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Blood Enclavean Infantry *UNDER DEVELOPMENT*
« on: October 17, 2015, 08:09:11 pm »
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(For full descriptions, see factbook on Nationstates)
(Colors: grey body, black trim, and crimson-red decals.)

The Blood Enclave's armed forces are not as technological advanced and adept than the rest of the Galactic Federacy but make up for it in tenacity and brutality with brute force tactics. Aside from the basic physical and technical training that most infantry go through, Blood Enclavean soldiers are trained to ignore any and all forms of ethics and moral codes. They are also trained to resist and counteract any forms of propaganda and psychological warfare. As a result Blood Enclavean soldiers are not affected as much from morale loss as other infantry. Blood Enclavean infantry also fight with brutal shock and awe tactics to demoralize enemy combatants. However having to go through multiple training sessions alone have made fielding infantry alone more expensive. Also soldiers may sometimes go through multiple psychotic episodes but fortunately these can be treated through therapy sessions. Also because the Blood Enclave is not technologically advanced, units in general don't have as much punching power than the rest of the factions.

General Infantry
Rifleman: Baseline Infantry; Equipped with assault rifle and frag grenades
Ranger: Long range Anti-Infantry; Equipped with sniper rifle and EMP resonator
RPG Trooper: Anti-Armor Infantry; Equipped with missile launcher and slag bombs
Skirmisher: Close Range Advanced Infantry; Equipped with auto shotgun and flash-and-gas grenades

Shock Trooper: Drop Shock Infantry; Equipped with pulse rifle and jetpack
Pyro Trooper: Advanced Anti-Infantry/Anti-Structure Infantry; Equipped with flamethrower w/ under slung napalm launcher
Heavy Trooper: Defensive Infantry; Equipped with deployable minigun and replulsor shield

Advanced Infantry
Lead Stormers: Suppression Infantry

Enforcer: Internal Security/Law Enforcement

Sharpshooter: Heavy Sniper

HAZMAT Trooper: Hazardous operations soldier

Hunter: Hostile environment operation infantry

Juggernaut: Heavy infantry

Onyx Commando: High-tier, High ranking special operations infantry equipped with only the most advanced gear available to the Blood Enclave; Deployed on only the most dangerous and dire of missions.

BEAB-1 Elemental

BEAB-5 Achilles

BEAB-9 Leonidas


Special Infantry
Color Guard: Ceremony Infantry

Onyx Guard: Personal Bodyguard

Blitzers: Melee Infantry

SHARK Trooper: Aquatic Infantry

Tech Trooper: Combat Engineer

Battle Medic: Combat Medic

War Medic: Heavy Combat Medic

Melter: Special anti-armor; Equipped with dual Slag cannons

Chemist: Special anti-infantry; Equipped with toxin sprayer

Voltager: Special anti-surface; Equipped with dual plasma throwers

Cryo Trooper: Elemental Warfare Infantry; Equipped with liquid nitrogen sprayer
Gamma Trooper: Special anti-surface; Equipped with gamma burst gun
Tesla Trooper: Special anti-surface; Equipped with tesla gauntlet

Destroyer: Elemental Warfare Infantry; Equipped with Smog frag launcher

Privateers are special soldiers trained to capture enemy assets. Privateer missions range from capturing enemy resources and bases to hijacking enemy vehicles and ships. Privateers are responsible for keeping the Blood Enclave's armor, naval, and starfleet divisions well-stocked as well as capturing more advanced technology for Enclavean scientists to take apart and reverse-engineer. So naturally, Privateers are equipped with anti-armor weaponry like grenade launchers and slag bombs to help combat and capture enemy armor divisions.

Privateer Roughneck

Ravagers are soldiers who have succumbed to madness and insanity. They are deployed as melee infantry via insertion from drop pods or aircraft in the midst of enemy formations ready to tear apart anything in their way, friend or foe.

Ravager Jackal

Ravager Mauler

Ravager Flayer

Ravager Berserker

Ravager Wraith

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