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The Constitution of the Galactic Federacy
« on: August 24, 2015, 10:33:16 pm »

We, the citizens of the Galactic Federacy, in order to form a more perfect union hereby ratify this constitution. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all intellectual lifeforms upon creation are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We further hold that all intellectual lifeforms who hold citizenship in the Galactic Federacy have equal rights. Some of these rights are but not limited to:
1. Freedom of Speech
All lifeforms have the freedom to state their views and opinions in a respectful way without government action against them through the judicial branch.

2. Freedom to Vote
All Citizens of the Galactic Federacy have the right to vote. They hold this right unless their citizenship is legally evoked by the court for a just reason.

PART I: President

The president must hold WA membership and is elected by a vote of the WA member citizens of the Galactic Federacy. The elections for president will be held every February 1rst, May 1rst, August 1rst, and November 1rst. A candidate may not run for this office if he has served as president the last two consecutive terms.
In the event of a tie, the senate must choose between the tying candidates. In the unlikely event of a further tie, the Admiral will make the choice.
The President must sign or veto legislation that comes through the senate. If the president has been inactive for more than seven days or if his nation has ceased to exist for any reason, then a recall election will be initiated by the founder.

The President has the duty to enforce the laws of the federation and maintain the security of the region.

The president may appoint his own cabinet.

PART II: Senate

All senators must hold Galactic Federacy citizenship and will be elected by a vote of the populace (citizens). There will be three senators. The elections for senator will be held every March 1rst, June 1rst, September 1rst, and December 1rst.
The senate has the following powers:
To legislate.
To appoint committees to investigate certain issues.
To remove judges from the High Court with an unanimous vote by the senate..
With the agreement of the High Court and by an unanimous vote, the senate may impeach the president at which point a new election for president must be initiated.
Hear appeals on the interpretation of the law by the High Court. At least one member of the senate must endorse this motion before the senate can hear the appeal.
Expel a member of the senate with a majority vote and the approval of the High Court..

PART III: Regional Court

The president or the Admiral may nominate judges to the High Court which must be affirmed by a majority vote in the senate. There can be no more than five judges on the High Court at any one time. A judge's term ends at midnight on the nearest March 1rst, June 1rst, September 1rst or December 1rst.
The High Court has the powers to interpret the law and execute judgement on lawbreakers through orders of ejections from the region with the approval of the Admiral, evoking citizenship, and other disciplinary actions.
The High Court does not have the right to evoke citizenship of a member of the senate or the president.

Lower courts can be created by the High Court and will remain in effect unless dissolved by the High Court. The judges of these lower courts can be appointed and removed by the High Court for just reasons at any time.

PART IV: Admiral

The Admiral is the founder of the region. He is in charge of the Galactic Federacy's foreign affairs and has the right to establish and withdraw embassies.
PART V: Citizen

An intellectual lifeform may become a citizen of the Galactic Federacy after holding and maintaining a nation in the the Galactic Federacy for at least a week. Because all lifeforms have equal rights, intellectual lifeform cannot hold multiple citizenships.
Anyone who holds a government office must be a citizen.

This constitution can be amended by a majority vote in the senate and a vote of more than 70% by the populace (citizens).

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