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Blood Enclavean Vehicles *UNDER DEVELOPMENT*
« on: October 19, 2015, 03:17:10 am »
From having low resources from the get-go to the riddling of countless wars, the Blood Enclave's armor divisions have never heard of a good day. Unable to acquire any dedicated war-factories, the Empire was forced to create the Privateer Corps and once again make war in order to keep their armor divisions well stocked. As a result of successful privateer missions every armor division, from mobile recon to artillery, is inconsistently made up of multiple vehicles from different factions. However in more recent times things are starting to look up. By converting excess civilian automobile factories, the Blood Enclave has started to make multitudes of their own military vehicles. However they are still far from self-sustaining and thus will still need to rely on the Privateer Corps to keep the armor rolling in. When new vehicles are brought in, they first go through multiple screening processes to check for any problems. Then any cosmetic applications (i.e. trophy racks, horns, markings) will be removed and scrapped. After, the new vehicles will painted in the colors of the Blood Enclave; grey body, black trim, and crimson-red decals. The emblem will then be branded right on the hull, all for our enemies to see.
Note: all pictures were taken before capture and painting process.

(I do not own these images)
(Images are subject to change and may change size or not display at all)
(For full descriptions, see factbook on Nationstates)
(Colors: grey body, black trim, and crimson-red decals.)

Light Combat Vehicles
VV3 Mongoose
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

HzM Type 2 V8 Predator
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

HUM-3 Pitbull
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

GC Cougar
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

GC-AT Puma
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

GD Enforcer
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

Gang Variant

Zanick Assert
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

Improvised Fighting Vehicles
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

Scrap Tank
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

AC-L Solitaire
Description: [Pending]

Armaments: [Pending]

AC-M Blackjack
Description: [Pending]

Armaments: [Pending]

AC-SP Joker
Description: [Pending]

Armaments: [Pending]

GT Type-1 Motormaster
Description: [Pending]

Armaments: [Pending]

Infantry Fighting Vehicles
GT-100 Skirmisher
Description: [Released]

Armaments: [Released]

M2A3 Razorback

GT-50 Mad Cat

Type-1 Hydra

BMP3 Komodo

DT-15 Salamander

Armored Personnel Carriers
BM1 Hackman

GF-6 Instigator

Gunner Variant

GF-15 Taurus

BL-1 Owens

BL-2 Reckoner

BM5 Lynx

DT-C Dragoon

Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant

BL-5 Ajax

Type-1 Titan

M47 Cossack

AZU-30 Ocelot

GP1 Panther

SPDS-1 Phalanx

MAA1 Bowman

MAA2 Catapult anti-air missile system

HMMAA Sky-quake

SAX Comet

Missile Artillery
BM21 Hail

G-15 Jupiter

TOS-3 Firestorm

M880 Wolverine

BMH Crossbow

MGR-L Loki

MGR-H Thor

XCW-0 Rex

Engineering Vehicles
AV-2 Hammerhead: Mine Layer

AV-3 Shredder: Mine Layer

AV-4 Demo: Mine Layer

Mk.1 Blink: Mobile Shield Generator

AC-1 Pioneer: Mobile Construction Vehicle

AC-2 Warhound: Mobile Construction Vehicle

D10R Pandora: Armored Bulldozer

AR-T Simpson: Armored Recovery Vehicle

Mk.1 Buffalo: Mobile War Factory

M2-B Troll: Assault Bridge Carrier

M2-C Trojan: Assault Bridge Carrier

RG-1 Slaver: Resource Harvester

RG-3 War Miner: Resource Harvester

RG-6 Pickax: Resource Harvester

LG-2 Kent: Resource Harvester

LG-3 Lumberjack: Resource Harvester

Cargo Transport and Utility vehicles
A-19 Delrado

A-22 Bison

T-815 Road Warrior


M19-C Clint

Mobile Command Vehicles
P-40 Flat Face

P-30 Long Track

P-23 Turtle

Special Vehicles
T2a Matador: Scout Bike

Immortan: Ravager Buggy
Description: [Under Development]

Type-1 Weevil: Elemental Warfare Vehicle

A-2 Mole: Subterranean Assault vehicle

DLOREN-3: Civilian Tank

[size=140]Combat Walkers[/size]
One of the more recent additions to armored fighting vehicles; combat walkers, in Enclavean terms, are giant bipedal war machines that are capable of easily crushing tanks and making whole armies fall to their knees. Despite this, Enclavean walkers are still new to the battlefield and are a rare site to witness, mostly because General Thrax despises everything about walkers, from their ungodly high maintenance cost to their rather nonsensical portrayals in media, and refuses to field them out of fearing that they will one day replace tanks in war.

XCW Recon chassis Mk.1 & Mk.2 Piranacon
Description: [Under Development]

Armaments: [Under Development]

XCW Mobile chassis Menasor
Description: [Under Development]

Armaments: [Under Development]

XCW Dual-Land/Air chassis Predaking
Description: [Under Development]

Armaments: [Under Development]

XCW Assault chassis Mk.1 Bruticus
Description: [Under Development]

Armaments: [Under Development]

Mk.2 Abominus

XCW Siege chassis Devastator
Description: [Under Development]

Armaments: [Under Development]

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