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Greater Venus Overview
« on: September 20, 2015, 04:46:37 pm »
The Greater Venus Republic was founded in the Farmè System. This system includes 7 planets:
Terrain Planets
-Solaris: A small planet that is extremely close to Farmè. This makes it the hottest and most arid planet in the system. It is considered uninhabitable on its own and has not been colonized.
-New Venus This is the second planet from Farmè, and it closely resembles Venus. It is warm but is still habitable as the atmosphere is thinner, allowing lakes that will be expanded later.
-Climatra: The third planet from Farmè, it is also habitable. There are large supplies of water, and this planet is where most water in the nation comes from. The land experiences drastic changes in weather, with a temperate climate in the mornings and evenings, a hot and humid climate around mid-day, and ice storms throughout the night, thus the name Climatra.
Atmosa- The fith planet from Farmè, this planet is cold and has a lot of ice. It is being inhabited by releasing gases into the atmosphere, warming the planet and melting the ice.
New Greenland-The last planet from Farmè, it is extremely cold and cannot yet be inhabited.
Gas Planets
Smagadom-This grey gas planet is fourth from Farmè, and is notable because it is only larger than Solaris, smaller than the rest.
Raibodom-This gas giant, sixth from Farmè, is the largest and has a large range of colors, complimented by impressive rings.
The Greater Venus Republic was recently founded by a group of refugees from the planet Earth. 6 months earlier, aliens invaded, killing all but the 6 million who escaped to this system.
There are currently cities on New Venus, Climatra, and Atmosa. Here is a list of major cities in decreasing order of population:
West Venus: 2,000,000
Captalia (Capital City, New Venus): 1,500,000
Equator City (New Venus): 1,000,000
Newer York (New Venus): 750,000
New London (Capital City, Climatra): 600,000
New Chicago (Climatra): 100,000
New Paris (Capital City, Atmosa): 50,000
The central government is located in Capitalia, with secondary governments for each planet. The government system is identical to that of the former USA.
The economy is mainly based off of the food industry, consumer electronics, and precious metals, jewels, and jewelry. There is also a large number of casinos, leading to a moderately large tourism industry. The nation is working towards becoming an export economy and will accept trade deals from all nations unless sanctions have been placed on said nations.

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Re: Greater Venus Overview
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Question: Why is that word censored?