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Chrymerion Species
« on: August 25, 2015, 08:58:22 am »


Forgotten Racial Tech- Biomechanical Pressure Suit/Exoskeleton

Species Names: Engineers, Pilots, Space Jockeys, Mundus gubernavi, Ossians or Mala'kak
Height: 4-5 meters (Males) 3-5 meters (Females)
Weight: 181 Kilos-317 Kilos
Hair: None
Eyes: Black with + shaped pupils (Though blue or red are not unheard of.)
Skin: White (Though chrome/silver and grey and black are not unheard of.)
Senses: Hearing is more than 10x better than any canine. Sense of touch is human like. Sense of taste is more than 5x more acute than humans. Vision is close to 10 times better than a human and sees equally well at night and in complete darkness. Their vision is also able to refine and zoom in see the tiniest details (equal to x100 zoom magnification on a microscope).
Intellect: Highly analytical and fast (Computer like mind.)
Genetics: Due to extensive genetic manipulation more than 100 millennium ago, the Chrymerion genome is immune to molecular destruction through an energetic source. This comes from their use of Disruptors which tear apart the target at an atom by atom and molecule by molecule level. The energy is an eerie glowing dark green. They're also immune to toxins, mutagenics and viruses, bacteria and parasites.
Personality: Generally quiet and analytical. Inquisitive about things. Straight forward and right to the point.

There isn't much difference between males and females. The females pectorals are only slightly larger. When wearing their traditional "Torthka" (Cloth wrapped undergarments.), it is tough to recognize males from females. However, when in full clothing, females tend to wear dark blues, dark reds, dark grey and blacks. Males tend to favor whites, light grey, light blue, etc. Females also favor wearing earrings, necklaces, chokers and rings. Males wear rings and necklaces. Royal males and royal females both will have tattoos on their necks and faces and bodies. Non-royals are forbidden from tattoos unless given a pardon by a royal member as a sign of respect (Think of being given a medal/award).

Both have two hearts, three lungs, three kidneys, two bladders. Females have a second liver . Males have thicker & tougher spinal column.
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