 1 battle ship as was custom for new Queens when starting out. The Krith drones were divided into 3 groups, 1 for each Krith Queen. The group that would be assigned to Rynza would stay with Zagara until she returns to Shyr.

Now the Krith Queens where on their way to start their own training.

( Yes I am too, I need to find a way to create an A’Klik Krith, :-P )
( & yes Niadra loves her gifts )
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The Beginning of Legends

The Diyelirs left the Formic worlds, the home where they ate, slept and trained within the past half a year. It was full of bittersweet memories, and they for sure will cherish that forever. They, together with the Kriths have began traveling through the wormhole station they placed as a gift into the Nuzeikurgan realm which would connect them into the Diyelir territory. It took the contingent three whole days to come out of the wormhole, arriving directly into the center of the Hegemony, Frontreiweld Elyss, homeworld and origin planet of the Diyelians. "Welcome to the Originworld, our dear allies. This is Frontreiweld Elyss, where the fate of all Diyelirs began. We will be landing not-so-far from our Capital, Frontreia. Our leaders will personally meet you there. For the meantime, we have to make a rendezvous to our brethren who were successful as well in their mission to our ally, the Chrymerions." Zeifruge said as he greets the Nuzeikurgans upon arriving in their homeworld.

-Frontreiweld Elyss, the Originworld-

The planet was unlike anything they have seen before. The planet is surrounded by large planetary rings and massive orbital stations that constantly orbits the surface, leaving the planet with an armored appearance. The rings themselves look habitable, with presence of artificial vegetation coupled with structures and fortified garrisons, orbital and anti-space weapons which are viewable from space. The planets looks lush from orbit, making the Nuzeikurgans wonder where on the planet's surface are the Diyelir cities located, as it doesn't seem that there is one. Upon arriving at the surface, all they saw was an endless paradise- the whole planet being covered in lush, tropical vegetation- that parades seemingly infinite species of bioengineered fauna and flora. Large swaths of cities can be seen everywhere; sky-extending towers of blacks and iridescence completely covered in plant and animal life, making the extent of their environmental prowess clear to their visitors .

After an hour of touring into the never-ending forest and cities camouflaged into it, they arrive at their destination- the entrance to the great capital of Frontreia. The entrance is situated in a big plateau, dotted with important structures such as airfields and industrial structures as well as environmental control buildings like atmosphere control towers. A meticulous array of heavily-fortified lines composed of garrisons and fortresses can be seen from the cliffs of the plateau, lined with orbital cannons and anti-air weapons camouflaging with the greenery around it. Bunkers and trenches scatter along the edges, where the soldiers can be seen training and guarding it, all connecting to the network of massive encampments and barracks that connects the whole plateau.

The entrance to the underground capital, as what to the Nuzeikurgans are briefed into a while ago, is a large, enclosed valley which is encircled by a steep mountain range and surrounded by pockets of planetary defense; the entrance to it is a fortified narrow cliff that leads into an enclosed environmental dome, in which the island in the center of a gargantuan-sized lake leads to a network of tunnels that goes down directly into the underground roads, leading to the Capital itself. The dome is connected to the island via towers extending to the dome, with the dome serving as a giant solar panel. This, together with all of the previous scenery that have seen, could be seen to make the Formics looked astonished by the carefully planned architecture and engineering capabilities of the Diyelirs, which in turn makes the Diyelirs wonder about the Formic's excitement about what would happen when they get back to their planet after their training, seeing that it would change drastically by the feats of Diyelir engineering.

Below the ground, the real view of the Capital would be seen. Underground towers extending from the floor up to the ceiling of the subterranean cavern network are numerous, with artificial lighting all over that supplies that city below with simulated day and night cycles. The city are interconnected by a web of tunnels, and in an hour they are escorted directly into the center of the city, the Government Capitol. The leader of the Hegemony himself is present, clad in a leader's battle-armor specifically designed for the current leader of the Hegemony.

-Frontreia, the Underground City, 2 hours after-

"Greetings, my dear Nuzeikurgan allies!" greets Elzeke Blytheriz, the Scheifareux, or the Marshall Emperor of the Hegemony.

"Welcome to Frontreia, our humble abode's capital. I was told that our mission to your realm was absolutely successful, as well as with our other allies, Chrymerion." he said. The leader is a large Diyelir, standing at eight and a half feet tall, white mane turning black signifying his age, which is not so past his prime. He is accompanied by a troop of soldier escorts and delegates, ready to greet the ally visitors.

"With a big thanks in our heart, we will offer you in return the best training that you will have for a Diyelian soldier. Just so you will know, you will not train directly here, but right through the the heart of our military sector, Richens Tenscheig. For the meantime, while we are setting up your own base within our realm in a classified planet, you will make your stay here for the meantime. We will notify you once your training is ready, otherwise you will be with these gentlemen for the meantime as they teach the various ways of the Diyelir way of life. They will be your instructors and guides, and you will be having a tour as well in our oldest university here." Elzeke said, while pointing out to the envoys who will be with them until further notice, the envoys doing the Diyelir salute and bowing slightly to the Fomic royalties.

"I wish you will have a good time here. Besides your training, you will also go around the whole Hegemony to learn other aspects, so enjoy resting here while waiting. My men will now assist, and once again, welcome to the Strato-Technocratic Hegemony of Diyel Frontreia!"

Hours later, the Formics are assisted to their quarters. For the Formic's own good, the Diyelirs established a special base for them near a base just outside the entrance to the capital, situated beside the lake in the northwestern edge of the mountain range inside the valley, thinking that they may not like living in the underground city below. The Nuzeikurgans are given the leeway to travel around the valley and as well the plateau, but will need to present permission if they want to travel past beyond that for their own safety. The building made for them was simulated to look like a Nuzeikurgan building for them to feel more at home, and they are given escort-servants which can help them in any way possible, as well the the envoy-instructors who can teach them with their any curiosity about Diyelir way of life.

Meanwhile, the large training ground are being constructed in the large still classified planet in the reaches of Richens Tenscheig. The three fleets as well, from the first to the third Ascendancy Fleet was given honorary ceremony for their success, and was given the role of vanguard forces of the Hegemony. The Kriths are also present in the ceremony, and was briefed that the commanders of the mission- Dryfgaust, Zeifruge and Lidzrial will be their commanders aboard their military training, much to the Nuzeikurgan's excitement.

-Rith'Essa's Halls, a week later-

"My dear Queens, your kin has safely arrived in the reaches of the Hegemony, they are now getting full attention regarding their training there. We again, give thanks to all of you for the warm hospitality that your race has given to us. With these, we are now giving you permission to conduct a visiting party aboard the Urkun-iash's territory on the vast plateaus of Lanmirtiasch, a star orbiting Elschkalfel IV  of the star system Leirdar Balmeztrisch. They personally call the "moon" orbiting their "planet" Alk'nid-oela, which means "The Great Beyond." You can make a proposal to establish a forward base on the main planet so that you can make first contact in the most ideal way possible, and we'll be more than happy to approve it. The natives are friendly, and though tribal are surprising and consciously aware of worlds and species beyond as sentient as them. This might be due to the fact that they are born in a moon orbiting a large superterran planet, which they have longed to reach and see what awaits them there. When we first landed there, we didn't expect to meet them, much to our shock as we normally don't visit pre-space civilizations not until we deemed them worthy of visiting. But that was all worth it as we are met by them with peaceful and humble greetings, and now we know that they are worthy of being assimilated upon your hive. We will do all of the help that you need in letting them join you, for as long as you will promise that no force will be included and their personal freedom will not be compromised in joining your swarm. That's the only condition that we need from you, my Queen." said the Chief Scientist and Diyelian emissary of the Urkun-iash that as personally sent to the Rith'Essa to begin as well Zagara's personal mission. "It has been all relayed to our Scheifareux, Elzeke. He was so ecstatic about the success of the mission that he instantly approved of all of this. You may give the go signal whenever you want." he finally said before saluting and leaving the meeting hall.

Spoiler: Welcome to Diyel Frontreia (hover to show)
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The Beginning of Legends

After the Queens bid the Krith & Diyelian soldiers farewell, all Formic eyes seemed to look towards Zagara. Zagara walked up to Kilysa & notified her that she had about 1 week to prepare for her trial on the matter concerning the Ghashyr, in the meantime the Formic & A’Klik queens went to the organic Forge world Rith’Zerlon in the Khamul’Dorr system to restructure the drones they use & to introduce new ones into the Swarm.

---Frontreiweld Elyss, the Originworld---

Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr looked in amazement as they came upon the planet. They had never seen such massive metal constructs as the planetary rings & stations. The planets seeming lush surface seemed familiar being use to organic technology but yet seemed strange as they were expecting massive metal cities.

As they landed it felt like they had arrived at a second home seeing lush vegetation. The camouflaged cities were fascinating indeed, integrating metal with vegetation was an idea that had not thought of yet, even though auntie Kilysa invented a biomechanical system for starships, they previously thought such a thing was exclusive to Shinju trees & constructs.

 As they arrive at the capital of Frontreia, Sivtress spots a few attractive super soldiers around the bunkers & trenches training. She involuntarily releases some pheromones meant to attract males, she stops after a few minutes when she realized what happened.   
The Krith looked in awe as they went through the Capitals entrance & the carefully planned architecture, the environmental dome almost made them think of some of the chambers in a Formic ship but with a view of the outside. The Kriths were soaking in everything they saw in Diyelian engineering, Tarakith & Sivtress were already discussing features they wanted to incorporate when they build their own Hive city.

---Frontreia, the Underground City, 2 hours after---

Upon meeting the leader of the Hegemony all Krith bow respectfully & the Queens introduce themselves.

Elzeke Blytheriz “Greetings, my dear Nuzeikurgan allies! Welcome to Frontreia, our humble abode's capital. I was told that our mission to your realm was successful, as well as with our other allies, Chrymerion. With a big thanks in our heart, we will offer you in return the best training that you will have for a Diyelian soldiers. Just so you will know, you will not train directly here, but to the the heart of our military sector, Richens Tenscheig. For the meantime, while we are setting up your own base within our realm in that classified planet, you will make your stay here for the meantime. We will notify you once your training will be ready, but otherwise you will be with these gentlemen for the meantime. They will teach the various ways of the Diyelian way of life. They will be your instructors and guides, and you will be having a tour as well in our oldest university here."

Both Krith Queens could barely contain their excitement as they both spoke:

 “Esteemed leader of the Hegemony, it is an honour to meet you & to visit your territory.”

Sivtress: “Yes your mission was a great success, we are honoured for this chance to train with your soldiers.”

Tarakith: “Your technology is very fascinating & inspiring, we are truly excited to learn your ways.”

Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr all bow toward their new teachers:

 “thank you for having us as your students.”

---Hours later---

As the their base was being setup just outside the capital, the Krith asked the envoys about everyday life in the Hegemony. They explore a bit deep inside the plateau.

The Krith felt proud during the ceremony that they were able to help the Diyel in their training, & were excited to learn that Zeifruge and Lidzrial would be training them.

---Rith'Essa's Halls, a week later---

In the days after the Krith left the conclusion of Kilysa’s trial had finally come & the Queens travelled to Ghashyr space to celebrate Rynza’s birth.
Zagara to the Chief Scientist & emissary:

“Good to hear my grandchildren are doing well. Your race has been nothing but gracious to use since we first meet, it was an honour to have your soldiers train here.”

“Tribal you say, it had not occurred to me that they were not a hive mind, a bit unexpected but no less exciting, you have my word that we shall not force anything upon them, & their personal freedoms shall not be compromised, in fact the new Swarm we have created is conducive to none hivemind beings since we are having more singular sentients living within the swarm.”

“Lanmirtiasch, very good I shall gather a portion of my personal hive & head for the Urkun-iash's territory.”

Zagara boarded her main Hive carrier & had 6 additional carriers fully loaded. Zagara’s fleet warped to Diyelian space where she should meet the Urkun-iash & check on the Krith & let them know how Rynza was doing. 

{Hey Nuz! I hope you got a good view of what my homeworld looks like. I will also describe the training grounds once we got there. Anyway, I'm amazed how you connected the timelines of our RPs with Taur. That was so neatly and canonically explained. I might one day bump into him. (Perhaps the Martaels or the Arganraxels, both due to their doctrines and their proximity to our territory.)}
{Yea mate its awesome, it really fits your tech score lol, im waiting until I hit 300 SA before adding several things I want, although I feel like slipping them in now :-P . Yea I thought connecting them would make rping more fun, plus you & Taur have an excuse to meet if you want.}
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Elzeke was happy at the Queens' appreciation of their engineering capabilities. After the ceremony, he carefully briefed the three leaders on what will be the course of the training, and strictly advised them about the protocols in order to ensure the Queens' safety. The three commanders promised that they will do their their best, making Elzeke relieved and at peace. After giving them final instructions, he directly went to Lanmirtiasch to personally meet Queen Zagara.

-Frontreiweld Elyss, The Fallen Hero's Grave, 3 days after-

"This is Mortiscalla, or the Fallen Hero's Grave. This historical plain is a crucial part in the shaping of our nation's history and advancements, most especially in the establishment of our realm as a foothold in the galactic community, hundreds of years before the Great Reaper War. This is where our pre-space age ancestors fought to the death in a last stand against a far superior alien enemies. After the war, we established ourselves as one of the mightiest forces in the galaxy, being one those few who survived the onslaught of the Reapers." one of the envoy-instructors told the Queens who are walking at the plains, overlooking the vast sea on the horizon. The Queens are given permission to have a tour on the planet whenever they please, provided that they have escort to ensure their safety. They are given a trip to vast plains of Mortiscalla, where many historical battles including the infamous 'Last Stand' happened. They also went to a number of places, like the Tower of the Starless Sky, where the mythical device that saved the Diyelians during the Reaper Wars, the Frontreian Halls of Heroes where all historical artifacts are being kept including the first spaceship that the Diyelians acquired, and most of all the Great University of Diyel Frontreia. Academics from all over the Hegemony are specifically chosen to study here, and while exclusive to passers, are still numbering millions, proving the proficiency and intelligence of the Nuzeikurgan's allies.

After they receive the news about the current happenings on their homeworld, the Nuzeikurgan Queens are given the permission to get back first to join their celebration, and would just meet them into the coordinates provided. "This coordinate would point directly to the border towards Richens Tenscheig, the second sector of the Hegemony centered on military acquisition and development. After your celebration, gives us a message so we can wait for you there. The star system where you will be conducting your training in the hands of the newly-developed Ascendant Army. We will wait there and set up your base of operations. Each one of you will be given under the command of the three spearhead commanders of the Ascendant Army, depending on your chosen path. Here are as follows- We have Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, commander of 1st Fleet and is our Infantry Commander. He specialize in an all-around utilization of infantry, resulting in an all-powered tanking line of super-soldiers in a shield of fortress carriers. Lidzrial Nefrejzest will be the Fire Support Commander, specializing in artillery units, most notably the newly-developed Endbringer Corps and a wide array of infantry fighting vehicles. Lastly would be Zeifruge Diaschnigje, classified as the Shock Trooper Commander which would be mastering the use of Shock Trooper-level units, most especially the infamous Ascendants, now more powerful than ever. This will be coupled with an array with a range of quick and devastating tank destroyers. You can submit your preference anytime."

Meanwhile, several ships began warping to Lanmirtiasch, the Scheifareux himself was leading the mission.

Spoiler: The Three Commanders of Ascendancy (hover to show)

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----Frontreiweld Elyss, The Fallen Hero's Grave----

Tarakith: “We have heard of this Reaper war but we have not seen any details of it.”

Sivtress: “ Its hard to imagine anyone invading Diyelians.”
Following the instructions of their escort Tarakith, Sivtress, & Valgorr explore as much as they can & have no shortage of questions. There was much respect & admiration in their eyes as they travelled through Mortiscalla & various other sites in the Hegemony.

 In the Academy the krith absorb everything they learn like sponges, & start wearing Diyelian clothing, although all their clothes have to be special ordered due to their height & physical build. Getting used to clothes seems weird at first but it relieves them from having to constantly have their organic armour active.


The Krith leave temporarily to join in Rynza’s hatching celebration. During the Celebration on Shyr Sivtress confronts the man that is her first crush, seeking to make him her mate.

Just before leaving Shyr the Krith send the Diyelians a message letting them know they were returning. Arriving at Rischetensteig the Krith were excited to be training with the Ascendant Army.

After their operations base was setup the Krith each choose a Diyelian commander to study under.
Sivtress chooses to train under Dryfgaust Gaulbleid, being that she wishes to have an adaptable & well rounded hive.

Valgorr chooses to train under Lidzrial Nefrejzest, as all Brood Fathers support their queens he wanted to be the best he can for Tarakith.

Tarakith chooses to train under Zeifruge Diaschnigje, like her aunt Unar, Tarakith likes fighting with raw power, thus Shock Trooper units are her favourite.


Zagara’s fleet exited warp a safe distance outside of Lanmirtiasch’s orbit. Following protocols several Drone fighters went out scanning the area. Once the area was secure the fleet moved closer hailing the Diyelian embassy:

“Greetings, I am Swarm Queen Zagara of Nuzeikurga, I request to land & meet with you & with the Urkun-iash.”

{Here ya go! I wanna make my commander more RTS-RPG like, similar to CnC: Generals. Enjooooy!}

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-Frontreiweld Elyss, Fallen Hero's Grave-

"Well, that was a traumatizing event that up until now left a large fear in our hearts. It was about a millennium ago when it happened. What started as a tiny spark of flame had grown into a wildfire that almost got everything killed. What we expected as a tiny, belligerent threat turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, after all our efforts has been exhausted, coming exactly at the moment of rejoicing at our false victory. We are taught in our history lessons that we are the one of the last bastions of this galaxy, fending off the Reaper invasion for a staggering one hundred years, before all of our colonies was lost to the marauding forces. For a fledgling nation, that was a quite impressive feat we will always be proud. But there will always be limits." the envoy said, his face looking towards the calm sea being kissed by the gentle Diyelian breeze. He then continued with a heavy, serious tone and opened a holographic projector out of his carried small baggage. "To save our race from being assimilated further, we initiated Project: Purity. It was a desperate attempt to further preserve our species in case our main plan has failed. We froze our species into a deep cryo-sleep hundreds of feet down below massive underground temples, while bombarding the planetary surfaces of our colonies to smithereens to eradicate any known signs of life. We haven't heard anything about it since." he looks down, but then remembers the main information that should be given. He proceeded to select holoprojections and stopped at the information regarding Operation: Void Fortress.

"Meanwhile, this... is Operation: Void Fortress." he pointed at the current projection. "Shortly before the Reaper Wars, we uncovered a very powerful relic coming from an unknown source. It had the power of planetary invincibility, but comes with the price of imprisoning the entire population within it. It works by absurdly bending the space-time continuum until the whole planet - and any nearby satellites- to be trapped inside a pocket dimension. The entire planet will be erased from existence while it's active, and there's no way in. Nor there's no way out. For five centuries we are trapped in that pocket dimension, watching every bit of gathered broadcast coming from our brothers out there who are mercilessly slaughtered by the Reapers, the others desperately fighting back and initiating our desperate survival attempt. For straight five hundred years we lost contact of the outside reality, and we are making our very best to gather our force. Countless civil wars raged inside the planet, as fear turns to anxiety, anxiety to paranoia, and ultimately paranoia to insanity. We are almost driven to extinction by our own hands, if not for faith-breaking efforts to re-conciliate peace. By the end of those five centuries, we are already battered by our helpless struggle for survival. After the impenetrable shield has been torn down, the once peace-loving adventurers would never be the same." the envoy looked at them with dead eyes, as if the souls of all their dead heroes became the legion of damned speaking for themselves. He then looked again at the sea, his mood getting calm again like ripples in the water.

"Well... many things worked well after that," his mood enlightened giving out good points about what happened. "We've met you, and Chrymerion as well after a couple hundred years of starting to build from the ashes. After the shield has fallen, the anomaly of the pocket dimension still exist, causing our system to seemingly disappear in the galactic map, and is only accessible by special hyperlanes and warp gates purposely built for the sake of travelling in and out of the Originworld." he looks back at the Kriths, their face shining with the light of the now setting star. "It's getting late, we should go back now. You would want to see the valley by night, it's a pleasant sight to take a rest and contemplate about life and existence. We'll have more time there talking about our stories, I'm equally excited to hear about yours." he gave a slight chuckle, before escorting the Kriths back to the safe reaches of the Capitol. "And yeah, it's hard now to imagine anyone attacking us, Diyelians. We've already spent a thousand years screwing ourselves, the word savage nor even hard core is not enough to describe our ferocity now in the battlefield." he added before happily walking back.

On the next day the Formic royalties became an official guest, the Diyelian scholars welcoming their allies with warm curiosity. They began asking the Kriths lots of question, mostly describing what their world looks like and how are they managing their government, education and most of all their military affairs. The Diyelians gifted this specialized suit for the Kriths as sign of goodwill and cooperation between the two species in the field of academia.

-Krith's departure-

After the Krith's departure, the classified battle system on Rischetensteig has been fully established. Lined with the most dangerous traps, the wildest of beast and the most perilous obstacles. The three fleets of soldiers was already sorted out, base on the best of their commander's specialty and the Krith hives has been placed under their respective mentors. Elzeke himself visited the site for a few hours, just to make sure that though it's a piece of hell, the soldier's - most especially the Formic's - safety will not be put into compromise.

-After the Nuzeikurgan celebration on one of their ally's territory-

The Diyelians welcomes the Nuzeikurgans to their territory. "Welcome to Richens Tenscheig. This will not just be your battleground, but your warzone in your stay here. Don't expect that this environment will be a paradise, though as we Diyelians train under living hell, under the harshest conditions questionable with your logic. Today, your kin will not counted as a Nuzeikurgan, as our dear ally. Starting from today, you are now a warrior in training, living to either feed or become the food. Today you will now be placed on the bottom of the food chain, and you must delve first into the deepest of hell to rise on top of it. Get into your respective commanders, my children. Your training will start soon after the ceremony." said a hulking Diyelian commander with a slash mark in one eye. He seems to be the overseer of the training, and he quickly put the Kriths to their respective commanders.

Dryfgaust was seen with his army of genetically enhanced warrior legion, with hulking armors that seems to erase the border between biological and artificial bodies, the soldiers themselves are indistinguishable from being organics or synthetics. They are assisted by titan-hulled troop carriers and assault dropships.

Lidzrial's army is mostly composed of the newly-created Endbringers. Their units are tailored to fit specifically in bombardment and fire support roles most especially their rather heavily-equipped Fanatic units . They are assisted by squads of infantry support carriers and heavy strafing gunships.

Last would be Zeifruge which is now spending his time with his horde of elite shock troopers. His units can be seen to have a preference for a heavy-hitting infantry-tank hybrid units, with a rapid deployment of tank destroyers and mobile battlestation designed to withstand prolonged periods behind enemy lines.

The Kriths were greeted with utmost respect and cheerfulness from the soldiers, and they were personally escorted to their quarters.

-Elschkalfel IV, Base of Operations-

The Diyelians are able to receive the signal from the Swarm Queen, and responded quickly. "Welcome esteemed Queen Zagara! Your base of operations has been made ready. I am Elzeke, Scheifareux of the Hegemony. I will personally assist you in your journey to Lanmirtiasch. For the meantime, I want to brief you about everything regarding the Urkun-Iash. It's been a long time since forever when we as leaders had the chance to talk, the last time I remember is when I was still a snotty toddler back in the humble reaches of my little home." Elzeke chuckled, cheerfully providing the good old Queen with the exact coordinates of her headquarters on the grassland super-Terran planet.

Spoiler: Journey to the heroes' hell grounds (hover to show)
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[Crap, I forgot about Tegedar & Xerkhon, ill just have them train with Lidzrial as well, lol]

-Frontreiweld Elyss, Fallen Hero's Grave-

The Krith listened intently  to the envoy as he spoke of the Reaper War.

Tarakith: “Very impressive indeed to be able to hold off such creatures.”

Xerkhon: “Void Fortress, sounds dangerous.”

Sivtress: “We’ve always thought of assimilation as a good thing, but ours is clearly different.”

Tegedar: “I wonder who made such a relic.”

Sivtress: “Im glad you all survived that.”

The Krith showed the Envoy memories of the 3rd Formic-Human War that took place before the Formics came to this galaxy.
The next day the Formic royalties answered many questions by the scholars & asked many of their own. The Krith still felt alittle odd in clothing but thought it would help others feel more comfortable around them.
----After Rynza’s celebration----

Arriving at Richens Tenscheig they speak briefly with a hulking Diyelian commander with a slash mark in one eye before reporting to their commanders.
Sivtress reports to Dryfgaust, she looks at the enhanced warrior legions carefully watching how they move & function.

Valgorr, Xerkhon, & Tegedar report to Lidzrial, all 3 bow slightly:

Valgorr: “Commander Lidzrial, we are ready for training.”

Tegedar: “We are Honoured to be training under your teachings.”

Tarakith runs over to Zeifruge’s unit:

“I am ready to proceed with training.”

-Elschkalfel IV, Base of Operations-

“Good to see again Scheifareux Elzeke, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to entertain an old lady. Ah yes I remember the last time we meet, you’ve grown up quite a bit.”

Zagara’s fleet stopped just inside Lanmirtiasch’s orbit. Zagara took a single battle ship to the hq she would be staying at. Once she arrived she quickly went through all data concerning the Urkun-Iash.

{Alright! There you go, the training of the Kriths will officially commence! And most importantly, you'll get to see the Urkun-Iash!}
{Yay, :-P, This will effect the Krith & their Hives in many ways}
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The envoy answered them that up until today the device was a mystery. And though interested about it, sadly, the device was destroyed when the shield has been taken down, as it is the only way for them to get out of the pocket dimension. The device hasn't been studied due to more important concerns like survival, civil unrest and rebuilding of their territory, aside from the fact that the device can only be studied if still not activated, in which they haven't had any time to do so.

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

They are sent to separate camps in the system, base of operation's planet by the classified name Hero's Cradle. The camps are hundreds of kilometers away from each other, and can support 20 million troops each. The planet is classified as a Bunkerworld, a planetary variant made by Diyelians primarily intended for basic military operations. The whole system is used as a special training ground for soldiers, most especially for members of the Assembly. There are 17 stages, all terra-formed according to the challenges and various combat environment that they need to survive into. The environment ranges from primordial volcanic worlds to scorching hot deserts and wastelands filled with the most brutal creatures of the burning sands, barren worlds to arid lands with unexpected terrors coming from the massive caverns under it, frigid worlds to arctic landscapes with savage beasts of frozen white; there are also paradise-looking tropical worlds that harbors exotic predators of the deep jungles, ocean worlds teeming with deadly marine lifeforms lurking beneath the waters, and continental grasslands and jungles where survival of the fittest seems like a regular walk in the park. This, couple with vast array of planetoids being used as urban warfare simulators, ships and space-based battlestations used for space-boarding assault and zero-g warfare exercises and as well virtual reality combat exposes Diyelians to every challenge possible, in all possible environments. Every training worlds is regarded as 'Hellworlds' and are categorized as follows:

Spoiler: Hellworlds (hover to show)

Everyone was called to a general assembly in the center of Hero's Cradle. They are shown these worlds and what to expect when taking a mission there. They are briefed that these training are comparable to real life military operations, some are much worse, and death would now be uncommon. The Diyelian soldiers were initially shocked, but became excited afterwards. They were given 5 days to rest and familiarize with all the worlds they will be training in for the next six months.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

"Here's the Urkun-Iash. They are a tribal confederacy of heavily armored insectoid species. Though not being a hivemind, in which we already confirmed, they are a highly communal and organized race. Their technological advancement is still crude, but they are showing progress in the science of forging weapons. They are able to create bladed and blunt weaponry out of the metals and other essential materials that can be founded in the mineral-rich moon, and their weapon aesthetics are quite sophisticated now, indication of their advancing intelligence. They are also highly curious and logical creatures, though still bounded by primitive traditions. When we crash-landed accidentally on this satellite, they helped us in the best way they could to let us survive in the wreckage and stay alive until our rescue fleet has arrived. They immediately acknowledge us as being not belonging on what they call as their 'domain', and began asking us about worlds far beyond theirs starting from Elschkalfel. Their curiosity only grew when we mentioned some details about you, saying they hope to meet one of your kin in person, so I know they'll be happy for sure. They also seem fond of using fire and is capable of doing advance things using it, like cooking and using it to be able to clear up areas for their homes. Other than that they are having this naturally brave attitude that we like in an instant. They're waiting now, and we can visit them as soon as you want. I assure you, you're gonna love them." Elzeke said, presenting document about each tribe.

Spoiler: The Kalpatridyan of Urkun-iash (The Tribal Confederacy of Streusteirfhei) (hover to show)


"So when will dis 'Pormics' arribe? Are dey sending men as numerous as yours?" said Irdihan, seemingly getting impatient about waiting as he is really excited to see their visitors. "Yeah, you said dey look similar to us as well, right?" agrees Migindo, his tribesmen scouting the skies for any arriving ships. The confederacy of tribes, calling themselves the Kalpatridyan or the "Brotherhood" has assembled to wait in anticipation for the visiting Formics in their system. The Emissary commander just chuckled at the curious race's excitement. "No worries, our 'chieftain' was just briefing them about you. They'll arrive sooner, so nothing to worry." he said to calm them down. While waiting for the Nuzeikurgans, as usual, the chieftains and their respective tribesmen are discussing political matters in a democratic-type forum guided by their Supreme Chieftain.

"The Diyelian star-people said dat dese 'Pormics' are inkluded in the same set op species as we do. If dat's da kase, should we ask for some adbancements coming prom dem?" said elder Layugno, holding a long scroll-like equipment and writing into it. "Well, ip dey indeed be priendly like our Diyelian priends, why not?" agrees bulky Mortaggon. "I hope dey habe awesome blades like our Diyelian priends!" muses Daypira, while cheerfully sharpening his blades. "Well, all I hope is dat dey can bring us more pood por our children." Kiryega said, while busy giving food to young Urkun-iash flocking around him. "Yeah! I'm excited to meet dem! I wonder what pantastic beasts can be pound on deir domain!" Argades shouted from behind, riding on his Tolkeor, hulking caterpillar-like beast of burden.

The Laon just laughed at his tribesmen's varying opinion and excitement.
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{ Hey mate, didn’t mean to keep you waiting so long}

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

The Krith were shocked at first at several of these Hell worlds, many were unlike any world they had ever seen. They had never encountered a tundra like environment as F’ormiks do not like artic climates. The tropical, grasslands, & Desert Hell worlds seemed like extreme versions on their own home worlds. After the initial shock they felt honoured to train with their Diyelian allies.

Tarakith & Valgorr were inseparable during the 5 days of studying each Hell world to prepare themselves for training. Sivtress, Xerkhon, & Tegedar studied the Hell worlds with a few Diyelian soldiers.

After the 5 days ended they each reported to their designated camp as ready as they would ever be for the training ahead.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

Zagara motions her mate Duramir to stand with her as she speaks with Elzeke:

“I never thought I’d meet a singular sentient insectoid. Weapon forging, I think they will get along well with our Hive Guardians in that respect. Duramir has been working on methods to add metal weapons in our arsenal, perhaps we will be learning from the Urkun-Iash in this regard. I see, we ourselves have a few ancient traditions we follow, we seem to have a few things in common, im starting to like them already.”

Zagara memorizes the data on each tribe while following  Elzeke to Lanmirtiasch to meet the clan leaders.


Leaving the rest of her fleet in orbit Zagara’s battleship landed next to Elzeke’s vessel. Zagara walked out with Duramir next to her & several drones behind them. 2 Energy Harvester crawled out of the ship & started stretching their limbs & looking around.

Bursting with excitement Zagara walks up swiftly to meet the Urkun-Iash clan leaders:

“Greetings I am Zagara, Swarm Queen Nuzeikurga, It is truly an honour to meet fellow cousins, Warcheif Laon Irdihan of the Warwing, Migindo of Flutterfeet,  Layugno of Wisetongue, Mortaggon of Mallethand, Daypira of Bladeclaw, Kiryega of Trunkarm, & Argades of Wildhorn.”
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(Nah, it's fine bud!)

-Richens Tenscheig, Base of Operations-

After five days, the training commences, starting from the welcoming ceremony of the Diyelir training commanders. The ceremony starts on orbit of the first Hellworld, the Beastfield Hell named the "Food Pit". After briefing everyone, they we're shot on orbit into various pods directly into the planet. Every soldier, including the Kriths are given only a communicator and a signaling device. They are sent towards the planet without any weapons or supplies and was sent separately a few hundred miles away from each other, and making sure that none of them would meet even a single company. They are given a week to survive in the planet, they were also given instructions that they need to make it on their way on the landing site on the last them for evacuation. Failure to do so would result in getting kicked out of the training grounds. The planet was unexpectedly harsh, sporting gargantuan predators in a never-ending cycle to be on top of the food chain. Strong winds blow across the planet, bringing constant exchange of thunderstorms and scorching heat in the almost mountain-less plains. Even making a small fire would ignite the rush of death, with hordes of marauding species clashing beneath the defenseless soldiers caught in the savage skirmishes. Having the mistake of falling asleep is an assurance that you will never wake up again, and the soldiers must constantly move and fight for the food that they are hunting together with a thousand ferocious creatures.

Spoiler: The Food Pit and its denizens (hover to show)

After a week, a couple thousand soldiers was sent back to the main base of operations for recuperation, most of them critically injured, and several hundreds dead. A day after, they are immediately sent the next Hellworld, the Wasteland Hell they called Glory's end. The Hellworld was Terra-formed and simulated to look like a Dystopian remnant, pockmarked with a few "remnants' of city ruins. Heat scorched the surface, with the only refuge being the small swaths of Oases guarded by vicious predators. Oil deposits constantly sprung up from the surface, and the burning heat turning it into a living hell on earth. The trainees are given two weeks to complete the challenge of getting enough oil to get some old transport ships working that can be used to get into the massive starships orbiting high in the sky. No food was given, although the dystopian remains offers limited supplies including food that can be scavenged. The survivors must get the ship working as well, and there are limited set of working transport ships in the area.

Spoiler: The Hell after the wars: The Wasteland Hell "Glory's End" (hover to show)

Within the next two weeks, a couple more thousand was incapacitated and the estimate deaths are ranging from a thousand and a few hundreds. After that, they are given three days to rest before going on to the next hell.

-Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0-

"Oh yes they are. However I do apologize, but I cannot further assist you with your mission here. I would need to get back to the Capitol for such an interesting discovery that we had, and I'm badly needed to be there. But no worries, rest assure that my men will be with you all the time." Elzeke said, feeling excited with their own personal twist in their story.


"Greetings as well, Kween Zagara op da P'ormiks. I'm Irdihan, Laon op the Urkun-iash and chieptain op the Warwing tribe. Welcome to our humble little domain." he said, bowing to the Nuzeikurgan matriarch. All others bowed together with him.

Spoiler: The Insanitarium of the Brave (hover to show)
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--Hellworld-1: Food Pit--

The Kriths pods rattle & shake as they are hurled to the planet, the initial landing is alittle rough but not terrible.   

The Krith emerged cautiously from their pods.

As Tarakith comes out of her pod she sees 2 predators in the distance locked in a vicious battle to the death. As the victor was about to enjoy its kill she bounced on the exhausted creature killing it within a few minutes, She tore off 1 of its claws to use as a weapon. Just as she was tearing into & eating its ribs for meat, various other creatures were converging on the kill. Seeing that she was going to be flanked soon she grab her provisions & ran to some nearby brush, but more  predators jumped out & ran at her forcing her to throw her food at them to escape. The week seemed to go on like this, constantly fighting just for a bit of food & for cover from the storms. She used her physical strength & psionic power to fight tear through various predators for the first few days, but they proved too many to do that constantly, so she started just doing what she could to survive. With a few hours to spare she was the first of the Krith to make it to the evacuation point, but she was banged up, sleep deprived, & more exhausted then she had ever been. As the dropship picked her up she passed out even before it left the planet.

Sivtress’s goal from the start was just to survive, she was crafty & cunning, she took control of the first creature she came across & forced it to help her survive, after it died she moved on to another creature, & then she started collecting more more forming a pack. Her pack fought constantly & seemed to change control as most of its members died during each battle.  Being that a F’ormik day lasts almost 55 hours she able to keep this up successfully for the first few days, but as she became more sleep deprived in the week, her control over the creatures waned. Her pack quickly fell as she was forced to kill all its members. About a day after losing her pack she used what psionic energy she had & took control of a massive creature & rode it towards the evacuation point but they were cut off by 2 equally massive creatures, with the heat of battle burning in the creature Sivtress was too weak in her sleep deprivation to control it & ended up being thrown off the creature into some trees below. She did what she could to survive from then on making it to the evacuation point within 3 hours of the deadline.   
Tegedar & Valgorr made it to the evacuation point at the same time shortly after Sivtress. They looked at each other too tired to speak & then walked over to where Sivtress sat & laid down on either side of her.
Xerkhon was the least lucky of all the Krith, his pod landed in the middle of a huge free for all battle involving hundreds of creatures. Xerkhon’s pod was nearly sheared in half as soon as it landed. Jumping out he fought with everything he had, using his telekinetic powers & strength. All 4 of his arms thrashed out & telekinetic blasts rang out in the heat of battle. At the end every creature was dead or severely injured. Xerkhon had sustained heavy injury, he looked up & saw a thunderstorm quickly rushing towards his location. Desperate for cover the darted to a large creature that had been slain & tore up its belly & crawled inside of it. He managed to eat some of the meat inside before passing out. The thunderstorm & the fact the he was in the middle of the grave yard enabled him to get enough rest to allow his most severe wounds to heal enough not to be life threatening. He was abruptly woken up by scavenging creatures tearing at the body he was hiding in, bracing himself he jumped out at a prime moment attacking the first creature he spotted. He broke the creatures jaw & darted away. Checking he’s gear he found that his communicator was broken, & the signal device was damaged but seemed operational. Soon he found himself in another fight, & yet another, & so it went on. Xerkhon had lost track of time, he was almost certain he wouldn’t make it in time, he was just trying to survive. Xerkhon was barely made it to the evacuation site on time. He walked up slowly to the zone & then collapsed right after. 

After a week, a couple thousand soldiers was sent back to the main base of operations for recuperation, most of them critically injured, and several hundreds dead.

Xerkhon woke up with the other Krith & a few Diyel faces hovering over him. He was surprised that he made it but was glad. He went back to sleep to give his body time to heal for the next Hellworld.

--Hellworld 2: Glory’s End--

Xerkhon was thrust out of slumber by Tegedar about 2 hours before they were to go to Glorys End.

As before they were hurled toward the planet in pods but this time they landed close to each other. As they landed the grouped together with a few Diyel soldiers, they soon found themselves activating their full organic armour to prevent their skin from being scorched by the heat but inside their armour they were still feeling the heat bearing down on them.

After half an hour they came up on an old half ruined building, seeking refuge in what was left of the building they came up on a few centipede like creatures who were living there. They fought them ferociously gaining victory but caused part of the remaining building to collapse on its side leaving only 2 rooms that were mostly still intact for them to use.
The Krith disengaged their Organic armour to cool off & started planning out how they would collect the necessary parts to build transport. After a few minutes of resting & planning they darted back out dragging a few of the dead creatures back in the building, they gutted them for meat, they broke off pinchers & claws to use as weapons, & divided sections of the creatures shells to help block the suns rays during the day & to use as a sort of sleeping bag / hiding mechanism during the night.

Since the oil burned during the day they decided to collect it in the night, & any ship components they found they wound construct pieces inside whatever cover they could find & assemble them during the night so the metal would not burn them as they worked. But first they need to locate an Oasis & a better location to use as a base.

With their provisions & plan they set out bracing sections of insectoid shells over them to shield from the heat. Sometime later they came up on an Oasis stopping about 100 meters away but did not engage the creatures around it just yet. East of the Oasis were remnants of a city, so they went there first to setup camp. Arriving at the remnants they found 2 other teams that claimed the prime areas, so the Kriths team split into 2 claiming 2 sections of what used to be one large building that has been split in half by another building that fell on top. Tarakith, Valgorr & a few Diyel secured several rooms in the west half as Sivtress & her team secured several rooms in the east. The 2 Krith Queens linked everyones minds so they could communicate seamlessly.
After securing their area Tarakiths half of the team collected whatever ship parts they could find while Sivtress & her half of the team grabbed empty half broken barrels & containers & went to assault the creatures at the Oasis.
Tarakiths group over the next few days had 3 engines assembled but no hull to attach them to.
Sivtress’s group managed to fill containers of water to last a few days & some food but nearly everyone was injured from the battles, Sivtress used her healing powers to keep her group healthy but only to a limited extent since having limited provisions & the amount of energy her ability required.

At night the groups took turns going out fighting various nocturnal creatures while collecting oil in containers.     
The days dragged on, provisions & ship parts became more scarce, & one of their Diyel teammates fell honourably in battle, they would forever remember him & his sacrifice. It had been over a week & the Kriths team had various internal & external parts but no Hull. They awoke a few days before the deadline to the sound of one of the teams close to them taking off in the sky on a fully assembled transport.
Unwilling to accept defeat of any sort the Kriths team meets with the one other team in their area & proposed to help them build a transport, so both teams could make it in time. The other team had most of a hull but no engines, & half their team was injured.

 knowing that there was not enough space on the transports Tarakith & Sivtress came up with a plan to get everyone who wouldn’t fit on the transport up to the starship.

The joint team worked relentlessly to assemble a transport. Finishing the morning of the last day they put all their injured in the transport first. 2 Diyel soldiers piloted, Xerkhon placed himself inside using his size to cover an opening in the hull, several other Diyel soldier sat on either side of him, Tegedar & Valgorr hung on to the sides of the transport, & Tarakith & Sivtress activated their armour & wings & each picked up 2 Diyel soldiers as they flew. The transport slowly took off heading to the nearest starship with Tarakith & Sivtress flying underneath for cover from the sun. Finally landing in the starships bay the joint team was more than ready for rest.
The Krith almost slept the entire 3 days before being sent to the next Hellworld.

--Elschkalfel IV, Installation 0--

Zagara bid Elzeke farewell, she looked at him almost as a grandchild that was all grown up.


Zagara & Duramir bowed respectfully to Irdihan & the other Urkun-iash.

Zagara: “I am honoured to finally meet you, Ive brought several items from our worlds including a large array of food & various weapons for you to review & have. My reasons for visiting you are too learn of your ways & to make a proposal to you, but im certain you have many questions yourselves so ill start by answering anything that I can.”

As Zagara spoke drones came out carrying containers filled with every type of fruit & vegetable available in the swarm worlds, samples of nector & mead made by Niadra’s hive, & various handheld weapons used by the Hive Guardians.

(Hey what are some male Diyelian names?)
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An additional two days has passed for everyone to recuperate. Afterwards they went straight into the Winterbite Hell known just by the name "Bloodmoss". Here they will be tested about their wits in the midst of a harsh environment. Three weeks are given to them to find the location of the evacuation ships scattered aboard underground bases in the planet. But the challenge is that no communication signal will be handed to them, and the riddles about its whereabouts are hidden without any clue into the vast tundra world inhabited by ever-hungry snow predators. Here they are given more leeway to band together as long as they can effectively share information about the location of the ships. The tundra world is somehow hilly, though no indications of high mountains are seen and are more into moss covered plains, and as such, they are offered limited to directly no protection against attacking predators, most of them nocturnal beasts. Also, at night the temperature drops and occasional snow storms raged around the planet making it hard to produce fire.

After three weeks, less casualty has been recorded, confined only to a hundred injured and a dozen dead among the million trainees due to them effectively banding together, creating camaraderie among them. The Kriths are looked upon by the soldiers due to their strengths and abilities, most especially their psionics that hey heavily relied in times of critical situations. Millions of them are able to ascend to the next level of training. The heavily injured ones are being sent back to their families while the most willing are indoctrinated for the Endbringer Corps. They are given a week and a half to prepare themselves for the now battering worlds where they will descend into. By then, two months and a week has passed since the training commences, and the Ascendancy commanders asked their men if they would still want to continue the training, in which they proudly and adamantly replied with a yes. The Kriths are also asked about their personal thoughts regarding the not just strict, but highly deadly training.

A week has passed, and the trainees are being dropped into the first Level II Hellworld, the Entangled World known as "Insanity Woods". They are given one month to survive the planet getting the pass cards from dummies that they need to rescue, to able to enter and get to the designated evacuation zones. The soldiers are sent separately from one another, carefully landing them in equal coordinates from the nearest evacuation zone. For some reasons, they are also given their full armor and weapons. On the first three days of training everything seems normal, besides those overly large fauna that seems to be alive for some reasons. A week after the search, and the soldiers starts to get a feeling of bliss staying in the planet and lying on it's sweet-smelling grasses. Over the time, records of a growing number of soldiers missing out of action was announced in a broadcast to all remaining. Two days after a week, and still no signs of any dummies or any passes needed to get into the evacuation bases. The soldiers by then are starting to experience all kinds of weird hallucinations, and the forest is starting the block all previous paths that they have cleared.

Meanwhile, the large carnivorous fauna of the planet becomes active again at the presence of large food sources. The plant-predators started making aggressive moves towards the training travelling inside the forest, and because the planetary wide hallucinogenic chemicals, they are not able to fight into their best, a thousand soldier was killed just on the succeeding weeks. At the end of the second week, they managed to located the locations of the dummies, but by then the plants began wrecking havoc, unleashing pheromones that attracts predatory animals as well, the greatest threat about it other than the now nightmarish hallucinations encountered by the soldiers that are now having insane difficulties in distinguishing reality from imagination, are the camouflaging abilities of all fauna and flora, making them hard to spot and kill. All of this, together again with the growing paranoia and restlessness drives them into a state of insanity, even to the extent of turning against others for survivals. Most of them survives encounters with those beast and plants' continued hunts due to their sheer instincts and their fighting will, but after the third week when most of them had already arrived the evacuation bases, ninety percent was administered with intensive attention as all of them was so driven into an intense mental shock, with twenty percent succumbing to a partial catatonia or laying unconsciousness after withdrawing from the after effects of the hallucinogens. After the last week, a total of five percent of the trainees was killed in the training, most of them eaten if not died due to starvation because of the intense insanity experienced. Most of the trainees became traumatized, but in turn the after-effects effectively unleashed their bestial instincts. They were given a two weeks to effectively recuperate for the next training, but was given intensive combat simulation training while on board ships.

After the two weeks of medical reconditioning, they are dropped into the next Hellworld, the Desolate Hell named "Deathdust". Here they are tasked of venturing into the desert to retrieve important data from various underground facilities and hunt large monsters that were containing these swallowed technologies. Then they are given the task of activating the beacon to let them be evacuated. They are not given any timeframe to do this since this would be a really hard task to do, given that'll have monster hunt in a very deadly desert world. No food was given, but they are all informed that all food was concentrated around underground cavern systems where these desert beast are having their lairs with. At mid morning to late afternoon harsh desert storms with temperatures raging up to seventy five degrees ravages the desert dunes around the planet, making travel ridiculously impossible. At night the temperature drops into negative ten and accompanied by mass breakouts from the underground creatures finding food. It took the trainees a whole month to complete the training, as the attacks on lair proved to be catastrophic if not properly done and in small groups. After a coordinate mass attacks, they are able to get all of the necessary technologies and are connected back to the headquarters.

They are evacuated afterwards with another couple thousand dead, most of them died on the desert dust storms, a few from night attacks, a the remaining from the attacks into the lairs, both failed and successful. They are given a week to prepare for the next training Hell.

-Elschkalfel, Installation 0-

Elzeke politely bid goodbye, and proceed to went back to the Hegemony for important purposes.


"Oh, my, my. Dis are all good present prom you. Thanks, Kween Sagara." Irdihan said, humbled by the the massive creatures appearing in front of them. "Yes, we do habe inkwiries regarding your species. Where do you came prom? How par is it prom here? Is it on that planet up abobe us?" he said pointing towards the planet where their moon-world is orbiting.

Spoiler: The Dark Side of the Diyelirs (hover to show)
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3rd Hellworld: Bloodmoss

The Krith slept as much as possible before the hellworld, this was the most intense trial they hand ever faced, but the blood of their late parents burned in them all, they were determined to go as far as possible. Xerkhon seemed to have changed more than the others, he seemed a bit war hardened & slightly feral. Seems his first hellworld experience triggered something primal within.

The harsh cold of Bloodmoss was unlike, anything else the krith faced before. They had never been in cold weather before. Formics don’t train for full exposure to the coldness of space until they have reached a certain level in their physical & psionic ability. Usually several years after they have reached maturity.

As soon as they landed they all activated their organic armour under their uniforms to preserve as much heat as possible. Their first objective was finding or making shelter. After some time they came up on a cave some creatures had dug at the base of a hill. Xerkhon was the first to assault the cave swiftly killing the first 2 creatures before everyone else entered the cave, from there they engaged in a brief but intense battle. When it was finished they realized they killed a whole nest of creatures, father mother & babies. Most of the Krith seemed sad for a few moments when they realized what they had done but Xerkhon seemed un-phased. Using their psionic powers, strength, & help of several Diyel they dug even deeper into the hill & lined the cave with moss to help insulate heat.       

After setting up their temporary base, Tarakith & Sivtress linked their minds with every soldier they could locate helping them find any form of shelter possible. Some covered themselves moss & huddled together, others killed creatures they encountered & crawled inside their body to stay warm. The first few days consisted of finding shelter & warmth, scavenging food, & searching for clues.

In the days to come the Krith Queens link helped everyone operate quickly & efficiently together, to share information on the evacuation ships locations quickly, & also to learn from everyone’s mistakes, especially those who died as a result of their mistake. Some were raided by packs of nocturnal arctic predators, most fought them off successfully, some became food in the darkness of the tundra. As their survival instincts kicked in more & more, the link caused the Krith to act as if all the Diyel were there hive. At one point they tracked down several creatures that had killed & eaten their comrades.

After a few days several temporary bases had been established. The Krith & Diyel stayed in the bases in a rotation to prevent frostbite & to keep the team as healthy as posiible. As this occurred everyone else scouted the Tundra looking for clues to the evac ships & supplies. 2 teams of Diyel soldiers were the first to find 2 underground bases by following clues they found on the side of a hill & hidden under moss. The soldiers all quickly filled the evacuation ships & left, but the Krith noted the bases locations enabling themselves & others to migrate to the bases taking advantage of any supplies & warmth they found.

The entire second week passed before the next base was found. This time all the Krith convinced Xerkhon to go, they were worried about him because his feral state seemed constant. Sivtress went with him to make sure he left.   
Tarakith, Valgorr, & Tegedar led the rest of the Diyel through the Tundra. They seemed locked in a constant cycle of hunt, fight, find shelter, find clues, find supplies, eat moss. The day before the deadline they finally found the last base they needed. Aside from the pilots flying the evacuation ships, everyone was huddled together for warmth as they finally left the planet.

The Krith prepare & sleep as much as possible during the break. When asked if they wish to continue, they all look at each other & then respond with a resounding yes.
Tarakith: “The training is physically more rigorous then anything we have done previously, but we will continue so that our future hives will be powerful & we will be able to make the swarm stronger.”

---Hellworld: Insanity Woods---

The Insanity woods reminded the Krith of some of the forest areas in their own territory giving them a comfortable feeling initially, but the fact that they were given full armour & weapons worried the Krith. Each of them thought of all the organic defences of Nuzeikurga, making them somewhat paranoid of the pants. They moved through the woods very carefully & silently, staying high in the trees avoiding any plant that was unfamiliar, & covering themselves with mud & or dirt to hide their scent & heat signature. The Queen Kriths used their psionics to analyse each planet & animal, everything seemed somewhat dormant & calm for the time being but they kept silent searching for the dummies. The Male Krith stayed in the trees as well remembering their training before becoming Hive Guardians, they killed small animals & set bait for any flesh eating plants or predators in the area. A few plants seemed to move slowly towards the bait but it was always nabbed by some other creature. So they moved silently as well feeling somewhat confused that nothing was attacking them yet.   

The first week passed with no sign of danger or the dummies. The Krith listened carefully to each broadcast wondering what had killed the soldiers. Overtime the Krith noticed subtle but increasing pheromones filling the air, Sivtress was the first to notice it was affecting her, so she activated her organic armour to try & filter out the air she breathed. Tarakith caught on after she felt alittle faint. The males activated their armour as well after they saw the forest becoming more active. Do to the amount of energy the armour required to stay active, the Krith took breaks from its use so they could ready for what lurked in the forest.   

A few days into the second week the carnivorous fauna started waking up. The Krith managed to filter out most of the hallucinogenic pheromones, but they were still having hallucinations. Staying in the trees helped them from the initial onslaught of the carnivorous plants, but they noticed they the paths they had cleared for safe travel have changed & have been covered again. Being that the pheromones were not working as well on the Krith, the plants seemed to take it as a challenge. Though the Krith masked themselves the plants could still detect their presence when they moved, often reaching their vines up into trees looking for this peculiarly elusive prey. 

The Queens started flying to further elude predators, & flew over lakes to get water. The males however had to continue jumping from tree to tree. At times they got desperately thrusty, jumping down as close as possible to water sources fighting their way for a drink & then jumping back into the trees. Sometimes the Krith find themselves fighting things that weren’t real, so they tried to extended the activation time of their organic armour, helping them keep the hallucinations at bay but causing them to use up more energy.

The Kriths strategy was working well until the plants in the 3rd week released a separate set of pheromones attracting predatory animals causing the trees to no longer be as safe as they once were. Animals started crawling up the trees following the pheromones the plants were releasing in the Kriths direction. They fought in the trees killing & injuring every creature that assaulted them, the hungry plants below were greedily devouring all who fell from the tree tops.
During one of her battles Sivtress spots a dummy, she immediately takes off into the air & then dive bombs through the tree line grabbing the dummy & then taking off into the sky. Flying for some time she finally came upon the evacuation area tired, hungry, & covered in dirt & blood, some of the blood was her own, most was not.
Tarakith had gone somewhat feral, she was too tired to keep her armour active during battle so the hallucinations started getting to her somewhat, fighting real & imagined creatures she started unleashing the fury of her powers. She started by sending out a high frequency waves causing several of the animal predator’s brains to rupture, for the ones that survived that she fired out psionic bolts piercing through bodies, trees, plants & parts of the ground. At the end of her rampage she had levelled a large area of the forest. She activated her armour to filter out the pheromones & then disengaged her armour as she started walking towards a tree at the edge of destroyed forest. As she walked she found a dummy, whose body was torn in half but its pass card was still in working condition. Too tired to immediately fly she climbed a tree to rest awhile, afterwards she slowly flew in the air. Reaching the evac zone she landed on the ground almost falling on her face, she picked herself up, used the pass card, handed what was left of the dummy over, & went to the first corner she could get to & passed out. She made it 8 days before the deadline. 

The Krith males had a rough go of it, their Hive Guardian training had granted them more endurance & physical strength then the Krith Queens enabling them to have their armours active for longer periods, but since they couldn’t fly they had to fight for longer periods.
Valgorr had just finished a vicious battle when he jumped in a nearby lake with his armour still active, he let himself float for a few moments to rest. Afterwards he slowly started swimming to the otherside, suddenly he was dragged underwater by a crocodile like creature, Valgorr used all 4 of his arms & hands to break the creatures jaw & swim back to the surface. He was alive & some how uninjured, after he made it to the other side he jumped back into the trees, he wondered if that battle had been real or not. A few days later he found a dummy & eventually made his way to the evacuation zone.

Tegedar fought all manner of horrors, both real & imaginative. He kept his armour active as long as possible between intervals. At one point he was knocked out of the trees by one of the animal predators, & found himself fighting plant & animal predators who were also tearing each other apart. He survived but was injured kinda badly. He climbed the trees again & went back to jumping from tree to tree, eventually he found a place to rest falling asleep. He woke up to the sounds of screams near by, making his way over there as quickly as he could he found a large plant swallowing down a Diyel victim. Lounging out of the trees Tegedar came crashing down on the creature tearing chunks of its body off & then gribbing its base roots in all of his hands he tore it in 4 halfs. The Diyel soldier was alive but he was horribly mangled being partially digested & riddled with broken bones, the soldier pointed to a dummy he was trying to secure, Tegedar looked at it & then the soldier, the soldier begged for Tegedar to give him a clean death a warriors death. He picked up a battle sword the soldier had been using, he sat the soldier up so he could have some dignity & then bid the soldier farewell.

Tegedar: “My fellow warrior, & brother in arms, I honour you this day for your bravery & service to your nation, may your forever find your place in the great plains of your kin.”

Tegedar thrust the blade through the back of the soldiers neck & into his body swiftly killing him. He then burned the soldiers body so the creatures wouldn’t have the satisfaction to feast on his body. 3 days before the deadline Tegedar makes it to the evacuation zone, once there he asks one of the captions if he could have a custom sword made for him to fight with.

Xerkhons behaviour at times seemed like the very animals that were hunting him. He killed & feasted on all sorts of creatures. He found a dummy early in the second week but lost himself in the forest, he strapped the dummy to his back & focused on survival. He had become another predator of the forest at one point. A few days before the deadline he & a Diyelian who had gone crazy squared off nearly killing each other, but during the fight they snapped out of their primal trance, they looked at each other & then went their separate ways. Xerkhon made his way to the evac zone after regaining some of his sanity. The days seemed to run together, he didn’t even know what day it was when he finally made it to the evac zone, he made it 10 hours before deadline. 

The Krith slept for nearly the entire first week of recovery. Tarakith & Valgorr cuddled together as much as possible while they slept & studied for the next trial.

---Hellworld: Death Dust---

With the days existing his raging heat & nights in deep artic frostbite, the only time the Krith & their team found they could travel on the surface was during sunrise in the very birth of the light, & at sunset in the fading light. Initially the kriths huddled their pods together until they found underground shelter.  Their first temporary base was cleaved in half during the night by a massive creature, they fought with everything they had to bring the beast down. After the beast died they went down into the hole the beast dugout & huddled for warmth after blocking off the entrance to their small corner. As sunrise broke the horizon they retrieve their first piece of technology from the creature’s belly.
The team moved constantly from base to base, hunting the giant creatures whenever they could, sometimes retrieving tech, sometimes not.
Just over a month into the mission the Krith lost half their team on sunrise while raiding an underground base. They were attacking one monster but 2 others converged on the same area, the monsters fought each other of the Kriths crew. Using their psionics & weapons they eventually slew all 3 but at a terrible cost. The base was so unrooted & dismantled that the Team hid inside one of the creature’s bodies under the surface to survive the heat & dust storms of the day. As sunset hit they retrieved the other technologies from the other 2 creatures which enabled them to finish the mission. They activated their beckons for evacuation, when the ship came they found half a crew who were starved, sun burnt, & ready for rest.
The Krith slept for 4 days straight, & then started planning for the next mission.


"You are very welcome. We come from a group of planets outside of the Diyels territory, our home is a few days journey from here. No we do not come from that planet.”
Zagara answers all the Urkun-iash’s questions as clearly as she can. As she speaks to them she lightly reads their minds & brain waves to see if they have any psionic abilities or the potential for it.
“If you don’t mind I have some questions of my own. You see we Formic’s have mainly organic technology & devices so metal devices are still new to some of use, well mostly just me being the old lady I am, so I would like to know how you came to use metal tools & weapons?”
“I would like to know about your ways, history, & how you came to unite all your clans?”

(There you go! Can your men still move after all of this? And also what names do you need?)
(maybe…, like an eye lid or 2 lol, male names, Sivtress is going to name her first son after the fallen soldier. :-P )
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--Insanity Woods--

As the lone soldier walks among the thick shrubs, his vision clouded by a nighmarish realm that doesn't seem to end, he stumbled upon vines entangling his feet. He was raised mid air, and the large gaping mouth of the predatory flora chomped on him like a tender piece of cooked meat. He started grabbing his weapons and stab the creature, but after four days of starvation and the large effect of the hallucinogen on his mind, his efforts proved futile, and the best thing he can do is to take away all dignity in exchange for his dim survival. His anguish screams pierced into the forest, full of imaginary laughs and the screams of his fellow comrades meeting the same fate. Suddenly, out of nowhere came a soldier from the Nuzeikurgans who helped in killing the creature, releasing him from it's gluttonous hold. However, he was critically injured, his body broken beyond salvation and the only he can do is to meekly request to die with honor in a soldier's death. He ordered the F'ormik soldier he doesn't even know if was real or just a product of his dying mind to proceed with the ceremonial execution. With a heavy heart from the soldier, he began saying his last words, "Ervien... Geltrun... it's nice ... to die... in a... comrade's... presence." The sound of cold metal piercing into a dying body echoed for a second, followed by one last breath before the poor soldier's life comes to and end. On his hands, a locket-like thing was all that is left of him.

--Base of Operations--

After the previous two Hellworlds, the Diyelir commanders in charge of the mission an expected, but still worrying decline on the rank of the Kriths. After various Hive Guardians are being sent back to be observed and put under constant medical attention, they began asking the Kriths if they still want to continue with the training procedures. Everyone is given three weeks to prepare for the next Hellworld.

The next Hellworld where they have been sent is Flamebane Grave, a Type II Hellworld composing of a frozen planet ravaged by armor piercing hailstorms and endless wave of marauding ice-cold creatures of nightmares. Their task is simple, set up their camp for a week then survive the exchanging storms and hordes of beast swarming at them. Each of them are equally put into Diyelium strongholds filled with supplies including food. These strongholds are situated ten kilometers away from each other, with a space of four empty strongholds in between occupied one. There are separate fortified supply forts that offers large amounts of food but without any ammunition stocks. The evacuation fleets will arrive exactly at the end of the training, and will arrive in a location equal to the distance between the forts.

The first week seemed to be very challenging in the first place, as setting up the camp against a raging hailstorm proved catastrophic. Soldiers were forced to stay inside the forts, lest they perished in a barrage of cold ice piercing into their armor. Here, they learned that the fort is having a manual hatch that can be used to cover them during the storms. After a week, they managed to set up their respective camps, and the beacons sent planetary-wide broadcast to them that the "feast" will now commence. They will soon realized what horror will they face. From the mist-filled horizon, hordes of savage crustacean-like beasts swarmed at them with full speed, their numbers seemingly endless. For days and night over a week, non-stop wave after wave of these ferocious species attacked them with no relent, and once they think that it's safe to take shelter inside the fortress and close the hatch, it will soon became their demise, as the creatures destroyed the hatch open and slaughtered all the soldiers encamping inside. On the third week, supplies and ammunition was getting depleted, prompting everyone to travel to other forts. Fortunately there are abundance of vehicles and transport ships, but still that wouldn't save them from the never-ending attack from the creatures that they don't even where have come from and how they even managed to survive a single day on the planet. The travels are dangerous, accompanied by switching of the deadly hailstorms and the skirmishes between the denizens. Two days after the start of the third week, the casualty ended up in nine thousand soldier's lives. The attacks have been more vicious as well, spawning all kind of horrible, mutated species that destroyed various bases, prompting them to forcefully evacuate and seek another base to occupy. The last week is considered the "real hell", as by this time, mountains of corpses ravaged the planet, both from the attackers and defenders, getting buried in an endless sheet of hell-cold snow and ice. Without food, low ammunition and lack of sleep and rest, they defended their ragtag forts from the final waves of terrifying death, until the evac ships bombarded the area while evacuating the survivors from the planet. After the training, a total of thirteen-thousand soldiers are dead, thirty thousand are injured - twenty percent are on critical level- and another one and a half thousand reported missing.

They are given a month to recuperate before advancing on the last four Hellworlds, the Type III Hellworlds meant to destroy and change them from the inside. Once they passed this, they will never be the same, and they will now advance to the next level of training.

-Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-

"Oh! I see..." Irdihan said, marveling at the thought. "Well, to answer your kwestion, Kween Sagara..." he said, pauses for a bit to think, then continued. "We use metals mainly because it helps in our eberyday libing. We use it to help in cooking pood, using metal weapons to depend against our enemies and other sabage beasts of this planet. About the history ip you're asking as well... we pirst started using it when we begin porming out tribes and clans, the pirst one made prom krude stones and sticks, as we adbance, we learned to porge metals coming prom the ores in our planet, and pind that this will usepul to as. We don't habe anyway of physikal adbantage besides our dense scarapace, so this is purely born out op necessity." he carefull explained. "Well, just a kwik kwestion again, what's lipe out there?" he added pointing out at the stars.

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--Insanity Woods—

After Tegedar made it to the evac area & requested a sword he turned in the locket the fallen soldier hand so his family could have it.

--Base of Operations--

Indeed many Krith drones have fallen through each trial, there numbers were barely half of what they once were. When asked if they wish to continue they declared that whatever trial their Queens face they will face them as well.
Kriths all gather to prepare for the next trial. Each securing whatever weapons they think they need.
Tegedar’s new polearm sword is forged:

He practices relentlessly to be ready for the remaining trials.

--Hellword: Flamebane Grave--

Setting up camp proved to be extremely difficult, there was barely enough time between hail storms to setup camp. The Kriths team set traps & mines around the stronghold where possible but the hail storm slowed their progress to the point they were only able to lay 60% of the payload before the week was up, 40% was set on the ground surrounding the stronghold & the other 20% was set on the stronghold itself to act as explosive / reactive armour. Every heavy gun was positioned at turret openings in preparation for the coming onslaught. 

As soon as the first week ended the broadcast rang out. In less then half an hour small tremors started shaking the fort as a horde of crustacean horrors rushed out of the mist & at the forts. Several explosions illuminated the artic horizon as the crustaceans hit the first line of mines, as the creatures started eating their fallen the Kriths team open fired. Wave after wave came for them, they took turns firings guns from outside the fort as long as they could stand & firing from small openings in the fort.   

During the second week the waves of monsters come closer & closer igniting every row of mines, at times being right in front of the fort. The only thing that gave them a moments rest was the creatures feeding on their dead leaving a sea of broken exo-skeletons spread across the battle field.

The 3rd week started with the forts explosive armour erupting as yet another wave comes for the trainees. With food & ammo nearly dried up the Kriths team rushes out in escape vehicles as the last of their set mines go off. Krith warriors used half of their remaining mines to cover their initial escaped leaving a massive explosion behind them blowing their old fort in half & killing a whole line of creatures that were almost immediately replaced with another.

While being chased to the next fort siege guardians spewed volleys of corrosive napalm like steams at close by monsters, Havoc guardians unleashed their parasite drones on monsters that seemed too close, the parasite drones would only live long enough to kill 3 – 4 monsters before dying due to the extreme cold.

Finally making it to the second stronghold they rigged all the vehicles to explode as the monsters hit them to give them enough time to reload & start defending their new fort. Havoc drones started immediately eating so that their bodies could start germinating & producing more parasite drones.

Before the end of the 3rd week the team was forced to flee their second fort, as the waves proved too immense & violent. Several Krith drones gave their lives to let the others escape, they could be seen in the back ground fighting to their last breath. Fire, parasites, bullets, & swords thrashed out as each drone fell one by one. The rest of the group escaped out into the bitter cold desperate to find new shelter. They came up on a fort that was about to be torn apart, they fired on the monsters to help the Diyelian soldiers escape, the 2 teams joined forces & made a mad dash for the nearest stronghold.

Finally making it to another fort they found a very small group of soldiers that had already taken shelter, combined the 3 remnants barely made a full original team. At the end of the last week the Krith & their team wasn’t certain they would make, so they took several vehicles out to the evac spot & decided to fight until they were saved or until they died. Tegedar, Xerkhon, & Valgorr lead the rest of the Krith drones & Diyelian soldiers for one last battle. Tegedar gripped his blade as he & the other hive guardian’s unleashed large telekinetic bursts at the oncoming wave. Tegedar & the other fought with a strength they barely knew they had, Tarakith & Sivtress rained down as many psionic blasts as they could. Just as it seemed like they would die fighting the evac ships came down firing at the crustacean monsters. Everyone rushed the ship & jumped on nearly ready to pass out.     

The Krith spent the first half the month healing & sleeping. The second half they spend preparing for next Hellworld.

-Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-

Zagara: “Ah I see, we ourselves are new to metal, good question Irdihan, it is hard to explain so I will show you if you all do not mind.”

Zagara linked her mind with the Urkun-Iash leaders, using an illusion they seemed to float & then rapidly shot out into space stopping in the moons orbit.

“This is what your home looks like, & the large planet it orbits.”

After looking at their home a few moments a small replica of their star system appears between them & Zagara. She explains that each star is called a sun & each sun has several planets that spin around it, & many planets have moons like the one they live on.

After some time Zagara ends the illusion & gives the Urkun-Iash sometime to take in everything.
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-Base of Operations-

Tegedar's polearm sword was enhanced by using Frontreium metal that was crafted directly by the Diyelians. It gave Tegedar's sword a magneto-gravitational capability that makes it ten times denser and three times sharper, able to block kinetic damage even from railgun canons and slice through heavy steel like a piece of soft meat. To make it more efficient and deadlier, the Diyelians was able to  incorporate a bit of Tegedar's Delta unit to act like a nanotoxin symbiote that can be administered upon contact with the enemy.

-Type III Hellworld: Tempest Hell "Deathstorm's Tears"-

Two weeks after the month-long recuperation, they are sent into the first Type III Hellworld, a Tempest hell named "Deathstorm's Tears".

The planet was unlike any Hellworld they all expected. The planet is a Terra-formed ocean world perpetually enveloped by catastrophic raging storms. Groups of islands and islets far from each other surrounds the planet, giving it a semi-atlantean look from above. Here they were given a very simple task, to help each other reach the island where evac ships are being constructed, and to communicate and rescue each other who's stranded on separate islands. The protocol seems so easy, until they are sent on their respective islands.

Each of them are given random pieces of electronics and ship hull parts that will let prompt them to seek for other groups and reaching the islands where the evac ships are located. First task is to find all of these random items scattered all over their area. Surprisingly, their is no specific timeframe on when they can finish the task, all that is needed is to have at least eighty five percent passing rate for the trainees for them to advance to the next level Hellworld.

First week of the training was spent on gathering the resources and as well as to operate the transportation needed. Each island is equipped with advanced communication satellite, a frigate-sized combat ship and a few submarines armed with the missiles and cannons, their reasons still vague to the trainees.

After the second week, communication between the groups have began, planetary-wide maps showing now the the areas where the massive evac ships are located.

At the beginning of the third week, mobilization was starting to commence, ships braving the tempestuous sea amidst a backdrop of perpetually wrath-filled skies. Here, the trainees began to realize why there are being provided with heavily armed transportation. The sea is heavily infested with gargantuan underwater predators, lurking just below the chaotic atmosphere above it. Several of the subs were attacked by vicious, thirty-feet long serpentine creatures, while ships on the water surface are bombarded with skyscraper-high tidal waves. Travels between the islands became perilous, and after two, slow weeks of brave attempts to venture further into the strategic locations, the killer sea has claimed more than three thousand trainee's lives. As more days pass by, travels became even more difficult since most of the ships are destroyed by either the planet denizen's attacks or by the sheer force of the tidal waves.

Several engineering teams managed to repair surviving ships or at least create ships made from salvaged scraps. Little by little the soldiers are able to make a survival progress, however the weather on the planet becomes more dangerous as the Diyelirs managing it unleashed the full potential of the weather-controlling constructs scattered on the planet. Tidal wave surging towards island became more prevalent, and their progress was further halted, besides the fact that an increasing number of ships became damaged by the surprised natural intervention. By the end of five weeks, a total of five thousand soldiers are already dead.

At the end of seven weeks, the first evac ship became fully operational, however even the most experienced pilots among the rank find difficulty to eject from the planetary surface due to the intense lightning storms that almost look like a constant bombarded of energy from warships above the planet. As the ship escapes orbit, they watched with combined awe and horror, upon seeing the planetary atmosphere from orbit. The planet is engulfed with devastating storms, clouds of black glowing every now and then with hundred-kilometer spanning series of lightning flashes, against  a view of the rising star that they haven't seen for over a month, and the massive orbital stations encircling the planet and sending weird, energy emanations that simulates the flow of the storms below.

After arriving at the designated station, they are greeted by the commanders of the trainee legions, among the first trainees were the Nuzeikurgans in which Tarakith and Sivtress also belong.

One by one, giant ships came ejecting out of orbit, until a few who's been left behind are forcefully evacuated by the Diyelir ships who are able to manipulate the storm-dominated skies of the planet.

It took nine weeks for the training to finish, and by then a total of seven and a half thousand are dead, eleven thousand are injured and a total of another three thousand two hundred reported missing.

They are given three weeks to prepare for the next Hellworld.


-Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-

The Urkun-Iasch was left in shock and awe over all of the things they saw and how it was seemlessly done, it's like a vision from gods, coming down directly in front of their eyes.

"I kan't really komprehend what has happened, but one ting is por sure," Irdihan said. "All dis worlds and the space is such a madyestik place. We will be highly honored to walk among our distant relatibs. Lead us, and we will pollow you in da best way dat we kan." the Laon then bowed to his knees, followed by everyone. "Lipt us to ascendancy, and leabe us a role in your 'swarm' and we will be glad to embrace it. Show us da way. We will be pollowing."

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--Base of Operations—

As Tegedar practiced with his Diyelian forged blade he noticed that whenever he had his Delta Unit activated he felt as if he was connected to his polearm sword as if it was a part of his unit, he even found that he could wield it psionically with almost no effort.

--Hellworld: Deathstorm's Tears—

The Krith searched their island relentlessly finding all electronic components needed & resources for nourishment.   

Within 2 weeks the Kriths group had the Frigate, 4 submarines, & the communication satellite up & running. The Queens & Hive Guardians felt proud of their team but they kept thinking of what sort of horror lay waiting in the depths of the quaking sea ready to devour them.

Just before the 3rd week the Kriths group made contact with 2 other groups that were somewhat close to them, soon after they were in contact with several more groups. Coordinating data they marked their planetary maps seeing where each team was located & what islands the evac ships were most likely on. Based on their data the Evac ship is East from their location. They found they would have to make several island jumps to reach the evac ship. They would meet the 2 groups they came in contact with first at an island that was about a 4 day estimated journey away. The other jumps would have to be planned once they meet up with the 2 groups.   
The beginning of the 3rd week marked the start of their first jump. Tarakith & Sivtress were aboard the Frigate while Valgorr, Tegedar, & XerKhon were all on different submarines. All the Krith kept their Delta units activated while at sea. The first day they were battered with furious winds & rough waves. The second day the submarines were flanked by a massive white serpent leading 2 younger looking serpents, the dog fight lasted every bit of an hour, at the end they killed the 2 younger serpents & had lost 1 submarine though some of the occupants managed to escape & make it on the frigate. But the white serpent escaped, all the Hive Guardians agreed that if they got the chance they would take the beast down for good. The next few days were filled with sea battles below as the frigate had to take on massive waves none had ever seen before. Tarakith & Sivtress worked together firing out telekinetic blasts to help cut a rough path through the waves. When they made it to the island they were the second group to arrive. As they rested, recovered, gather resources, & planned the next trip, they tried communicating with the 3rd group who were being viciously attacked by a pack of serpents. What was left of the 3rd group arrived in the frigate & only 1 submarine. The 3rd group told everyone about a white serpent that lead a whole pack of sea serpents against them. Immediately they called out to other groups warning them of the White beast.

At the end of the 3rd week the group was ready for the 2nd jump, this trip would be alittle longer but everyone was more nervous now that they knew what they were up against. The second jump proved deadly, the waves grew larger & stronger reaching higher than most building structures. Several times in order to give the Krith Queens a break the frigates had to dive under the water riding the current & then come back for air before diving again. Under the water, while they didn’t come across the white serpent, there was no shortage of creatures charging the submarines looking to make them snacks. By the time they made it to the next island they lost another submarine & the other vessels & soldiers were battered & bruised, many of the ships needed various repairs, & even the ones with little damage needed maintenance before they could brave another onslaught. It took the joint team over a week to get prepared & ready for the next jump.   

The 3rd jump would be the longest by far but they would be meeting up with at least 3 other groups, or what was left of them. At first the trip didn’t seem any worse, but the longer they were at sea the more run in’s with serpents & giant waves they had. About 3 days out from the next island a wicked storm unlike the others started thrashing out, the rain started feeling like heavy hail, the waves seemed a bit more violent, but suddenly there was a brief calm but then they saw it, a fierce hurricane unlike anything they had seen. Various ship parts & serpents could be seen in intervals either in the vengeful vortex or being thrown from it several km away in random directions. The submarines were forced to dive deeper in the depths to avoid the hurricane but found themselves fighting the horrors that lurked there as they tried to get away from the hurricanes pull. On the Surface Tarakith & Sivtress’s frigate was sucked into the hurricanes pull. Both Queens flew into the air using their psionics to grab & lift as many soldiers as they could & fly to the other Frigates. As they did so their frigate was lifted out of the water by the winds so violently that parts of the vessel were torn off one by one. Making it to the island the group had 2 Frigates & 7 Submarines, but the vessels were in such a state that they wouldn’t sustain another trip.

Remnants of 4 other groups came sharing whatever they could to help the engineering teams build sea worthy vessels. 2 of the group’s spoke of encountering the white serpent, one of them managed to blow out one of its eyes. The Hive Guardians collected data on the sightings of the white serpent & placed them on their map getting an idea of its movements. After collecting all the data it seemed he was moving through an area northeast from them close to where the evac ship should be. It seemed that they would have to confront the beast before leaving the planet. While planning their final island jump 2 other groups contacted them sharing any data they had. While coordinating routes the 3 teams should rendezvous in about 2 -3 days & then it would be another 2 before making it to the evac ship.   

The engineering teams fixed & modified as many vessels as they could. When the modifications had been complete the joint team had 7 Frigates & 12 Submarines, all with a sort of hostile apocalyptic look to them. They set out just at the beginning of week 6 for their daring mission. The first day was mostly uneventful, aside from the heavy rain & waves the team ran into only 1 serpent which the manage to kill without any casualties. The 2nd day started in the same manner as the first, but several hours later they heard cannon & munitions firing out ahead of them where the were to meet one of the other 2 teams. Going full speed they went to help their brothers in arms. When they arrived the 2nd team was down to 2 Frigates & 8 Submarines facing off against 10 serpents, one of them being the White beast himself.

The Kriths team submarines dove deep beneath where the serpents were & started firing torpedos from underneath to drive the serpents closer to the surface allowing the Frigates to fire on them as well. The battle raged munitions & psionic blasts light up dark stormy horizon. The tide of battle had turned in the soldiers favour when the 3rd team came with 4 Frigates & 16 submarines. 1 by 1 the serpents fell to the depths slain. There were 4 beast left when the White Serpent bull rushed Tegedar’s submarine biting & gripping it in his mouth, half of the creatures body went up above the water & back down again. As the beast did this Tegedar gripped his polearm & slashed through the submarines hull & into the serpents mouth. As Tegedar was piercing & slashing everything he could in the serpents mouth, several Diyelian soldier follow suit firing their weapons at the roof of the creatures mouth.

The 4 Frigate’s from team 3 timed the white serpents movements just right allowing them to ram the beasts mid-section as they fired on it causing the serpents blood to cover most of the ship’s hull. As the Serpent lifted its head up out of the water in pain Tegedar let out a huge amount of telekinetic energy through his blade that sliced the top section of the creatures face off. Tegedar started to pass out as he was falling through the air but Sivtress caught him & flew him to her Frigate as Tarakith & the others rescued as many soldier as they could as the submarines finished off the last few serpents.

The teams were exhausted & seemed like their only reward was now to fight the waves & hellish rain but they felt accomplished as they had avenged many of their fallen comrades.

Finally they arrived at the island with the evac ship. The teams worked in shifts to get the ship operational, half would sleep as the other half made preparations. The Evac ship was prepped & ready just before week 8 of the mission started. Everyone crammed into the ship & several minutes later they took off into the air. The closer they got to the sky the more lightning strikes they encountered causing them to go off course & along the curvature of the planet rather then up. A few times powerful winds from nearby hurricanes threw them around around. They had no idea where they were at one point but they kept making their way up off the planet. The ship escaped after sometime of intense flying & maneuvering. Everyone looks back at the planet covered in thick volital clouds & intense lightning storms. 

Arriving at the orbital station, they are greeted by the commanders & soon after pass out thankful that it was all over.

--Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains--

Zagara: “Ah yes I was going to ask you all if you would like to join the swarm later on, oh please don’t kneel to me I am a fellow mortal, such is reserved for worshiping God, but rather do this.”

Zagara puts all 4 of her hands together & slightly bows for a moment. As she does so Duramir walks up next to her & does the same.

“Yes of course, we will share all we have with you, & train you. This is my mate Duramir, he is interested as well in the types of metals you use.”

“Also, I was thinking that after we have explored your home we could all explore that planet that we are orbiting if you like.”

{Hey no worries man, life gets busy. Ive been uber busy myself. Nice, ill have to create a new rank for male Formiks who surpass the Hive Guardian level. That would be awesome man thanks, ive been working on ship & drone upgrades, & I have 3 new ships ill be introducing in rps, Kilysa has one of them in my rp with taur, Plus im getting together a separate series of ships for the Krith Hives. Also I have a few things planned for the Urkun-iash, here is 1 hint:  }
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-Base of Operations-

As the Nuzeikurgans returned to their respective bases, Lidzrial, who's monitoring each Krith's progress saw how Tegedar uses his weapon with proficiency, and is interested on improving it to help the Krith wield it better.

"While monitoring your activities on the last planet Tegedar," she said as she evaluates the young soldier. "I noticed how you wield your weapon with high expertise. As an appreciation of your great warrior skills, I personally contacted our weapons support and  engineering team to further upgrade and personalized your polearm as you see it fit. We'll be able to tailor fit the weapon for you based on your needs and wants. You will get your weapon in the soonest time possible, no worries, environmental training will happen after two months so that everyone can recuperate and engage in simulation and real training grounds." she happily informed.

After two weeks, Tegedar received his heavily upgraded weapon. The weapon's length was extended, now spanning nine and a half feet with the lowest edge of the blade going a feet down the shaft of the weapon. Forged out of pure Frontreium, an opalescent, enigmatic metal that makes the wielder seem to hold the night sky in his on his own hands, he now wields a massive, cleaver-looking blade attached to a Frontreium-reinforced jet black Diyelium staff and was outfitted with the Diyelirs cutting edge weapon-morphing system.

Tegedar's polearm became more like an interesting mix of a cleaver-axe and halberd with the otherside of the weapon turned into a jousting lance armed with the his Delta unit, further spliced and turned into semi-techno-organic units like the Novashadow that the Diyelirs has. It provided him further access to the weapon systems, which can make him control the weapon psionically without any limits. It was also outfitted with plasma coating technology, and the the blades are able to channel superheated hyperplasma along the runic-designed edge lines, making the blade's sharpness -already raised ten fold-times its efficiency- turned even deadlier. The halberd's tri-edged spike is connected into an intricately designed pathways of pressure tubes that releases fatal burst of compressed, volatile gas that explodes and burns violently upon contact. The scythe-looking beak of the halberd split into three claw-like blades has been upgraded with hyper-resonant vibroedges and sonic feedback inducer, making the clawed horror pierce into dense metal like a chainsaw grinding into a tree trunk.
Lastly, the Delta Unit-armed lance on the opposite side has been twisted as well to have the tri-edged point similar to the weapon's spike, and the swelling and the hilt was decorated with precious metals and crystals that can be only found on the Diyelir's territory. From the hilt comes the control for Tegedar to control the weapon, whether psionically or mechanically.

As the weapon was about to be given to Tegedar, the weapon is shining like a moonless, star-bright night sky. The glowing weapon has been turned in a treasure of death and awe, a symbol of friendship between the Diyelirs and Nuzeikurgans. The blade was perpetually blazing with the hyperplasma imbued into it, like it will sear directly into the victim's soul with each slash.

"I hope you like your new toy." Lidzrial said, grinning.

-Simulation battle grounds-

The three division was put into a massive virtual war simulation arena where they can used their skills and abilities to its maximum potential, weapon stats are included as well, and they can practice the unique abilities of the weapons that was provided to them. Lidzrial was gleeful in particular, as she will see how Tegedar will fare using it. "Give your best shot, we'll see the extent of that halberd's power now."

Seeing that Lidzrial already created a weapon for the Nuzeikurgan Guardian, the two commanders instructed all of their subordinates, most especially the promising soldiers and the Krith royalities to create concept about weaponry and gadgets that will be deemed useful for their fighting style, based on the outcome of the simulation.

After three hours of warm up, practice and tactical planning, the battle simulation has commenced, twelve million trainees equally dispersed to the three commanders clashing over their gargantuan virtual arena.

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--Base of Operations--

The Nuzeikurgans were glad to sleep.
Sivtress sent her future mate a Holo message & then went to pass out for awhile.
Tegedar to Lidzrial: “Thank you very much commander, I look forward to seeing it when its finished.”


2 weeks later

Tegedar looked at the weapon a moment in awe as it glowed with brilliant hyperplasma. He turned to Lidzrial thanking her & gave her a hug. He then proceeded to pick up the weapon. It seemed weird to be holding a weapon that was nearly the same height as he was. He felt as if it was somehow apart of him like his Delta unit felt. He careful studied the weapon & every feature it had, then he started practicing with it psionically & by hand.

--Simulation battle grounds--

Seeing that Lidzrial already created a weapon for the Nuzeikurgan Guardian, the two commanders instructed all of their subordinates, most especially the promising soldiers and the Krith royalities to create concept about weaponry and gadgets that will be deemed useful for their fighting style, based on the outcome of the simulation.


With Tarakith’s ability to absorb various types of energy she developed a concept for a bio-mechanical design for a multi-purpose rifle that she could transfer energy into even if she ran out of ammo.

This Multi-Fire Rifle would have various ammunition types both mechanical & organic. Wanting a single gun that could use any munitions she needed in a fight, Tarakith based the following munitions list on her training specialty with Zeifruge & the Hell worlds she has survived so far.

_Double Magazine Slots with the following ammo types:
Alloy Bullets
Armor Piercing Shells
Incendiary Shells: Contains a compound that sets the target on fire and can burn or melt anything it touches. 
Grenade Shells: Fires a shell that explodes into fragments.
High Explosive: Fires a shell that detonates, but has little fragmentation.
Heatseeker: rounds that lock on & seek targets by their body-heat. Can be used in combination with Incendiary rounds.

_1 Bladder for Bio-Plasma munitions:

_2 Crystal Slots for energy based projectiles

_Energy Conversion system for her to transfer energy into.


Sivtress considering Dryfgaust training & her abilities wanted to be able to heal organic & mechanical materials. So she started looking into nano-technology coming up with a design for armor made of nanomites that could be used to repair mechanical units & attack the enemy while in battle. This would allow her to heal herself & or a fellow soldier & whatever damaged weapons or armor they wield. The idea is that this armor would act as an extension of her Delta Unit.


Valgorr shared the same appreciation of hand held munitions as his mate. So he designed a very large double barrel mini blaster cannon with a mini rocket revolver. He wanted the weapon to be able to switch between firing energy munitions & mini rockets.


Xerkhon thinking of his first hellword & training decided to design 4 Gauntlets that would interact with his Delta unit.
Each gauntlet had a blaster cannon on the top for long range fire & retractable blades on their sides for close quarter battles.




After three hours of warm up, practice, & tactical planning, the battle simulation started.

Each squad found themselves in different areas of a massive city.

Zeifruge’s Division split into 2 groups, 1 group went into the sewers to find the other 2 divisions & sneak behind & around them. The other team stealthy moved through the city setting up snipers at key buildings for cover.

Dryfgaust Division proudly marched through the streets waiting to blast anything. The stayed together as a sort of phalanx unit, the levelled specific buildings around their path eliminating cover the other divisions may use to sneak up on them.

Lidzrial Division stayed on the outskirts of the city at first & then slowly made their way inward.

Lidzrial Division spotted Dryfgaust’s first. They immediately started laying down heavy fire. With Sivtress in the middle healing & giving power boosts to as many units as possible, her division charged at her cousins division knocking over buildings & firing back. As these divisions fought, Zeifruge’s Division flanked both forcing the other 2 to split their concentration. Using urban guerrilla tactics they would fire & they hide & drop back, but as they dropped back they set up explosive charges & traps.

As the battle went on about a quarter of the massive city was levelled. Each division was forced to fracture into several groups. Battles raged on inside massive buildings, on highways, & even in the sewers.

Several hours later each division only had about a dozen soldiers each.

Tarakith & Valgorr had a shot out with about 5 soldiers on each of their teams. Tarakith got a sweet head shot on Valgorr but not before he fired a rocket. As the lovers were eliminated from the simulation they stood together holding hands watching the remaining battles.

The moment Tegedar ran out of munitions he brought out his blade. With deadly skill he struck out many soldiers one at a time. A soldier from Sivtress’s team fired a blaster cannon at him, Tegedar deflected it with his blade. Tegedar was knocked several meters away, but when he stood up he looked at his blade & it seemed as if hadn’t even been touched. Tegedar was about to rush the soldier but the soldier got sniped by a soldier from Tarakiths group. The sniper turned their sites to Tegedar but found themselves out of ammo. Tegedar rushed over to the building where he suspected the sniper was. When he arrived at the building the sniper was standing in front of the doors with her helmet off. She dropped her rifle & pulled out 2 short swords. “Lets see what that blade can do.”

Whoever this sniper was she was fast, even with Tegedars skill & power she managed to barley dodge fatal strikes, but she did sustain a few wounds as did Tegedar. The 2 warriors seemed to be dancing with death as they fought. Tegedar caught her in a briefly mistake & eliminated her from the simulation but he had much respect for her.

Sivtress showed a display of power in tanking & mowing down foes that would make Dryfgaust proud. Sivtress had been watching Tegedar as he fought the sniper. As soon as the battle was over Sivtress ran at him surrounding herself in a telekinetic shield. Tackling Tegedar she sent him flying through the air several meters away & started teasing him. “You can sulk over your girlfriend later.”
Tegedar stood up with a grin on his face “Very well”.

Sivtress kept hitting him with psionic blasts trying to tire Tegedar out, & not wanting to get to close. Tegedar started controlling his blade psionically as he threw it at Sivtress. The Blade wiped back & forth slashing at sivtress. Sivtress used some of her nanomites to help her psionically grab the blade slowing it down but not stopping it. Tegedar recalled his blade activating the Hyperplasma to knock the nanomites off. He then generated psionic slashes with his blade at Sivtress. Sivtress dodged & blocked as she rushed Tegedar. As she rushed Tegedar the last soldier from Zeifruge’s division fired a bazooka eliminating Tegedar & knocking Sivtress back. Sivtress rolled away & took cover. The soldier was positioned behind Tegedars last spot in a building over 20 meters away.

Xerkhon was standing on top of a building looking for any signs of anyone else. As soon as he saw a shell from a bazooka coming from a lower building in the distance he immediately laid down blasts from his gauntlets until the building was nothing but rubble effectively eliminating whoever was there. Sivtress hide herself until she was finished healing, her powers were strained but she could fight. Being too tired to sneak around in a cat & mouse game the last two soldiers walked out in the open eventually finding each other. They both fired munitions at each other until they were both out of ammo, they were both hurt but still standing so they fought tooth & nail, when the dust settled Sivtress was victorious.

After the simulation Tegedar found the sniper he fought against. Walking up to her he politely bowed: “What is your name?”


--Lamirtiasch, Urkun-Iash's Great Plains-- 
Zagara visited every village spending several days in each learning as much about the Urkun-iash as she could. She answered all their questions & taught them alittle about Formik technology. As she did this she was figuring out prime places to set up defences.


(The wait is finally over, sorry mate had alot of deadlines to meet, but those are all over, for now.)

Anyway, you can simulate the battle yourself, get some Diyelir soldiers in your POV as well (Yes you can, not just the Commanders) and make an outcome that will make you have unique weapons and technologies that would fit your Kriths based on the Commanders they are under. You can make this battle as long as you can, since this is virtual simulation similar to SAO.
Then I'll proceed to upgrade those ideas so we can make the best out of it.

Nice, lol.   Ok ill see what I can do :-P

P.S. So Sivtress and Tarakith are Krith Queens, and those three are all Hive Guardians, right? So that means...

So the thing that separates Formik & Krith Queens from Hive Guardians aside from gender, is that Queens have very powerful Telepathic & Telekenetic abilities. While the Guardians telepathic abilities are not nearly as strong but their Telekinetic power is just as strong if not stronger. Queens are actually alittle taller, the Hive Guardians are alot more muscular. Also every Queen develops a special psionic ability:

You'll have a muscle-buffed bombshell royalty.

Three guards doubling as long range bomb enthusiasts.

I don't know what to call Tarakith yet. When thinking of her I think of Judge Dredd + Bishop from X-Men, :-P