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Starship classifications, sizes and crew
« on: August 25, 2015, 12:12:20 pm »
This thread is to come up with a standardized form for ship types with sizes and crew compliments. It is understandable that each race may vary in size and crew but there should be a realistic minimum and maximum. For example, it is unlikely that a fighter would be 1 kilometer long with a crew of two. Or a dreadnought that is 20 meters and crewed by one. I will start off what I think and then as people make replies, I will adjust this as we go.

Attack Fighter- In starship classification, an attack fighter (fighter, or attack ship) is a relatively small, maneuverable, and heavily armed starship. It is primarily used to carry out assaults that larger vessels, can not perform.
     Crew: 1 or 2     Weapons: Usually 1 or 2 main weapons and 2 or 3 support weapons.     Shields: Standard

Battleship- In starship classification, battleships are a type of large and powerful warship. In traditional terms, battleships are the most powerfully armed and most heavily armored warships of their era. It is likely that the definition is still true among starships, although standards may have varied by species and technological level.
     Crew: 2,000 to 4,000     Weapons: Usually 10-20 (4 out of 5 tend to be main weapons with the rest as support weapons.)     Shields: Enhanced

Blockade Runner- A blockade runner is a starship designed to carry cargo and evade a blockade.

Captain's Yacht- The captain's yacht is a large shuttle built into the design of starships. It is docked to the underside section usually or in a bay. Although it is built mainly for diplomatic missions it is also combat capable.

Cargo Drone- A cargo drone is automated cargo vessel.


Carrier, Dreadnought-

Colony Ship- In starship classification, colony ships are starships designed to transport colonists and equipment to new worlds. A typical colony ship is unarmed and may be dismantled at its destination, in order to provide an initial material base for the construction of further colony installations.

Courier- A courier is an individual who served as a messenger for various important deliveries. In starship classification, a courier vessel functions in a similar capacity, often as a specialized transport rendezvousing with other ships in deep space or at space stations.

Cruiser- In starship classification, cruisers are a type of starship that served as the primary combat vessels in a fleet. The type is sometimes subdivided into star cruiser, space cruiser, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, patrol cruisers, attack cruisers, and battle cruisers.

Cruiser, Attack- An attack cruiser or attack vessel is a type of cruiser.

Cruiser, Battle- In traditional terminology, a battle cruiser is any large armed cruiser (or warship) with battleship armament and fast speed, that carried lighter armor than a battleship. In starship classification, the term battle cruiser is sometimes used synonymously with heavy cruiser.

Cruiser, Heavy- In starship classification, a heavy cruiser is a large multi-purpose starship, a term sometimes used synonymously with battle cruiser.

Cruiser, Light- In starship classification, a light cruiser is a small- to medium-sized multipurpose starship.

Destroyer- A destroyer is a term used to describe a fast, relatively small ship. In starship classification, destroyers are a type of starship in service with the Starfleet. A destroyer is a small, compact vessel designed primarily or exclusively for combat. The designation of destroyer is generally deprecated in favor of frigate.

Dreadnought- In starship classification, a dreadnought is a type of heavily armed starship.

Escape Pod- In starship classification, an escape pod (also known as life pod, life boat or evacuation pod) is a small craft found aboard most starships that could be used in the event the crew needs to leave the ship.

Escort- In starship classification, an escort vessel is a starship whose primary purpose is to accompany other vessels as a means of protection. Escorts typically protected lesser armed vessels, or vessels carrying an important cargo.

Explorer- In starship classification, an explorer ship, or exploration vessel, is a type of spacecraft designed for exploring unknown regions of space.

Freighter- In starship classification, freighters or cargo ships are starship types designed to carry cargo, in much the same way transports carry passengers. The most noticeable feature of freighters are their large cargo bays. Furthermore, they are usually equipped with light armament to defend against pirates and oncoming asteroids.

Frigate- In starship classification, a frigate is a fast medium sized starship intended to protect other vessels.

Interceptor- In starship classification, an interceptor is a type of armed starship designed to intercept incoming or hostile craft. To this end, interceptors typically have powerful Faster Than Light engines. High-speed jet-aircraft specifically designed to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft were also known as Interceptors.

Raider- In starship classification, a raider is any type of vessel designed for, or specialized in conducting raids on other starships or bases.

Science Vessel- In starship classification, a science vessel (or research vessel) is a limited-role starship. It is not well armed, but instead carries several laboratories, advanced sensors, and in some cases, advanced deflector shields. Ships of this class are used for scientific research missions, such as observing the collapse of a star, mapping newly discovered planets and nebulae, or simply being an isolated location for hazardous experiments. Most science vessels are not designed for long term missions.

Scout- In starship classification, a scout ship is a lightly armed, limited-role starship type.

Shuttlecraft- In starship classification, a shuttlecraft or shuttle or glider, is a type of auxiliary craft typically attached to a starship or a starbase. Most shuttles are short-range transports, possessing only impulse drive or a limited FTL capability. Utilization of shuttlecraft is common for most spacefaring civilizations, especially for situations where the transporter cannot be used for landings, or where such technology does not yet exist. Shuttlecraft range in size from the larger, longer-range, and more versatile types, such as runabouts, to the small, short-range types commonly known as shuttlepods. Most shuttlecraft from advanced cultures have FTL nacelles, indicating FTL capability.

Shuttlepod- In starship classification, a shuttlepod is a smaller type of shuttlecraft which is usually only capable of impulse propulsion or low-FTL capacity. This designation is given to small craft that do not have passenger capacity like their larger relatives.

Starship- A starship is any manned spacecraft that was capable of viable interstellar travel, i.e. any manned spacecraft that has the ability to transport and support a crew across interstellar distances. Most starships accomplished this via the employment of some form of faster-than-light spacecraft propulsion technology, such as warp drive.

Supply Ship- A supply ship is a type of vessel used by various powers. Like a freighter, a supply ship's primary mission was to move supplies and cargo. However, unlike a freighter, a supply ship was attached to an "official" or "military" organization, and the cargo they carried were of an official and/or government nature. A supply ship attached to a military fleet, for example, would carry spare parts and materials needed to restock and resupply the other ships in the fleet as needed.

Survey Ship- In starship classification, survey ships are specialized starships that are designed to share common features with both scouts and science vessels. A supply ship typically has a relatively small crew. The USS Lantree, for example, had a total complement of 26 officers and crew on board. The vessels were also not typically well-armed. 

Tanker- In starship classification, a tanker is a starship with a limited role. Similar in purpose to a freighter, tankers were designed to carry large amounts of bulk fuel or other liquid-type substances.

Transport- In starship classification, a transport ship is a limited role starship, similar in function to a shuttle, but designed to carry people or supplies. Differentiated, transports fall into one of two categories: commercial and non-commercial. Unlike freighters, which generally carried only cargo, transports ranged from civilian personnel carriers to military troop transports and were used for carrying a few dozen to several hundred passengers or troops. More specialized transports, such as colony ships, were designed to transport personnel for planetary colonization. Some vessels were also categorized as short-range transports. Rarely, some transports were categorized as space cruisers.

Tug- In starship classification, a tug, tow ship, or towing vessel is a starship specialized for towing other starships or similarly large objects with tractor beams.
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