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Role Playing Rules of the Galactic Federacy
« on: September 10, 2015, 12:41:21 pm »
1. Overpowered actions/characters/armies/technologies/magic, and so on, are strictly forbidden. If the founder, WA Delegate or Internal Affairs Minister believes a post/character (and so on) is overpowered, it has to be rewritten or else it is voided.

2A. Controlling other nations without the allowance of those nations is forbidden.
2B. You may destroy your own property, even if it is currently in the hands of another player- exception being technology that the other has stated they had altered/modified after being gifted it

3. Meta-gaming is strictly forbidden. Your characters cannot know things out of OOC conversations/telegrams/etc, unless said conversations/telegrams/etc were purposefully intended to be IC (In Character) and there is proof for that.

4. Galaxy-wide events and roleplays such as extragalactic invasions and the like have to be allowed by either the Founder or the WA Delegate.

5. Always give people time to react. If you war against someone, you have to give that someone a chance to retaliate; do NOT flood the RMB or Forum threads with posts about how you invade him without him being able to do something against it; this rule is temporarily set out of power if either party in a war does not respond for one week and does not give a reason as to their absence beforehand. In that case, the war may be continued.

6. You have to make extensive factbooks on everything you want to use in fights/wars, etc. Describe it's abilities, it's function, (preferably) how it works, etc; furthermore, to prevent emergency speed-edits, once a battle/war/fight commences, any edits conducted on the factbooks of the objects involved in that conflict will be regarded as void until after the conflict has ended.

7. NSEconomy is used to determine the military of a nation.

8. NS Nations populations is used to determine the population of a nation.

9. You may only use your main nation and only a single alternate nation in a war.

10. You may only participate in a war/battle/combat if your nation appears on the regional map.

11. Gods, or God-like creatures, are allowed to exist in the lore of a nation or as a 'passive' character, but are NOT allowed to be used in wars/fights/etc. Special exceptions can be made if the fight/war is a single-nation controlled RP event: ask the WA Delegate or Founder or Internal Affairs Minister for allowance.

12. Everything has to be stated in a factbook on your NS nation page or on the Forums factbooks section before it can be used for a war, fight, attack, etc. Furthermore, it is appreciated when said factbooks contain more than just an image, and actually describe what they're about.

13. You may only bring up to three nations, including your main nation, into the region.

14. If any RP involves attacks on other nations, then said nations may only be destroyed or in any other way seriously damaged if the owner of the nation allows it.

15. No nation may be forced into an RP. Any RP involving a nation must be agreed upon by all parties involved.

16A. The system to calculate the amount of solar systems a nation is permitted to actively colonize is as follows:
16B. Every nation starts with one large grid square. Within the grid square they begin with a single solar system. For every 100 Million population they have they may have 1 solar system which will be added to their original system at a rate of +1 system per week until their number of systems equals 1 system for every 100 million population that their NS nation has.
16C. As stated, the nation begins with a single large grid square. Additional grid squares will be added at a rate of an additional square for every 500 million population that the nation has. These squares will be added when every fourth solar system is added so long as they have the required 500 million population. As an example, a nation with 315 million population has only a single square and three solar systems but a nation with 1.5 billion population will end up having three squares and fifteen solar systems.

17. Solar systems and individual planets may not be destroyed unless the owner of the system or planet agrees to this ahead of time.

18. In order to run for a political office within The Galactic Federacy, one must be part of one of the four existing Federations which can be found here ( ).
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