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The Red Pact Of Mars Status Reports
« on: May 25, 2016, 10:01:36 pm »
My Lord Larry (The Lecherous Leper)
Currently military production has tripled in the last 3 months of the year and recruitment levels have increased by 150% due to the efforts put forth by the Ministry of Public Relations. Furthermore, more of the...."Cabal Cults" have been appearing across the various human colonies surrounding our territory. We also not found out why these colonies exist in the first place. The worlds occupied by Homo Sapiens is estimated to be in the higher percentages of the sector, of not the galaxy. More worlds are falling under our control and efforts have been made to adequately make them loyal to the Red Pact. Currently, Cabal aid is helping us in the technological area. Hydroponic farms are running at top efficiency and the total amount of them is at an all time high. No contact has been had from Earth for at least 20 months. The Green Planet may be open for the taking and the Red Planet might finally control the Sol System. Pirate and scavenger attacks and raids have increased by at least 120% percent as of 5 months ago after we destroyed a supposed base of the Pirates. While taking extensive casualties, this is giving vital experience in space combat to our navy, so it is recommended we cycle the forces engaging the Pirates as to allow the experience to filter across the navy. About the navy, The 56th Deimosian Flotilla, nicknamed "The Hunting Hawks", have destroyed 2 more rebel bases hiding out in the asteroid fields of the Iaepetus Nebula. They have suffered no casualties. Of special notice is Captain Mathias Argilac of the Frigate "Forever Faithful" who engaged and defeated two rebel frigates alone. That is all there is to report my lord.
Secretary Tycho Nedaris
Ministry Of Information

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